Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gospal Health Message

[The Church of England Newspaper] August 4, 2005--The new Department of Health statistics figures for abortions in England and Wales, 2004, took the numbers of aborted foetuses to 185,400, compared with 181,600 in 2003, a rise of 2.1 per cent. Only 1,900 abortions (one per cent) were under ground E, risk that the child would be born handicapped. Nearly four per cent of abortions were on girls under the age of 16. Such figures caused a ripple of discussion on some discussion programmes, but without any moral context whatsoever. Abortion is now a mainstream form of birth control and, as Basil Hume put it, it makes Britain a less and less Christian culture. We know that the Archbishop of Canterbury disagrees with abortion, and that the official Church of England policy rejects it, and yet the nation hears no Anglican voices expressing urgent concern at what this callous industry is doing to individual women and to the collective national sense of humanity. Why has the established church in effect resigned any voice on such moral issues, leaving things to individual consciences alone? Here the Church would be able to share a common stance with other faiths, Synagogue and Mosque especially

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