Friday, December 31, 2004

ARDF Supporting Recovery and Relief Efforts in Southeast Asia

{Anglican Communion Network] December 29--Bishop Robert Duncan, Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network (ACN) announced today that the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) is working with the Anglican Province of South East Asia, the Anglican Church of South India and the Anglican Church of Ceylon to provide immediate assistance in the region in the wake of the earthquake and tsunamis on December 26. To support recovery and relief efforts, Bishop Duncan is urging all congregations in ACN dioceses as well as those affiliated through ACN Convocations to call for a special offering on Sunday, January 2, 2005....

Anglican Mission in America Prayer Link

The Anglican Mission has placed a Prayer Link onto the web site, to provide information, direction and encouragement to the ministry of prayer. This link will be updated monthly, and is part of the ongoing ministry of the Anglican Mission Prayer Network that is coordinated by Mrs. Elizabeth Walter. To access this prayer link, go to the Anglican Mission in America website and click "Good News" and then "Anglican Mission Prayer Link".

The Anglican Primate of South East Asia appeals for prayers and help

December 29, 2004

An extra-ordinary tragic disaster of unprecedented magnitude hit Asia and the surrounding areas the day after Christmas. At this moment, News Reports and broadcasting Networks, locally and around the world, estimated the death toll to have surged past 55,000 with many more still missing and millions of people displaced. Without any warning this region was turned into weeping and great mourning. Indeed we can hear “Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more”.

On behalf of the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia, I send our heartfelt condolence and deep sympathy to all those who have lost their loved ones. We deeply grieve with them and we share their pain.

With such a devastating tragedy we could no longer keep silent. We turn to our sovereign and merciful God in prayers. May I at this time call all our Intercessors in our Province to have a special day of prayer and fasting on Friday, 31st December, 2004. May I also request that special prayers to be offered during the Services on New Year’s Eve, 2004 and New Year’s Day 2005. Please remember all the people who have been afflicted by this disaster. Please pray that effort for rescue, relief and re-habitation can be properly coordinated and effectively carried out so that all people, lands and nations afflicted may be speedily recovered and healed.

On behalf of our Diocese and our Province, I want to thank all Christian brothers and sisters and friends from around the world for praying for us and have phoned or sent us messages of concern either by email, fax etc. It is times like this we know we are not alone. We are so thankful to all of you. Please continue to pray for our areas.

In our Province, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore have not been affected. However, some areas in West Malaysia, mainly Penang and Phuket in Thailand have been greatly affected. I have been in contact with the Bishop of Singapore and the Bishop of West Malaysia. They reported that all the churches are safe but extensive damages have been inflicted in these areas. More than 1,000 people died in these areas.

As a Province we would like to offer practical help to as many affected people and areas caused by this dreadful disaster as possible. Our Provincial Crisis Relief Fund is now open to receive donations from our churches and friends for this purpose.

Please send your donations, clearly labeled “Crisis Relief Fund”, to the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia by cheque or by bank transfer to Account No: 392-357448-011 HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. I will also contact churches in other areas outside theProvince to see how we can help.

We do not always understand everything that happens in this world. However, I know that our God is Sovereign. He wants us to love and to share. In Him we trust.

May the Lord bless you all!

The Most Revd. Datuk Yong Ping Chung
Primate of Province of South East Asia.

Tsunami Relief Fund for Anglican Province of South East Asia

Among the areas worst hit by this past weekend's earthquake was the the Anglican Province of South East Asia, especially the Diocese of West Malayasia.

In the wake of the terrible and unprecedented destruction, the Archbishop of the Anglican Province of SE Asia is appealing for help. The Most Rev. Yong Ping Chung is offering the use of the provincial crisis fund to receive and distribute donations for victims.

The Anglican Mission in America is receiving funds to be placed into this SE Asian account. PLease make checks payable to: Anglican Mission in America, designated for "Tsunami Relief".

PLease call 843-237-0318 for more information.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 3427
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Year marked by setbacks for gay Southerners

[Southern Voice] December 31, 2004--From the brutal killing of a young gay man in Alabama, to Florida’s ban on gay adoption being upheld in court, to state measures banning gay marriage in four southern states, the Southeast saw many gay rights setbacks during 2004....

Yearend: 'The Passion' top religion event

[World Peace Herald] December 31, 2004--Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" was seen by many believers as the most important religious event of 2004. On that, Catholics, evangelical Christians, and even some moderate Muslims will agree....

Canadian Anglicans Cautiously Consider Divestment

[Christianity Today] December 31, 2004--The head of the Anglican Church of Canada said his church may go in the direction of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and divest from companies profiting with the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, but warned that the church must "have a balance" overall in making the decision....

Bishop calls for months of crisis aid

[Leeds Today] December 31, 2004--Residents of devastated parts of south east Asia need six months of constant crisis aid, a senior Sri Lankan bishop has said.....

Time to Redress World Inequalities - Bishop

[] December 31, 2004--The tsunami disaster in south-east Asia will be a “great opportunity” for poorer nations to help redress inequalities between the developed and the developing world, an Anglican bishop said today....

The year in religion and ethics

[] December 31, 2004--In 2004, religion was a powerful force in politics, legal decisions and popular culture.

Election, ‘down-low’ among year’s top gay stories

[] December 31, 2004--Marriage wasn’t the only gay story making headlines in 2004. From New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey’s announcement that he is gay to the “down-low” phenomenon, it was a big year in gay news....

"Defrocked lesbian minister to appeal to Methodist court" and other stories

[Southern Voice] December 31, 2004--A Methodist minister who was defrocked for declaring that she is a lesbian living with her partner is taking her case to a church appeals court...

Students take to the street to help

[The Northern Daily Leader] December 31, 2004--Two Tamworth students were so moved by the images transmitted back from the Indian, Sri Lankan and south-east Asian communities shattered by the Boxing Day tsunami they turned their hand to busking in Peel St yesterday....

17th century commentary added to Southwestern collection

[Baptist Press News] December 29, 2004--Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s rare book collection recently was enriched by the donation of a historically significant New Testament commentary. E. Earl Ellis, research professor of theology emeritus at the seminary, donated a first edition volume of Henry Hammond’s “A Paraphrase and Annotations upon All the Books of the New Testament," which was was printed in London in 1653. Although Hammond (1605-1660) may be obscure to some people, historians alternatively refer to him as either the father of English commentators or the father of English exegesis....

Religion takes to the streets, big screen and voting booths

[The Sun Herald] December 31, 2004--Red, color experts tell us, is a serious color. It denotes passion, heat, importance, even danger. Power ties, celebrity carpets and stop signs are all red. Red says, "Stop what you're doing and pay attention."

So it was with 2004. From the red-state heartland that re-elected President Bush to Mel Gibson's blood-splattered "The Passion of the Christ," 2004 was very red indeed. The long-suffering Boston Red Sox might even say God was feeling kind of red when he intervened to break the curse and allow them a World Series championship....

British Passion for Religion becoming Weary

[Christianity Today] December 31, 2004--A YouGov survey has recently revealed further evidence that Britain has further slipped into the realms of being a largely irreligious country. The most recent statistics have revealed that only a minority now believe that God exists, and that an overwhelming majority have acknowledged that Britain’s society is becoming increasingly secular.

However, the results also show that there is little or no evidence at all of active hostility towards religious people or towards others' religious beliefs, and the national atmosphere seems to be descending into one of benign indifference...

Asia Benefit

[Warrnambool Standard] December 31, 2004--South-west residents are being urged to support a benefit concert and fund-raising appeal rapidly planned yesterday to help victims of the South East Asian tsunamis....

Court rules against Schiavo; decision may result in her death

[Baptist Press News] December 31, 2004--Ruling on their last pending appeal for the year, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal Dec. 29 affirmed a lower court’s decision to not re-open a case involving the religious liberty of a disabled woman, Terri Schiavo....

Uganda dares to hope

[Telegraph] December 31, 2004--The indefinite ceasefire due to be signed today between the Ugandan government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) opens the way to ending one of Africa's longest and most savage conflicts....

Book tackles tough questions about the Kingdom of Christ

[Baptist Press News] December 29, 2004--Is the Kingdom of Christ a present or future reality? Is it spiritual or material? Is it the church or the world? Is it to be found in evangelizing the lost or in reclaiming the culture?

Christians for centuries have debated the answers to these questions and a new book by Russell D. Moore provides an in-depth look at the consensus that has quietly developed within evangelicalism over the past century or so regarding the Kingdom of God.

Temptations in Disaster

[Christianity Today] December 27, 2004--Pray for the relief workers. That is one of the most important things needed at any time of great disaster....

Schools Shape Our Faith

[] December 27, 2004--...religious schools always have long-term effects on such students in the future; how they relate, behave, think and do things.Schools like Mt. St. Mary's Namagunga, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Nabisunsa, Trinity College Nabingo, Kibuli Secondary School, Buddo, Gayaza High School, Kawempe Muslim, Mariam High, Mary Hill, Mbarara High, St. Leo's College, tend to have strict religious code to follow.

Vincent a Catholic went to a Muslim school for both his 'O' and 'A' levels and later joined Islamic University, Mbale.

Much as he sometimes goes to church, Vincent is bent towards Islam.
He is the only person at their home who does not eat pork; he takes water with him to the loos and wears the Muslim tunic.

" He would love to marry a Muslim woman," observes his sister.

Vincent, who works with one of the foreign diplomatic missions, says most of his friends are Muslims and he so much contemplates changing his faith.

During the holy month of Ramadan, he fasts sometimes....

CULTURE DIGEST: Hollywood's negative view of religion; former 'Friends' assistant files suit; more moms staying home

[Baptist Press News] December 29, 2004--Television's treatment of religion has become increasingly negative in recent years even though mentions of God are occurring more often, according to a joint study by the Parents Television Council and the National Religious Broadcasters....

ABP survey names SBC's BWA snub top news development

[Biblical Recorder] December 30, 2004--Other stories ranking high in the minds of Baptist editors were: a study showing the number of "declining" Southern Baptist churches on the rise, the worldwide reaction to the election of a gay Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's fight against making the SBC the "sole member" of its corporation, ensuring trustees could not break away from the SBC....

Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 in review: Major Events in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

[Church of Nigeria News] Decemeber 30, 2004--The year 2004 marked the 25th anniversary of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). Looking back the passing year, the Church of Nigeria has grown from 80 dioceses to 91 dioceses. From the Diocese of Ukwa to the Diocese of Wusasa, Calabar diocese to Yola diocese, echoes of ‘O God our help in Ages Past’ is being sung now and again by the faithful. Looking ahead to the New Year, Peter Onwubuariri highlights major activities in the National church and concludes the Church is climbing!

Editorial: Glory to God!

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 30, 2004--Jesus’ miraculous birth in the midst of the problems and tensions of human history gives us hope, and how much we all need the spiritual renewal of that hope this Christmastide! Rarely has the Church looked so feeble and rocky in the face of secularism and a sense of decline. The Anglican Church especially has been kept in fevered crisis by hedonistic Western cultural agendas foreign to the gospel, threatening real schism with the sacrificial Christians of the South....

Group will frame church response to report

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--Chairs of General Synod (national church) standing committees and councils have struck a task force that will advise the primate and Council of General Synod about “an appropriate process” by which the Anglican Church of Canada would respond to the Windsor Report published in October by the Lambeth Commission on communion....

Commission will decide on doctrine question

[Anglican Jouranl] December 30, 2004--A little-known group with an unwieldy name – the Primate’s Theological Commission – has begun work on a question put to it by General Synod last year: is the blessing of same-sex relationships a matter of doctrine, that is, something essential to the Christian faith as expressed by the Anglican church, or not?

Primates’ response to report will be key

[Anglican Journal] December 2004--The meeting of 38 primates in Northern Ireland next month could be a turning point for the Anglican Communion, currently threatened by schism over the ordination of a gay bishop in the United States and the blessing of same-sex unions in a diocese in Canada.

Or, it may not....

Council members spar over Windsor Report

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster gave an emotional plea, saying, “We’re not just talking about the report and its recommendations, we’re talking about people whom the church has failed.” He then read aloud a letter from a gay Anglican who said that as he was approaching the end of his life he felt alone and afraid because his church had turned its back on him....

Education program aimed at newcomers

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--It looks like the Episcopal Church USA has developed a course for promoting its new religion modeled on the popular Alpha Course and infecting other churches with its heresy. One cannot help but note that the Episcopal Church has named this course "Via Media", a name which the purportedly grass roots Episcopal revisionist movement uses for itself. Further the course is described as “an evangelism tool that presents the basic tenets of Christianity from an inclusive, Anglican approach to Scripture, traditions, and reason,” a tool that “represents the mainstream of American Anglicanism.” This course has all the appearances of an attempt by the Episcopal Church to not only hijack the Alpha format but also to pass itself off as the true "middle way" and the true mainstream of Anglican thought.

Revisionist Episcopalians hate to be called "revisionists". However, this term so aptly describes them because they seek to revise and change everything. The have sought to redefine "via media" and Anglicanism. Now they are seeking to "episcopalicize" Alpha.

Police seize material from office of B.C. youth minister

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--One has to wonder about this man's relationship with the Haitian boy whom he adopted as a single father. A number of resort hotels in Haiti have a reputation for catering to homosexual men who are sexually attracted to boys.

Blessings vote causes rift with Catholics

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--The diocese of Niagara’s approval of same-sex blessings during its November synod has caused a rupture in its relationship with local Roman Catholics....

A fresh look at a ‘dark topic’

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--In 1993, Andrew Wheatcroft started to research what he calls “this dark topic.” Ten years later he finished Infidels. Along the way he uncovered some fascinating facts about the ongoing conflict between the Christian and Islamic worlds. Wheatcroft teaches in the English Department at the University of Stirling in Scotland and is director of the university’s Centre for Publishing Studies. Prior to this book he wrote The Ottomans and The Hapsburgs....

Calgary church closures will stand

[Anglican Journal] December 30, 2004--Like its counterpart here in the United States, the Anglican Church of Canada continues its decline.

Ecumenical service today

[Western Advocate] December 31, 2004--An ecumenical church service will be held tomorrow in All Saints' Anglican Cathedral to pray for victims of the Asian earthquake and tsunami....

‘Religion is Morally Neutral’

[MSNBC] December 30, 2004--I keep having to remind people that religion in and of itself is morally neutral. Religion is like a knife. When you use a knife for cutting up bread to prepare sandwiches, a knife is good. If you use the same knife to stick into somebody’s guts, a knife is bad. Religion in and of itself is not good or bad—it is what it makes you do…

Archbishop Tutu confuses the outright persecution of gays with the rejection of homosexual behavior on solid Biblical grounds. The two are not the same even though gay activists and their liberal supporters seek to confuse the two in people's minds, perhaps because they themselves do not distinguish between the two. However, there is considerable difference between beating up a man and leaving him for dead because he is a homosexual and refusing to recognize the consecration of a bishop because the individual in question is involved in a homosexual liason. Gay activists and their liberal supporters tend to blur these important distinctions.

South Africans rally to aid of Tsunami victims

[Mail and Guardian Online] December 30, 2004--South Africans are emptying their pockets this festive season to help victims of the devastating tsunami in South East Asia through a number of emergency response funds set up locally to channel money to needy people -- and animals....

Primate responds to Asian disaster

[The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada] December 30, 2004--Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada has written to the Primates of churches affected by the recent disasters in south Asia to assure them of Canadian Anglicans’ prayers and support....

Agape Press: Commentary & News Briefs

[Agape Press] December 30, 2004--...A conservative minister from Pennsylvania has quit the Episcopal Church to become a bishop in the Anglican Church in America. David Moyer will oversee the traditionalist denomination's military chaplaincy. Moyer says he could not submit to the heretical teaching of Episcopal Bishop Charles Bennison, who once said since the Church wrote the Bible, the Church can rewrite the Bible....

Top Stories of 2004: Two SoCal Parishes Leave ECUSA, Align with Anglican Province in Africa

[Agape Press] December 30, 2004--Two biblically orthodox parishes in Southern California have dropped their affiliation with the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) and the Diocese of Los Angeles over the denomination's move away from scriptural authority and its stance on the role of homosexual clergy....

APPEALS - Public rallies to aid global relief work

[The Courier] December 31, 2004--The Ballarat community has rallied behind Asia's tsunami victims with several fundraising campaigns organised to assist the global relief effort....

New year the time to eradicate poverty,2172,94925,00.html

[SABC News] December 30, 2004--The year 2005 is the time for South Africans to concentrate on the sustainable implementation of strategies to eradicate poverty, Njongonkulu Ndungane, the Anglican Archbishop, said today in his New Year's message....

Survivors tell their tales of horror

[Liverpool Echo] December 30, 2004--The death toll from the tsunami disaster doubled again yesterday, soaring towards the 100,000 mark....

Inter-faith gathering at Cathedral prays for victims

[Cape Times] December 30, 2004--People of all religions and faiths came to St George's Cathedral yesterday to pray for those who died in the South Asian disaster and to come to terms with why it happened....

Cathedral bells greet the new year

[The Washington Times] December 30, 2004--Everyone talks about ringing in the new year, but a few Washingtonians will literally do just that this weekend. The members of the Washington Ringing Society will ring in the old and the new in a grand, clamorous tintinnabulation of tower bells tomorrow and Saturday at the Washington National Cathedral and at the Old Post Office downtown....

Churches to collect for tsunami victims

[Pittsburg Tribune-Review] December 30, 2004--Catholic and Episcopalian churches in the Pittsburgh area will have special collections at services this weekend to assist victims of the South Asian tsunami.

Episcopalian Bishop Robert Duncan said Episcopalian churches can send donations to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund and World Vision....

Cathedral to host prayers for victims,5744,11810718%255E1702,00.html

[The Australian] December 30, 2004--Prayer services will be held at Sydney's St Andrews Cathedral tomorrow to remember those affected by the Asian tsunami disaster....

Religion in 2004: Faith comes to the forefront

[Christianity Today] December 29, 2004--If 2004 had one code word, it might be "values." But as Humpty Dumpty said, a word can mean whatever one chooses it to mean. Indeed, nuanced voices on values often were lost in the clash of extreme sound bites....

Bishop urges tsunami aid

[ABC News Online] December 30, 2004--The Anglican bishop for the eastern Riverina says it is crucial that people support community-based relief funds in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster....

Reply to CPMPF from Rev. Naseem Manasee

[Pakistan Christian Post] December 29, 2004--I feel it is my duty to reply to your email dated 23rd December 2003 regarding the recent deal of facilitation to cover up their embezzlements, amongst the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan vides which the Bishops have agreed upon to give permission to each other for the sale the Church properties lying in their Dioceses. As a member of Karachi Diocese I would like to inform you that the person representing the Karachi Diocese in the facilitation agreement is not the representative of the members of the Karachi Diocese. The post held by Rev. Sadiq Daniel is disputed and an order of the Civil Court of Karachi is that he cannot exercise any power as Bishop of Karachi....

Reply to the CPMPF from Mr. Salman Habib

{Pakistan Christian Post] December 29, 2004--I am writing you on the subject of your recent email focusing the Church of Pakistan disputes, which you wrote on behalf of CPMPF. I have been a member of the Church of Pakistan Youth and these days I am living in Basel, Switzerland for my studies....

Archbishop launches tsunami appeal,7034,11810348%255E2761,00.html

[The Sunday Times] December 29, 2004--The tsunami disaster in South-East Asia was likely to become the worst natural disaster in living memory, Australia's Anglican Primate Archbishop Peter Carnley said yesterday....

Furness people raise cash for tidal wave victims

[North-West Evening Mail] December 29, 2004--Furness people are rallying round to help victims of the Asian tidal wave disaster....

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami death toll nears 81,000, disease threatens to push it higher

[] December 29, 2004--Confirmed deaths from Asia's tsunami catastrophe neared 81,000, with experts predicting much worse to come as the world's biggest ever relief operation stuttered into life against enormous odds....

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"Asia Quake Deaths Pass 80,000; Agencies Fight Disease (Update5)"
"Epidemic threatens as tsunami toll hits 85,000"

Tsunami Relief Update

Tim Smith, the Executive Director of the Anglican Mission in America's National Mission Center advises me that the Anglican Mission's tsunami relief effort is being organized through his office. Inquiries about this relief effort should be directed to him. His email address is

Tsunami Relief

As I previously posted on AnglicansAblaze, Anglican Mainstream has launched a call for aid to South India. I have not discovered yet about what Anglican Relief and Development is doing. Or the Anglican Mission in America. If I learn anything, I will pass it along to the readers of AnglicansAblaze. One of the AMiA's sponsoring bishops is the Most Revd. Datuk Yong Ping Chung, the Bishop of Sabah, who is also the Archbishop and Primate of the Province of South East Asia. His province includes Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand and was greatly effected by the earthquake and tidal wave. Since the Anglican Province of South East Asia has declared a state of broken communion exists between itself and the Episcopal Church USA, it is doubtful that it will accept direct relief from the Episcopal Church. However, orthodox Episcopal parishes may be able to help the affected area through Anglican Mainstream, Anglican Relief and Development, the Anglican Mission in America, and the Diocese of Sabah , the Diocese of Singapore , and the Diocese of West Malaysia. Google has established a Tsunami Relief web page.

South India - Mainstream Launches Appeal

[Anglican Mainstream] December 29, 2004--As news of the Indian Ocean tsunami continues to reach us here, Anglican Mainstream launches an appeal to help a specific community in Southern India. Donations are now being accepted to support 5000 orphans, and every single penny and cent will help...

Christian preacher attacked in Indonesia

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 25, 2004--A machete-wielding gang attacked and badly wounded a Christian preacher on the Indonesia island of Sulawesi on Friday despite a massive security operation intended to curb sectarian blood-letting and terrorist attacks during Christmas....

Other articles from
"Carol hits wrong note",,1072-1413358,00.html
"Give me seasonal schmaltz"
"Ten myths about assisted suicide"
"Christian Europe may have to rely on Muslims to keep the faith"
"Democratic Leadership Rethinking Abortion"
"Christmas season hits ... Saudi Arabia?"
"Manifestly, His is a birthday worth celebrating"

More articles can be found at

In the Northwest: Role of faith remains vital in the life of our nation

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer] December 24, 2004--Amidst awkward talk of lighting the "holiday tree" and cards bearing the insipid "Seasons Greetings," this column is given over to a blunt message: Christmas should be neither banned nor airbrushed....

'Christmas is taboo in America, but now people are fighting back'

[The Times] December 29, 2004--If you think celebrations in Britain are becoming too politically correct then don't go to the US. Philip Sherwell reports....

ERLC joins brief defending inmates' religious rights

[Baptist Press News] December 28, 2004--The Southern Baptist Convention's public policy entity has joined a wide diversity of organizations in calling for the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a federal law protecting the religious freedom of prisoners....

Episcopal priest who was impregnated with sperm retrieved from her dead husband gives birth to a boy

[VirtueOnline] December 27, 2004--Medicine and religion came together at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset on Dec. 4, when Harold Eugene Clark - Harry for short - entered the world....

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"Controversies cause Episcopalians to leave, join other faiths"
"Internet News Growing, Other Media Decline"
"Securing a third province is FIFNA's mission, says president"
"Scientists find pool where Jesus performed miracle"
"P B pitches process for Windsor Report HoB gabfest in Utah"
"We are committing cultural suicide"

Prayer Vigil Urged By Orthodox Clergy For HoB Meeting In Utah

[VirtueOnline] December 23, 2004--An orthodox priest in the Diocese of North Carolina is calling on all Episcopalians of faith to travel to Salt Lake City on January 12 to pray for the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops as they formulate a response to the Windsor report....

Other articles from Virtuosity Online:
"Theologian Looks At Church Fathers, Sex And Violence"
"AAC Head urges orthodox to stay the course"
"Archibishop Orombi Says Anglican Communion Could Stay Together"

Groups may lose Jeff tax break

[The Times Picayune] December 29, 2004--Hundreds of churches and other nonprofit organizations in Jefferson Parish are being told they are no longer exempt from paying the local portion of sales taxes, a change that would increase what the groups spend on everything from office supplies to building renovations....

Threats slam home reality of hatred

[The Spectrum] December 29, 2004--Threats made against two Iron County churches -- one Catholic, the other Episcopal -- slam home the reality that even though we live in peaceful, rural Southern Utah, we are not immune from the violence and hatred so prevalent elsewhere....

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"FBI, postal service probe Cedar City bomb threat" - Daily Herald

Jerusalem Christian Leaders remain Faithful to Holy Land's Future

[Christianity Today] December 29, 2004--Christmas in Israel has been shadowed by the gloom of the prolonged Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While the United Nations has reported that the future of Bethlehem is not optimistic, Christian leaders in the region have continued to encourage the people with words of hope and faith....

Bishop launches disaster fund

[Community Newswire] December 29, 2004--An appeal has today been launched by the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds for financial aid for the church in Sri Lanka as it attempts to help victims of the disaster in the region....

"Make Poverty History" Spirit Soaring High in Britain

[Christianity Today] December 29, 2004--In just a few days, the New Year will come, which will give the UK an important role in world mission. Highlighted in the agenda is the Make Poverty History campaign launched in the UK by more than 100 charities, trade unions and aid agencies worldwide....

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Baghdad Christmas Eve suicide bomb kills 8

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 26, 2004--Rescuers lifted blackened corpses in Baghdad from the ruins of a Christmas Eve suicide truck bombing that killed eight people, further unnerving Iraq's embattled Christian community....

The face of evil in the 21st century is that of an Islamic jehadist waging war on those he views as "infidels" - Muslims as well as non-Muslims - or a fanatical Baathist set on restoring his fallen regime to power in Iraq and with it his political fortunes. Do they realize that they will spend eternity in Hell for the blood they have shed - an eternity of knowing that what they did was not God's will but was utterly detestable to Him?

Thou shalt not ...

[] December 26, 2004--Episcopal bishop Geralyn Wolf said she thinks there needs to be a "serious public conversation" on religious symbols in public places -- not only monuments and nativity scenes, but music....

Archdiocese defends arrests at S. Natick vigil

[] December 28, 2004--As the Archdiocese of Boston yesterday defended a pastor's decision to call the police to break up a vigil at a South Natick parish, Catholics and Protestants in town said they were shocked, hurt, and angry that the church would take such an aggressive step on Christmas Day....

Clergy also divided on public religious displays

[The Express-Times] December 26, 2004--There's something alarming about the controversy over nativity scenes in public places and politicians praying before meetings, one local pastor said....

Ex-Scoutmaster spins vicious lies against BSA,1237,0,0,1,0

[Lone Star Time] December 28, 2004--Bob Days, a former Scoutmaster turned gay activist, wrote a guest editorial for the Tucson Citizen, spewing libelous accusations against the Boy Scouts of America. Some of you might know that Scouting is very dear to my heart, which is why garbage like this just burns me up:

Area clergy members under fire for their beliefs

[] December 28, 2004--During the final months of 2004, Chester County was the stage for a pair of confrontations inside two mainline Protestant denominations over the beliefs of their clergy members....

Kurtis Blow "Breaks" Down Hip-Hop Church

[sbHH] December 28, 2004--Two decades after releasing his breakout record, old school pioneer Kurtis Blow has instituted Hip-Hop church services at two Harlem parishes....

A toast to 2004's best religion books - and a lament for the worst

[CJAD 800 AM] December 28, 2004--The past year was an unusual one in religious publishing because some fine books stemmed from Islam and Judaism while Christians bore the blame for the very worst ones....

Cedar churches get bomb threat

[The Spectrum] December 28, 2004--Bomb threats to two local churches prompted the cancellation of services at one house of worship Sunday while the other opened its doors under police protection....

Archbishop Peter Akinola’s Christmas message

[Church of Nigeria News] December 23, 2004--The Christmas festivity is here with us again with all the feverish preparations for travel, holiday, exchange of gifts, caroling and all manner of celebration. However, it must be realized and understood that we need to make it a period of reflective evaluation of our lives as individuals, our nation and the society at large....

Anglican Bishop shot in robbery incident

[Church of Nigeria News] December 23, 2004--The Anglican Bishop of Benin Diocese, the Rt. Rev Peter Imaseun was among several others who sustained serious injuries from gunfire on Wednesday in Benin, the Edo State capital when gangs of armed robber’s operated simultaneously in at least six locations in the city....

Top Stories of 2004: Anglican Leaders Applaud Primates for Bold Stand Against ECUSA

[Agape Press] December 28, 2004 (originally published on June 1, 2004)--Overseas Anglican leaders are being praised for issuing a statement that calls on the leadership of the Episcopal Church USA to repent within three months or face expulsion from the worldwide Anglican Communion....

Monday, December 27, 2004

THINKING ALOUD: Holier than thou

[Daily Times] December 27, 2004--Sexual abuse of children is a detestable social crime. When committed by men of religion, whether priests, monks or maulvis, it is particularly revolting, for they claim — and by virtue of their vocation, are expected — to occupy a much higher moral plane than the rest of society....

Saints and sinners

[Sydney Star Observer] December 23, 2004--Why does Sydney Star Observer report on religious issues? Partly because in August 2003 the Pope asked politicians to oppose gay rights, and two days later the federal government announced an inquiry into marriage....

American traditionalist takes rival consecration

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 23-24, 2004--A leading American traditionalist is to be consecrated a bishop in a non-Anglican Church but is making a bid to retain his Anglican orders in a move that has divided conservatives in the United States....

Gene Robinson bids for reduced status at Lambeth Conference

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 23-24, 2004--The Bishop of New Hampshire has written to the Archbishop of Canterbury offering to attend the 2008 Lambeth Conference as an observer to avoid controversy, according to his office....

Welcome for gay prayers

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 23-24, 2004--Gay activists have welcomed new prayers for celebrating same-sex relationships, which will be authorised by the Bishop of Lincoln in the New Year....

Christmas efforts see full pews in North West

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 23-24, 2004--There was joy for the Church this Christmas with encouraging results of evangelistic projects to get people back to church....

Christians debate circumstances surrounding Mary and the Christ child

[] December 23, 2004--Anne Wiser was 22 years old and living in Paris when a young minister, fresh out of seminary, announced during the Christmas service that he did not believe in the virgin birth....

Evangelical Bishop facing suspension in Brazil

[Christianity Today] December 24, 2004--The Rev Robinson Cavalcanti, the bishop of Recife, is facing suspension after an intervention in his diocese by the Archbishop of Brazil, the Most Rev Glauco Soares de Lima. The evangelical bishop has been clashing with his mainly liberal province due to his province’s support for the Episcopal Church of the USA over the past year....

Links to additional articles at the Christianity Today website can be found at the bottom of the page on which this article is posted.

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'No Evidence to Back Up Best-Seller's Claims'

[] December 24, 2004--One of Britain’s most senior Anglican clergymen today described the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code as a “great thriller, lousy history”....

Swept along on a yuletide

[The Age] December 25, 2004--Christmas means many things to many people and has been interpreted differently through the ages, but its power to move people remains unchanged, writes Peter Craven....

No room at the inn

[he Jerusalem Post] December 23, 2004--For Christians living in Israel, Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of the year. Elsewhere around the world, the streets are filled with decorations, shops are overflowing with traditional Christmas fare, there are carols on street corners and dodgy Christmas grottos attended by cheery red-faced Santas and over-sized elves. Here, however, it is just an ordinary day. There are no decorations, no special events, no special programming on television, and not even a day off....

Add Sheanut & Guinea Foul To PSI

[Ghana Web] December 24, 2004--Right Reverend Bishop Emanuel A. Arongo of the Anglican Church in the Tamale Diocese has reiterated the appeal to government to include sheanut farming and guinea fowl rearing into the President’s Special Initiatives (PSI) for the people of the three northern regions....

Malaysian Government Discourages Mention of Jesus in Carols

[The Christian Post] December 24, 2004--The Malaysian government wants references to Christ to be removed from carols when it hosts an open house reception on Dec. 25, a news agency reported....

Why 85 Episcopal churches closed their doors

[WorldNetDaily} December 25, 2004--New Hampshire's Episcopal bishop, the Right Rev. Vicky Gene Robinson, continues to attract extensive coverage in our nation's left-wing dominated Old Media – because he is the only known Anglican (or Episcopal) prelate who left his wife and daughter and who now lives unmarried with his sodomist lover....

Church locks out parishioners for Christmas

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 26, 2004--Members of a Presbyterian congregation in the state's north-west have been locked out of their church in what they describe as an "un-Christian act"....

Feeling the pinch in the pulpit,2106,3139169a1864,00.html

[stuff] December 26, 2004--As Christian congregations decline, churches struggle to find funds. Although many are asset-rich, there will inevitably be more closures, writes Garry Sheeran....

Clerics sue for peace in northern Uganda

[Sudan Tribune] December 26, 2004--The Anglican Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi Saturday called on his compatriots to work for peace in the war-ravaged north of the country....

The Year in Review: Nation's churches in turmoil over gays

[Houston] December 26, 2004--The moral, theological and political tug of war over homosexuality escalated in 2004....

Let Peace Prevail

[Barbados Daily Nation] December 26, 2004--The world can be a better place if the peace and love associated with the Christmas season is applied throughout the year....

Faith Runs Deep Among France's English Expats,1564,1441024,00.html

[Deutsche Welle] December 26, 2004--Dwindling church attendance? Not for some parts of the Church of England which is even opening new parishes. The only thing is they're in France where church-going is thriving among the British expatriate population....

No crowds on beaches, but churches full

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 25, 2004--Christmas 2004 was marked by quiet beaches but packed pews as grey skies ruled out the traditional Australian festive scene of sun lovers celebrating the day on the sand....

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Ghanaian's advised to seek the kingdom of God

[Ghana Web] December 26, 2004--The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Anglican Church, Sakumono, Reverend John Antonio Nelson, has stressed the need for Ghanaians to continue to trust and seek God's kingdom to ensure a tremendous change in the country's development....

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Gay cleric attacks bullying

[BBC News] December 26, 2004--Jeffrey John, the gay Anglican cleric who last year was forced to step down as Bishop of Reading, has used a Christmas sermon to accuse the Church of failing to stand up to bullies....

Further articles on this topic may be found at

Head of Anglican church says not enough help for world's poor

[ABC Radio Australia] December 26, 2004--The head of the Anglican church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has condemned developed countries for focusing on terrorism and fear....

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"Anglican head claims nations ignoring global poverty" - ABC News Online
"Archbishop of Canterbury Criticizes Terror Obsession" - Islam Online
Further articles on this topic can be found at

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers of AnglicansAblaze a Merry Christmas. Health, long-life, wholeness, and peace be with you and yours. May you all experience more deeply this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year the hope, joy, love, and peace that only Christ can give. Shalom.

Prisoners Won't Get Christmas Presents

[] December 22, 2004--While the New Mexico Penitentiary can deny its inmates Christmas presents, it cannot deny them God's gift of his Son if they choose to receive that gift.

Top Stories of 2004: Episcopal Bishop Says Tolerance of Heresy Better Than Schism - Year in Review: Church In America

[Agape Press] December 22, 2004 (Originally published February 2, 2004)--The Episcopal bishop of Virginia has told his diocese's annual meeting that it's better to live with heresy than split the denomination over homosexuality....

Bishop blasts Sunday shops

[Manchester Online] December 21, 2004--The Bishop of Manchester has spoken out against shops opening on Sundays after his diocese was named the most Godless in the country....

'Britain Is Christian, Not Multi-Faith' - Bishop

[] December 21, 2004--An Anglican bishop has used his Christmas message to insist that Britain is still a Christian country rather than a multi-faith society, it emerged today....

Commentary & News Briefs from Agape Press

[Agape Press] December 21, 2004--...It's obvious some people are just getting plain fed up with politically correct attempts to remove the Christian element of Christmas from the public arena. Associated Press reports on events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado in which determined individuals are making their frustrations clear. For example, a Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey says he will join carolers this evening outside a public school that has banned Christmas music at its holiday concert....

A birthday party for Jesus

[Baptist Press News] December 21, 2004--My sister recently found a picture of me as a mop-haired 3-year-old standing next to a birthday cake for Jesus. The cake was my idea, a burst of preschooler inspiration in response to my mother's explanation that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth. "Well then," I concluded with a child's logic, "we should have a party and cake and Kool-Aid and sing happy birthday to him!"

Prayer, beyond the media, remains key facet of Christian life

[Baptist Press News] December 21, 2004--The politicization of prayer continues to abound....

'Cojo,' in NBC 'Today Show' banter, softens view toward gays

[Baptist Press News] December 21, 2004--Ed Vitagliano, a spokesman for the American Family Association, sees the Cojocaru phenomenon as presenting a thorny problem for Christians: Cojocaru is a manifestation of gay activists' deliberate plan to utilize the media to "homosexualize" America....

Faith was dominant theme in '04 coverage

[Baptist Press News] December 21, 2004--At all levels of news coverage, faith was a consistent theme in reporting about the personalities, issues and events that made headlines in 2004....

Chambe man sues doctors

[Nation Online] December 22, 2004--Herbalist George Kumbuyo, the man behind the Chambe concoction which he claims is a cure for HIV/Aids, has sued the College of Medicine and five researchers at the medical school....

Gay marriage approved in Nfld.

[The Globe and Mail] December 23, 2004--Government workers issued Newfoundland and Labrador's first same-sex marriage licence yesterday, just hours after federal cabinet minister John Efford said all members of Parliament should be free to vote their consciences when the Liberal government puts the issue to the Commons in the New Year....

God's falling from grace,5744,11762626%5E28737,00.html

[The Australian] December 23, 2004--Behind the bumper crowds that traditionally file into churches at Christmas is the realisation that growing secularism in Australia has put religion on notice....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Church Next: Using the Internet to Maximize Your Ministry

Church Next: Using the Internet to Maximize Your Ministry (originally titled Church - Next: What Will the Church Look Like in the 21 st Century?) is a must-read for every church leader, church planter and would-be church planter. In using the Internet to carry out the ministry and mission of your church, the only thing that can limit you is your imagination.

Da Vinci Code nails Jesus

[The Age] December 21, 2004--Best-selling book The Da Vinci Code may not have got everything right but its idea of "a very human Jesus" is spot on, according to the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen....

For more articles, check out "Around the Web" at

Values without virtues leaves us hooked on gratification

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 22, 2004--Research into the sexual practices of American college students has identified a new phenomenon known as "hooking up". This involves the usual gamut of sexual activity (from kissing to oral sex and intercourse), but among participants who typically know little about each other and want to know even less....

For more articles, check out "Around the Web" at

Twentysomethings for the Lord

[Christianity Today] December 16, 2004--Ministries try to channel the next generation's idealism....

Why I Return to the Pews

[Christianity Today] December 16, 2004--The church has often left me bemused, bored, or mystified, but I can no more abandon it than I can myself....

Q+A: Harry R. Jackson Jr.

{Christianity Today] December 20, 2004--Senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in College Park, Maryland, and coauthor (with George Barna) of a new book, High-Impact African American Churches, on trends in black churches...

Preaching the Christmas Gospel

[Christianity Today] December 20, 2004--More than a semi-annual crack at irregular churchgoers, the Christmas sermon has traditionally invited us to worship and wonder. An interview with John D. Witvliet.

The Lean Church: Streamline Your Ministry for Maximum Effectiveness

[Faithinthe] December 22, 2004--Although some forms of waste are easy to recognize in organizations—people sitting around doing nothing, products ruined by damage or spoilage, scrapped parts, and so on—other forms of waste are not so obvious. They are silent killers of value that simply consume resources, absorb our mental energies, and block the flow of real value. These types of waste, which we'll discuss below, are found not only in poorly managed, inefficient organizations; they have infected, to a greater or lesser extent, the activities of every organization....

Australian Court Rules Pastor and Speaker 'Vilified' Muslims

[Christianity Today] December 17, 2004--In a landmark ruling, The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in Melbourne, Australia, has ruled that Catch the Fire Ministries violated the state's recent Racial and Religious Tolerance Act....

This and more articles from the Christianity Today Magazine Weblog.

That Other Church

[Christianity Today] December 21, 2004--Let's face it: Secularism is a religion. Let's treat it as such....

Line up for the great Christmas tug of war

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 22, 2004--Here is an example of the kind of anti-Christmas, anti-Christian diatribe that one is likely to encounter on the Internet this time of year. These articles are filled with the spirit of the anti-Christ. I do not believe that it would help to send Christopher Henning a copy of Professor Thomas Talley's seminal work, The Origins of the Liturgical Year. In this fresh reading of the early evidence, Talley puts to rest the notion that Christmas originally was a pagan holiday, a popular theory among cultural anthropologists in the late 19th century and early 20th century, a theory which even Christian writers have unfortunately promoted and spread. This theory continues to enjoy wide currency among today's Neo-Pagans.

Midstate Anglican church focuses on tradition as it moves forward

[] December 21, 2004--As Christians around the world are preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ, there could not be a more suitable time to celebrate the birth of a new Christian church here in Middle Georgia....

Monday, December 20, 2004

Nwankiti laid to rest in Owerri

[Church of Nigeria News] December 20, 2004--Thousands of well wishers last Wednesday attended the funeral of Archbishop Benjamin Nwankiti last week in Owerri, three weeks after the former Dean of the Church of Nigeria died of a protracted illness....

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"Reactions on Archbishop Nwankiti's death" - Church of Nigeria News

Nigerian Anglican Churches in North America

On September 11, 1996 the Church of Nigeria( Anglican Communion) launched the Church of Nigeria Missionary Society to take the mission of God's love and reconciliation to every home in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond.

The following Nigerian Anglican missions have been established in the United States and are registered with the Missioners Office of the Church of Nigeria

1. All Saints Anglican Church, 849 Stuyvesant Avenue, Irvington, New Jersey 0711.

2. The Anglican Chapel of Resurrection, Indianapolis.

3. Christ’s Ambassadors Anglican Church, Oklahoma City.

4. All Saints Anglican Church (Chicago Land), Dolphin Lake Club House, 183rd Governors Highway, Homewood, IL 60430.

5. Christ Anglican Chapel, 9817 Bissonnet Blk, M. Houston, TX 77036.

6. St Peters Anglican Church, 3617 Abram Road Dallas, TX.

7. Holy Faith Episcopal (Anglican) Church Hall, 260 N. Locust Street, Inglewood, CA 90301.

8. The Vineyard Ministries (Center for Immigrants and the Poor) 1140 Teller Ave., Bronx, New York 1456.

9. The Church of the Saints (Anglican), 2639 Barrette Street, Richmond, CA. 94804. Priest.

10. St Mark’s Anglican Church, Atlanta, GA.

Further information on these churches and any additional Nigerian Anglican missions in the United States registered with the Missioners Office will be posted when it becomes available.

MARRIAGE DIGEST: Canadian conservatives aren't giving up; MLK's daughter leads march; Oregon court hears case

[Baptist Press News] December 17, 2004--The political odds may be stacked against them, but opponents of same-sex "marriage" in Canada aren't giving up without a fight....

Mohler on MSNBC: Evolution an intellectual pacifier

[Baptist Press News] December 17, 2004--The theory of evolution has become an intellectual pacifier for the secular left in America, and the desire of a Pennsylvania school system to teach Intelligent Design is a signal that parents are fed up with standard liberal teaching on the origins of humanity, R. Albert Mohler Jr. told viewers of MSNBC's "Scarborough Country," Thursday night....

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"ANALYSIS: Discovery Institute gives overview of intelligent design" - Baptist Press News

Judge approves candy cane pens at school

[Baptist Press News] December 17, 2004--In a victory for pro-family groups, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against a Texas school district Dec. 16, thus allowing school children there to exchange Christian-themed gifts.

U.S. District Paul Brown’s order against the Plano Independent School District said that “there is substantial likelihood that Plaintiffs will prevail on the merits” when the case receives a full hearing. Attorneys for the Liberty Legal Institute and the Alliance Defense Fund – two pro-family legal groups – filed the lawsuit Dec. 15. They asked for the temporary restraining order because “winter break” parties were scheduled to take place Dec. 17 in the Dallas-area school district.

One year ago at the same party, Jonathan Morgan, a third-grade student, allegedly was prevented from handing out “goody bags” that included candy canes with a Christian message. That student, along with a handful of others, are involved in the lawsuit.

“The court finds that there is evidence that Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable injury if the court does not grant the Temporary Restraining Order and that the injury will occur immediately,” Brown wrote.

Attorneys for the children’s families praised the ruling.

“We are very pleased with Judge Brown’s decision to uphold the Constitution and grant the students the right to express their religious beliefs as they desire,” Hiram Sasser, director of litigation for Liberty Legal Institute, said in a statement.

Doug Morgan, Jonathan's father, told the AP that his son "really feels affirmed that exercising his right of religious expression in public is appropriate."

Conservative Christians demand 'Merry Christmas'

[Los Angelos Times] December 20, 2004--This year as Christmas season swung into gear, the Rev. Patrick Wooden's followers fanned out to shopping malls across Raleigh to deliver a muscular message of holiday cheer: As Christian shoppers, they would like to be greeted with the phrase "Merry Christmas" — not a bland "Happy Holidays" — and stores that failed to do so would risk losing their business....

Ministries fight legislation to protect heritage churches

[] December 18, 2004--Among the churches' many concerns about Bill 60 is that it might someday force municipalities to seize some century-old houses of worship for unpaid taxes....

THE ARTS: Life has been fulfilling —Bayo Oduneye

[Vanguard] December 19, 2004--Popularlys Uncle B, Bayo Oduneye is presently engaged as a consultant at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Before now, the theatre personae and mentor to generations of Nigerian artists and art practitioners has been in several other places doing what he says for him is a fulfilling vocation. He turned 70 (November 4) and spoke with our man, Percy Owaiye on what life has been so far.

The power of Christian preaching over two millennia

[The Washington Times] December 19, 2004--A HISTORY OF PREACHING By O.C. Edwards Jr. Abingdon, $65, 879 pages, CD-Rom Reviewed by Larry Witham.

While I do not agree with O.C. Edwards' views of the Bible, I have found his works on preaching a treasure trove of useful information. Here is what David L. Larsen has to say about Edward's book at :

"The rumor is that the fourth entry into the field will soon be in hand. O.C. Edwards, Jr., long at Seabury-Western (Episcopal) in Evanston, IL (now retired) will soon heave into sight with his much?awaited history of preaching. His 43-page entry on 'The History of Preaching' in Willimon/Lisher Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching has whetted our appetite for his full history (although we are troubled by his basic scepticism about the words of Jesus)...."

Board president would like to see students gather for daily prayers

[] December 19, 2004--The Rev. Conlee Bodishbaugh, rector of Mobile's Christ Anglican Church, said he favors allowing more spirituality and prayer. He said schools should permit representation of any "bona fide" religion....

Great god commerce wins out at Christmas,5744,11737947%255E2702,00.html

[The Australian] December 20, 2004--IN the battle between God and Mammon, shoppers far outnumbered worshippers yesterday as the spirit of Christmas continued to pack them in the shopping aisles rather than the pews

Rev Minister urged leadership of the country to be watchful

[Ghana Home Page] December 19, 2004--Very Rev Samuel Gyebi Danquah, the Eastern Regional Manager of the Anglican Education Unit, on Sunday called on the country's leaders to continue to do things that are right in the sight of God for Him to continue to bless the country with the peace that Ghana is enjoying.

Vicar hands out videos

[Driffield Today] December 20, 2004--THE Vicar of Driffield, the Rev Mike Smith, visited youngsters at Driffield CE Infant School to hand out cartoon videos telling stories from the Bible....

Urban churches feel post-christendom fallout

[ekklesia] December 20, 2004--Local churches in England's biggest cities are experiencing the fallout of post-christendom with only a "meagre" rise in attendance at Christmas, while it leaps 200% in rural areas, according to a new study.

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"Liverpool third bottom in Christmas church league" - icLiverpool

Additional related articles may be found at

Embattled Episcopal rector joins Anglican denomination

[Philadelphia Inquirer] December 20, 2004--The Rev. David Moyer, whose crusade against liberalizing trends in the Episcopal Church USA has made him an international figure, announced yesterday that he will become a bishop in a breakaway Anglican denomination.

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"Defrocked Episcopal minister moves to Anglican church post" -

A Republican hero, but was Abe Lincoln gay?,12271,1376919,00.html

[The Guardian] December 19, 2004--It is news guaranteed to make many Republicans squirm. Was Abraham Lincoln, founder of the party now seeking a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in America, actually gay himself?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Renewal Conference in Montgomery, AL January 9-11

[American Anglican Council] December 17, 2004--Three international faculty will lead us on this mission ofExtreme Faith during Church of the Ascension’s Renewal Conference2005, to meet the Challenge, embrace the Change, and take theCharge. All sessions are registration-free; however, alove-offering will be accepted at each. There will be a nominalcharge for lunch and breakfast, and childcare is available forall sessions upon advance request....

ARDF Approves Nearly Half Million in Grants

[Anglican Communion Network] December 16, 2004--Just two months after being launched, the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF), announced its first slate of projects on December 4....

Do We Need the Anglican Communion?

[The Church of England Newspaper] December 17, 2004--With the reactions to The Windsor Report suggesting the Anglican Communion may split, some people in the Church of England are asking what is the point of belonging to the Anglican Communion any more. They say it is only the religious left-overs of the British Empire. Although of doubtful historical accuracy the challenge does raise a question which has to be answered....

How to Evangelize Today

[] This article was originally posted on August 1, 2001. Those interested in reaching the post-modern, post-Christian population of the United States and Canada should definitely place Brian McLaren on their "must-read" list.

Related articles, book reviews, books and website:
"Faith training of teens: a dance not a mission" -
Open Forums for Postmoderns by Mike Metzger - Leadership U
More Ready Than You Realize by Brian McLaren -
Reinventing Your Church (now titled The Church on the Other Side) by Brian McLeran - Next Wave
Brian Mclaren - The website for A New Kind of Christian

Spirituality a genetic trait, says researcher

[The Salt Lake Tribune] December 18, 2004--''I wondered for a long time why [the concept of] a genetic implant hasn't been put in print or been part of a conversation in the broad theological community,'' said Bishop John Chane, of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

Chane associates Hamer's findings with the Apostle Paul's statement ''There are a variety of gifts but the same spirit.'' Chane also welcomes the notion of genetic universality as a new, deeper way of promoting understanding among people of different faiths - particularly Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of which trace their beginnings to the same father, Abraham....

If Bishop Chane warms to Hamer's alleged findings, we can be sure that Hamer's assertions are ideologically-motivated.

The Ukpabi Asika I Knew

[] December 16, 2004--"All of us must die eventually; our lives are like water that is poured out on the ground-it cannot be gathered up again" (Holy Bible, 2nd Samuel, 14: l4). And so, on September 14, 2004, His Excellency, Ajie (Dr.) Anthony Ukpabi Asika, scholar, wordsmith, loyalist, former administrator of East Central State (now comprising Anambra, Abia, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi states) and civilian star of Gen. Gowon's military government, (1967-1975), took his eternal leave to join his ancestors at the age of 68. With his departure, Chinyere and her children, the famous Onitsha town, Anambra State, Eastern Nigeria, Nigeria as a whole and the continent of Africa lost an illustrious son; a talented academic, patriot and nationalist....

Canadians favour gay marriage

[] December 18, 2004--Shocking, scared, running for the hills? No, Canadians really do support gay marriage. This is not a surprise to me or to most Canadians....

Prince fights for Muslim apostates

[The Age] December 18, 2004--Prince Charles is brokering efforts to end the Muslim death penalty on converts to other faiths, it emerged yesterday....

Registration may be required.

Gene Robinson rejects Report of Lambeth Conference Attendance

[Christianity Today] December 17, 2004--Controversial Homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, has spoken out against claims reported by Associated Press that he will attend the 2008 Lambeth Conference in a defiant act to oppose other bishops....

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"2008 Lambeth Conference goes to Canterbury" - Christianity Today
"Canterbury to host next Lambeth Conference of bishops" - Anglican Journal

'We have no word for homosexuality'

[]December 18, 2004--While gay marriage is debated in Canada, such issues threaten to break ties between Western Christian churches and their far more active branches in the Third World. It's not just morals or theology, a Nigerian archbishop tells Michael Valpy. It is a practical matter too....

Gay Anglican cleric seeks to appease critics

[] December 18, 2004--As Anglicans around the world try to resolve their deep rift over homosexuality, the gay American bishop at the center of the fight is offering a concession to his critics....

Friday, December 17, 2004

Uganda: PLWAS At the Centre of Aids Response

[] December 16, 2004--Lydia Mungherere speaks with passion about the need for antiretrovirals (ARVs), not only because she is a doctor - the first in Uganda to disclose being HIV positive - but also because she would be dead today if it weren't for the drugs....

Lutheran Church Recommendations on Sexuality Nears Completion

[The Christian Post] December 16, 2004--The study, due in January, will tackle two critical questions in the 2-million member denomination: Should the ELCA bless same-gender relationships? Should practicing homosexuals be eligible for ordainment?

Churches Face Leadership And Identity Crisis, Says Musyimi

[] December 17, 2004--Meanwhile, an Anglican Bishop, Ben Salala, yesterday deplored sex scandals that have rocked schools in Butere/Mumias District....

Anglicans, Lutherans and Catholics Spar Over Gay Marriage in Canada

[] December 16, 2004--The hot-button issue of same-sex marriage has caused a rift in southwestern Ontario between Anglicans and Lutherans on one side, and Roman Catholics on the other....

Related article:
"Resources available from consultations on same-sex blessings" - Diocese of Toronto
The Anglican Diocese of Toronto has reposted this article with links which was originally posted May 14, 2004.

Venue of Lambeth Conference Changed

"In related news, the Church of England’s head, the Archbishop of Canterbury, last week cancelled what was to be the first congress of bishops to be held outside of Great Britain since the regular meetings began in the 19th century. The bishops planned initially to hold the10-yearly congress in 2008 at Cape Town, South Africa, however, they changed plans, in part because of the continuing rupture between the conservative African churches and the liberal North American churches.

According to the Times in London, “it is understood that there was concern about holding the conference in Africa, where the opposition to the ordination of a gay bishop in America has been the strongest.” Another reason to change the venue from Africa to London is because of the high cost of holding such a massive conference in South Africa.

“The African churches are unhappy that the meeting would have been forced to rely heavily on financial support from the Americans, who support gay bishops,” Times reported.

From "UK no Longer a Christian Nation, says Anglican Head" , originally posted by The Christian Post on December 16, 2004.

Ugandan rebels flee cease-fire zone

[Sydney Morning Herald] December 17, 2004--Church leaders blamed both sides for the crumbling peace process....