Thursday, August 04, 2005

US Bishop threatened with 'conduct unbecoming' charge'conduct%20unbecoming'%20charge

[The Church of England Newspaper] August 5, 2005--A group of American bishops have warned one of their colleagues that they are prepared to charge him with “conduct unbecoming” for his “fascist” treatment of his clergy. They are accusing the Bishop of Connecticut, the Rt Rev Andrew Smith, of acting illegally in removing the Rev Mark Hansen from his cure as rector of St John's parish, Bristol, Connecticut [CEN July 22]. An open letter was published by nine diocesan bishops, stating that they were prepared to bring “a presentment against you for conduct unbecoming a Bishop of this Church”. They claimed that his action is “an abuse of office”. One of the signatories, the Bishop of Fort Worth, the Rt Rev Jack Iker, said: “It is sad to see those who claim to be liberal behaving like fascists when someone disagrees with them.”

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