Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Californians Seek Rite for Same-Sex Blessings"
[The Living Church] July 29, 2005

A task force in the Diocese of California has concluded that “now is the time to acknowledge in convention our diocesan practice of 22 years.” The committee, charged by the diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, to consider a variety of issues related to the status of marriage and the blessing of same-gender covenants in Church and society, has proposed three resolutions to be considered at convention in the fall....

I suspect that many mainstream Anglicans would not agree with the task force's assertion, “differences in our understanding and practice of marriage and blessing same-gender covenants do not undermine the doctrinal foundations of the Church’s life and faith.” Disagreement on this issue is a matter of theological opinion, the task force goes on to assert. “This is a conversation among sisters and brothers in Christ, who sometimes disagree. This disagreement is just that – disagreement: not apostasy or heresy or conformity or dissent. It is simply a disagreement among adults who share responsibility for proclaiming the good news of God in word and deed.” For mainstream Anglicans the blessing of homosexual liaisons does undermine the doctrinal foundations of the Christian faith and life. The blessing of homosexual liaisons is a communion-breaking issue.

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