Saturday, March 12, 2005

New Hampshire Bishop implies Jesus might have been gay

[VirtueOnline] March 11, 2005--The homoerotic bishop of New Hampshire V. Gene Robinson told parishioners at Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham that while Jesus was on this earth he was only in the company of men, his disciples, and referenced that Jesus talked about the "one he loved," implying that Jesus may have been a homosexual himself.

What about the group of women who traveled with Jesus? Mary and Martha? By implying that Jesus himself was a homosexual, Robinson is seeking to rationalize his own homosexuality which is clearly condemned by the Bible. Jesus himself identified sexual immorality as one of the evils that comes from within and defiles us. By sexual immorality Jesus was not only referring to fornication but to all forms of illicit sexual relations which includes homosexuality and lesbianism. Robinson teaches a homosexual Christ to justify his own sinfulness!

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