Saturday, March 05, 2005

Militant Islam vs. democracy

[Baptist Press News] March 4, 2005--The answer is that there is no room for individual liberty in the jihadists’ understanding of Islam. The only quarter given is for those who are willing to submit to a global Islamic state and those who are willing to abdicate all decision making to an iconic religious-political figure like bin Laden. In a sense, the movement is fascist.

This belief about the global Islamic enterprise is based on a long-held belief that there are only two possibilities for the world. The people of the world exist, the jihadists believe, in dar al-harb, the world of war, or dar al-Islam, the world of Islam.

The world of war, they believe, is all territories and peoples who are not Muslim or, at least, Muslim dominated. It is all free nations that allow their citizens to choose whom or what they worship, how they live and with whom they associate. And the jihadists will stop at nothing, even murdering fellow Muslims, to achieve their goal of global domination.

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