Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sometimes Big Things Start Small


[ChristianityToday.com] January 11, 2005--Saddleback's Small Group Ministry wasn't always a bed of roses.An Interview with Brett Eastman, Founder and CEO, Lifetogether, Inc.

After five years of championing small groups at Willow Creek Community Church, Brett Eastman shuttled his family westward to Orange County, California. He was hired at Saddleback Church and figured he would pick up where he left off at Willow.

But Saddleback was not Willow. In this interview, Brett Eastman, founder and CEO of Lifetogether, talks about the difference between the churches and what he learned during his tenure at Saddleback, when the church connected more than 20,000 people into small groups. He also provides pastors with key principles for launching a healthy small group ministry—within the scope of their current budget!

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