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An Apology to My Readers

Due to the Mardi Gras Holiday I will not be posting any articles on Tuesday February 28, 2006. I wil resume posting articles on the following day.

Open Season on Christianity

[Catholic Online] February 26, 2006--The recent publication of cartoons satirizing the prophet Mohammed brought many calls for greater respect of Islamic beliefs. Christians could rightly wonder when they, too, will receive some respect.

It's A Small World

[The New York Sun] February 27, 2006--Two years ago, a 23-year old Paris disc jockey called Sebastien Selam was heading off to work from his parents' apartment when he was jumped in the parking garage by his Muslim neighbor Adel. Selam's throat was slit twice, to the point of near decapitation; his face was ripped off with a fork; and his eyes were gouged out. Adel climbed the stairs of the apartment house dripping blood and yelling, "I have killed my Jew. I will go to heaven."

Gay priests vying to be bishop

[San Mateo County Times] February 27, 2006--"There's nothing really the Anglican Communion can do to us. But they can say they're no longer in communion with us," said Sean McConnell, spokesman for the Diocese of California.

The Thirty-Nine Articles A Faith for Today Articles for Today (Part 1)

[Cross†Way] Issue Summer 2001 No. 81--As we have seen, the Thirty-nine Articles cover a great deal of ground. Many aspects of the faith, both theoretical and practical, are dealt with in brief but biblical terms. But they need to be supplemented - not because God’s truth changes but because of what it is that the Articles seek to do. They are not meant to be timeless truth (although they contain it). In the sixteenth century they dealt with the controversies, heresies and misunderstandings besetting the church. Most of those are still with us; but we also have other deviations from Scripture today, and it is necessary to face them.

Anglican leader visits Sudan, preaches tolerance

[Reuters] February 26, 2006--Rowan Williams, the spiritual leader of more than 70 million Anglicans worldwide, appealed for religious tolerance on Sunday after arriving in Sudan where a peace deal last year ended two decades of civil war.

A Gospel of Intolerance: The "Gospel" according to John Chane Bishop of Washington

[VirtueOnline] February 26, 2006--John Bryson Chane, Bishop of the Diocese of Washington wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post recently in which publicly berates and declaims against the Primate of Nigeria, Peter Akinola for taking a stand against same-sex marriages, accusing him of taking money from wealthy conservative foundations, fomenting schism leading to the formation of "his own purified [Anglican] communion" with himself at the head and much more.

Election could set off 'firestorm' in Episcopal Church

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer] February 27, 2006--Surprising because Seattle is one of America's least "churched" cities, one of our highest-profile clergypeople could become part of a major division and possible reshaping of his church.

The radicals behind the Anglican Church

[The Jerusalem Post] February 26, 2006--Last week, British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks came out strongly against the Church of England for its vote for "morally responsible investment" (MRI) in Israel (a.k.a. divestment). In response church leaders stated that the vote was merely advisory. The archbishop of Canterbury, who heads the Anglican Church and supported the measure, claimed it was not a vote for divestment and that he remained committed to "a continued personal engagement with the Jewish communities in Israel and in the United Kingdom."

The Windsor Report - not everything therein is good!

[VirtueOnline] February 26, 2006--Those who call themselves "orthodox" in the Episcopal Church of the USA and other provinces of the Anglican Communion tend to view the Windsor Report (2004) from the Lambeth Commission of Communion as a good thing, both in general and in specifics.

Indian Christians Face More Persecution than Ever

[The Christian Post] February 25, 2006--Christians in India are facing more persecution now than any other time in their history, according to the head of a mission organization.

Churches Burned in Nigeria Riots; Death Toll Tops 127

[The Christian Post] February 26, 2006--Sectarian violence sparked by cartoons of Islam’s most revered figure spread to three more Nigerian cities before the end of last week, resulting in the burning of five churches and pushing the total death toll to more than 127.

An Easter Letter for Your Congregation

[The Christian Post] February 25, 2006--With just over a month before Easter, many of you are busy preparing for special services that day. Don't forget to mobilize the best outreach tool you have – your congregation. Here is a letter I have sent out in the past to prepare Saddleback members for Easter. Feel free to adapt it for your own church.

Challenging the Church

[Telegraph] February 27, 2006--100 Anglican churches have closed since 1998, and many hundreds more lack sustainable congregations. The challenge for Anglicanism - and for English Catholicism, too - is to make itself more accommodating of new forms of worship, but without diluting Christian doctrine to suit the spirit of the age.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Name in the North

[Anglican Mission in America] February 25, 2006--Six months ago the Rev. David Linka, along with his family, left the offices of the AMiA in South Carolina to lead a congregation on the north shores of Michigan. Dave had served as the Development and Operations Officer for the Anglican Mission and as a Deacon at an AMiA church. In following God's call, he discovered a new climate, a new culture, and a people that God was blessing.

Akinola requests National Conference for the Church

[Church of Nigeria News] February 24, 2006--Anglicans in Nigeria have been asked to consider convening her own version of a National Conference.The request was made by Archbishop Peter Akinola, Primate of All Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in his opening remarks to delegates of the Standing Committee of the Church. In an address at the Cathedral Church of St Peter Aremo on Thursday, Akinola hinted that the theme of the proposed conference will be 'Seek Ye the Welfare of the Nation’ (Jeremiah 29:7). Our correspondent in Ibadan reports that the Chancellor of the Church, Justice Karibi-Whyte, will serve as the Chairman of the Organising Committee. The conference is slated to hold in May or June this year.

Ashaba Shows New Style in 'Talindeka'

[The New Vision] February 24, 2006--A fair share of female musicians like Betty Namaganda, Fiona Mukasa and Betty Nakibuuka have touched many souls with their inspiring Gospel music.

Now You See Her Now You Don't

[The Standard] February 25, 2006--The sleepy village of Ombei on the shores of Lake Victoria is awake with action, to the envy of Nyakach dwellers. The revered and venerated python, Omieri, that has been doing an appearing and disappearing act at Nyakach has surfaced in a new location.

Pray that those who worship this snake will come to know Christ.

Sectarian killings strain the fragile unity of Nigeria

[Telegraph] February 25, 2006--The charred remains of Muslim traders lined the main road of the market in Onitsha yesterday after days of sectarian violence in which Christian youths armed with knives and machetes rampaged through the Nigerian city, setting fire to mosques and beating victims to death.

Anglicans' anti-Israel actions are shameful!living&s=1037645509005

[Winston-Salem Journal] February 25, 2006--It has taken the Anglican Church - the Church of England - several centuries to overcome its colonialist record in many parts of the world including India, Pakistan, Kenya and the West Indies. Back then, Anglican missionary efforts were inextricably linked to British imperialism.

Anglicans Elect Boyd

[The Bahama Journal] February 25, 2006--The rector of the Holy Cross Anglican Church Rev. Fr. Laish Boyd emerged as the new successor to Anglican Archbishop His Grace Drexel Gomez yesterday after an intensive round of voting at the Holy Trinity Activity Centre.

African rebels hail English vicar

[Mail & Guardian Online] February 25, 2006--An English vicar has become an unlikely African rebel after church authorities blocked his appointment as a bishop in Malawi. Supporters of the Reverend Nicholas Henderson this week carried him shoulder-high and blockaded the offices of Archbishop Bernard Malango, head of the diocese of Central Africa, because he wanted to stop the vicar's move from London.

The Thirty-Nine Articles A Faith for Today Articles 23, 24, 26, 32: The Christian Ministry

[Cross†Way] Issue Winter 2000 No. 79--Who can minister? Christians have often disagreed as to what human authorisation, if any, is needed to be a preacher of God’s word. Some say an inner conviction of God’s call is the sole requirement; others insist on selection, training and ordination by the church before any public ministry. The Thirty-nine Articles come much closer to the second position, allying the Church of England on this issue more closely with Rome than with extreme Protestantism. This is for two reasons. Firstly, a strong doctrine of the church teaches that although ministers preach God’s word in God’s name, they are called by the church. Secondly, a suspicion of the excessive individualism which tends to say ‘I feel called to ...’ or ‘God has gifted me to ...’ leads to the insistence that calling must at the very least by ratified by the church.

A Gospel of Intolerance

[The Washington Post] February 26, 2006--Bishop John Chane of Washington D.C. attacks Archbishop of Nigeria Peter Akinola.

Bennison says he'll survive a no-confidence vote

[VirtueOnline] February 24, 2006--Standing Committee firm in their resolve to see him go

Oh Ireland, "Division is Inevitable

[VirtueOnline] February 25, 2006--The Church of Ireland prides itself on being an 'all Ireland' body which in its naiveté it believes also spans the divide politically between the predominantly Unionist North and Nationalist South. Within the Church of Ireland it is safe to say that the further North you travel the more conservative, low church and evangelical the grassroots, and to a large extent clergy, you will encounter.

Barnabas Fund launches RIght to Justice Campaign

[VirtueOnline] February 25, 2006--Barnabas Fund has launched its new international campaign on behalf of Christian minorities, called Right to Justice.

Are Stay at Home Moms ''Letting Down the Team?''

[The Christian Post] February 24, 2006--Are stay at home moms a threat to civilization? Those of you who are shocked by this question should take note of the fact that ABC's "Good Morning America" program devoted segments to this question on two successive days, featuring the arguments of Linda Hirshman, a prominent feminist thinker.

Violent Clashes Continue in Nigeria; Death Toll Tops 120
[The Christian Post] February 24, 2006--Burnt tires and corpses littered the streets in the city of Onitsha, where ethnic and political tensions between Nigeria's Muslims and Christians were reignited on Thursday.

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Missions Incredible

[] February 24, 2006--Samuel Kang was God's improbable choice to be a leader in the world's fastest-growing missionary movement. Kang was born in Japan when the Japanese empire was forcing alien Shinto beliefs down Korean throats.

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Physicians of the Soul

[] February 25, 2006--. I. Packer discusses the English Puritans, their quest for holiness, and why they are still worth remembering.

Parenting a Blended Family

[] February 25, 2006--Entering into a marriage with children poses all kinds of unique situations. One is determining how the new stepparent should be addressed. Should we insist they call us Mom or Dad? Is it proper for a child to address an adult by his or her first name? This is one of the first questions to surface after individuals with children marry.

Do All for His Glory

[] February 25, 2006--One of my favorite movies of all time is Chariots of Fire, the wonderful story of a heroic, committed Christian from Scotland named Eric Liddell, who competed in the 1924 Olympics. Refusing to compromise his principles, Liddell would not run on Sunday, forfeiting his event of choice, the 100-meter race.

Being Mocked: The Essence of Christ's Work, Not Muhammad's

[] February 25, 2006--What we saw in the past few weeks in the Islamic demonstrations over the Danish cartoons of Muhammad was another vivid depiction of the difference between Muhammad and Christ, and what it means to follow each. Not all Muslims approve the violence. But a deep lesson remains: The work of Muhammad is based on being honored and the work of Christ is based on being insulted. This produces two very different reactions to mockery.

Research Confirms Unborn Learning About Outside World

[] February 24, 2006--New research funded by Pampers has confirmed that the unborn are actively learning about the outside world.

Chaplain Rebels at Prayer Censorship, Then Removed From Assignment

[American Family Association] February 23, 2006--Another military chaplain has gotten into trouble with his superiors because he has refused to go along with orders not to pray in the name of Jesus.

130 Christians murdered over cartoons

[WorldNetDaily] February 24, 2006--Muslim rioters, incensed over the cartoons of Muhammad published in Denmark, were responsible for killing at least 130 Christians on the streets of Maiduguri and Onitsha in Nigeria, according to reports filtering out of the country from Voice of the Martyrs.

Pray for the Christians of Nigeria. Pray for those persecuting them.

Vatican to Muslims - practise what you preach

[Reuters] February 23, 2006--After backing calls by Muslims for respect for their religion in the Mohammad cartoons row, the Vatican is now urging Islamic countries to reciprocate by showing more tolerance towards their Christian minorities.

Muslim countries are practising what their imams preach!

Homosexual leader criticizes Hillary Clinton; Virginia marriage amendment on track for ballot

[Baptist Press] February 24, 2006--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's public opposition to "gay marriage" has drawn the ire of a prominent homosexual leader in New York state, who is urging homosexuals not to purchase tickets to fundraisers supporting her re-election.

Abortion is all about sex

[Baptist Press] February 24, 2006--Pro-abortion activists have long maintained that abortion in America is about a woman’s “right to choose.” They are correct. Abortion in the United States is about the right of a woman –- or teenage girl in too many cases –- to choose to have sex without any regard for the “negative” repercussion of pregnancy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Anglican Leaders seek end to religious crisis

[Church of Nigeria News] February 24, 2006--The carnage of violence that has besieged the nation this past week has led many religious leaders to ask the reason behind the avoidable mayhem.

Hamas to use shari'a as governing basis; churches urge peace

[The Christian Century] February 26, 2006--Hamas intends to apply Islamic law, or shari'a, as the basis for running the Palestinian Authority after its landslide win in the late January elections for the legislature, officials from the group said. But they added that people would not be forced to comply with shari'a.

Anglicans To Elect Next Bishop Today

[The Bahama Journal] February 24, 2006--With Anglican Archbishop Drexel Gomez planning to demit office at the end of 2008, preparations are now being made to elect a coadjutor bishop who will eventually replace the archbishop when he retires.

Controversy continues over liberal English vicar$StorySummary$0.$DirectLink$1&sp=l20329

[African News Dimension] February 24, 2006--The nomination of a liberal English vicar who supports homosexual rights as an Anglican bishop in Malawi has split the church in this southern African nation, with his supporters up in arms over his rejection by the confirmation court

Atheist Packer buried by Anglican,5744,18265542%255E2702,00.html

[The Weekend Australian] February 25, 2006--Kerry Packer may have been an avowed atheist but he was buried by one of the nation's most powerful church leaders.

Cracks in Anglican Church over bishop-elect worsen

[The Daily Times] February 24, 2006--Supporters of rejected Anglican Church bishop-elect Nicholas Henderson on Wednesday sealed Diocese of Lake Malawi offices in Lilongwe to bar Archbishop Benard Malango.

Anglicans hold archbishop under hostage

[Nation Online] February 24, 2006--Anglican Church members from four Lake Malawi Archdeaconries on Wednesday held the Archbishop of Central Africa, Bernard Malango under hostage and closed the Diocesan Offices in Lilongwe in protest against the appointment of a retired Zambian clergy James Mwenda as the new bishop elect.

Anglican faithfuls meet in Ibadan

[The Tide Online] February 24, 2006--The biennial meeting of the Standing Committee of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has opened.

Why bulldozers are ethically neutral,,13129-2057026,00.html

[Times Online] February 24, 2006--The use of Caterpillar bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes should not stop the Church of England from investing in the company, writes the Rev Gill Jackson.

Gay Advocates Pin Hopes for Marriage Rights on New Jersey Court

[] February 24, 2006--New Jersey may become the second U.S. state to allow gay marriage, and the first to allow homosexuals living outside the state to wed, because of a case heard this month by the state's highest court.

Correction: Episcopal Election story

[Associated Press Wire] February 23, 2006--Are we to infer from this correction that the American Anglican Council would support the election of a gay bishop in California. Even corrections and retractions distort the truth.

Openly gay Chicago priest could be Calif. bishop

[Chicago Sun-Times] February 24, 2006--The Rev. Paul Zahl, dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pa., said that, if either of the gay candidates is chosen as the new bishop, it's a ''definitive thumbing of the nose at the worldwide church.''

Zahl said hundreds of Episcopalians already left the church after Robinson was consecrated and ''for those who are still hanging in there, this election would be the final straw. That's no judgment on the individuals, but on the principle.''

The 39 Articles A Faith for Today Articles 25 & 27: The Sacraments: Baptism

[Cross†Way] Issue Autumn 2000 No. 78--The battle for a biblical view of the sacraments had to be fought on two main fronts. In the 16th century, when the Thirty-nine Articles were written, this was seen very clearly. The battle was intense. It cost many lives. But it was absolutely necessary. One of the major errors put salvation itself at risk by denying the great biblical truth of salvation by grace through faith. The other impoverished the Christian life by denying the sacraments as an effective means of grace. The Articles reflect that double battle.

ACN and Diocese of Singapore Advance Mission Partnership

[Anglican Communion Network] February 23, 2006--The Anglican Communion Network (ACN) and the Diocese of Singapore have taken the next step in their mission partnership which began last spring. The partnership is intended to spur on mission work in Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia. The idea was originally presented by then Bishop John Chew, Diocese of Singapore, while attending the Annual ACN Council meeting and received the enthusiastic support of the Council to move forward.

"Renounce your oenophobia, Bishop Robinson"

[VirtueOnline]February 23, 2006--I was dismayed by your February 13 letter, in which you trotted out so many of the same old oenophobic clichés. A diversity-loving man such as yourself ought to know that the word "alcoholism" is nowadays tantamount to "hate speech" and I was saddened to see that you have fallen victim to believing the dubious proposition that oenophilia can (and should) be "cured."

Hard-pressed Nigerian Christians retaliate over anti-Christian violence, cartoons

[Barnabas Fund] February 23, 2006--Christians in Nigeria have reached breaking-point and retaliated against Muslims. The reprisals follow an incident on Saturday 18th February when 50 Christians were killed and 30 churches burned down by Muslim rioters in the northern city of Maiduguri, Borno state. The Muslim violence was part of a worldwide expression of outrage over cartoons of Muhammad, first published in Denmark last September. Since 29th January similar attacks have been made on Christian minorities in a wide range of Muslim contexts.

Growing Opposition to Affiliation with Abortion Rights Group

[The Living Church] February 24, 2006--The 75th General Convention will be asked for an up-or-down vote on the recent decision by the Executive Council to approve membership for the Episcopal Church in an abortion rights organization.

Leader's Insight: Leaders' Top Three Mistakes

[] February 24, 2006--Compare your list with this one.

21 Fresh Ideas for Easter

[Outreach] January/February 2005--Like digging out a dusty box of holiday decorations, many churches pull their standard Easter pageant fare out of the ministry attic without much consideration as to why. Perhaps this year it's time to take a prayerful look at your local community and ask, "Who do we really need to reach with the message of Christ?" and, "What will be the most effective way to reach them?"

Truth-Telling is Stranger Than It Used to Be, Part Three

[The Christian Post] February 23, 2006--Postmodernism represents the unique challenge facing Christianity in this generation. Walter Truett Anderson cleverly described the postmodern reality in his clever book, Reality Isn't What it Used to Be. This is the central claim of postmodernism--reality is not what it used to be, and never will be again. Humanity now come of age, we will make our own truth, define our own reality, and seek our own self-esteem.

Nigeria Death Toll Rises to 96 in Cartoon-Sparked Violence

[The Christian Post] February 23, 2006--After days of Christian-Muslim violence in Nigeria following violent protests last weekend over published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, the death toll rose to at least 96 on Wednesday.

Plans for Narnia Sequel Develop; Director Confirmed

[The Christian Post] February 23, 2006--Plans for Prince Caspian, the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, continue to develop with director Andrew Adamson confirmed to return as the film’s director.

At Least 16 U.S. States Working to Ban Gay and Lesbian Adoptions

[] February 23, 2006--Efforts to prevent gay adoption are moving into the center of the U.S. political scene, in what has been described as a “second front “ in the country’s culture wars.

Irish Newspaper Poll Suggests Majority Favour Gay “Marriage” and Adoption

[] February 24, 2006--A major Irish newspaper has commissioned a poll to determine public perspective on homosexuality with the poll results suggesting that 51% favour same-sex “marriage.”

Muslim mobs murder African Christians

[Church Times] February 24, 2006--The Primate of Nigeria, the Most Revd Peter Akinola, has condemned "wanton destruction" of Christians and their places of worship by rioting Islamic radicals in the north of the country.

Dialogue is not optional, says Williams

[Church Times] February 24, 2006--Christians were not called to win competitions or arguments in favour of their "product" in some religious marketplace, the Archbishop of Canterbury told the WCC Assembly in his opening address.

Gay group lodges complaint about Nigerian tactics

[Church Times] February 24, 2006--The Church of Nigeria's actions are poisoning the atmosphere in which the Communion-wide reception of the Windsor report and the monitoring of the listening process are taking place, says the Revd Colin Coward, director of Changing Attitude, a pro-gay group.

High court’s ruling encourages religious liberty advocates

[Baptist Press] February 23, 2006--Religious freedom advocates have hailed a new U.S. Supreme Court decision as a step in the right direction for free-exercise rights.

Judge allows marriage amendment to stay on Tenn. ballot

[Baptist Press] February 23, 2006--A Tennessee state court judge Feb. 23 dismissed a lawsuit by a liberal interest group in ruling that a proposed state constitutional marriage amendment can remain on the ballot there this fall.

No turning back for obedient believers

[Baptist Press] February 23, 2006--The young West African woman told of the suffering she has already experienced and the suffering she expects to come.

Costello to violent Muslims: get out

[Sydney Morning Herald] February 24, 2006--The Treasurer, Peter Costello, has criticised "confused, mushy, misguided multiculturalism" and told Muslim immigrants to leave violent cultural baggage at the door.

Costello attacked over gay marriage,5744,18254503%5E1702,00.html

[The Australian] February 23, 2006--High profile gay rights campaigners have labelled comments by Treasurer Peter Costello on same sex marriage as appalling and offensive.

A familiar tactic.

Loose Cult Talk

[] February 23, 2006--A court has ruled on the legality of a recent lawsuit between two Christian groups, but the law of love has yet to make itself heard. On January 5, the Court of Appeals for the First District of Texas dismissed a $136 million libel suit that the Local Church and its publishing arm, Living Stream Ministry, had filed in December 2001 against Harvest House Publishers and John Ankerberg and John Weldon, authors of the Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions.

US state approves abortion ban

[Sydney Morning Herald] February 24, 2006--The South Dakota Senate has approved the most far-reaching ban on abortion in the US, setting the stage for legal challenges that the bill's supporters hope lead to an overturning of abortion law.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Questions on the Anglican Communion

[Evangelical News] February 23, 2006--Bishop Stephen Sykes has written to Bishops, theological colleges and others seeking their views on some of the issues confronting the Anglican Communion. This is part of the work of the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission on behalf of the Anglican Consultative letter.

As David Phillips observes, the questions are "somewhat loaded."

Raid on Christian Copts Exposes Egypt's Secular Paradox

[AINA] February 23, 2006--On Jan. 18, the Copts held Mass between 4 and 7 a.m. Riot police ringed the half-acre grounds. As worshipers left the church, police told them to lock themselves in their houses. At 8:30, power to the neighborhood was cut.

"Suddenly, a crowd appeared, and they're shouting, 'God is great!' " recalled Mansef Ayad, an elementary school teacher. God is great, a common Islamic exclamation, is also a characteristic cry of Islamic holy warriors, or jihadis .

"The jihadis came from the fields and began to burn palm trees. They threw gas bombs on houses. We knew if they reached the church, it was done for. The roof is wood," Mansef said.

Strange Bedfellows

[The New York Sun] February 23, 2006--David Irving, the British historian who was jailed for three years on Monday by a court in Vienna under a law that prohibits Holocaust denial, does not, on the face of it, have much in common with Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Christians kill Muslims, ignore Archbishop's plea

[Spero News] February 23, 2006--At least 20 people were killed in revenge attacks on Muslims in Nigeria yesterday as religious riots intensified a day after the country's leading Anglican archbishop warned Muslims that they did not have a "monopoly on violence".

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Revenge attacks kill 20 Nigerian Muslims - The Guardian

'Cartoon' Protests Seen As Pretext for Pushing Islam in Nigeria

[] February 23, 2006--Nigeria's top churchman believes last weekend's anti-Christian violence instigated by Muslims ostensibly angry about cartoons satirizing Mohammed, is part of a drive to turn Africa's most populous country into an Islamic state.

Portsmouth church altar cross stolen; turns up in dumpster

[] February 23, 2006--John Bradshaw saw the large brass cross protruding from a trash pile near his Middletown home in December. He went back inside, but couldn't get the thought of that cross going to the waste station out of his head. "I said, hey I can't do this — I can't let this pass," said the 66-year-old retired Navy sonar technician. "Even where it was located, it was demeaning — it was sacrilege."

The 39 Articles A Faith for Today Articles 37-39: Living in the World

[Cross†Way] Issue Spring 2000 No. 76--To some these three Articles seem irrelevant today. No so. The principles which lie behind them, and the details of what they assert, need to be heard and understood in our generation. A little explanation of the historical context is necessary: but that will clearly show that Articles 37, 38 and 39 are as relevant and important today as they ever were.

Attacking the basis of society

[The Church of England Newspaper] February 24, 2006--Marriage is on the way out. Statistics released this week show that already 42.3 per cent of children are born out of wedlock, up from 8.4 per cent in 1961, and by 2012 more children will be born outside than inside marriage. This, as Dr Peter Brierley of Christian Research points out, signals a seismic cultural change. Marriage as an institution works. It is good for children. It is good for stable relationships: far fewer marriages break apart than ‘partnerships’. But this most honourable estate of holy matrimony is declining fast as an institution in the UK. This decline is damaging all round. It hurts all age groups, obviously the young, the couple as a stable pairing, and the elderly who become cut adrift from the moorings of children and grandchildren.

New row brewing as USA considers another gay bishop

[The Church of England Newspaper] February 24, 2006--The controversy over homosexuality that has engulfed the Anglican Communion looks set to be reignited after a diocese in the American Church shortlisted an openly gay man and lesbian woman to be its next bishop. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, expressed deep unease over the announcement that the Diocese of California is preparing to breach the recommendations of the Windsor Report. This called for a moratorium on the appointment of gay bishops in the Anglican Communion.

Mob attacks Bishops family

[The Church of England Newspaper] February 24, 2006--A mob stormed the house of the Bishop of Jos in Nigeria at the weekend, beating the Bishop’s children and assaulting his wife. The attack came during a weekend of anti-Christian rioting in northern Nigeria with Muslim mobs killing 18 Christians and burning churches in protest at the publication of cartoons in a Danish newspaper caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad.

More articles from The Church of England Newspaper can be found at

The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement

[New Oxford Review] February 2006--There was a "gay" bookstore called Lobo's in Austin, Texas, when I was living there as a grad student. The layout was interesting. Looking inside from the street all you saw were books. It looked like any other bookstore. There was a section devoted to classic "gay" fiction by writers such as Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, and W.H. Auden. There were biographies of prominent "gay" icons, some of whom, like Walt Whitman, would probably have accepted the homosexual label, but many of whom, like Whitman's idol, President Lincoln, had been commandeered for the cause on the basis of evidence no stronger than a bad marriage or an intense same-sex friendship. There were impassioned modern "gay" memoirs, and historical accounts of the origins and development of the "gay rights" movement. It all looked so innocuous and disarmingly bourgeois. But if you went inside to browse, before long you noticed another section, behind the books, a section not visible from the street.

A message from religious leaders to all Ugandans

[Global South Anglican] February 23, 2006--We appeal to all voters to seek for wisdom and the gift of discernment as they go to the polling stations on election day to vote for candidates of their choice. We urge all voters to behave in an orderly manner befitting our national motto “For God and My Country.”

A special appeal for a peaceful election in Uganda. For prayer.

Archbishop Williams: Episcopal Church Should Maintain Consecration Moratorium

[The Living Church] February 22, 2006--Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has cautioned the Episcopal Church not to end the House of Bishop’s moratorium on consecrating non-celibate homosexual priests to the episcopate, until the Communion is of common mind.

Archbishop Williams needs to do more than caution the Episcopal Church USA about not ending the House of Bishops' moratorium on consecrating people in same sex relationships as bishops.

Bishop of New York Condemns English Vote to Divest

[The Living Church] February 22, 2006--The Bishop of New York, the Rt. Rev. Mark Sisk, has rebuked the General Synod of the Church of England for its decision to divest from companies whose products are used by the Israeli government in the West Bank and Gaza.

Vatican Agrees to ARCIC III

[The Living Church] February 22, 2006--The Roman Catholic Church has agreed to a third round of Anglican Roman Catholic International Consultation talks, according to Bishop Brian Farrell, the secretary of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.

South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban; bill challenging Roe close to becoming law

[Baptist Press] February 22, 2006--South Dakota's Senate passed a bill Feb. 22 that would ban nearly all abortions, moving it one step closer to a direct challenge of the U.S. Supreme Court's infamous Roe v. Wade decision.

Parents wary of teens’ involvement in social websites; homosexual bishop treated for alcoholism

[Baptist Press] February 22, and other social websites that allow anyone to post photos and personal information about themselves for all the world to see are increasingly becoming the focus of investigations related to the molestation, rape and murder of teenagers, and parents may be starting to catch on to the potential hazards of such sites.

Prof: ‘Emerging church’ mixes constructive criticism with errors

[Baptist Press] February 22, 2006--The emerging church movement has started a helpful conversation about the need for churches to be relevant to postmodern culture but commits fatal errors in the areas of evangelism and the authority of Scripture, says Chuck Lawless, dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Church must beware of dangers of 'postmodern spirituality,' Whitney says

[Baptist Press] February 22, 2006--Being biblically grounded and church-centered is essential to true Christian spirituality in a postmodern culture, Donald Whitney told students Feb. 4 at the 2006 Collegiate Conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Prime Minister Harper Axe’s a Prime Mover of Same Sex “Marriage”

[] February 22, 2006--Homosexual ‘Marriage’ was forced on Canada by a deliberate scheme which was revealed by former Justice Minister Martin Cauchon when he accepted an award form a U.S. homosexual organization, Equality Forum, in Philadelphia on May 1, 2004. There, the former Justice Minister revealed that besides himself, only three men masterminded the overthrow of the traditional family. One of those men, the clerk of the Privy Council Alex Himelfarb, has just been ousted from his privileged position by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

UK Immigrants Faking Gay Civil Unions as Quick Ticket to Passports

[] February 22, 2006--Immigrants seeking entrance to the UK now have an easier route to follow, thanks to December’s law allowing gay civil unions. Homosexual couples now have the same immigration rights as married heterosexual couples, and can receive a full passport after two years in the country.

Religious Schools in UK Forced to Teach About All Religions

[] February 22, 2006--State-run religiously-affiliated schools must now teach students about all religions in a bid to “combat prejudice,” the Times on Line reports.

Atheists are Ripping a Page from the Gay Manual

[Family News in Focus] February 22, 2006--The culture wars may be getting a new combatant. Atheists are saying they have no voice in American life and claim they are discriminated against if they bring their beliefs out of the closet. Dave Silverman of the American Atheists says it amounts to second-class citizenship.

Bishop calls new Spanish law on reproduction “monstrosity”

[Catholic News Agency] February 22, 2006-- Bishop Jose Manuel Lorca Planes of Teruel, Spain has joined a chorus of critics condemning a new law on assisted human reproduction passed by the country’s House of Representatives, calling it a monstrosity that attacks human dignity by promoting the murder of the innocent.

Thomas More Law Center asks court to rehear case on Nativity ban

[Catholic News Agency] February 22, 2006--The Thomas More Law Center has petitioned the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to rehear a case challenging an anti-Christian policy of the New York City school system.

Gay Rights Leader Calls For Halt To LGBT Support For Hillary Clinton

[] February 22, 2006--The head of New York State's largest LGBT civil rights organization is calling for an end to financial support by gays of Hillary Rodham Clinton's re-election campaign because of her refusal to support same-sex marriage.

Parents Worry About Forced Sex Education in Public Schools

[National Catholic Register] February 19-25, 2006--Theresa Breguet’s 7-year-old son could be exposed to a radical sex education program if Massachusetts lawmakers enact two bills backed by Planned Parenthood.

Is hospice movement going beyond end-of-life care?

[Catholic Online] February 17, 2006--Families who have contacted the nonprofit Hospice Patients Alliance are raising important questions about hospice as a movement.

Although hospice’s stated mission remains that of providing compassionate and dignified care to people at the end of life, some are asking whether hospices are starting to go beyond that role by hastening death instead.

Christian settles with Allstate

[WorldNetDaily] February 22, 2006--A Christian former employee of Allstate has settled a lawsuit with the company he had filed claiming he was fired because of an anti-homosexual, anti-same-sex marriage column he wrote on his own time.

Calif. Episcopal Diocese Nominates Gay, Lesbian Ministers as Next Bishop

[The Christian Post] February 22, 2006--The Episcopal diocese of California nominated an openly gay man and lesbian woman to be its next bishop, reigniting the flame over homosexuality that has nearly divided the worldwide Anglican Communion.

In view of what happened after the confirmation and consecration of Gene Robinson, the Archbishop of Canterbury might have used stronger language.

Belief Meets the Universal Acid—Dennett Strikes Again

[The Christian Post] February 22, 2006--Daniel C. Dennett is at it again. In his new book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Dennett applies his radical vision of Darwinism to belief in God, and the entire question of faith and belief. As you might expect, Dennett doesn't think much of belief in God.

High Court Upholds Exception in Religious Drug Tea Case

[The Christian Post] February 22, 2006-- The Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Tuesday to uphold a lower court ruling that a small religious sect in New Mexico should not be prohibited from using a hallucinogenic tea in its practices.

Latest Pew Study Notes Link between Church Attendance, Happiness

[The Christian Post] February 21, 2006--The latest study from the Pew Research Center has found that people who attend religious services weekly are happier than those who attend monthly or less. Other factors contributing to happiness were also explored.

House Resolution Rebukes Iran

[] February 23, 2006--In a vote of 404 to 4, the House Thursday approved a resolution condemning Iran's nuclear program and calling on other nations to apply sanctions to thwart Iran's ability to develop atomic weapons.

Christians Targeted as Bloody Cartoon Violence Continues

[] February 23, 2006--More than two dozen people have been killed in another weekend of Muslim rioting linked to cartoons of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, with the most serious violence occurring in Nigeria, where Christians bore the brunt of Muslim anger.

Gaza's Tiny Christian Community Threatened With Violence

[] February 23, 2006--Extremists are threatening to blow up the Palestinian Bible Society in the Gaza Strip if the people who work there do not close up shop and abandon their ministry by the end of February, a Christian source told Cybercast News Service.

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Gaza Violence Rises; Bible Society Threatened - The Christian Post

Brown's Plan to Give Power Back to Church Receives Mixed Reception

[Christianity Today UK] February 23, 2006--There has been a mixed reaction from church leaders to Gordon Brown’s plan to return the power to select Bishops completely to the Church of England.

Archbishop Makes Reconciliation Visit to Leeds Area of London Bombers

[Christianity Today UK] February 23, 2006--The Archbishop of York was in the area of Leeds this week, where two of the London July bombers lived, as part of a move to further reconciliation in the community in the aftermath of last year’s terrorist attacks.

Muslim Cartoon Protests Claim Over 100 More Lives in Nigeria

[Christianity Today UK] February 22, 2006--The furore over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad may have claimed over one-hundred more lives, following violence this week in northern Nigeria.

Small Is Huge

[] February 22, 2006--Small churches, also, can serve, nurture, and rescue people in ways that only small-church intimacy can provide. Big churches have large capacity for innovation and setting trends, and they can create specialized ministries for special audiences. But there is an advantage to smallness.

Weblog: Nigeria's Christians Retaliate

[] February 22, 2006--Plus: Partial-birth abortion and religious freedom at Supreme Court, Episcopal Church considers a second gay bishop, Thomas Nelson goes private, and other stories from online sources around the world

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Way to Heaven

[Cross†Way] Issue Autumn 2004 No 94--Who will go to heaven and how? These are important questions. Indeed, although we rarely acknowledge it, they are the most important questions that face us in this life. Yet there is great confusion on the answers not least in the churches.

The 39 Articles A Faith for Today Articles 33-36: Organizing the Church

[Cross†Way] Issue Summer 1999 No. 73--Christ’s church needs to be organized. It cannot exist in a state of anarchy, nor is it to be a dictatorship. Freedom and order, love and submission are to exist side by side - as they do in heaven. But on earth this is hard to achieve, because believers are sinful people. We have seen aspects of church order in previous chapters, but Articles 33-36 give us more. These may seem pedantic or irrelevant to the church today: in fact they offer important principles and details.

Nigeria struggles against religious violence and oil rebels

[Monsters and Critics] February 21, 2006-- Anti-Christian violence in Nigeria's overwhelmingly Muslim northern states has resulted in the reported deaths of at least 50 people since clashes erupted at the weekend, although residents say that number is likely to be much higher.

In Uganda, church works to ensure clean presidential election

[Catholic News Service] February 21, 2006--As Ugandan elections approached, the Catholic Church and Christian groups took a leading role in trying to ensure that the presidential candidate chosen by the people is the candidate who actually wins.

Church programme targets Western Province

[Kenya Broadcasting Company] February 22, 2006--The Anglican Church of Kenya says it is targeting over 55 thousand households in Western province for its programmes in Capacity building and food security this year.

We killed bishop’s assistant in error

[Nigerian Tribune] February 21, 2006--The Bishop of Bida Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Right Reverend Jonah Kolo, was actually the target when his administrative assistant, Bishop Elisha Yisa, was killed by gunmen last month.

Rise of megachurches may be dangerous, top cleric warns

[Sydney Morning Herald] February 23, 2006--Gary Bouma, an Anglican priest and professor of sociology at Monash University, said yesterday that Mr Kobia's criticism ignored a growing cultural shift away from traditional forms of worship to a more experiential form of religious expression.

Megachurches addressed the needs of those who were uninterested in traditional church yet wanted a deeper sense of meaning in their lives, he said.

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The good and bad of religion-lite - Sydney Morning Herald

Episcopal bishop issue stirs up schism fears

[San Francisco Chronicle] February 22, 2006--A gay man and a lesbian are on the short list to be the Bay Area's next Episcopal bishop, but many Episcopalians said the 77 million Anglicans worldwide might split permanently if a gay person is selected.

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California opens door to electing gay bishop - The Telegraph

The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state

[The Times] February 19, 2006--For the past two weeks, Patrick Sookhdeo has been canvassing the opinions of Muslim clerics in Britain on the row over the cartoons featuring images of Mohammed that were first published in Denmark and then reprinted in several other European countries.

Didn't the British learn the lesson of the dangers of accomodation and appeasement from the last World War?

Moral climate change in Britain

[VirtueOnline] February 21, 2006--I think it would be a mistake to confine our attention today to the Danish cartoons and their aftermath, regrettable though all that is, or indeed to the recent court cases. These fall within a larger moral and social landscape. We are faced with moral climate change, which is comparable to other forms of climate change and equally dangerous.

Living beyond the law

[VirtueOnline] February 21, 2006--As a man who has dealt with habitual sexual sin, and as one who has ministered to hundreds of men and women living in the grip of sex addiction, the Scripture passages above-and others like them-have perplexed me.

Seattle cleric a finalist for California post

[The Seattle Times] February 21, 2006--Among the five finalists to succeed the California Diocese's Bishop William Swing, who is retiring, Taylor and Perry are openly gay.

That's not meant to be a political statement, said the Rev. Jack Eastwood, an adviser to Bishop Swing. "We're trying to find the best person to lead this diocese," which is diverse in its ethnicity, sexuality and income levels.

"I think the elected leadership really has to respect the fact that we do have differences throughout the church worldwide."

"...not meant to be a political statement..." Doesn't the ECUSA have a moratorium on consecrating people in same sex relationships as bishops?

Kirk is asked to give green light for same sex ‘weddings’

[The Herald] February 21, 2006--The Church of Scotland's highest court is to be asked to allow ministers and deacons to conduct church services marking civil partnerships free from fear of punishment.

Cartoon Protests Spark More Muslim-Christian Clashes in Nigeria

[The Christian Post] February 22, 2006--Christian and Muslim riots in two Nigerian cities left at least 24 people dead on Tuesday, only days after Muslim demonstrators attacked Christians and churches this past weekend in violent protests against cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

A Letter from Bishop Benjamin Kwashi in Jos, Nigeria

[Global South Anglican] February 22, 2006--Peace and greetings. This note comes with much gratitude to God for the brothers and sisters from all around the world that God has given to me in my life. Last night God opened my eyes to see and I saw that the host of the army of those on their knees on our behalf far outnumber, beyond mathematical equations, the number of those who wish us harm. We have been surrounded by love, support and prayers. I had a good laugh at myself when I just sat down and thought about my life. When I was growing up I was the subject of prayer as my mother prayed very hard for me to be converted and committed to Jesus Christ. When I gave my life to Christ and became born again I became the subject of prayer, and after ordination those praying for me increased beyond family to the church, the nation and around the world. My life and that of my family seems to be in constant danger and inviting the prayers of the Church of God around the world. Maybe I should get into more trouble ….. !!!!

Please pray.

How Should the Christian Community Respond to Hamas?

[The Christian Post] February 22, 2006--God has His people strategically placed all over the world. And yet, there are times when the situation becomes very bleak. In the midst of political turmoil in the Middle East, Geoffrey Smith has a reminder for us.

Stewardship for Small Churches

[] February 22, 2006--Eight great stewardship ideas.

Small Groups - Stretch Your Faith Through Service

[] February 22, 2006--As Christ's disciples, we grow by doing something that stretches our faith: taking time alone with God, giving, and serving. As leaders, you need to nudge each person in you group to take on a small service role to help them grow as Christ's disciples.

Worship Music Trends

[] February 22, 2006--Since 1993, Your Church has surveyed churches every three years on the style of music used in worship. In 1993, nearly half (49 percent) of churches chose a traditional style and only 13 percent used a contemporary style; the rest used a blended style (see Graphic 1). The latest study shows a surge in the use of contemporary music with a corresponding drop in traditional. Today, churches are evenly grouped in each category: 37 percent blended, 32 percent contemporary, and 31 percent traditional.

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Worship Becoming More High Tech -

Hosting Small Groups

[] February 22, 2006--Hosting Small Groups is led by small group champion, and award-winning author, Brett Eastman, who has been called "the best small group consultant on the planet."

Weblog: Muslim Riots Move from Anti-Europe to Anti-Christian

[] February 21, 2006--Plus: The post-Katrina church, the ultimate church gym, N.C. GOP wants church directories, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Forced Abortion on Poor Ethnic Women Proposed in Holland

[] February 21, 2006--Marianne van den Anker, an alderman in the Rotterdam city council in charge of public health and security has proposed forced abortion and forced contraception for teenage mothers whose origin is in the Antilles and on drug addicts and people with mental handicaps. The alderman suggested that such mothers are nearly always guilty of child abuse.

What next?

“Pro-Choice” Position is Heresy Says Oregon Catholic Bishop

[] February 21, 2006--Robert Vasa, the Catholic bishop of the Oregon diocese of Baker, has written a letter to his diocesan newspaper clearly identifying the so-called “pro-choice” position among Catholics as a “heresy”. For decades, many Catholics have argued that “primacy of conscience” allows them to dissent from basic Church teaching, including the right to life, and still consider themselves “good Catholics.”

US Supreme Court Takes on Partial-Birth Abortion Ban: Likely to Approve

[] February 21, 2006--The legality of partial-birth abortion will come under the scrutiny of the U.S. Supreme Court, the court announced today. The Court will hear arguments and decide the case during its next term which begins in October.

UK Out of Wedlock Births: 1980 12%, 2004 42%

[] February 21, 2006--The number of children born outside of marriage has skyrocketed to 42% from 12% previously in 1980, according to statistics released from the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

Equitable Solution To Unfair Law

[Christianity Today UK] February 21, 2006--The EMU held a meeting to discuss the proposed state bill seeking to redress the issue of property right within the Uniting Church after the deep split which emerged after R48 was passed.

Anglicans face big wait for a leader

[The Age] February 22, 2006--Melbourne Anglicans could be without an archbishop for a long time after a deadlocked election was abandoned on Monday night.

Related article:,5936,18227596%5E3462,00.html
Harrower bows out of Melbourne race - The Mercury

Pak Christian singer forced to recite Kalima

[WebIndia] February 21, 2006--Prominent Pakistani singer of Christian origin, A Nayyar was recently robbed and beaten and then forced to recite the Kalima, and if that isnt surprising enough, well, it happened very near the Punjab Chief Ministers house, if report are to go by.

Denmark's flag, now burned by Muslims, has Christian past

[National Catholic Reporter] February 24, 2006--In the heat of battle, a flag made of lambskin descended from the heavens and led the Danish army to victory over their heathen enemies. So goes the 13th- century legend of the “Dannebrog,” Denmark’s national banner depicting a white cross with a red background.

Police arrest 15 people after Muslim-Christian clashes in Egyptian village

[Asharq Alawsat News] February 21, 2006--Police have arrested 15 people after clashes between Muslims and Christians in a village south of the capital, police officials said Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nigeria: State Accused Of Seeking To Train Jihadists

[Compass Direct] February 21, 2006--The Nigerian government says intelligence agents have found that Kano state in northern Nigeria was seeking foreign support to train 100 jihadists among vigilante enforcers of Islamic law.

Researchers say numbers not the only measure of church health

[Cath News] February 20, 2006--NCLS Research - the national body funded by Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Church bodies - has said that focusing on congregation size along is "too limited".

What we need is research on why declining denominations decide that numbers do not matter.

West should remain secular and democratic

[Daily Times] February 21, 2006--The chances of fundamental Christian regimes coming into power in the West are remote, although I can never be sure of what can happen in the USA. What we should dread more is the revival of racism. This time round instead of an anti-Jewish racism propelling fascist movements to violent action an anti-Muslim racist ideology can be fabricated...

What about the totalitarian tendencies of Islam?

Orthodox church sees gap with Protestants growing,2106,3579798a12,00.html

[stuff] February 21, 2006--Liberal reforms allowing female clergy and same-sex marriage are creating a widening gulf within world Christianity, a leading Russian Orthodox bishop said.

Reaction of Archbishop Peter Akinola to Muslim fanaticism in Nigeria

[Church of Nigeria News] February 21, 2006--Having watched with sadness and dismay the recent development in some States in the Northern part of this Country where many Christian Churches and other property have been wantonly destroyed by some Islamic fundamentalists, the Christian Association of Nigeria is compelled to issue the following statements....

Standing Committee: Anglican Churchmen converge in Ibadan

[Church of Nigeria News] February 17, 2006--The biannual meeting of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), called the Standing Committee, will open in Ibadan this Wednesday, February 22.

Keep the Great Commission, Bonnke urges Christians,%20Bonnke%20urges%20Christians&qrColumn=NEWS

[The Tide Online] February 20, 2006--German evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, Thursday said all Christians must imbibe the habit of preaching the gospel as part of their responsibilities in the faith.

Seattle church leader could become second gay Episcopal bishop

[The Olympian] February 21, 2006--The dean of St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral is among five finalists for the position of bishop of the Diocese of California.

The 39 Articles A Faith for Today Articles 19-22: What is the Church?

[Cross†Way] Issue Spring 1999 No. 72--The church is not a building but a people. The Articles are clear on this basic biblical truth but spell it out in more detail. To understand this we need to think about three distinctions: visible and invisible, local and denominational, organization and organism.

Brown would end PM’s vote on bishops,,2087-2047382,00.html

[The Times] February 19, 2006--Gordon Brown is planning to return the power to choose bishops to the Church of England for the first time since the reign of Henry VIII.

With Charlie on the throne in a few years we might get a Muslim Archbishop of Canterbury!

Area church leaves Episcopal denomination

[Pasadena Star-News] February 20, 2006--The Rev. Ron Jackson was an ordained Episcopal priest for 33 years until a week ago, when he renounced the denomination and joined an Anglican province on the other side of the world.

Schism is a reality, says liberal leader

[VirtueOnline] February 19, 2006--It is slowly dawning among the rank and file inside the Episcopal Church that schism might be, and probably is, inevitable. What they also might to have admit, is that the church's innovators and revisionists are the primary cause of that rupture because they are the ones who have left the one holy, catholic and apostolic church.

Integrity Applauds Nominations in Diocese of California

[Integrity] February 20, 2006--Integrity is pleased by the wonderful diversity of the nominees for the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California-including both a gay man (the Very Rev. Robert Taylor) and a lesbian woman (the Rev. Bonnie Perry). It was inevitable that another gay/lesbian person would eventually be nominated to the episcopacy. Whether or not Robert or Bonnie is elected by the Diocese of California, it is inevitable that another gay/lesbian person WILL eventually be elected, confirmed, and consecrated to that order of ministry as the Episcopal Church continues to live into its call to fully include all of the baptized into the Body of Christ.

Evangelical Christianity shifting outside West

[The Philadelphia Inquirer] February 20, 2006--Evangelical Christianity, born in England and nurtured in the United States, is leaving home.

Coptic Orthodox leader blasts Egyptian Anglican bishop in letter to Williams

[VirtueOnline] February 19, 2006--Last month at Trinity College, Dublin, a meeting was held to launch a resource pack "The Hand of History (Exploring Christian/Muslim Dialogue)" attended by the Grand Mufti of Egypt & Rector of Al-Azhar University in Cairo; the President of the Dialogue with Monotheistic Religions at Al-Azhar and Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, the Anglican Bishop in Egypt.

Whilst recognising the great importance of continuing dialogue in this vital but difficult area and valuing the contribution of Christians of all traditions, there were statements made by Dr. Mouneer which caused me some concern. When asked to comment on the issues of conversions from Islam and the increase in attacks on Coptic Orthodox churches, Dr. Mouneer replied by stating that the Egyptian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion; quoting the Quran that "there is no compulsion in religion"; stating that most of the problems with conversion issues were within families rather than from outside agencies; and observing that, in his experience, the situation has improved greatly in the past 20 years.

Bishop Airs Concerns over Church Property Sales

[VirtueOnline] February 19, 2006--The following letter was sent by Bishop Mark Sisk to diocesan leaders....

The evangelical Anglican

[The News & Observer] February 18, 2006--A dynamic preacher and a dissident congregation find a perfect match

"Turning Around The Mainline" -- A Review

[VirtueOnline] February 21, 2006--Turning Around the Mainline by Thomas C. Oden
Tom Oden's most recent book is not his most stunning, but it is a useful compendium of resources for those in the mainline churches who are determined not to see their great traditions overturned by what Oden calls liberated theology and its cohorts. Liberated theology is, "doctrinally imaginative, liturgically experimental, disciplinarily nonjudgmental, politically correct, morally broad-minded, and above all, sexually lenient and permissive." He goes on to comment, "As a former full-time card-carrying liberator, I know from experience how mesmerizing this enchantment can be" (Page 25).

Islamic scholars call for new law in cartoon protest

[Church Times] February 20, 2006--Islamic religious scholars in Britain have called for a change in the law to stop publications of images of Muhammad, after protest rallies in London and an international outcry against cartoons of the Prophet published in Denmark and elsewhere.

'Appeasement does not ultimately bring peace', says Scholar of Islam

[VirtueOnline] February 7, 2006--Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, has said that he wishes to see Muhammad protected from insult or disrespect.

Supreme Court to take up late-term abortion

[] February 21, 2006--The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will consider the constitutionality of banning a type of late-term abortion, teeing up a contentious issue for a newly-constituted court already in a state of flux over privacy rights.

Hundreds Arrested in Pakistan Cartoon Protest; Church Burned

[The Christian Post] February 20, 2006--Pakistani security forces arrested hundreds of protesters on Sunday, using gunfire and tear gas to put down the demonstration against cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Truth-Telling is Stranger Than It Used to Be, Part Two

[The Christian Post] February 21. 2006--The rise of postmodernism presents Christians with the undeniable reality that many people simply do not accept the idea that truth is absolute, or even that written texts have a fixed meaning. All claims to truth--especially claims to universally valid truth--are met with suspicion, or worse. This presents the Christian with a changed climate for truth-telling--and a genuine intellectual challenge.

New Barna Survey Finds Most Americans Baffled by 'Holiness'

[The Christian Post] February 21, 2006--A new nationwide survey released Monday by The Barna Group indicates that most adults are unclear on the concept of holiness, with Evangelicals faring slightly better than the national average.

So Many Christians ... So Few Lions

[The Christian Post] February 20, 2006--So one day I’m reading through some blogs and I came across a quote from someone who apparently doesn’t have the fondest feelings for us. I could be wrong, but it’s hard for me to see it otherwise when he threw out this phrase:

Sodom and Gomorrah Archaeologist Discusses Importance of Discovery

[The Christian Post] February 13, 2006--An archaeologist spoke last week to students and faculty of Erskine College and Seminary about his search for Sodom and Gomorrah.

Conflicts cited at Christian conference

[The Mercury News] February 20, 2006--The statements at a global Christian conference have been predictable as the rage over Prophet Muhammad cartoons claims more ground: Freedom of expression is an essential right, but it must be exercised with care.

Listening: Anglicans have strong presence at WCC Brazil

[Episcopal News Service] February 17, 2006--"God has given us the gift of life and we have abused it." These words are from the report by Dr. Samuel Kobia, Secretary General of the World Council of Churches (WCC), to the gathered delegates of the ninth General Assembly that opened on February 14 in Porto Alegre, Brazil with the theme "God, in your grace, transform the world." Bringing together over 3,000 participants from more than 350 churches, communions, and other Christian organisations, the assembly is the highest governing body of the WCC and meets about every seven years.

How Do I Find a Good Church?

[] February 20, 2006--One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, ?How do I find a good church?? This question has taken on added significance in recent years because of the massive impact televangelism has had on our culture. In all too may cases, worship has been replaced with entertainment, and fellowship has been transformed into individualism. In view of these cultural developments, it is critical that Christians have a handle on the ingredients of a healthy well-balanced church.

Jesus and Mohammed Smooching: Gay 'Tolerance' Cartoon Published by University of Toronto

[] February 20, 2006--The University of Toronto's Victoria College student newspaper The Strand, has used the controversy surrounding the cartoons ridiculing Islam to bash Christianity and Islam simultaneously. Accompanying an article on the cartoon controversy, the paper published a cartoon of its own depicting Jesus smooching with Mohammed in the "Tolerance Tunnel".

Vienna Catholic Cathedral Blessing for Homosexual Couples

[] February 20, 2006--A German language Catholic news site reports that the rector of Vienna’s Catholic cathedral has instituted a ceremony to bless “couples, fiancés and people in love” including homosexual partners. The cathedral, 800 year-old St. Stephan’s, is the seat of Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, the archbishop of Vienna who is widely regarded as a conservative.

Canadian National Newspaper First to Warn of Impending Population Collapse

[] February 20, 2006--Canada’s National Post is the first major Canadian news source to sound the alarm over the nation’s impending population crisis. It is publishing a four part series on the fertility crisis. In part one, a front-page feature appearing Saturday titled , A childless culture, Anne Marie Owens warns of a future “where senior citizens drastically outnumber babies, schools will be replaced by old-age homes, neighbourhoods of single-family dwellings will make way for smaller condos and townhouses, and playgrounds will become disused relics of the past.”

Massachusetts Tells Catholic Church it Must Permit Homosexual Adoption

[] February 20, 2006--Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and a top government leader have told a group of bishops that their request that Catholic institutions be exempt from placing foster children with same-sex parents will be denied.

No More Hims of Praise

[Rouchstone] February 20, 2006--Even when a traditional hymn is included in the modern Catholic hymnals, one cannot settle in to praise God with words written by greater men than we are. Almost always, the lyrics have been so flattened, botched, castrated, and lobotomized that I’d almost prefer to sing “On Turkey’s Wings” (you know, “I will raise you up on turkey’s wings, la de da and la de da, la de da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”).

I personally object to Prof. Ensolen's parodying of Michael Joncas' adaption of Psalm 91, "On Eagle's Wings."

Ky. students can't skip anti-gay harassment training

[First Amendment Center] February 20, 2006--Students have no religious or free-speech right to opt-out of school training aimed at stopping anti-gay harassment in Boyd County schools, a federal judge has ruled.

Mohammed: the ugly truth about the founder of the world's most violent religion

[Human Events Book Service] February 20, 2006--The Life and Religion of Mohammed by J.L. Menezes--Fr. J.L. Menezes knew Islam up close: as a priest in India, he devoted his priestly life to introducing that nation's tens of millions of Muslims to Christianity. With this life of Mohammed, he left us the record of his appeals: a frank, honest, and exhaustively researched exploration of the life of the "prophet" of Islam, the development and contents of the Koran, and an introduction to various Muslim sects.

Christians, Islam and the Future of Europe

[] February 21, 2006--How, and why, Islam can be part of “Catholic” Europe. On two conditions: a strong Christianity, and Muslim self-reform. A conference held in Denver, Colorado, at the invitation of the archdiocese

I fear that they may be engaging in self-deception.

Starting small, thinking big

[] February 21, 2006--Six couples trying to start a new church in a hard to reach part of Sydneyhave transformed into a committed group of almost 70 believers just 24 months later.

Archdeacon defends 'male priest only' village

[Telegraph] February 20, 2006--A senior figure in the Church of England yesterday defended a village that has refused to appoint a woman priest.

Leading Anglican hits back in 'anti-Israel' row,,1713408,00.html

[The Guardian] February 20, 2006--Anglican churchmen hit back yesterday in the increasingly ugly spat between the Church of England and the chief rabbi over the general synod's call for disinvestment in a company making bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes. They denied that their criticism of Israeli government policy was tantamount to anti-semitism.

Howard hits out at 'jihad' Muslims,5744,18204301%5E601,00.html

[The Australian] February 20, 2006--John Howard has strongly criticised aspects of Muslim culture, warning they pose an unprecedented challenge for Australia's immigration program.

Cartoon Protestors Burn 15 Churches in Nigeria Muslim-Christian Clash

[The Christian Post] February 19, 2006--Nigerian Muslims angry over the caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad attacked Christians and burned churches during a protest on Saturday, killing at least 15 people in the deadliest confrontation yet over the drawings.

Muslims are clearly using the Danish cartoons as a pretext to perpetrate unwarranted violence against Christians who have no connection with the cartoons whatsoever, revealing Islam for what it truly is - a religion of hatred!

Sydney Anglicans under fire

[The Age] February 20, 2006--Sydney Anglicans are trying to force the rest of the Australian church back to the 16th century, says Melbourne laywoman Muriel Porter.

Related article:
Sydney extremism threatens Anglican unity: author - Sydney Morning Herald

For those unfamiliar with Muriel Porter, she is a former member of the Anglican Church of Australia's General Synod and a leading liberal critic of the Diocese of Sydney, who like other liberals on the radical fringe present herself as a "moderate."

Danish Christian express regret to Muslims over controversial

[ekklesia] Febuary 19, 2006--A delegation of Danish Christians has expressed regret to Muslims over the publication of cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad in the daily Jyllands-Posten.

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Orthodox dignitaries condemn offensive toons - IranMania

Will Muslims apologize the unwarranted violence their coreligionists are perpetrating against the world Christian community?

Election process to begin again

[Anglican Media Melbourne] February 20, 2006--The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is still without an Archbishop after the Synod of the Diocese voted tonight to return to the beginning of the selection process.

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Make conversion illegal: VHP

[] February 19, 2006--The Viswa Hindu Parishad's 'dharma samsad', presently holding its two-day session in Puri, has demanded that conversion from one faith to another should be made a "cognizable offence" through enactment of law.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

To the Readers of AnglicansAblaze

Due to the Presidents Day holiday on Monday February 20, 2006 I will not be posting any articles on AnglicansAblaze. I will resume posting articles on the following day.

Here we go again - Limerick renews its links with New Hampshire

[Reform Ireland] February 18, 2006--Whilst Reform Ireland respects the right of individual diocese to form 'companionship' links throughout the Anglican Communion it was once again with a sad heart that we read of the proposed continuation of the Limerick/New Hampshire link. It would appear from the Limerick Diocesan Magazine article by the Rev Bob Hanna that the immoral lifestyle of Bishop Gene Robinson is irrelevant and of no consequence to the Anglican Communion, nor to the Church of Ireland in particular.