Saturday, April 30, 2005

From around the Web - Saturday, April 30, 2005
Missioners to West Indies must abide by traditional teachings - Anglican Journal
ARCIC to Announce Reconciliatory Statement for Anglican & Catholic Church - Christianity Today (UK)
ARCIC launches statement on the Blessed Virgin Mary - Anglican Communion News Service
Bishop refutes ad's claims: Says Canadian church was not 'expelled' - Anglican Journal
Council advised to decline primates' call - Anglican Journal
Bishop Duncan: We're the Anglicans here - Virtue Online
The Joy of Eviction - Virtue Online
Ancient rhythm: Converts to Orthodoxy are drawn by its unchanging nature, aesthetic beauty and spiritual mystery - Salt Lake Tribune
Statement of Commitment by the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada - Anglican Communion News Service
Anglican Communion Network Council April 18 – 20, 2005 Communiqué - American Anglican Council
APLM Council issues Statement on Impaired Fellowship - The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
Gay group to protest at Focus on Family -
Unsettled debate leaves faithful to wait, wonder - The Cincinnati Post
A Modern-Day Garden Story, in Eden, Conn. - The New York Times
United Methodist Church Reverses Church Trial Verdict, Reinstates Lesbian Minister - The Christian Post
Defrocked Lesbian Minister Re-Elevated on ‘Legal Errors’ - The Christian Post
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A Bow and a Kiss: Authentic worship reveals both the friendship and fear of God. - Christianity
FRC: Filibuster Fight a Constitutional Issue, Not Religious -
Family Advocates Hail Passage of Parental Notification Bill -

Friday, April 29, 2005

From Around the Web - Friday April 29, 2005,1,5801601.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true
Episcopal leader calls bishops to task - Chicago Tribune
Anglican moratorium on same-sex marriage - Winnipeg Sun
Anglican bishops suspend same sex blessings -
Canada's Anglican Bishops Agree to Moratorium on Gay Unions -
Christians add their voice to student outcry -
Episcopal Church Cannot Survive Conflicting Doctrines -
The "Catholic Church" according to Charles Bennison - Virtue Online
Rebel bishops reconsider same-sex blessings - Times Online
Lambeth Palace spins its way into papal PR embarrassment - The Independent
Grave may unearth the truth about Gosnold - Church Times
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Family Advocates Hail Passage of Parental Notification Bill -
Promoters of Calif. Same-Sex Marriage Bill Not Above the Law -
School Counselor Under Fire for Excising God from Pledge -
Defrocked Lesbian Methodist Files Appeal to Church Court - The Christian Post
Archbishop Williams Welcomes Statement of Canada House of Bishops - The Christian Post
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House passes bill protecting parental rights on abortions; Senate outlook uncertain - Baptist Press News
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Looks like the Canadian bishops borrowed a page from the American bishops' playbook

Anglicans won't bless same-sex marriages for 2 years CBC News
Canadian Bishops issue statement Anglican Church of Canada (press release)
Canadian Anglicans Skirt Requests Over Gay Unions Reuters

Ex-Pittsburgh Episcopal priest at center of row in Connecticut

For 18 years in Pittsburgh, the Rev. Christopher Leighton made a name for himself locally by starting new churches in the Episcopal diocese and energizing old ones. To read more, click on

More Spin from the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop

Presiding Episcopal Bishop Defends Controversy in Church KSL-TV
Episcopal prelate puts focus on helping people Salt Lake Tribune
Remain open to guidance, Episcopal leader urges Salt Lake City Deseret News
Presiding Bishop Visits Utah's Episcopalians KSL-TV
Bishop Griswold Tries to Focus on Life and Death Issues Not ... Christianity Today, UK

From Virtue Online

CANADA: National Canadian Anglicans Skirt Requests Over Gay Unions (2005/4/28)
ROME: Williams and Cormac meet Pope: Excerpts from Press Conference (2005/4/27)
NEW ZEALAND: Civil Unions in Auckland Diocese? (2005/4/27)
A Bishop Can't Inhibit What God Inhabits - by David H. Roseberry (2005/4/27)
BEDFORD, TEXAS: The Windsor Action Covenant (2005/4/27)

E Timor may reconsider religious education ban

East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Alkatari says his government may go back on a decision to end compulsory religious classes in state schools, a reversal demanded by protests backed by the nation's powerful Roman Catholic Church over the past week. To read more, go to

Religious vilification in Victoria

Religious vilification is on the public agenda once again in Victoria. This time the claim of vilification is being made by a self-described witch, currently serving a 10-year prison sentence, who says that a course on Christianity run within the prison by the Salvation Army makes derogatory references to witchcraft – and that therefore the course should be banned under state law. To read more, click on

God's Housing Crisis

Why should church buildings get so much of the financial, physical, and social attention that is rightly due to the needs of Christians and others? Asked by Kofo Olomu, Cotonou, Benin. To read more, go to

Should Parents Be Licensed? An Ominous New Debate

Two generations after the contraceptive revolution, the very right of parents to bear and raise children is under renewed attack. To read more, click on

Senator Calls Focus On The Family the 'Antichrist'

Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) is making headlines for describing a conservative Christian group as the "antichrist," a comment he now says he regrets. To read more, go to

Americans Accused of Giving Christian Pamphlets to Muslims

Two Americans have been arrested in Malaysia, accused of handing out Christian pamphlets to Muslims in a country where constitutionally protected religious freedom periodically collides with Islam's stance on apostasy. To read more, click

No Moratorium on Canadian Gay Marriage Blessings

The bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada have agreed not to encourage same sex union blessings but have declined to place a moratorium on such blessings. This article and more can be found at

Our secular society

Is disestablishment the right course for the Church of England to take? See this week's editorial at

Archbishop's plea for the poor

"Dean of Ripon resigns before trial," and more can be found at

South Carolina becomes 4th state to vote on constitutional marriage amendment in 2006

"Calif. legislative committee passes 'gay marriage' bill," and more can be found at

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Church Army Launch New Campaign - "What will they believe?"

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 26, 2005--A new campaign being launched by the Church Army is being presented with the slogan "What will they believe?" It focuses on mission at home here in the UK, and the campaign will be launched at this year's Christian Recourses Exhibition, Sandown Park, May 10-13, according to ASSIST News Service.

The new pope and the archbishop of Canterbury,1,1007323.story?coll=orl-opinion-headlines&ctrack=1&cset=true

[Orlando Sentinel] April 27, 2005--It is not difficult to imagine that, under different circumstances, Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop Rowan Williams might easily have been close friends.

Evangelical heavyweight Schaeffer turned to Orthodox Christianity

[] April 27, 2005--Frank Schaeffer is a "trophy" Orthodox convert. His father was the renowned evangelical theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer, who founded L'Abri Fellowship, a Christian center in Switzerland where individuals can seek answers to spiritual questions.

The Blind-Obedience Myth

[National Review Online] April 27, 2005--Those churches that have chosen to modernize and to be "with it," following the advice of their own progressives, have rapidly lost members, weakened conviction in many others, and become adjuncts of the morality of the secular culture. Churches that have resisted the currents of "the new morality" — whose initial guise is often the refrain "It's all just a matter of opinion, so just choose your own version" — have tended to gain in high morale, growing numbers in the pews, and strongly committed new vocations to the clergy.

The Left doesn't seem to get this. They urge bishops, cardinals, and the Pope to join contemporary currents in order not to lose members. The Anglican church, the Methodist church (in some districts), and others have tried that. When they do, they lose everything that once was dear to them, including their membership.

Muslims must speak out, or be condemned for their silence

[Sydney Morning Herald] April 28, 2005--A leader's controversial comments on rape do not reflect the view of the majority, writes Irfan Yusef.

Theological college looking for a miracle

[CBC Saskatchewan] April 27, 2005--A theological college at the University of Saskatchewan that's been training Anglican priests for 125 years is in financial trouble.

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College faces closure - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Anglican Leader Williams Denounces Global Economy “Scandal”

[The Christian Post] April 27, 2005--Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams denounced the “scandal” of a global economy and blamed it of triggering massive worldwide poverty worldwide.

Nigerian archbishop accuses U.S. bishops of duplicity on gay issue

[Episcopal News Service] April 26, 2005--The Church of Nigeria's senior archbishop, Peter Akinola, has issued a pastoral letter criticizing a response of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in the United States to a call by the Anglican Communion to put a moratorium on the ordinations of non-celibate homosexuals.

Gay Issue May Divide the Episcopal and Anglican Church

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 27, 2005--The Kentucky chapter of the American Anglican Council (ACC-KY) have held meetings over 25 and 26 April 2005. Both evening meetings included the speeches of Rev. Canon David H. Roseberry, rector of Christ Church Episcopal in Plano, Texas, and in them the panel discussed the current situation in the Anglican World.

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Gay issue could cause Episcopal, Anglican split, traditionalist says - Lexington Herald-Leader

Weblog: Justice Sunday Leaves Opponents Hopping Mad

[] April 26, 2005--Plus: Benedicts first full day on the job, Microsoft backs down on gay-rights bill, and more articles from online sources around the world.

For more articles from, go to

"Time is short, Archbishop Williams must act"

[VirtueOnline] April27, 2005--One of the tragedies of the present controversy is that churches (very understandably) have felt the need to seek episcopal cover from elsewhere (or, as it were, from a lower level than Canterbury), effectively by-passing or potentially undermining Canterbury. With this new mechanism that cover should be available through Canterbury itself. This should make a major difference and prevent the forces of fragmentation during this time when we wait for ECUSA to be internally realigned.

However, time is extremely short. Partnerships with other provinces are extremely tempting for ECUSA's orthodox. If the Archbishop does not act soon, then the shrapnel of a disintegrated ECUSA (with parishes being linked up to various provinces in Africa or South America) will literally be scattered all over the world, and no one will be able to put the Communion back together again.

HHS head acts to protect born-alive infants; abortion clinic lets survivor die

[Baptist Press News] April 26, 2005--A tiny baby boy died in his mother’s arms in an Orlando, Fla., abortion clinic April 2, the victim not only of her choice but of the unwillingness of the staff to help him, according to a legal organization representing the mother.

For more articles from Baptist Press News, go to

Bill to Legalize Same-sex Marriage Passes California Committee

[The Christian Post] April 27, 2005--A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California was approved by a state committee on Tuesday, reigniting the debate between proponents of traditional and gay marriage.

Several Spanish Mayors Oppose Gay Marriage Bill

[The Christian Post] April 27, 2005--Several Spanish mayors have said they will not marry homosexual couples even if a bill making its way through the parliament legalizes gay nuptials.

For more articles from The Christian Post, go to

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Anglican archbishop to meet new pope

[Mail&GuardianOnline] April 25, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, will on Monday become one of the first non-Catholic religious leaders to meet the new pope, at what has become a critical moment for Anglican-Catholic relations following the former's inauguration of an openly gay bishop in the United States and the Church of England's decision 11 years ago to ordain women priests.

Evangelical churches take on gay rights

[Portland Press Herald] April 25, 2005--A sin. That is how pastors in dozens of Maine churches view the relationships of gays and lesbians.

A Catholic Liberal's Nightmare

[Capitol Hill Blue] April 25, 2005--The election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as pope will cause heartbreak - not to mention much heartburn - among liberal or progressive Catholics.

Anglican rebel looks for Vatican pact,7034,15085619%5E421,00.html

[Townsville Bulletin] April 26, 2005--When the newly installed Pope Benedict XVI presaged ecumenical unity with carefully directed nods to other religious faiths, Archbishop John Hepworth realised that a long journey may soon be over.

Related article:,,2089-1582550,00.html
Pope in talks with rebel Anglicans - The Sunday Times

Religious conservatives' demands on government may spark backlash

[] April 25, 2005--A church-based rally in support of conservative judges has threatened to turn a political debate into a holy war over how much influence religious conservatives should have over both politics and policy.

There She Stood, She Could Do No Other

[] April 26, 2005--In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the church door, announcing later at Diet of Worms, "Here I stand. I can do no other." Diane Knippers was the very personification of that kind of old-line Protestant cussedness, little in evidence these days.

Dance around the maypole

[The Herald-Mail Online] April 26, 2005--The day's festivities begin with a parade down German Street from Trinity Episcopal Church to Princess Street and then up the alley to the Maypole which will be erected on the McMurran Lawn.

Innocent pagan fun at your local Episcopal parish?!

Thousands Rally Against Civil Unions in Connecticut

[The Christian Post] April 26, 2005--Some 3,000 supporters of traditional marriage gathered at the steps of the Connecticut Capitol Sunday to denounce lawmakers who voted in favor of a controversial same-sex civil unions bill last week.

For more articles from The Christian Post, go to

Hotel Sudan Isn't a Film—Yet

[] April 26, 2005--Genocide in Darfur must be stopped.

More articles from can be found here.

Pro-Life Activists Question Hillary Clinton's Sincerity

[] April 26, 2005--A pro-life activist says he''s "profoundly disappointed" that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has "snubbed a dialogue with pro-life groups" - after she expressed interest in finding common ground with them.

Is This Evangelicalism's Terminal Generation?

[Crosswalk] April 26, 2005--The shape of the evangelical challenge in postmodern America comes down to this--we must be continually on the alert to defend the faith, for the Christian faith now faces unprecedented attacks. The rise of a postmodern culture has produced an intellectual context in which the very concept of truth is held under suspicion, and claims to revealed truth are simply ruled out of order.

ERLC no longer supporting Houses of Worship bill

[Baptist Press News] April 25, 2005--The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission announced April 25 it would not back the latest version of the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act, H.R. 235, because of revisions the ERLC sees as increasing the likelihood of government intervention in churches and other religious bodies.

For more articles from Baptist Press News, click here.

St Ives set on fire for God

[] April 26, 2005--“Consuming Fire” was the theme of the Soul Survivor Youth Festival held at St Ives Showground which saw 500 hearts set burning to serve.

United Bible Society Making Impact in Madagascar

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 25, 2005--A Scripture mission initiative of the United Bible Societies (UBS) has made a huge impact on their work in Madagascar, according to the General Secretary of the Malagasy Bible Society.

New Pope Hits Out at Harry Potter Books

[] April 25, 2005--New Pope Benedict XVI has blasted J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books for "undermining the soul of Christianity".

Monday, April 25, 2005

New Pontiff Is Wake Up Call to Anglican Communion

[VirtueOnline] April 22, 2005--As the church' doctrinal enforcer he cracked down on liberal theologians and in 2000 wrote the contentious Vatican document "Dominus Jesus," asserting the truth of the Catholic belief over others.This did not sit well with evangelicals in and out of the Anglican Communion who still believe that a pure understanding of salvation by grace through faith sans works is still not the basis of Catholicism, and they remain wary of the accretions the Roman Catholic Church has added to Scripture.

Asian Tigers for Christ Young and Eager to Spread the Message

[VirtueOnline] April 23, 2005--Already the Province of Southeast Asia that incorporates Singapore, Sabah, Kuching and West Malaysia (the latter is an Anglo-Catholic stronghold) with churches in Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei, has swept passed the American Episcopal Church in terms of actual practicing Anglicans.

Clergy meeting fails to produce mandate to inhibit six priests

[VirtueOnline] April 21, 2005--Six Episcopal priests threatened with inhibition by their bishop attended a gathering of clergy in the Diocese of Connecticut today. Andrew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut, invited clergy to discuss what he termed an impasse with the six congregations.

Miffed Griswold asks bishops for clarification on letters

[VirtueOnline] April 21, 2005--Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold learned April 21 that a group of bishops who had written to him requesting the establishment of a commission to explore reconciliation within the Episcopal Church had also written the Archbishop of Canterbury on the same day to ask for an emergency meeting" whose purpose would be a realistic appraisal of the life of our Church." News of the two simultaneous appeals was posted April 20 on a website belong to The Living Church magazine.

Understanding the Anglican Consultative Council

[VirtueOnline] April 22, 2005--The relationship between the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) and the other instruments of unity: A briefing paper by Dr James Behrens

Christ Episcopal votes to leave denomination

[The Wichita Eagle] April 23, 2005--The 2,200-member Christ Episcopal Church in Overland Park has decided to leave the Episcopal Church and its Kansas Diocese and join another body in the Anglican Communion.

Williams looks to build bridges with Catholicism

[Telegraph(UK)] April 25, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will meet the new Pope today amid renewed hopes for the future of relations between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

Related article:,12272,1469595,00.html
Williams to meet new pope today - The Guardian

Anglican Leader to Attend Pope's Inauguration

[] April 22, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is today preparing to attend Sunday’s inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI.

Dr Williams, who will be the first serving holder of his office to be present at such an event since the Reformation, travels to Rome tomorrow, returning on Monday.

On eve of 'Justice Sunday,' Mohler stands by comments after criticism from U.S. senator

[Baptist Press News] April 22, 2005--Illustrating that an April 24 gathering of religious conservatives is drawing national attention, Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar is asking James Dobson to distance himself from seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. for calling the Roman Catholic church a "false church."

Tennessee Marriage Amendment Challenged

[The Christian Post] April 25, 2005--Tennessee’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage faces a lawsuit claiming that procedural requirements were violated, rendering the amendment unconstitutional.

So-called gay rights groups in Lousiana did the same thing. The Lousiana State Supreme Court, however, ruled that there had been no violation of the State Constitution.

Deliver Us from Wal-Mart?

[] April 22, 2005--Christians are among those sounding the alarm about the ethics of this retail giant. Are the worries justified?

For more articles from, click here.

Spain opens way for gay marriage,5744,15055675%255E2703,00.html

[The Weekend Australian] April 23, 2005--Spanish deputies have approved a government bill allowing homosexuals to marry and adopt children.

Muslim cleric: women incite men's lust with 'satanic dress'

[Sydney Morning Herald] April 24, 2005--A Muslim sheik told followers at a public meeting in Bankstown that women who were raped had incited men's lust by dressing immodestly and only had themselves to blame.

Is blaming the victims of rape for the violence perpetrated against them typical of the "superior morality" of Islam?

Stolen voices of Muslim women

[TheAge] April 22, 2005--Western discourse on the plight of Muslim women reflects ignorance at best, and racism at worst, writes Joumanah El Matrah.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

S.Africa's Tutu disappointed at Pope choice;:426660b0:21ab2d9d84a289c4?type=topNews&localeKey=en_ZA&storyID=8238671

[Reuters] April 20, 2005-- South Africa's former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu said on Wednesday he was disappointed with the choice of the new pope who was a "rigid conservative" out of step with the times.

Anglican leader welcomes new pope

[Reuters] April 19, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Anglican Church, welcomed the election on Tuesday of German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as pope, highlighting the new pontiff's choice of name -- Pope Benedict XVI.

Six Episcopal Priests Face Possible Discipline

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 19, 2005--Six Episcopal priests that were greatly outspoken in their opposition to Bishop Andrew Smith's support of homosexual Gene Robinson's consecration, have met with Bishop Smith on Monday evening. However, a four hour meeting failed to reconcile them and the priests now may face possible discipline.

Conn. Bishop in Dispute Over Gay Colleague,0,7438238.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines

[] April 20, 2005--Connecticut's Episcopal bishop contends a dispute with six local priests over his support for the denomination's first openly gay bishop is part of a broader battle over control of the church.

What's Happening To Episcopal Tolerance?

[] April 20, 2005--To me, until now, the Episcopal Church has been a model of Christianity because of its policy and practice of tolerance.

Gay Bishop Only One Episcopal Division

[] April 20, 2005--In recent weeks, I have seen the media report that the “Connecticut Six” (Episcopal priests), who are under threat of inhibition and deposition by our Bishop Andrew Smith, are at odds with him over his approval of an openly gay bishop.

That is only a small part of the story. The ever-widening rift in the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) is not just about the gay-bishop issue. That was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. It is a symptom of two much larger, systemic problems.

Is the End in Sight for ECUSA's Orthodox?

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2005--It is now obvious to even the most simple-minded that orthodox priests caught in revisionist dioceses have no future. Their day is done. Sooner or later, like Jews in death camps, their number will be called and they will be marched into oblivion.

Six Connecticut Priests Grieve Bishop Smith's Rupture of the Episcopal Church

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2005--Despite the good efforts of Bishop Scruton of Massachusetts to mediate discussion, Bishop Smith suspended consideration and conversation regarding oversight and related issues; he was intractable and unyielding; he sought neither reconciliation nor solutions but rather effectively demanded a verbal oath of allegiance. He warned us that in leaving the meeting, we offered "proof" of leaving the communion. The one request we made of Bishop Smith is that he withdraw his threat of inhibition as we seek resolution together. He refused. In his statement following the meeting, he reasserted the threat of inhibition based on his claim that we had not acknowledged his authority as bishop.

New Pope is Friend to Anglicans - by Bishop Keith Ackerman

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2005--As President of Forward In Faith, North America, I am certain that I speak for countless Orthodox Anglicans worldwide who rejoice in the election of Pope Benedict XVI as Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff, "Servant of the Servants of God," and "Patriarch of the West."

Pope Benedict XVI--What Should We Think?

[] April 20, 2005--The appearance of white smoke from the stack atop the Sistine Chapel signaled the election of a new pope after only four ballots--a fact that presumably indicated the election of one of the anticipated four frontrunners. Within the hour, the tolling of the Vatican's bells gave way to the announcement and presentation of the new pope--Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Cardinal Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Feminist, Homosexual Groups Turn Thumbs Down on New Pope

[] April 20, 2005--American Catholics who want major changes in the church are not happy with the election of a "hard-line" pope who backs longstanding Catholic doctine.

Praise for New Pope

[] April 20, 2005-- Praise poured in Tuesday for the selection of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, to succeed Pope John Paul II.

Protestant Leaders Pray for Ecumenism, Holy Spirit to Guide Pope

[The Christian Post] April 20, 2005--Christian leaders representing millions of Protestants worldwide congratulated Pope Benedict XVI on his election and expressed hopes for a renewed dedication to ecumenism and dialogue.

For more articles from The Christian Post, click here.

The New Pope's Relationship with Protestants

[] April 19, 2005--The pope's chief doctrinal officer has always been in dialogue with the Reformation traditions. Now he reveals his vision for Christianity in the new millennium.

More articles from can be found here.

Office of papacy remains point of contention with evangelicals over biblical guidelines

[Baptist Press News] April 19, 2005--While the world’s attention focused on the Vatican as a new pope was elected April 19, the evangelical outlook toward the Roman Catholic Church’s top leader stood firm.

Conservatives applaud new pope's views on social issues

[Baptist Press News] April 19, 2005--Those wanting a more liberal pope likely will be disappointed by the election of German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger April 19 as Roman Catholics' new pontiff.

For more articles from Baptist Press News, click here.

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German conservative new Pope - Sydney Morning Herald

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bishop backs bid to oust Blair

[] April 19, 2005--The Anglican bishop who oversees Tony Blair’s Sedgefield constituency is supporting anti-war activists campaigning to oust the Prime Minister from his seat.

UK Evangelists Welcome the First Ever World Internet Evangelism Day

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 19, 2005--The first ever annual international Internet Evangelism Day will commence in few days on 24th April. With an aim to communicate the outreach potential of the web among the worldwide churches, Church Army’s Word on the Web, an unique online evangelism ministry in the UK, is in full support of the initiative.

Institute for Religion and Democracy President Diane Knippers Dies at 53

[] April 19, 2005--Diane Knippers, an intellectual heavyweight who rallied opposition to the liberal drift of mainline churches and was named by Time magazine as one of the country's 25 most influential evangelicals, died Monday (April 18). She was 53.

Anglican church bracing for upheaval

[] April 19, 2005--Division within the Anglican Church of Canada over same-sex marriage has come to the fore in Newfoundland, with speculation mounting that a splinter organization is forming to appeal to conservative members.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Staten Island, to Consecrate New Pet Cemetery on Earth Day, April 22

[U.S. Newswire] April 19, 2005--Continuing in the Episcopal tradition of honoring all of God's creatures, the Episcopal Church of St. Andrew on Staten Island will consecrate a special cemetery for pets on Earth Day, Friday, April 22. Named The Cemetery for All God's Creatures, all are invited to join the service at 11 a.m., which will include the interment of various pets.

Episcopal priest who turned Druid changes his mind

[Philadelphia Inquirer] April 19, 2005--In a rapid change of heart, a local Episcopal priest is abandoning Druid spirituality - a decision made one day after it was reported that he had renounced his Episcopal ordination and become the founding priest of a Druid group.

Bishop, priests at impasse after talks

[Republican-American] April 19, 2005--Episcopal Bishop Andrew D. Smith warned embattled priests late Monday that they were risking suspension by refusing to accept his authority.

Related article:,0,3317264.story?coll=ny-statenews-headlines
No Resolution In Sight In Dispute -
Conflict continues over gay bishop -

Bishops for Planned Parenthood

[] April 19, 2005--What Robinson does not appear to realize is that his moral seriousness makes his perspective all the worse. He acknowledges the truth, that he is taking a position that gives spiritual permission for causing the death of an unborn child, yet still emphatically places himself on the wrong side of the aisle.

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Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Out to Claim Bible for Abortion-Rights Activists -

Expert Mistrusts Polls Showing Support for Gays in Military

[] April 19, 2005--A conservative military watchdog says she does not agree with several media polls that show increased public acceptance for allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military.

Urban Christian Leaders Gather for NY Summit on Moral Values

[] April 19, 2005--More than 125 Christian leaders from New York City and across the United States convened in the Big Apple last week to send a message about moral values to their political leaders.

The Generation That Won't Grow Up

[] April 19, 2005--For several years, I have been warning audiences that America now faces a generation of young people unwilling to grow up, assume adult responsibility, marry, and start raising families. I have addressed this issue in various articles, public lectures, and church settings. My observations have been drawn from constant contact with young adults, including college students, and are backed up by a wealth of demographic and statistical information. Nevertheless, my warnings have often been met with incredulity, suspicion, and even outrage.

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Law Regulating Pro-life Activities

[The Christian Post] April 19, 2005--Pro-life groups faced defeat on Monday, as the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge against state laws that regulate their activities at abortion clinics.

Connecticut Episcopalians Discuss Gay Fray

[The Christian Post] April 18, 2005--The Episcopal bishop of Connecticut will meet with six dissident priests tonight to settle disputes over the diocese’s support for gay marriages and the ordination of homosexual bishops.

For more articles from The Christian Post, click here.

NIH officials oppose Bush on stem cells; mother arrested trying to stop teen’s abortion; pro-life plates upheld

[Baptist Press News] April 18, 2005--President Bush and other foes of federal funding of destructive embryonic stem cell research found a lack of allies among officials in the president’s own administration during a recent congressional hearing.

ABC asks Archbishop, ‘Tell nation what you think’

[] April 19, 2005--The ABC has handed the Archbishop of Sydney a high honour, selecting him to present a nationally broadcast series of lectures later this year.

Cardinals fail to select new pope

[The Age] April 19, 2005--Black smoke streamed from the Sistine Chapel's chimney on Monday to signal that cardinals had failed to select a new pope in their first round of voting.

Ratzinger pleads for a 'clear faith',5744,15012203%255E2703,00.html

[The Australian] April 19, 2005--Italian newspapers are predicting a "war of attrition" between Cardinal Ratzinger and the liberal-leaning Archbishop of Milan, Dionigi Tettamanzi, although many observers are predicting the first Latin-American pontiff.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Parishes clearly behind their priests in dispute

[] April 18, 2005--Overwhelming support for their stances flowed at Sunday services from the congregations of the two city priests embroiled in a face-off over the election of a gay bishop with Episcopal Bishop Andrew D. Smith of Connecticut.

A Firm, Thoughtful Voice in a Troubled Time

[The ledger] April 18, 2005--Bishop John W. Howe loves the Episcopal Church. But he fears for its future. The 2003 election of a gay priest, V. Gene Robinson, as bishop of New Hampshire, plunged the church into a crisis from which it has not yet emerged.

Pro-Aborts and Homosexual Bishop -- Alliance Not Surprising, Says Family Advocate

[Agape press] April 18, 2005--Homosexual Episcopal bishop Vicki Gene Robinson was the keynote speaker at an "interfaith prayer breakfast" on Friday morning sponsored by the nation's largest abortion provider. The New Hampshire bishop used the opportunity to praise Planned Parenthood for its efforts -- and to go on the attack against America.

Parish will separate from the Episcopal diocese and denomination

[] April 18, 2005--Members of the Christ Episcopal Church in Overland Park voted overwhelmingly Sunday to separate from the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas and the Episcopal denomination.

Episcopal Clergy to Meet on Dispute Over Gay Issues

[The New York Times] April 18, 2005--Six dissident priests have agreed to meet with the Episcopal bishop of Connecticut tonight to try to settle the growing schism over the diocese's support for gay marriage and its elevation of a gay priest to bishop.

Related article:,0,4508386.story?coll=ny-region-apconnecticut
Session set between priests, bishop -

From VirtueOnline

SABAH: Thousands Pack Churches. Many languages, many cultures - one gospel (2005/4/17)
LONDON: Stand Up for Jesus: Anglo-Catholics rally for priestly ideals (2005/4/17)
LONDON: Dr Williams: 'Let children play' (2005/4/17)
BISHOP HERZOG TO BISHOP SMITH: "This is Capital Punishment" (2005/4/15)
Parish Chancellor Writes Bishop Smith of Connecticut (2005/4/17)

The end is nigh

[Sydney Morning Herald] April 18, 2005--When you've gotta go, you've gotta go - but how, and when? Experts from around the world assess the natural and man-made threats to human survival.

Reformers split on pick for pope,5744,15003152%255E2703,00.html

[The Australian] April 18, 2005--Liberal cardinals anxious to steer the Catholic Church away from the conservative rule of John Paul II were struggling on the weekend to find a figurehead in time for today's start of the conclave to elect a new pope.

Radical Sex Education--Is Your School Next?

[] April 18, 2005--Parents in Montgomery County, Maryland are upset--and they should be. The Montgomery County public school system is adopting a new health education curriculum that includes some of the most radical sex education material ever included in a public school curriculum for adolescents.

Barna: Challenges Ahead for Church to Remain Significant

[] April 18, 2005--An annual survey from the Barna Group finds little change in faith-related beliefs, behaviors, and perspectives among Americans over the last 15 years. Lead researcher George Barna says these most recent results, however, indicate there are many challenges facing pastors and church leaders.

Ill. Governor's Mandated Contraception Dispension Plan Faces Challenges

[The Christian Post] April 18, 2005--A pro-life pharmacist filed a lawsuit on Friday challenging the Illinois governor’s “emergency rule” mandating all pharmacists to dispense contraceptives regardless of their beliefs.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The AAC's Response to Executive Council's Letter

[American Anglican Council] April 14, 2005--A Statement from the American Anglican Council on the Executive Council Letter to the Anglican Consultative Council

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) met yesterday and has announced they will refrain from "official participation" in the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting scheduled for June 2005 in Nottingham, England. In their letter to the ACC Chair, however, the Executive Council writes they will still send their delegation. We find it very disturbing that the Episcopal Church leadership met in seclusion, continuing a pattern of secrecy. In addition, we note that they seem incapable of acquiescing fully to the requests and clear expectations of the Primates as expressed in their 2005 Communique. As with the House of Bishops’ March 2005 Covenant Statement, the Executive Council has professed compliance to the Primates while dictating their own terms:

"In the spirit of the Covenant Statement recently adopted by our House of Bishops, we voluntarily withdraw our members from official participation in the ACC as it meets in Nottingham. As an expression of our desire "to bear one another's burdens"(Galatians 6:2), we are asking our members to be present at the meeting to listen to reports on the life and ministry we share across the Communion and to be available for conversation and consultation." [Episcopal News Service—Executive Council Letter to Anglican Consultative Council]

The Executive Council’s letter to the Anglican Consultative Council is manipulative and deceptive. The Primates were clear and direct in their call to the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada:

"…we request that the Episcopal Church (USA) and the AnglicanChurch of Canada voluntarily withdraw their members from the Anglican Consultative Council for the period leading up to the next Lambeth Conference. During that same period we request that both churches respond through their relevant constitutional bodies to the questions specifically addressed to them in the Windsor Report as they consider their place within the AnglicanCommunion." (cf. paragraph 8)

While the language of the Communique is gracious and diplomatic, the intent is crystal clear—the American and Canadian Churches have been told to stand down from the Anglican Consultative Council. In addition, they have been presented with a clear choice to permanently walk together or walk apart. The parameters for "walking together" are also definitive: the Episcopal Church must repent of its heretical actions and embrace once more in word and in practice the faith and order of Anglicanism. We cannot accept that the Executive Council does not understand what the Primates have requested, and therefore we must assume that this is a deliberate plan to circumvent and ignore the full intent of the Communique.

The Executive Council is setting up an opportunity to lobby and influence the ACC meeting. Given the fact that ECUSA is insisting on such a presence, it seems a matter of justice and fair play that those who are excluded from ECUSA and isolated because they stand against revisionism should also be present and "available for conversation and consultation". We call upon the Anglican Consultative Council to deny the Executive Council’s request; however, if the ECUSA delegation attends, we believe it is critical to include voices that offer a very different perspective, one that is consistent with Scripture and the accepted faith and order of the Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Communion Network Moderator's Response to Executive Council's Letter

[American Anglican Council] April 14, 2005--A Statement from the Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network

What the response of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council to the 2005 Primates’ Communique gives with one hand, it takes away with the other. While it gives an appearance of complying with the Primates’ request, in actuality it does not. The Primates asked the ECUSA delegation to withdraw from the Anglican Consultative Council (AAC) – the only appropriate response is therefore to stay at home.

The Executive Council’s request for the ECUSA delegation to appear unofficially is reminiscent of many of the Episcopal Church’s recent actions: Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight(DEPO) Plan sounds like Alternative Episcopal Oversight but it is not the same thing. Saying to the world the Episcopal Church has not authorized same-sex blessings – while observing that such blessings are "within the practice” of this Church – is more of the same.

The response to the Primates is a technical yes and an actual no. The response is extremely disappointing. It is also, of course, dishonest in any coherent moral analysis.

As to the ultimate purpose of the Anglican Communion as described by the Executive Council, I disagree. Our lives as Christians inthe Anglican tradition are not marked by creating a "new humanity" but rather by giving worship to the only true God, by attesting the salvation of God through Christ and by experiencing the transformation that comes through faith in Him.

The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan
Bishop of Pittsburgh

US lethal injection scandal challenges Christians

[ekklesia] April 15, 2005--Christians and human rights activists opposed to the death penalty are vowing to continue the struggle against what they see as a degrading and inhuman policy in the light of fresh research published in the international medical journal The Lancet. This shows that people executed by lethal injection in the United States may have suffered terrible pain because they were not properly anaesthetised.

Is any form of capital punishment really "humane"? Do those countries and states that practice capital punishment care? Is it just another part of the "culture of death" that spans our entire planet?

A chronology of hate: The Pope's words on homosexuality from 1978 to 2005

[A2Gay] April 15, 2005--Gay website bashes the late John Paul II for his stand against homosexuality.

Confusion and Gays

[Yahoo! News] April 15, 2005--"Lott, who likes and admires Giuliani, told him that the New Yorker's support for abortion, homosexual rights and gay marriage are heavy burdens for a Republican to carry nationally. Giuliani protested that he never supported same-sex marriage, only civil unions. Lott advised that in Mississippi, they don't see any difference between gay marriage and civil unions."

Gay pastor to depart SB mission,1413,208~12588~2819089,00.html

[San Berdino Sun] April 16, 2005-- The Rev. Jenny Mason ends her one-year stint as an openly gay associate pastor at Central City Lutheran Mission today.

It was her hiring 365 days ago that caused the mission to be removed from the official roster of Lutheran churches. Its pastor, the Rev. David Kalke, also was pulled.

Gay bishop decries traditional understanding of Bible

[World Peace Herald] April 16, 2005-- Planned Parenthood should target "people of faith" to promote abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop told a gathering in the District yesterday.

Judaism’s law committee upholds ban on gay rabbis

[] April 16, 2005--Conservative Judaism’s Rabbinical Assembly announced Monday that a key panel has “upheld the biblical injunction against homosexual behavior” – at least for now.

Episcopal Priests Weighing Options in Rift on Gay Issues

[The New York Times] April 16, 2005--Six dissident priests said yesterday that they would respond by Monday to an offer by the Episcopal bishop of Connecticut to meet and try to smooth out their rift over the church's support of gay rights and its elevation of a gay bishop.

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Priests' suspensions on hold - Republican-American

Court Orders Release of Some Schiavo Probe Records

[] April 15, 2005-- The public does have a right to see results from some of the investigations into allegations of abuse of Terri Schiavo, the disabled Florida woman who died after her feeding tube was removed last month. Pinellas County Circuit Judge George Greer, the same jurist who ruled that Schiavo was in a Persistent Vegetative State and would not want to live in that condition, issued the new order Thursday.

Study Shows Frightening Network of Teen Sexual Relationships

[] April 15, 2005--A recent study of the sexual relationships among high schoolers indicates the potential for the devastating spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) within that segment of the population.

A Libertarian Case for Marriage?

[] April 15, 2005--...the issue of same-sex marriage threatens to divide the conservative movement, with moral conservatives contending for the sanctity of marriage as the society's most essential institution, and libertarians arguing for the unfettered freedom of individuals to engage in whatever consensual sexual activities they may choose, without fear of government interference.

Weblog: Saying Judges More Dangerous than Terrorists, FRC Recruits Pulpits Against Filibusters

[] April 15, 2005--Plus: County board doesn't have to allow Wiccan prayer, priest leaves Episcopal Church for druidism, and other stories from online sources around the world.

ELCA Social Statement on Sexuality Postponed

[The Christian Post] April 15, 2005--America’s largest Lutheran church body will not develop a social statement on human sexuality until 2009 – two years after the proposed 2007 timeline.

Canadian political scandal could prevent 'gay marriage' vote; U.S. Senate considers amendment

[Baptist Press News] April 15, 2005--A Canadian political scandal involving the governing Liberal Party could directly impact the push to legalize same-sex "marriage."

How, they ask, can it be love?

[Baptist Press News] April 15, 2005--“How do you respond to the assertion that your position does not appear very loving?” the reporter asked. She added, “As a Christian, aren’t you, above all, to exhibit love?”

Great quote in this article worth remembering for those times when others may pose this question to you:

“Love,” the Apostle Paul wrote, “does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth.” In the Book of Proverbs we are told, “Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed.”

Friday, April 15, 2005

Nigeria’s Akinola Creates "Safe Harbour" for US Anglicans

[Christianity Today (UK)] April 15, 2005--The Archbishop of Nigeria, the Most Rev Peter Akinola has made an historical announcement for the Anglican Communion this week. Akinola has declared the formation of a Convocation of Anglican Nigerian Churches in America. The purpose of the new organisation he said was to create a "safe harbour" for the Nigerian faithful – many of whom now feel unable to attend the Episcopal Church in the US (ECUSA), which is the Anglican arm of the worldwide denominational body.

Anglican Leaders' Move Praised, Criticized

[Reuters] April 14, 2005--The move was criticized by the American Anglican Council, which says it represents tens of thousands of conservative Episcopalians in the 2.3 million-member U.S. church. "We find it very disturbing that the Episcopal Church leadership met in seclusion, continuing a pattern of secrecy," the group said of Wednesday's closed meeting near Chicago.
The bishops were told to stand down from the consultative group, the statement said, but in planning to send informal representatives, the U.S. church leadership appears to the trying to circumvent the directive.

Nigerian bishop hits U.S. stand on gays,1,34418.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

[Chicago Tribune] April 15, 2005--Archbishop Peter Akinola, leader of the growing and influential Church of Nigeria, has issued a strong criticism of the bishops of America's Episcopal Church for some of their recent actions in the ongoing dispute over gay ordinations and same-sex blessings, which has created a deep rift in worldwide Anglicanism.

Episcopal priests face ouster today

[The Bristol Press] April 15, 2005--Six Episcopal priests, including two from Bristol, locked in a standoff with Bishop Andrew Smith are waiting to hear today if Smith will remove them from their pulpits.

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Embattled priests gain more support -

Priest leaves Episcopal Church to lead Druid order

[] April 15, 2005--An Episcopal priest has renounced his ordination to lead a Druid order.

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Episcopal priest leaves for Druids - Philadelphia Inquirer

Signs and Wonders in Indonesia

[VirtueOnline] April 15, 2005--Pastor Choo, (not her real name) has seen miraculous occurrences take place before her very eyes.

Seventeen Orthodox Bishops Condemn Connecticut Bishop

[VirtueOnline] April 15, 2005--What are we to do? We have agreed as bishops not to cross diocesan boundaries. But was not this moratorium based on other moratoria being observed as well, and on the maintenance of status quo as regards actions against the conservative minority? Were not the commitments we made to one another at the March meeting of the House of Bishops also based on the assumption of the functioning of the Panel of Reference, called for by the Primates in February 2005? And was it not notification of their intent to appeal to the Panel of Reference by the six parishes, given by letter to the Bishop of Connecticut, that immediately precipitated the threat of inhibition and deposition of the clergy of those parishes?

ECUSA is all smoke and mirrors says Network Moderator

[VirtueOnline] April 15, 2005--What the response of the Episcopal Church's Executive Council to the 2005 Primates' Communiqué gives with one hand, it takes away with the other. While it gives an appearance of complying with the Primates' request, in actuality it does not. The Primates asked the ECUSA delegation to withdraw from the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC); the only appropriate response is therefore to stay at home.

ECUSA: "We will withdraw our members in June"

[VirtueOnline] April 13, 2005--A letter to the Rt. Rev. John C. Paterson, Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, from the Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold and the Very Rev. George L. W. Werner on behalf of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church.

Six Connecticut Rectors to Receive out of State Support

[VirtueOnline] April 13, 2005--United in spiritual solidarity, leading Episcopal priests across America will travel to Connecticut to preach Sunday, April 17, 2005 at services of six congregations whose rectors are threatened with imminent inhibition (forbidding them to exercise their pastoral ministries) and ultimate defrocking by Bishop Andrew Smith.

When to Pull a Feeding Tube

[] April 15, 2005--Leading bioethicist Gilbert Meilaender discusses the problems of withdrawing Terri Schiavo's lifeline.

Hindu Radical Redux

[] April 15, 2005--Church leaders report more than 200 new incidents of persecution.

Uwe Siemon-Netto: Ignore History at Your Own Peril

[] April 15, 2005--UPI religion columnist decries the shallow Christianity of those who neglect the past.

Weblog: Christian Radio Host Fired For Discussing Pope's Salvation

[} April 14, 2005--Plus: Freshmen's fragile faith, Oregon court throws out gay marriages, Episcopalians will withdraw delegates after all, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Ore. Supreme Court invalidates same-sex 'marriages'; Conn. moves toward civil unions

[Baptist Press News] April 14, 2005--The Oregon Supreme Court handed pro-family leaders in the state a clear victory April 14, ruling that marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples last year are invalid and refusing to take up the issue of civil unions.

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Gay Marriage Licenses Invalid, Says Oregon Supreme Court - The Christian Post

Euthanizing newborns in the Netherlands

[Baptist Press News] April 14, 2005--Advocates for euthanasia routinely chide opponents that "slippery slope" arguments are fallacious and irrelevant. A decision to allow euthanasia in some cases, they say, does not in fact open the door for the killing of yet others.

What are Islamic schools teaching?

[Baptist Press News] April 14, 2005--Shocked" is how Aisha Sherazi, principal of the Abraar Islamic school in Ottawa, described the reaction of the school's administration and board on learning that two of its teachers had incited hatred of Jews.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Moderator-designate supports refusal to debate homosexuality

[The Herald] April 14, 2005--A refusal by the highest court of the Church of Scotland to debate the issue of homosexuality has been supported by one of its leading churchmen.

Sewickley Episcopal church may get new bishop

[Beaver County Times] April 14, 2005--An Episcopal church in Sewickley is expected to be the first liberal congregation in the country to get a new bishop under a rule change intended to help conservative parishes opt for new leadership.

Scottish church remains silent on gay issues

[] April 14, 2005--The Church of Scotland is to remain silent on the issue of lesbian and gay clergy and believers, according to a senior member, in a bid to avoid further schism on the issue.

A Priest in Watertown Could Be Defrocked

[] April 14, 2005--A Watertown priest is among six Episcopal priests in Connecticut who face being defrocked as soon as today because they have not resolved a disagreement with church leaders about the official policy concerning ordaining homosexuals as members of the clergy, or as deacons.

U.S. Episcopal Church to sit out council over issue of gay bishops

[KRT Wire] April 13, 2005--Responding to sharp criticism in the worldwide Anglican Communion over the consecration of a gay bishop, the U.S. Episcopal Church agreed Wednesday to voluntarily withdraw from participating in a top-level church council and work toward avoiding a denominational split over homosexuality.

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U.S. church will bow out of international meeting - Anglican Journal
U.S. church withdraws from key Anglican body - Reuters

Local Episcopal Priests Supported By Texas Pastor

[] April 14, 2005--A leading Episcopal priest from Texas will travel to the Bishop Seabury Church here to show his support for one of the six Connecticut priests who could be deposed from the priesthood for opposing the election of an openly gay bishop last year.

Connecticut Episcopalians Defy Bishop Over Gay Issues

[New York Times] April 14, 2005--At a morning service on Tuesday in St. Paul's Church here, a worshiper read a poem urging his pastor to stand firm against the moral decay embodied by the local bishop and the church's national leadership. Fifty miles away in Watertown, a pastor drew chuckles when he asked his flock to pray for the bishop, who has threatened to silence him for his defiance.

Christ Episcopal members to vote on church schism

[The Johnson County Sun] April 14, 2005--Christ Episcopal Church of Overland Park members will learn Sunday whether they will separate from the diocese and the national Episcopal Church.

What Next? Appreciations and concerns regarding the Primates Communiqué and the Process that it urges

[VirtueOnline] April 13, 2005--In the process that is envisioned in the Communiqué there are some danger points at which the process might be redirected in ways the Primates do not intend. All involved in the process need to be aware of these points and take appropriate action to see that such a hijacking does not happen.

Targeting the Schools--Gay Activists and the Day of Silence

[] April 14, 2005--Thousands of schools all over America observed the "Day of Silence" yesterday, an event sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network [GLSEN]. The program, now in its tenth year, represents an effort by gay activists to push their agenda in the schools and to argue that homosexuals, lesbians, and transgendered persons have been "silenced" in the educational curriculum.

Family Group Warns of 'Deviant Homosexual Content' on New Cable Networks

[] April 14, 2005--A pro-family group is warning parents about two new homosexual cable networks that will be offered by cable providers.

Connecticut House Passes Amended Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

[The Christian Post] April 14, 2005--A bill allowing same-sex civil unions in Connecticut passed in the House on Wednesday. Opponents vow to continue their fight to defeat the measure.

Students Across the Nation to Observe ‘Day of Truth’ Today

[The Christian Post] April 14, 2005--Christian students in more than 300 high schools across the nation will participate today in the “Day of Truth” – a Christian counterpart to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s “Day of Silence.”

Debt Buster

[] April 14, 2005--Christians divided over federal bankruptcy bill.

Weblog: How to Stop the End of the World

[] April 13, 2005--Plus: ELCA may allow gay pastors as Episcopal diocese bans opposition to gay bishop, Davidson trustees resign over non-Christian rule change, and many other stories from online sources around the world.

Tenn. lawmakers seek tougher divorce laws; study highlights teens' views of God; conservative's free speech faces double standard at Univ. of Colorado

[Baptist Press News] April 13, 2005--In an effort to strengthen the institution of marriage, two lawmakers in Tennessee have proposed a bill to allow spouses who have been cheated on, abused or abandoned to receive more than half of the marital assets rather than the typical 50 percent.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


[VirtueOnline] April 12, 2005--The Archbishop of Southeast Asia, the Most Rev. Yong Ping Chung, told more than 600 Chinese, Kadazan, (indigenous Malays), Indonesians, Indians, and a handful of Caucasians to reach out for a rich harvest of souls, exhorting eight newly ordained young clergy to seize the clear biblical mandate and make disciples.

Would we kill to be perfect?

[The Lenawee Connection] April 13, 2005-- In Britain, as in Europe generally, abortion law has not been made by judges proclaiming glistening, hard-edged rights that cannot be compromised. Rather, abortion law has been made by lawmakers -- imagine that -- seeking to accommodate clashing sensibilities. That is one reason why British law is less extreme than America's essentially unlimited right to abortion on demand.


[] April 13, 2005--The matter is simple. It’s this: America does not want a state church. England has a state church — the Anglican Church. America does not want one denomination considered The Nation’s Church.

On the other hand, America has a religious heritage. It’s not Muslim. It’s not Hindu. It’s not Shinto. It’s not animism. It’s not New Age. It’s not Paganism. It’s not Voodoo. It’s Judeo-Christian.

Liberal Pittsburgh-area Episcopal church could get new bishop

[] April 13, 2005--An Episcopal church is expected to be the first liberal congregation in the country to get a new bishop under a rule change intended to help conservative parishes opt for new leadership.

Episcopalians look past problems

[The Connecticut Post] April 13, 2005--Episcopal priests in the region say they are hoping for an end to the strife that has riven their church recently over the election of a gay bishop, culminating in a threat to eject a half-dozen Connecticut priests.

Retired Bishops Come To Defense Of Priests Opposed To Gay Clergy

[The Day] April 13, 2005--A group of retired Episcopal bishops on Tuesday came to the defense of six Connecticut priests who face removal in a dispute stemming from their opposition to the election of a gay bishop.

Disagreement leads to possible termination of Darien pastor,0,3022922.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines

[The Advocate] April 13, 2005--A theological disagreement over the role openly gay men should play in the Episcopal Church could end the career of a town pastor.

Bristol church may leave over gay bishop

[The Bristol Press] April 13, 2005--Acceptance of a gay bishop by Connecticut Episcopal Bishop Andrew D. Smith is threatening to rive a Bristol congregation from the church. Its priest, threatened with removal, contemplates leaving.

One suspects that Andrew Smith may be threatening the six orthodox priests in the Diocese of Connecticut with inhibition and deposition in order to drive them and their congregations out of the Episcopal Church. What happened to the Panel of Review that the primates called for their Communique? Why has one not been appointed? Even if the Panel of Review had been appointed by now, one suspects that it could do little to help the Connecticut six and their congregations. One, however, must question the delay in its appointment.

Robinson's critics use vicious tactics, R.P. HALE, Concord - Letter

[Concord Monitor Online] April 11, 2005--If you can't lose your fear of gays, at least learn to accept their presence.

The same tired allegation--homophobia!

The Evangelical Scandal

[] April 13, 2005--Ron Sider says the movement is riddled with hypocrisy, and that it's time for serious change.

Theologian Stan Grenz Dies

[] April 13, 2005--Leading advocate of emergent movement mourned.

Weblog: Prelude to the Contraception Wars

[] April 11, 2005--Last week's religion news wasn't all about Pope John Paul II. A commentaryless roundup.

A Conflict of Conscience--The Culture War Hits the Pharmacy

[] April 13, 2005--Should pharmacists be required to dispense so-called "emergency contraceptives" even if it violates their deepest convictions? That is no longer a hypothetical question, as Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich recently issued an executive rule requiring all pharmacies in his state to fill a woman's prescription for the "morning-after pill." The governor's "emergency order" comes with the force of law, and means that pharmacists who refuse to fill these prescriptions can face sanctions and could lose their jobs and professional status.

Days of 'Silence' and 'Truth' in Nation's Schools

[] April 13, 2005--A homosexual advocacy group has declared Wednesday a "Day of Silence" in the nation's schools; and not to be outdone, conservative activists are holding what they call a "Day of Truth" one day later, on Thursday.

Make mine a café Jesus

[] April 13, 2005--Dapto women say a coffee-shop style of church has what it takes to reach mothers struggling to make time for God.

Motion to Block Canada’s Same-sex Marriage Bill Fails

[The Christian Post] April 13, 2005--An effort by Conservatives to block Canada’s same-sex marriage bill failed in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The debate over the controversial issue continues.

Two Conservative Lutheran Churches may form ‘Altar and Pulpit’ Fellowship

[The Christian Post] April 13, 2005--The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod may enter an “altar and pulpit fellowship” agreement with the American Association of Lutheran Churches, assuming official theological discussions between the two groups continue to fare well.

More articles from The Christian Post can be found here.

Support for marriage amendment at all-time high of 57 percent, new Gallup poll shows

[Baptist Press News] April 12, 2005--Nearly one year after same-sex "marriage" was legalized in Massachusetts, support for a marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution appears to be at an all-time high, according to a new Gallup poll.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Statement by Six Bishops of the Episcopal Church USA Repudiating Actions of Andrew Smith, Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut

[VirtueOnline] April 11, 2005--Is the bishop of Connecticut a “Kissing Judas”?


[] April 11, 2005--Doesn’t Archbishop of Canterbury read his Bible? Hasn’t he said his prayers? Has he had no orthodox doctrinal training? Has not the Holy Spirit dealt with his soul? Has he had no sense of holiness? Where is his life of intercession and fasting?

Homosexuals Infiltrate Mennonites

[Magic City Morning Star] April 12, 2005--When visiting Mennonite friends in central Pennsylvania, they informed us of their grave concern. Because they are born again Christians, life-long Mennonites, they are alarmed at the enemy taking over the Mennonite congregations.

The theological enemy equals homosexuals — practicing homosexuals and those endorsing their lifestyle as God blessed.

Lutherans Propose Possible Gay Clergy Path

[] April 12, 2005--Lutheran bishops could allow gay and lesbian clergy in committed relationships to become pastors of congregations under a proposal advanced Monday by a council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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Evangelical Lutherans Propose to Accept Non-Celibate Homosexual Minister - Christianity Today (UK)

Gene Robinson sets the wrong example, JOHN R. THAYER, Laconia - Letter

[Concord Monitor] April 12, 2005--As a member of the Episcopal Church, I am amazed at people who defend Robinson simply because he is a "nice man," completely ignoring his non-celibate sexual lifestyle that is unnatural and unhealthy.

Montgomery Episcopal Church Splits

[The Birmingham News] April 12, 2005--The third-largest Episcopal church in the Diocese of Alabama split over the weekend, with the priest and many of the 1,600 members of Montgomery's Church of the Ascension leaving.

Christian Research Institute Sues Longtime Critic

[] April 12, 2005--Hanegraaff says defamation must be answered.

Compliant but Confused

[] April 12, 2005--Unpacking some myths about today's teens.