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Rodgers Scholarship Recipients for 2005-06 Named

[Anglican Mission in America] July 19, 2005--The 2005-06 recipients of the John and Blanche Rodgers Scholarship have been named. Four students preparing for ordained ministry in the Anglican Mission in America will share a scholarship of $10,000 as they study and prepare to answer God’s call to full-time ministry.

Trinity Church, Douglasville, GA, Calls First Rector

[Anglican Mission in America] July 15, 2005--Following a lengthy season of discernment and discovery, Trinity Church in Douglasville, Georgia, has called its first Rector. The Rev. Steven Saul, currently Executive Pastor at St. Andrew’s Church in Little Rock, AR, will be moving to the Atlanta area with his family to take up this opportunity. “We’re very excited…this is a great ministry opportunity,” said the Rev. Saul by telephone during a few days of vacation in Colorado. “We know that God is calling us to this exciting and fast growing area to reach people with the Gospel of Christ.”

Anglican Youths to converge in Owerri

[Church of Nigeria News] July 27, 2005--Every August, Anglican youths look forward to a gathering that provides an opportunity to dig deep into biblical tradition of the church.

Civil partnerships require sensitivity, say Bishops

[Church Times] July 29, 2005--The Church of England will allow gay priests to register a civil partnership when the Act comes into law this December, as long as they remain celibate, it was announced on Monday. But priests are warned to consider seriously the consequences of such a public act.

Church protests at ‘concentration camp’ in Zimbabwe

[Church Times] July 29, 2005--An Anglican priest arrested in Bulawayo last week for sheltering people made homeless under President Mugabe’s “Operation Murambatsvina” (“Drive Out Trash”) says the situation there has the makings of a genocide.

It is 'a moral outrage' that millions are starving in Niger, say agencies

[Christian Times] July 29, 2005--Christian agencies are among those working round the clock to relieve the severe famine that has overtaken the people of Niger.

Despite controversy, Episcopal Church maintains unity

[The Clarion-Ledger] July 30, 2005--The Episcopal Church is much in the news these days. The consecration of the first openly gay bishop, the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson as bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire, has reverberated beyond our church and into the worldwide Anglican Communion of which we are a part.

Spin from the Bishop of Mississippi.

Hansen fires back at bishop

[The Bristol Press] July 29, 2005--The Bristol priest whom Connecticut’s Episcopal bishop suspended July 13 formally denied Bishop Andrew D. Smith’s inhibition charges Friday, issuing a "good faith denial" that he has abandoned communion with the church.

Bishop Smith writes to the Members of Saint John's Church, Bristol.

[Virtue Online] July 27, 2005--Dear Members of Saint John's Church, Bristol,

I write as your bishop to clarify some matters about recent events in Saint John's and to express my hope for the future.

In light of the mounting evidence that the spiritual and financial health of Saint John's was at risk, evidenced by my discovery of the extended absence of your rector from his ministry while employed in another state, unpaid parish financial obligations, and the lack of co-operation with the diocese by lay parish leadership, I determined, as the Bishop responsible for Saint John's, to make a pastoral intervention in the parish.

Liberal hard-liner Andrew Smith seeks to rationalize and justify his suspension of the Rev. Mark Hensen and seizure of St. John's, Bristol.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Loses 55,000 Members in 2004

[The Christian Post] July 30, 2005--The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America lost nearly 55,000 members, continuing the downward trend that began in the church 14 years ago.

Why, in this age of moral relativism, liberal churches are dying -- and conservative ones are booming

National Book Review Service
July 30, 2005
Exodus: Why Americans Are Fleeing Liberal Churches for Conservative Christianity
by David Shiflett

It's a trend: in this anything-goes age, ever larger numbers of people are opting for tougher moral standards. Millions are streaming out of churches that preach the Gospel of "If It Feels Good, Do It," and are finding homes in houses of worship that preach a more traditional and more demanding religion. Churches that have ditched Christian doctrine in favor of an unremitting advocacy of the Democratic Party platform, like the Episcopalians and Unitarians, are hemorrhaging members -- while conservative churches like the Southern Baptists are gaining members in record numbers.

Rick Warren's Secrets of Worship

[The Christian Post] July 30, 2005--"Worship is not a part of your life, it is your life," states Pastor Rick Warren of Purpose Driven Ministries in a recent article. "It’s not just for church services."

Scriptures Lawsuit Places Focus on Pluralism in America

[The Christian Post] July 29, 2005--A lawsuit in North Carolina asking that religious texts other than Bible to be used in court for swearing in has highlighted the challenges one city is experiencing as the nation becomes more diverse.

Online Chrisitan Education - an Aternative to Public Schools

[The Christian Post] July 5, 2005--As enrollment rates in Christian schools and homeschools continue to rise, some educators are saying online Christian education may be another positive alternative to public education.

Reaping What We Sow—The Harvest of Moral Relativism

[The Christian Post] July 29, 2005--A culture, like an individual, reaps what it sows. The seed of honor produces a harvest of honorable acts. The seed of anger eventually yields violence. The law of the harvest is part of the divine design for human society, and it allows no exceptions. A society which sows reverence for life will reap a culture of kindness and a legacy of respect. A people shorn of this seed will eventually produce a harvest of unspeakable horror, anguish, and inhumanity.

Editorial: Liberal Media Lashes Out at Christians

[Agape Press] July 27, 2005--This bulletin just in: The culture wars have turned nastier than ever. And if conservative Christians are offended by being called insane, stupid, sinister -- or even the next incarnation of fascist storm troopers -- they'd better get used to it.

Pro-Life Groups to Bill Frist: Say It Ain't So

[] July 29, 2005--Conservative groups say Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) can no longer call himself pro-life if he supports embryonic stem cell research.

Editorial: The Political Left Gets Religion

[Agape Press] July 29, 2005--The Party of the Left Wing, known best for its tax-increasing, huge-spending, pro-abortion sentiments, looked at the polls in the last election and noticed something big-time. First, seriously religious people vote. Two -- they didn't vote for the Left Wing.

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'Fatwa’ by Muslim leaders against terrorism should address 100 verses in the Koran sanctioning violence, expert says

[BP News] July 29, 2005--A “fatwa,” or religious edict, against terrorism by a council of Muslim scholars is something “we do indeed welcome,” a leading Baptist expert on Islam said, though noting that it falls short of effectively addressing the death and destruction wrought by Islamic radicals.

Mainers may repeal 'gay rights' law in Nov.; Conn. civil unions may lead to 'gay marriage'

[BP News] July 29, 2005--It's an off-year election, but the issue of homosexuality figures to drive people to the polls in at least two states this November.

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Our Uniquely Undisciplined Moment

[] July 29, 2005--Formal accountability has been a core part of church life from its earliest days.

'Do You Desire to be Told of Your Faults?'

[] July 29, 2005--John Wesley and his friends were appalled at what the Church of England had become. In the words of Wesley historian Kenneth Collins, the church "had grown quite comfortable with and had been compromised by broader cultural trends." In addition, Wesley was concerned that "the articulate and well-constructed theologies" of his day "left men and women in their sins under the most grievous bondages."

As Democrats Move Into Line of Attack # 3 An AFA Survey Shows Americans Prefer Conservative Supreme Court

[] July 29, 2005-- A recent national survey commissioned by American Values and the American Family Association (AFA) and released today finds that voters favor a “more conservative” over a “more liberal” Supreme Court by a 50.3% to 30.5% margin. The telephone survey, conducted to reflect voter distributions across the country, asked 800 randomly chosen likely voters a number of questions pertaining to the Supreme Court nomination of judge John Roberts.

More Confusion Over Same-Sex Language In Massachusetts With “Parent A/ Parent B” Fiasco

[] July 29, 2005--Hospitals in Massachusetts don’t know what to do with birth certificates that have the headings of “Mother” and “Father” on them. The state has legalized same-sex marriage and hospitals are seeking the nomenclature to refer to the logically confused parentage of children born into same-sex ‘families’. Governor Mitt Romney has vaguely advised hospitals to cross out one or the other and insert “Second Parent” but some clerks who register births are questioning the legality of such a procedure.

Friday, July 29, 2005

US Episcopal clerics to sue bishop in church court

[Reuters] July 28, 2005--Nine U.S. Episcopal bishops plan to sue the bishop of Connecticut in religious court, a church spokesman said on Thursday, over the bishop's support for the church's first openly gay bishop.

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Canon Blasts Connecticut Bishop's Illegal Seizure of Dissenter Church

[Agape Press] July 28, 2005--A conservative Anglican leader is expressing shock and dismay over the actions of a liberal bishop who forcibly seized an orthodox Episcopal church in Connecticut because of its leader's biblical opposition to same-sex "marriage" and the ordination of practicing homosexual clergy.

New alliance of traditionalists threatens truce

[The Church of England Newspaper] July 29, 2005--The Anglican Church's uneasy truce could be broken by the formation of a new alliance for conservative Anglicans in the Americas and Caribbean. Two Primates from the region this week announced the plan to bring together conservative Anglicans from across the region in a deliberate snub to the liberal-leaning provinces of the Episcopal Church of the USA, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Brazilian Province. They argue that the initiative is to share in common mission and ministry, but state that it has become necessary “because of the confusion and theological chaos that has been introduced in the region by the unilateral actions” of the two North American provinces.

Church allows gay clergy to register partnerships

[The Church of England Newspaper] July 29, 2005--Gay clergy have been given the Church of England's blessing to register civil partnerships on the condition that they uphold its traditional teaching by abstaining from a sexual relationship. Guidelines issued by the House of Bishops this week, in preparation for the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act in December, told clergy and candidates for ordination that they should expect to be asked for assurances that their relationship will be consistent with the Church's teaching.

Criticism after Pakistan region adopts Talibanisation

[The Church of England Newspaper] July 29, 2005--With the passing of the controversial Hasba Act Pakistan's North West Frontier Province took a further step towards 'talibanisation' last week, according to critics. The Bill, which will create an Islamic watchdog to monitor the strict observence of Islamic practises, was passed by 68 votes to 34. Under the new legislation, a senior Islamic cleric will ensure that people respect the call to prayer, pray on time, and do not engage in commerce at the time of Friday prayers.

Islamic threat in Nigeria

[The Church of England Newspaper] July 29, 2005--Christians in Nigeria are bracing themselves for fresh attacks by Islamic extremists after receiving letters from militants warning of a “fight to the finish.” One threatening letter declares that Muslims are being mobilised for war against Christians and warns of an imminent attack. Another is signed off in the name of Osama bin Laden and warns that the militants will kill only Christians.

The Religious Roots of Terror

[The Church of England Newspaper] July 29, 2005--Terror campaigns aim to stir up crisis in a society, and the tragic shooting of the unfortunate Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes, in Stockwell Tube station reveals how successful it can be. The security services were on full alert, the public was nervous after the failed second round of bombings, and the suspect also very much on edge. This was an accident primed by the terrorists and ready to happen. The miserable irony in this process is that blame ricochets from the deliberate mass murderers to the security forces trying to keep the peace, as they react forcefully to protect the public. That is the terrorists' plan and it is very hard to counter. No doubt the same dynamic will be at work in Egypt as the authorities try to round up the assassins of Sharm el-Sheikh, but there the aim is to set Muslim against Muslim, as it is in Iraq.

Noose tightens around ECUSA and revisionist diocesan bishop

[Virtue Online] July 29, 2005--Slowly but surely the noose of orthodoxy is tightening around the neck of the revisionist Episcopal Church, its dioceses and bishops.

Bishops challenge seizure of Connecticut parish

[Anglican Church League] July 28, 2005--“Dear Bishop Andrew and Brothers and Sisters of the Standing Committee,

Seventeen bishops, thirteen of them diocesans, wrote you on the 14th of April. We wrote you about the very public conflict between you, the Bishop and Standing Committee, and six Connecticut parishes.

In April we pled that you might turn back from this conflict. We asked whether it was not Bishop Andrew's actions that had abandoned the (Anglican) Communion: participation in the New Hampshire consecration, ordination of same-sex partnered clergy, and refusal to allow appeal to the Panel of Reference. We called on you as Bishop and Standing Committee to turn back from continued abuse and mis-application of the Canon on Abandonment of Communion [Title IV, Canon 10] in dealing with these six parishes and their clergy...”

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Why jihadists target the West

[The Christian Science Monitor] July 28, 2005--Experts differ over whether recent terror is driven by 'who we are' or 'what we do.'

The Coming Church War in Ecclesiastical Courts

[Virtue Online] July 28, 2005--ECUSA is proposing a new set of disciplinary canons.

Realize that this revision has a subtle agenda that will affect us as conservatives in the church. Laity being under the canons is a new thing. Also, it appears you can be disciplined for seeking review of the Constitution and Canons in the civil courts. A Bennison could defrock a Moyer again for seeking review in the civil courts, and the initial error by the bishop becomes a red herring. Additionally, the courts have already been clear that the courts won't get involved where a minister or member has resorted to civil courts and is kicked out for doing so. The Disciplinary Canon "revisionists" definitely had a few things (or people) in mind when they set to work on this travesty.

Mainstream churches dying: Pope,5744,16074263%255E1702,00.html

[The Australian] July 28, 2005--Mainstream churches in the West appear to be dying as societies that are increasingly secular see less need for God, Pope Benedict said in comments published today.

Healing the Body of Christ

[] July 28, 2005--Church discipline is as much about God as it is about erring believers.

Weblog: IRA Orders 'End to the Armed Campaign'

[] July 28, 2005--Plus: Shari'ah law in Iraqi constitution? And other stories from online sources around the world.

Running to Prison

[] July 28, 2005--Doing what Jesus says doesn't make any sense, but—if you actually try it—it works.

Weblog: ACLU Sues to Allow Qur'an Oaths in N.C. Courts

[] July 27, 2005--Plus: Gonzales speaks on Roe and Roberts, Americans rate evangelicals and Muslims almost equally, and a few other stories from online sources around the world.

Iraq draft constitution fails to protect religious, human rights, USCIRF says

[Baptist Press News] July 28, 2005--Drafts of Iraq’s permanent constitution are a retreat from the religious and human rights protections in its transitional charter, the United States Commission on International Freedom has noted.

This development is not surprising in view that the group drafting the constitution is largely comprised of Shiites who favor the establishment of a pure Islamic state in Iraq like the Islamic "republic" in Iran, one where Shari'ah law prevails.

Report: 'Living together' first may increase odds for divorce

[Baptist Press News] July 28, 2005--Much like test driving a car, an increasing number of couples today say they want to "test drive" their relationship by living together before marriage. What they don't know, a new report says, is that they may be dooming the relationship from the start and increasing their chances for divorce if they eventually do marry.

UK Court Rules Doctors May Withdraw Life-Sustaining Food and Water

[] uly 28, 2005--A UK appeals court has sanctioned the wishes of a doctor’s group, allowing doctors the right to decide when to remove food and water from patients, unless the patient has expressed a desire not to be starved or dehydrated to death.

Ratzinger Warned in April 1st Lecture - "Very Soon It Will Not Be Possible to State That an Objective Disorder

[] July 28, 2005-- In the conclusion of Cardinal Ratzinger’s lecture, now Pope Benedict XVI, delivered on April 1st, the eve of John Paul II’s death, the then Cardinal strongly denounced the European Enlightenment culture and its increasing dogmatism against religion, Christianity and freedom.

Half of Conservative Party MPs Are ‘Religious Conservatives’

[] July 28, 2005--Ottawa-based political reporter Lloyd Mackey, in an analysis prepared for the Vancouver Sun, estimated that half of the 98-member federal Conservative caucus is made up of religiously conservative MPs – 31 members are evangelical Protestants, with the remainder mostly devout Roman Catholics. The Sun emphasized, “That percentage is well over double the national average.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bishops in the mire,,6-1710379,00.html

[TimesOnline] July 27, 2005--The Church of England has given its blessing to gay clergy who want to enter into civil partnerships, but they will have to remain chaste. Ruth Gledhill says the Church's manoeuvrings are in danger of making it look ridiculous.

'Marital Celibacy' for C of E's Gay Priests

[Mens News Daily] July 27, 2005--As England searches for her misplaced soul amid the chaos of terror attacks, the Church of England has come up with a scheme that'd be laugh-out-loud hilarious if it weren't an abomination.

Lutheran leader hopes upcoming gay vote won't split church

[North County Times] July 27, 2005--The head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the latest Protestant group in a showdown over homosexuality, said Tuesday he hoped the denomination would stay united no matter what the outcome of its debate

Traditional Anglican Church Looks Romeward

[Virtue Online] July 27, 2005--A group of traditional Anglicans, worried about recent innovations in Anglicanism, is moving closer to Rome.

Conservative Anglicans envision Western hemisphere alliance

[Virtue Online] July 26, 2005--Following a conference July 6-8 in Nassau that gathered dozens of leaders from across North and South America and the Caribbean, plans for a new body committed to the historic Anglican faith and formularies have been announced. Inspired by the effective witness of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA), Archbishops Drexel Gomez and Gregory Venables announced plans for the formation of the Council of Anglican Provinces of the Americas and Caribbean (CAPAC).

Importing hatred,5478,15983737%255E25717,00.html

[Herald Sun] July 20, 2005--It's time we accepted the difficult truth: many of the Muslims we invite to live in Australia want to destroy us.

Radical Islam in Europe

[The Christian Post] July 25, 2005--The Islamic Center in Munich, started by ex-Nazis, is now the base of radical Islam in Germany. Tens of thousands of Muslims in the Soviet Army switched sides to fight for Hitler. They stayed to build up a community influenced by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, an import from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and other breeding grounds for al-Qaeda. Thus Ian Johnson reports on this in great detail in The Wall Street Journal ("How a Mosque for Ex-Nazis Became a Center for Radical Islam," July 12). Read it and tremble.

Daniel Pipes: Jihadist motives no secret,5744,16058856%255E7583,00.html

[The Australian] July 27, 2005--What do Islamist terrorists want? The answer should be obvious, but it is not. A generation ago, terrorists did make their wishes very clear.

For more articles from, go to

Bishop Smith Defies Rowan Williams’ Anglican Panel of Reference

[Christianity Today UK] July 27, 2005--The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, Andrew Smith has given a sharp warning to the Anglican Panel of Reference "that it will have no role in the battle for alternative Episcopal oversight (AEO)" in the Diocese of Connecticut.

Keeping the Lawyers at Bay

[] July 27, 2005--How to correct members while staying out of court.

Benedict XVI, Thomism, and Liberal Culture (Part 2)

[Zenit News Agency] July 25, 2005-- Is liberalism a positive and "liberating" intellectual development within Western history that can be both baptized and integrated into the life of the Church?

Or, is it a destructive cultural and political force that thwarts the desire for transcendence?

Marriage Commissioners in Alberta Given Freedom of Conscience

[] July 26, 2005--Although Alberta has begrudgingly conceded that it will issue same-sex “marriage” certificates in accordance with the newly passed federal Civil Marriage Act, the Alberta government has assured its marriage commissioners that they will not be forced to act against their consciences.

Activist Dismayed by Media Attack on Roberts' Religion

[Agape Press] July 27, 2005--The leader of a Catholic religious and civil rights group is pointing out it didn't take long for critics of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to drag religion into the debate. He accuses an online magazine that is seldom friendly to Catholics of "playing the Catholic card" in early attempts to undermine the nominee's chances for confirmation.

Calif. A.G. OKs marriage amend., but conservatives not happy

[BP News] July 26, 2005--California Attorney General Bill Lockyer gave approval July 25 to a proposed marriage amendment petition, but not before making changes to the title and issuing a summary of the amendment that has conservatives alleging bias.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bishop Spong steps up fight against evangelism

[] July 26, 2005--"Heretic!" said David Virtue, who runs a Web site for conservatives in the worldwide Anglican Communion, which includes the Episcopal Church. "John Shelby Spong has done more damage to the Episcopal Church in 35 years than any other single bishop."

Episcopal gay clergy row heads for tribunal hearings

[The Herald] July 26, 2005--The bitter row between ministers and bishops over gay clergy in the Scottish Episcopal Church is set to spill over into the wider Anglican communion.

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Homo enthusiasts infiltrate Methodists

[] July 26, 2005--It’s happening all over again.

The practicing homosexuals are infiltrating big time the United Methodist Church. They have been trying for some time now, not quite able to get enough votes at the annual conclave to turn the Protestant denomination totally around for evil. Yet of course they never give up.

Jerusalem Anglicans side with Israel

[The Jerusalem Post] July 25, 2005--Not all Anglicans oppose Israel, and Rev. Tony Higton and his church in the Old City of Jerusalem have gone out of their way to say so.

Diocese of Fort Worth appeals to the Panel of Reference

[VirtueOnline] July 26, 2005--The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth has appealed to the Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference for assistance in our dispute with the Episcopal Church in the United States over the ordination of women to the priesthood and episcopate. The Bishop and Standing Committee of the Diocese made the appeal on July 11, 2005, in objection to the actions of the 1997 General Convention that made the ordination of women priests mandatory in every diocese, while the Anglican Communion seeks to maintain an "open process of reception" on this issue.

Master of the House, Keeper of the Zoo

[VirtueOnline] July 26, 2005--The Bishop of Connecticut brings this tune to mind. In a recent action inhibiting one of the priests of the diocese, which is in his charge and care, Bishop Andrew Smith seems to have contradicted the work and intention of the Anglican Communion. It appears that he is not following the counsel of the Lambeth Commission, recently affirmed by the Anglican Consultative Council. Oh, that Bishops could shed the skin of bureaucratic power structures and live into the freedom of the Gospel!

To Set Our Hope on Christ: ECUSA's Hermeneutical Shift

[VirtueOnline] July 25, 2005--To Set Our Hope on Christ was produced under the authority of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States (ECUSA) and distributed by ECUSA's Office of Communications. It seeks to answer the Anglican Communion's Windsor Report question as to how ECUSA used Scripture, tradition, and reason to conclude that a person in a same gender relationship was eligible to lead a "flock of Christ." ECUSA's apology makes use of a hermeneutical shift in regards to the principle of truth.

Critics Say Presbyterian Report not Helpful for Homosexuality Debate

[The Christian Post] July 25, 2005--After a four-year-long wait, the theological task force appointed to “discern the Christian identity in and for the twenty-first century” for the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. released its initial draft report. However, it made no mention of the church’s future, especially in regards to the most contentious issue threatening to split the denomination apart: homosexuality.

Women, Christians Protest Over Islamic Law in Iraqi Constitution

[The Christian Post] July 25, 2005--Reports that Iraq's draft constitution could give Islamic law a powerful role in society have sparked strong reactions by Christian and women's groups, who fear the move will greatly curb religious and women's rights.

Church of England Denies Blessings for Same-Sex Unions

[The Christian Post] July 26, 2005--The Church of England announced yesterday that it would not give Christian blessings to same-sex couples wishing to “marry.”

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It's so not the usual church

[The Dallas Morning News] July 23, 2005--Growing 'emergent' movement is rethinking Church.

Potter mania a religious experience for some

[Daily Herald] July 20, 2005--Muggle Magic was amazing. The streets of downtown Naperville were overrun Friday with those caught up in the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Weblog: Recusal, 'Religious Test' Questions Surface for Roberts

[] July 26, 2005--Plus: Indonesian Christians face five years in prison for Sunday school candy, why Israel is irate at Pope Benedict, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Spheres of Accountability

[] July 26, 2005--The dynamics of discipline in the megachurch.

Shaping Holy Disciples

[] July 25, 2005--Mark Dever says church discipline is not about punishment or self-help.

Gay pride marchers outnumbered in Riga

[ScienceDaily] July 23, 2005--Latvia's first gay pride march attracted more protestors than marchers.

Non Religious Kids Find Refuge in 'Godless' Camp

[ABC News] July 24, 2005--'Godless' camp takes religion out of everyday life.

APA Ignored Evidence that Homosexual Behaviour is Part of Psychiatric Disorder Says Noted Psychiatirst

[] July 25, 2005-- In an interview with the Rome-based Zenit news service, Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons a psychiatrist and member of the Catholic Medical Association, said that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has ignored evidence that homosexual behaviour is a manifestation of a psychiatric disorder. In their recent call for the legalization of homosexual marriage, the APA has revealed a political bias that is of no service to homosexuals, said Fitzgibbons the primary author of the Catholic Medical Association's document 'Homosexuality and Hope.'

Civil Liberties Group Backs Catholic Bishop Under Fire for Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

[] July 25, 2005-- It has been said that the right to freedom of expression is the right to give offense. This axiom of political philosophy is being tested in Alberta. Bishop Fred Henry, prior to the first "Conciliation Session" of his Human Rights Tribunal case, in which he is being accused of 'discrimination' for having publicly asserted Catholic doctrine on homosexuality, has been defended from a most unlikely source.

Prince Edward Island Delays Issuing Same-Sex "Marriage" Certificates Citing Language Problems

[] July 25, 2005--Prince Edward Island, one of the few provinces and territories of Canada in which activist court decisions didn't legalize same-sex "marriage" before the Senate passed Bill C-38 earlier this month, has indicated that it will not immediately begin issuing same-sex "marriage" certificates.

Conservatives Complain of Stealth Religious Litmus Test

[] July 25, 2005-- Some conservatives see sure signs that Senate Democrats are planning to consider Judge John Roberts' religious beliefs as part of his confirmation process. Roberts has been described as a devout Roman Catholic.

Wave of arrests of Chinese Christians sours hope in nation's new religion regulations

[BP News] July 25, 2005--Wide-ranging persecution of Chinese Christians has dashed hopes of greater religious freedom from the new law on religion that took effect March 1, according to a Compass Direct report recounting a wave of arrests in May, June and July.

Book examines cons. resurgence, demise of liberal churches

[BP News] July 25, 2005--A new book uses the conservative resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as part of a larger argument that Americans are leaving liberal churches for conservative congregations.

Knowing the most but trusting the least

[BP News] July 25, 2005--Too often, as our knowledge of God grows, our dependence upon Him decreases. Kind of depressing, isn't it? As we learn the facts about God, we tend to lose the faith in God.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Church of Nigeria elects new Bishops and Archbishop

[Church of Nigeria News] July 25 2005--The Bishop of Asaba, the Rt. Rev Nicholas Okoh, has been elected the new Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bendel of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

Canadian Lutherans reject same-sex blessings

[Anglican Journal] July 25, 2005--Delegates to the 10th biennial national convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) have defeated a motion that would have allowed pastors a "local option" to perform blessings for same-sex unions.

Six protest bishop with upside down Episcopal shields

{VirtueOnline] July 24, 2005--In an effort to win support from Episcopalians in his showdown with the Rev. Mark Hansen, the Bishop of Connecticut, Andrew Smith is asking all Episcopalians in his diocese to display the church's Episcopal shield in their cars to show support for him.

When members of St. Paul's in Darien heard about the bishop's attempt to win their support they obtained a number of the stickers and handed them out during Sunday's morning's service with instructions for everyone to display them in the car windows, but turned upside down, following the naval practice of flying the flag upside down to indicate a ship in distress.

More bishops blast actions of Connecticut bishop

[VirtueOnline] July 23, 2005--Two bishops, one in the Episcopal Church and the other from the Anglican Mission in America have come out blasting the Bishop of Connecticut for inhibiting the Rev. Mark Hansen, the orthodox priest at St. John's, Bristol in Connecticut. At the same time Presentment charges are being drawn up by a group of laity and clergy against the bishop.

Bishops meet. Discuss Issues Confronting ECUSA

[VirtueOnline] July 23, 2005--Nineteen bishops met in Los Angeles for four days, from July 18 to July 21, to continue discussion begun in Navasota, Texas, in March that led to the covenant responses of the House of Bishops to the initial requests put forth by the Primates who met in Northern Ireland in February 2005. Discussions were frank, respectful and focused on a variety of issues that have caused pain and dissension within the Episcopal Church and have threatened to continue fracturing relationships within the Anglican Communion. The hope of these bishops is that such conversation will continue and, in some ways, will eventually have a positive impact on the House of Bishops, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

To Bishop Smith: 'You sir are a hypocrite'

[VirtueOnline] July 23, 2005--Mr. Smith, by your words and your actions you have abandoned your ordination vows. Your persecution of the faithful in Connecticut, your desire to sanctify relationships which are contrary to God's stated design and your participation in the consecration as bishop of a man living in an adulterous relationship with another man testify to this.

Catch 22 for gay clergy in new church sex code,,2-1707926,00.html

[TimesOnline] July 25, 2005--
The Church of England will today give its blessing to gay clergy who want to enter into civil partnerships.

But the Church is refusing to accord civil partnerships the status of marital relationships and gay clergy will be told they must remain chaste.

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Protestant Churches in Russia Call for Freedom of Belief amid Persecution

[Christianity Today UK] July 25, 2005--The Protestant Churches in Russia - a predominately Orthodox country - have voiced their concerns over the freedom of belief in the midst of the growing persecution. Not only have the protestant churches faced a crackdown during the course of religious activities or pastors were being arrested, but also the mass media has allegedly launched a campaign to promote Orthodox ideology and have tried to demote other Christian groups.

Iraqi Church Leaders Petition for Faith Equality in New Constitution

[Christianity Today UK] July 25, 2005--As Shiite members of the committee drafting Iraq's new constitution push for a greater role for Islam in civil law, Iraqi Church leaders are petitioning for the new constitution to ensure the equality of all faiths in Iraq.

Christian Aid Warns of 18m Facing Food Shortages in East Africa

[Christianity Today UK] July 22, 2005--Christian Aid UK has said that the Famine Early Warning Network (FEWS) has given a warning that approximately 18 million people are facing extreme food shortages in East Africa. Ethiopia seems to be the worst affected with more than half of that number coming from that country. Christian Aid has been quick to reveal the shocking figures, but also told how this scale of food shortage was not unusual for the people of Ethiopia.

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UK Aid Agencies Pledge Millions in Appeal for West Africa Food Crisis - Christianity Today UK

Atheist's Pledge Suit Has Serious Cultural Implications

[Agape Press] July 25, 2005--A senior trial attorney for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy says the fact that atheist Michael Newdow, who claims the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, will have part of his case thrown out of federal court is only partly good news.

Think before you dress

[Baptist Press News] July 22, 2005--“It mortified me,” said the mother of one of the people present when the appalling incident occurred.

Irshad Manji: 'Sins of scripture' in the Koran, too,5744,16034307%255E7583,00.html

[The Australian] July 25, 2005--Which brings me to a second myth: that Islam has nothing to do with these atrocities. You need not live in Britain to cling defensively to that line. Consider a prominent imam in New York City. He is a gentle, decent man; a new generation type who emphasises multi-faith dialogue. To top it off, he just returned from a conference about moderate Islam in Jordan, where he played a key role.

But in his official response to the London bombings, this cleric sanitises the Koran. He says it teaches us - and here is the precise quote - "whoever kills a human being ... it is as if he has killed all humankind". The imam is honest enough to indicate that he has removed a part of the passage but not honest enough to tell us it is a crucial part. The full verse reads: "Whoever kills a human being, except as punishment for murder or other villainy in the land, shall be regarded as having killed all humankind." Militant Muslims easily deploy the clause beginning with "except" to justify their rampages.

Questions for Phillip Aspinall

[Sun-Herald] July 24, 2005--New head of the Australian Anglican Church Phillip Aspinall tells Sarah Price about the challenges to come. 'People are not to be exploited, especially the most vulnerable'

Resistration may be required to access this article. The registration is free.

Recife Ordinations

[Anglican Church League] July 25, 2005--Although he supposedly has been deposed by the Primate of the Province of Brazil, Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti is still recognised as Bishop by his own diocese and is still ministering.

Christians less wary of Harry, writer says

[Indianapolis Star] July 23, 2005--Four years ago, Connie Neal attended a Christian booksellers convention and was widely criticized for her book about Harry Potter.

When the same group convened in Denver recently, the reaction was different.

Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims,,3-1707254,00.html

[TimesOnline] July 25, 2005--ThreeIndonesian housewives face up to five years in prison for allegedly trying to lure Muslim children into Christianity at a Sunday School “Happy Week”.

More articles from around the web can be found at

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend Round-Up
How Discipline Died -
Bishop's attorney asked to withdraw Inhibition against Hansen - VirtueOnline{A1330D8A-27BD-429B-8C5F-16513677A543}&notoc=1
AAC Statement: Bishop Smith Dismisses Role and Authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference - American Anglican Council
Flipping the Anglican bird - VirtueOnline{4810B28C-33C2-4E0E-86A8-0D041DF6AF64}&notoc=1
Bishop Smith meets with St. John’s, Bristol - Observations by the Rev. Canon Ellis E. Brust - American Anglican Council
Mediating Panel not wanted in US diocese - The Church of England Newspaper
Connecticut bishop rejects archbishop's panel of reference - Virtue Online
Kunonga trial is put on hold - Church Times
Zimbabwe Police Detain Church Leaders for Giving Aid to Eviction Victims - Christianity Today UK
Police Arrest 4 Bulawayo Clergymen -
Zimbabwe anti-riot police force homeless to leave the shelter of churches - ZWNews
Awaiting judgement - Virtue Online
Women priests? - Virtue Online
Cumbrian life is being destroyed - The Church of England Newspaper
Happy Week leads to jail for women - The Church of England Newspaper
Bulgaria Challenged - The Church of England Newspaper
Archbishop Says Church Best-Placed to Resolve Conflicts -
Muslim rage burns in our backyard - Sydney Morning Herald
Local churches say no tie with United Church of Christ - The Daily Ledger
Alberta premier calls 'gay marriage' legalization 'sad day'; Ore. civil unions bill dies - BP News
Spain's Gay "Marriage" Law to Face Constitutional Challenge - LifeSite
United States Urged to Learn From Canada’s Homsexual “Marriage” Disaster - LifeSite

How Canadian Senators Voted on Gay 'Marriage' - LifeSite

Vatican Newspaper Decries Canadian Gay "Marriage" as "Distortion of God's Plan for the Family - LifeSite

Canada legalizes 'gay marriage'; social conservatives say it will impact the U.S. - BP News

Edmonton men first gay couple in Alberta to get marriage licence - CBC
Gays Twice as Apt to Drive Under the Influence says Family Research Institute - Christian Communications Network
Latvian Gay Pride banned - SSONet
Naked in Gateshead? It must be art - Church Times
Church bridges religion with world of Harry Potter - Ft. Washington Montgomery Newspapers

Thursday, July 21, 2005

In the News

The passage of the federal gay marriage law in Canadian Senate has Canadian Christian leaders fearing that religious freedom will be compromised. The new law imposes same sex marriage upon four jurisdiction opposed to the practice - Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Canadian evangelicals affirm their commitment to promote marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

This past Sunday worship services at St. John's, Bristol, was largely attended by supporters of the Rev. Susan McCone and Bishop Andrew Smith. Most parishioners stayed away.

The Rev. Peter Moore, former dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and chairman of Anglican Relief and Development, has hard words for Archbishop of Brazil Orlando Santos de Olivera. Olivera has been aggressively persecuting the Bishop of the Diocese of Recife Robinson Cavalcanti since he participated in a confirmation service in the revisionist diocese of Ohio with a number of other retired Episcopal and courageous Anglican bishops.

The Rev. Peter Toon, Editor and Vice President of the Prayer Book Society, at the request of the PBS, has prepared “a spirited and yet gentle critique” of To Set Our Hope on Christ. This booklet, Same-Sex Affection, Holiness and Ordination, A Response to Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold, has been published on the Internet. To read or download the booklet, go to Dr. Moheb A. Gahli, an Episcopal layman, has also written a response to To Set Our Hope on Christ. His response, To Set our Hope on Christ: A Layman Responds, can be found at I recommend both responses to the readers of AnglicansAblaze. I also recommend the Anglican Mainstream document, A True Hearing? to those who have not yet read it. To read or download the document, go to If you experience difficulty with this link, go to and click “download A True Hearing here.”

Andrew Smith has joined the ranks of those revisionist Episcopal bishops who are willing to resort to repressive measures to suppress opposition to their radical political and social agenda. The Reverend Mark Hansen, the rector of St. John’s, Bristol took a sabbatical to obtain special education services for his son. He made adequate arrangements for the conduct of worship services and the pastoral care of the parish in absence as well as consulted with the assistant bishop of the diocese. Since Hansen had not met with him but his assistant, Smith saw an opportunity to rid himself of an opposition leader and exploited it. His raid on St. John’s Bristol was aimed not only at seizing the property but also anything in the church’s computer files he might use against those opposed to that agenda both in and outside his diocese. In one swift stroke he inhibited Mark Hansen from functioning as an Episcopal priest and replaced Hansen with a woman priest who supports that agenda. His actions reveal much about the flawed ethical and moral character of the Episcopal Church’s radical revisionist bishops, the level of cognitive distortion that affects their thinking and judgment, their unChristian preoccupation with the authority of their office, their animosity and intolerance toward those who do not support their agenda, and the extremes to which they will go to impose that agenda upon their diocese and the Episcopal Church. Instead of accepting responsibility for having caused a serious division in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, same bishops blame those who cannot in good conscience support their agenda, ascribing to them evil motives and conspiratorial designs. By his recent actions, his rejection of the moral teachings of the Bible and the Christian Church, and his failure to ratify the core doctrines of the historic Christian faith Andrew Smith has shown that he is unfit to remain in the office of bishop of the Diocese of Connecticut. Isn’t it time Andrew Smith stepped down?

This week Anglicans learned that ultraliberal former Archbishop of Perth Peter Carnley and chair of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference will have the last word over what recommendations the Panel makes to the Archbishop of Canterbury in regards to matters referred to the Panel. The members of the Panel of Reference have also been bound by an oath of secrecy from making public the Panel’s deliberations and therefore any divisions in the Panel over what the Panel should recommend. If the Panel of Reference is going to gain the trust of mainstream Anglicans, greater transparency will be required as well as a more restricted role for Archbishop Carnley. The present operating rules of the Panel are a formula for failure.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is touring a number of African provinces including Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan. Nigeria, however, is not on Archbishop Williams’ itinerary. Williams is promoting the acceptance of ECUSA money by the African provinces. One must wonder how the Africans see William’s actions. In view of Archbishop of Nigeria Peter Akinola’s influence among the African primates why is Nigeria not on William’s itinerary? Considering what Archbishop of Central Africa Bernard Malango told David Virtue at Nottingham, will this be Williams’ last tour of the African provinces?

The Church of the Redeemer, New Hampshire, now St. Michael’s Anglican Church, is regularly meeting for worship and Sunday school despite the loss of its building. The consecration of Gene Robinson and his refusal to provide the Church of Redeemer with adequate alternative episcopal oversight led to the departure of most of the congregation from the Episcopal Church but not the Anglican Communion. St. Michael’s Anglican Church is affiliated with the Anglican Communion Network. Robinson subsequently closed the Church of Redeemer, a church that he had destroyed but for whose closure he accepted no responsibility.

A visit to the Anglican Mission in America’s church locator - - shows that the AMiA is growing. New churches and fellowships are springing up across the United States. Launched in 2000, this missionary organization seeks to glorify God The Anglican Mission is connected to the Anglican Communion through its sponsors – the Anglican Province of Rwanda and the Archbishop of the Anglican Province of South East Asia. The AMiA has made common cause with the American Anglican Council, the Anglican Communion Network, the Anglican Province of America, Forward in Faith North America, and the Reformed Episcopal Church. If the Anglican Mission does not have a church or fellowship near you, you may want to start one.

Canada Becomes Fourth Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

[The Christian Post] July 21, 2005--Canada became the fourth nation in the world to legalize homosexual marriage on Wednesday. Christian leaders expressed strong disappointment with the decision.

Canada Gay "Marriage" Bill to be Signed Into Law Today

[] July 20, 2005-- In a late-night Tuesday vote the Canadian senate voted 47-21 to pass the same-sex "marriage" bill C-38. Three of the 95 sitting senators abstained from the vote. The law will come into effect as soon as royal assent is given to it.

Catholic Bishops on Gay 'Marriage' Law - "Catholics are to Continue to Oppose It"

[] July 20, 2005--The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) reacted to the enactment of the Canadian law allowing homosexual 'marriage' saying "Catholics are to continue to oppose it, and to ensure that all provincial and territorial regulations on the solemnization of marriages provide full protection for freedom of conscience and religion, as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Canadian Evangelical Christians React to Homosexual 'Marriage' Law - We "Cannot Accept"

[] July 20, 2005-- The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) is deeply saddened by the passage of Bill C-38, the Civil Marriage Act, and its implications for family and religious freedom in Canada. "Today our government has chosen to redefine the foundational institution of our society," says Bruce Clemenger, president of the EFC. "The consequences of this massive social experiment have not been fully examined or understood."

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7/13 Black Wednesday for the Episcopal Church

[VirtueOnline] July 20, 2005--The Rt. Rev. William Wantland (Eau Claire ret.) wrote a letter to Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith and forwarded to VirtueOnline saying, "your actions are not only illicit and contrary to the canons of this Church, they are not worthy of anyone claiming the responsibility of the apostolic office. You have caused great harm to the Church here and abroad, and have, unfortunately, demonstrated a mind-set more in keeping with the Prince of this world than the Prince of Peace."

What holds the Anglican Communion together?

[VirtueOnline] July 15, 2005--We are a diverse, global communion of autonomous churches, sharing a common heritage of faith and practice, as expressed in the Book of Common Prayer. However, amid many cultural differences, in a rapidly changing world, how do we keep the 38 self-governing Provinces of the Communion united and working together in a shared life and ministry?

The First Sunday of the Thieves

[VirtueOnline] July 21, 2005--The TV trucks came early. But they didn't beat the suits. The suits were there much earlier; in case the criminals tried to come.

You know which criminals: the ones they had to lock and bar the doors against; the ones they needed 24 hr guards for; -- you know, the parishioners.

The diocesan spin doctor was there - VERY busy spinning away with the media all morning. The interviews were highly orchestrated. They didn't get it, you know. The media that is. They forgot to turn around and look. Look at the license plates from Massachusetts and New York right there in the parking lot around them.

Friends of the bishop came - they know the game - bump up the numbers - people like the former dean of the cathedral. The media didn't look at all the suits milling around.

Right off, anyone from St. John's would know, 'cause our family doesn't generally wear suits, we're more casual than that. They never asked the questions. If they had they would have known.

The Crucifixion of Recife

[VirtueOnline] July 20, 2005--Nothing has aroused my ire more in recent months than the effort of the Province of Brazil to oust the Rt. Rev. Robinson Cavalcanti, Bishop of the Diocese of Recife, from his job and denigrate one of the most vibrant parts of the Anglican Communion in this Hemisphere. Well-funded with U.S. dollars from 815 Second Avenue, the Primate of Brazil has swooped in and tried to take over this bustling diocese and in the meantime rid himself of the only bishop in his Province who has had the guts to say that the Emperor has no clothes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What is an Evangelical?

[Evangelical Times] July 20, 2005--The media heap opprobrium on Anglican Evangelicals for standing firm on the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and splitting the Anglican Communion.

Breakaway Anglican church in Rochester celebrates first year

[Foster's Online] July 19, 2005--When members of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer left their final meeting with the Rev. V. Gene Robinson without seeing eye to eye, their worshiping future was up in the air.

The Post-Truth Era—Welcome to the Age of Dishonesty

[The Christian Post] July 19, 2005--By the time you finish reading The Post-Truth Era, Keyes is likely to have convinced you that dishonesty is now the order of the day, and that deception has now been institutionalized at virtually every level of American culture.

Consistency in defense of the Faith and in opposing Heresies

[VirtueOnline] July 20, 2005--...when the Episcopal Church, through its Presiding Bishop, produced, published and offered to the whole Anglican Family in June 2005, a description, defense and commendation of the practice of same-sex affection and the ordination of persons in same-sex partnerships, then the Society decided it could no longer remain silent.

It is embarrassed and shamed by the public commitment of the Episcopal Church to these innovations and it joins with most of the Anglican Family in asking God's Spirit to move upon the ECUSA leadership and bring them to a change of mind and heart.

So it commissioned its Vice-President and Editor, Dr Peter Toon, to write a spirited and yet gentle critique of the ECUSA book, which has the beguiling title, To Set Our Hope on Christ (Episcopal Church Center, NYC, June 2005). He has previously published books in the area of the development of doctrine and the modern method of basing doctrine on experience. Now the Board of the Prayer Book Society is pleased to announce that the reply, Same-Sex Affection, Holiness and Ordination, A Response to Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold, as a large booklet of 64 pages, is completed and is available at the web-site of the Society to be read or downloaded - The attractive Booklet itself is available from August 2, 2005 from the PBS Office for $7.50. including postage (Prayer Book Society, P. O. Box 35220, Philadelphia, PA. 19128-03220).

Unfortunately the link in the article does not work. A PDF file of "Same Sex Affection, Holiness, and Ordination" is online at You will need an Acrobat Reader to read the file.

"Ain't never seen a truck wreck like this before" - Rev. Clay Knapp

[VirtueOnline] July 17, 2005--That's the way we at St. John's feel about the happenings of this week-we "ain't never seen a wreck like this before." Shock is the only word that keeps coming to mind. I am still in shock. It's hard to understand how Bishop Smith could forcibly take possession of the church building and it's contents, in the face of the lay leadership's opposition, have the locks changed while the lay people looked on, install a priest-in-charge without consultation with the vestry, and all, he says, for the health and stability of the parish! Trinity be warned.

Shock also that a good and faithful priest has been suspended from priestly ministry because he stood in opposition to his bishop on theological and moral grounds in a time when our world-wide Communion has rebuked the position of that bishop and those who think like he does.

The pain of loss, the sense of violation, the anger we feel, the sense of confusion, of what to do next is heavy on our hearts and minds. We're left with a feeling of helplessness. We want to cry out with the psalmist, "How long, O Lord, how long!"

Texas rector rips Connecticut bishop's actions

[VirtueOnline] July 18, 2005--I hope every fair-minded bishop, whether liberal or conservative, will have the courage to confront you and such a blatant misuse of power. For the sake of diversity and toleration, and for the biblical faith that defines us as Anglicans and Episcopalians, I hope they will confront you.

Weblog: Against the Ex-Gays

[] July 20, 2005--Plus: Rick Warren in Rwanda, James Meeks in a traffic run-in with Chicago police, UK debates multiculturalism, Jerry Falwell cleared of FEC complaint, and more articles from online sources around the world.

New Age Seen Penetrating Catholic Circles

[Zenit] July 18, 2005--New Age thinking has been penetrating Catholic realms, says an adviser to the Argentine bishops' conference.

Canadian National Public Radio Broadcasts Call for State Control of Religion, Especially Catholicism

[] July 19, 2005--Just as Senate approaches the final vote on the gay 'marriage' bill, C-38, Canada's national public radio CBC Radio has aired a commentary by a retired professor from the Royal Military College calling for state control over religion, specifically Catholicism. While parliamentarians dismissed warnings by numerous religious leaders and experts that such laws would lead to religious persecution, former professor Bob Ferguson has called for "legislation to regulate the practice of religion."

Toronto Man to be Evicted from Apartment for Displaying Sign in Favour of Traditional Marriage

[] July 19, 2005--"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." The famous line from George Orwell's Animal Farm, a satire on a Marxist revolution and the lies and distortions required to achieve and maintain it, is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite. In Canada, Christians upholding the meaning of sexuality and marriage have found that Orwell's axiom is as relevant as ever and equality is often a one-way street.

Are Sexual Preferences Changeable?

[] July 20, 2005--The article containing the above quote is entitled, “Turning Off Gays” and is the first of a four part series on the Internet site, The series is billed as “an investigation into the Christian netherworld of ‘reparative therapy,’ a disputed practice to convert gays and lesbians into heterosexuals.” The topic is important to many due to the current curiosity, both scientific and popular, regarding the nature of sexual orientation.

Bush nominates John G. Roberts to fill court vacancy; social conservatives applaud pick

[Baptist Press News] July 19, 2005--In a choice praised by social conservatives, President Bush Tuesday night nominated John G. Roberts to be the nation's next Supreme Court justice, saying the 50-year-old is "one of the best legal minds of his generation" and someone who would "not legislate from the bench."

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Bush to Announce Court Choice; Christians Urge Prayers - The Christian Post

What's at stake with the next justice?

[Baptist Press News] July 19, 2005--Why do religious and social conservatives view the coming struggle to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor with a strict-constructionist, original intent jurist as one of the most critically important fights of the past half-century?

Panel of Reference Members Pledge to Secrecy

[The Living Church] July 19, 2005--The guidelines give Archbishop Carnley coercive power over his fellow panel members in the case of division as dissenters, and the subcommittee “shall report” the substance of their talks to him and “shall follow his directions” to achieve consensus.

Editorial: Speaking out for Australia,5744,15986261%255E7583,00.html

[The Australian] July 20, 2005--IT is time for tough-minded tolerance. As a nation of immigrants, Australians easily accept neighbours with different attitudes to matters of morals and their own ways of worship. It is the Australian way to accommodate new cultures. It is the Australian way to take people for who they are, not what they wear, or where they come from. But it is also the Australian way to abhor those who demand to live their lives as they wish and to practise their religion as they choose, but reject the right of everybody else to do the same. This is what a handful of Muslim zealots in Australia do. And it is time for them to stop. It is also time for Muslim clerics to stop skirting round the abject immorality of suicide bombing. They must heed the warnings of Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, reported in The Australian this morning, that some young Muslims are being seduced by extremists. They should renounce the views of their Melbourne colleague, Sheik Mohammed Omran, who questions whether Muslims were responsible for the destruction of the twin towers and the London transport bombings. It is time for them to make clear they will not accept any excuses for the malevolent misogyny that claims the clothes women wear can make them responsible for rape. And it is time for them to accept that Muslims who argue non believers are fair game draft directives for terrorism.

A number of related articles from around the web posted on can be found at

Venables "Discouraged" to act in Recifé

[VirtueOnline] July 19, 2005--In a personal letter to the Primate of the Province of the Southern Cone, the Most Rev'd Gregory J. Venables, the North-American retired bishop of Brazil (and a son of an ex-Presiding Bishop of ECUSA) the Rt. Rev'd Edmund K. Sherril "discourages" that Primate and that Province to intervene in helping the Diocese of Recife. The letter (from June 24th, 2005) was broadly propagated by the liberal leadership of Brazil.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Canadian Senators Ordered to Vote in Favour of Gay "Marriage" Bill - Final Vote Likely Thursday

[] July 18, 2005--Sources in Canada's parliament have revealed to that Liberal Senators have received a letter ordering them to be present for the vote on the same-sex 'marriage' bill C-38 and to vote in favour of it. The source indicated that the letter was followed up with direct phone calls to Senators. "I have never seen this degree of instruction and pressure," said one source.

US Poll Shows That Even Pro-Choice Movement Split Over Same-Sex "Marriage"

[] July 18, 2005-- A US poll of 1,000 likely voters has revealed that even the country’s liberal pro-choice movement isn’t convinced that the nature of marriage should undergo any significant changes. According to the poll a full 48% of those who described themselves as pro-choice favored the traditional definition of marriage, whereas only 44% were opposed to that definition.

CTV Online Poll Says That 55% Say That Same-Sex Legislation Should be Repealed

[] July 18, 2005-- Even as and the Globe and Mail printed full-length articles trumpeting the fact that a telephone poll conducted on their behalf had shown that 55% of Canadians believed that Canada’s next government should let the legislation allowing same-sex marriage stand, an online poll situated next to the story on their website concluded the exact opposite.

BBC Poll Reveals Split of Public Opinion on Religious Issues

[Christianity Today UK] July 18, 2005--A new poll carried out by the BBC has revealed a growing divide on a number of religious issues including homosexual clergy and the proposed religious hatred bill.

Congregation must now decide on same-sex marriage

[The News-Dispatch] July 18, 2005--He admits, however, that he wouldn't be surprised if the United Church of Christ reaches a divide similar to the one between the Anglican Communion and its U.S. branch, the Episcopal Church, which consecrated an openly gay bishop in 2003.

A victory for multiculti over common sense

[The Telegraph] July 19, 2005--It has been sobering this past week watching some of my "woollier" colleagues (in Vicki Woods's self-designation) gradually awake to the realisation that the real suicide bomb is "multiculturalism". Its remorseless tick-tock, suddenly louder than the ethnic drumming at an anti-globalisation demo, drove poor old Boris Johnson into rampaging around this page last Thursday like some demented late-night karaoke one-man Fiddler on the Roof, stamping his feet and bellowing, "Tradition! Tradition!" Boris's plea for more Britishness was heartfelt and valiant, but I'm not sure I'd bet on it. The London bombers were, to the naked eye, assimilated - they ate fish 'n' chips, played cricket, sported appalling leisurewear. They'd adopted so many trees we couldn't see they lacked the big overarching forest - the essence of identity, of allegiance. As I've said before, you can't assimilate with a nullity - which is what multiculturalism is.

Evanglicals = No Homo Practice Tolerance

[] July 18, 2005--Take note. The denominations giving credence to practicing homosexual lifestyles are those churches that do not preach being born again.

Christianity vanished in Britain?

[Agape Press] July 19, 2005--When Lord Bromley Betchworth returned to the United Kingdom (U.K.) after living in the U.S. for 12 years, he returned to a culture that had dramatically changed.

Anglican Communion Head gives Strength to Church of Burundi

[Christianity Today UK] July 19, 2005--The head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Dr Rowan Williams has been greeted by joyous people the capital of Burundi - Bujumbura. The Archbishop is currently undertaking his first-ever visit of the province as the country begins rebuilding itself following years of civil unrest.

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Archbishop of Canterbury Praises Anglican Church of Burundi - Anglican Communion News Service

Anglican Church Head to Visit Kenya

[The Nation] July 18, 2005--The Archbishop of Canterbury - the world leader of the Anglican Church - is expected to jet into the country on Wednesday, the Nation has learnt.

Pope finds himself pitched against Harry Potter

[ekklesia] July 18, 2005--While the publication of the latest edition of children’s author J K Rowling’s acclaimed Harry Potter series has been the expected commercial and media sensation, rumours abound that Pope Benedict XVI is less than thrilled by the young wizard’s antics – even though he is massively outselling Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code story, a definite subject of Vatican ire.

Connecticut bishop's actions condemned around world...Panel of Reference...ECUSA news...

[VirtueOnline] July 18, 2005--We are discovering, as a matter of fact, that ECUSA can be expected to state clearly in 2006 that it has no intention of abandoning its position on pansexuality with regard to the Episcopal Church's homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals and their behavior, and their need to repent. They won't. All the "listening" in the world, all the publications put out by the church will not change that fact. We have listened ourselves into stupefaction. At that point in time the mask will come off and we will see clearly who the secessionists really are.

Episcopal Bishop meets with congregation at Bristol church

[] July 17, 2005--Parishioners of Saint John's Episcopal Church in Bristol are upset that the Diocese has suspended their priest.

Of miters and jackboots

[VirtueOnline] July 18, 2005--The ultra-liberal Bishop of Connecticut Andrew Smith is facing massive national and international opprobrium for his actions in inhibiting an orthodox priest in his diocese.

"A Real Human Tragedy is happening in Connecticut"

[VirtueOnline] July 18, 2005--Bishop Smith has not simply inhibited a priest; he has declared war on a congregation. He descending by surprise on a parish with canon lawyers, computer hackers, and locksmiths--not bothering to meet with the priest or the vestry beforehand; locking the vestry and the wardens out of their own church; leaving the church secretary and members in tears! What was the Bishop thinking?

What the Bible really says about gays,0,3211593.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

[] July18, 2005--Liberal Christians can wield two weapons against conservatives on the issue of homosexuality.

Moheb A. Ghali's analysis of "To Set our Hope on Christ" in "To Set our Hope on Christ: A Layman Responds" posted yesterday on Anglicans Ablaze applies to a number of the assertions that are made in this article. So does "A True Hearing?" posted on the Anglican Mainstream website.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Episcopal Diocese Gets New Bishop - Some Boycott Event

[VirtueOnline] July 17, 2005--The Diocese of the Virgin Islands which is a diocese of the Episcopal Church USA (Province II) got a new bishop, its fifth, in the person of the Rt. Rev. E. Ambrose Gumbs formerly rector of St. Andrews Church in St. Thomas. The consecration of Bishop Gumbs took place at the University of the Virgin Islands in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas in June.

But a number of orthodox bishops and archbishops refused to attend the event because they say they are in impaired communion with the Episcopal Church over the consecration of V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay man to the episcopacy. Furthermore several of the bishops who consecrated Gumbs are openly pro-gay.

St. John's Vestry Blasts Bishop Andrew Smith

[VirtueOnline] July 17, 2005--We are deeply disappointed and shocked by the action you have taken in the last week in invading our parish home without announcement, and without permission, changing the locks on the doors so we are locked out of our own building, and inhibiting our rector. We cannot understand this action. It certainly does not seem to be the behavior of someone who wants to reconcile himself with this parish.

Albany Bishop Rips Actions of Connecticut Bishop for Inhibiting Priest

[VirtueOnline] July 17, 2005--I sit here in shock!!! On the web is news of Bishop Andrew Smith "invading" one of his parishes on a weekday morning this week.

Recife Diocesan Leaders issue Motion of Solidarity to Global South

[VirtueOnline] July 16, 2005--The Standing Committee, the Archdeacons and the Secretariat of the Anglican Diocese of Recife, in their jointing meeting of July, 15th, 2005, unanimously, express its solidarity to the Primates of the Global South, to the orthodox Anglican bishops of Africa, Asia and the Southern Cone, to the conservative Anglicans of USA and the Church of England, unjustly accused by the Brazilian liberal bishop Jubal Pereira Neves (in his Episcopal Report to the 58th Diocesan Synod of the South-Western Diocese) of constituting a movement orchestrated orchestrated by the conservative Anglicans of the "Global South", who are seeking power over and control of the Anglican Communion, of having authoritarian and fundamentalist positions, of taking of base the use of Resolution 1.10 of the Lambeth Conference, 1998, as a "straight-jacket".