Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Anglican Church puts Mugabe bishop on trial

[] August 24, 2005--One of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s favourite bishops has been accused of a range of crimes, including incitement to murder. He will now face a trial convened by the Anglican Church of Central Africa under canon law. Bishop of Harare, Norbert Kunonga, the first Anglican priest in Africa in more than 100 years to face trial by his spiritual masters, is accused of sinning against the church, its officials and its flock. If found guilty by three judges, including two African bishops, the controversial prelate could be excommunicated and might even face civil charges if allegations of missing church funds are proved. The first of 11 charges against Kunonga was temporarily withdrawn yesterday. It alleged that he sought the assistance of Mugabe’s Central Intelligence Organisation and militant “war veterans” to “incite or seek to incite” the murder of 10 prominent Anglicans, including priests and church wardens.

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