Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Great Divide!living&s=1037645509005

[] January 14, 2005--In their statement, the bishops noted that the U.S. church is more democratic than other Anglican churches and said they could not "pre-empt" the will of lay members and clergy, who supported Robinson by wide margins. Griswold said that it is a critical distinction that other Anglican churches don't always grasp.

"There are those who can't understand why I didn't veto the (Robinson) ordination, because in their system the archbishop has the power of veto," he said. "To learn that I didn't have that power, for some people, was a startling revelation."

Now the liberal bishops of the Episcopal Church are maintaining that they cannot go against the will of lay members and clergy. It was those bishops with the help of liberal clergy who persuaded the lay delegates of the Episcopal Church's General Convention that consecratinging a practicing homosexual as bishop of New Hampshire and authorizing the blessing of homosexual unions as a local option were the right thing to do. Who are they kidding? Not only will they have to answer to Christ for twisting the truth but for telling outright lies. Does not the Bible say that teachers will be held to a stricter accounting than anyone else. God have mercy upon them.

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