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The Evangelical Doctrine of Baptism

[Churchman] 112/1 1998--This article was first published in The Anglican Synthesis – Essays by Catholics andEvangelicals in 1964 and is reprinted here without charge by kind permission of the author.

Visit likely to stir same-sex spat,2106,3651512a11,00.html

[stuff] April 29, 2006--A New Zealand visit by one of the Anglican Church's most controversial leaders is expected to stir debate over the ordination of practising homosexuals.

Episcopal Newspaper Exposes Rightwing Agencies

[Political Cortex] April 28, 2006--The Washington Window, the newspaper of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has joined a growing number of publications inside and outside mainline Christianity to publish exposes of the efforts of rightist agencies to destabilize the historic mainline Protestant churches in the U.S.

The latest in the Episcopal Church's liberal radicals' propoganda assault on orthodox Anglicans in the ECUSA, a classic example of "blaming the victim."

Church spends $50K to debunk Da Vinci claims

[The Sydney Morning Herald] April 30, 2006--The Anglican Church will spend $50,000 in a cinema advertising blitz to debunk claims made in The Da Vinci Code, the blockbuster book-turned-film which hits Australian screens next month.

Bishop demands 'Declaration of Interest' on Parish Properties

[VirtueOnline] April 28, 2006--The Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry has sent a letter to all 122 rectors and vicars parishes in the diocese demanding copies of their title deeds and a review of all their tax records.

The Foolishness of the Cross, Part Three

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006--Every person will be one kind of fool or the other. We are going to be one variety of fool--the fool who rejects the knowledge of God--or the other kind of fool, who is foolish before the world because of allegiance to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which is better? To bear the scorn of the world as a fool and to know the wisdom of the cross, or to embrace worldly wisdom and be shown to be a fool on the day when every act and deed and thought will be revealed and all things will be made known to all?

Christian Rally to Replace Gay Pride Event in N.C.

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006--The first-ever ''Not Ashamed Charlotte'' rally will unite Christians from different churches to proclaim their faith in the city’s public square, replacing an annual gay pride event usually scheduled for early May.

Vatican Official Urges 'Da Vinci' Boycott

[The Christian Post] April 29, 2006--A Vatican official reportedly called for a boycott of the upcoming "The Da Vinci Code" film Friday, saying it contained "slanderous" offenses against Christianity that would have provoked a worldwide revolt had they been directed against Islam or the Holocaust.

Big Sunday

[] April 28, 2006--Few days draw a crowd like Christmas and Easter, but GracePoint Church of the Nazarene in Shawnee, Kansas, aims to change that.

Dave Thornhill and his congregation are trying to recreate the holiday experience on a monthly basis.

"The Big Sunday Principle" developed as Thornhill noticed that people attended the church in cycles.

5 Big Questions from The Da Vinci Code

[] April 28, 2006--A brief guide.

Evangelism by Example

[] April 28, 2006--How one college student learned to pass along his faith.

Extreme Jesus

[] April 28, 2006--What's wrong with The Da Vinci Code Jesus?

Special Report: The American Church in Crisis

[] April 28, 2006--Attendance is down. The picture is bleak. New research reveals startling and sobering facts. What do they mean for you, your church and Christianity in America?

Zimbabwe Nightmare

[] April 28, 2006--Christians try to negotiate ministry in southern Africa's most failed state.

Preachers & Poets

[] April 28, 2006--"Though dead, by their writings they yet speak."—George Whitefield

Akeelah and the Bee

[] April 28, 2006--Spelling bees are all the buzz right now. Four years ago, the documentary Spellbound gave us a gaggle of eccentric, word-obsessed children—and their sometimes even more eccentric parents. Last year, Bee Season gave us a rather strange but visually inventive dysfunctional-family drama steeped in Kabbalistic mysticism. And now, Akeelah and the Bee gives us the uplifting after-school special about a girl from a bad neighborhood who rises above her circumstances with the help of a few grown-ups who believe in her.

Stalking the Wild Idea at a Theater Near You

[AgapePress] August 28, 2006-- It comes in the dark, when you least expect it. Think you're immune from attack? Think again -- you won't even put up a fight. Instead, you'll stare and scream, laugh and cry, and ask the person next to you to pass the popcorn.

Parents Sue Massachusetts School for Promoting Homosexuality to Young Children

[LifeSite] April 28, 2006--An ongoing struggle in a Boston suburb over homosexual material in elementary classrooms has culminated in a lawsuit between parents and the school system.

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Organ Harvesting from Chinese Prisoners Confirmed

[LifeSite] April 28, 2006--The Epoch Times International, a New York based online journal specializing in China and related issues, has confirmed through independent investigation that the Chinese communist government has been using prisoners as a source of organs for the international and domestic transplant market.

Charges Laid Against Prof, Students Who Vandalized Pro-Life Display

[LifeSite] April 28, 2006--A literature professor and six students at Northern Kentucky University have been charged with criminal mischief and theft, after a campus pro-life display was vandalized on April 12.

Arlington Christian Business Attacked by Lesbian Activist through Human Rights Commission

[LifeSite] April 28, 2006--Concerned Women for America has highlighted the case of a Christian business that has been ordered to produce material that supports homosexual activity. An Arlington Va. video duplicator has been ordered by the Arlington County Human Rights Commission to produce video material for a lesbian activist.

72,000 Letters Demand UK Government Halt Plans to Legalize Assisted Suicide

[LifeSite] April 28, 2006--Nearly 72,000 letters expressing concern at plans to legalise assisted suicide were delivered to members of the House of Lords today. It is believed that this is one of the biggest ever concerted efforts to lobby peers by letter.

Homosexuals in no hurry to 'marry,' new study says; Mass. parents file suit over textbook flap

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--"Gay marriage" may be legal in four countries and one American state but, so far, homosexuals are in no hurry for commitment.

Homosexual group sues Ky. governor over funding for univ.

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--A homosexual rights group is suing the governor of Kentucky in order to prevent the state from giving $11 million to the Baptist-affiliated University of the Cumberlands after the school expelled a homosexual student. The governor, in turn, asked a judge to determine the constitutionality of using taxpayer money for private institutions.

Passive euthanasia in America

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--Does a little-known Texas law allow for the passive euthanasia of critically ill patients? If you ask at least one family residing in the Lone Star State, they would say yes.

Passive euthanasia in America

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--Does a little-known Texas law allow for the passive euthanasia of critically ill patients? If you ask at least one family residing in the Lone Star State, they would say yes.

Passive euthanasia in America

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--Does a little-known Texas law allow for the passive euthanasia of critically ill patients? If you ask at least one family residing in the Lone Star State, they would say yes.

In step with Jesus

[Baptist Press] April 28, 2006--Dressed in tatters, Pastor Charles spent the week wandering the streets, seeking work, asking for help during the blizzard. His parishioners looked away, not recognizing him. Describing his adventures the next Sunday, he challenged people to begin exhibiting the compassion of Christ -- to walk as Jesus walked.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hot off the press

[Anglican Mission in America] April 27, 2006--The Anglican Mission in America has just affiliated a new church. The Free Church of St. Andrews in the Valley, in Syracuse, New York, was received as an established congregation. With average attendance over 200 and roots that trace back a hundred years, the church has now set its eyes forward, on outreach to the un-churched, and those who have not been spiritually connected for some time. Their pastor is the Rev. Robert Hackendorf. Check for details soon.

New AMiA pastor ordained

[Anglican Mission in America] April 27, 2006--The Rev. Mark Booker was ordained to the Priesthood in the Anglican Mission on Sunday, April 2, at Church of the Resurrection in Washington, DC, by Bishop Thad Barnum. Mark serves on staff at the church.

Christianity Today VP to become AMiA pastor

[Anglican Mission in America] April 27, 2006--Kevin Miller will be ordained a Priest in the Anglican Mission on April 30th at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Il—Bishop Sandy Greene, presiding. Kevin is a Vice President of Christianity Today and Editor-at-large for Leadership Journal.

Learning How to Minister in Power

[Anglican Mission in America] April 27, 2006--Bishop David and Mary Pytches and team will be leading in ministry May 4-6 at Church of the Great Shepherd in Wheaton, Illinois. “Learning How to Minister in Power” will be a rich and fruitful time with these veteran leaders and ministers.

Celebrating New Life

[Anglican Mission in America] April 20, 2006--Anglican Mission congregations observed the pivotal events of Holy Week with a passion and fervor that erupted into celebration as Easter dawned. The central story of history, Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection is marked as the high point in the worship life of congregations around the globe. Whether large or small, new church plant or established congregation, the churches of the AMiA found ways to enable the truth of the Gospel to connect with the communities they are serving and seeking to draw to Christ.

Malaysian Bishop Installed

[Anglican Mission in America] April 27--The Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia, has been experiencing tremendous growth as new churches are planted and evangelism emphasized. The diocese has been led by the Most. Rev. Yong Ping Chung, who until his recent retirement, was also Archbishop of the Province and a Global sponsor of the Anglican Mission in America. Bishop Albert Vun has now been installed, and he says the direction of the diocese will not change.

Read more in the Sabah Daily Express (click link above).

Church a way of life in Dixie

[The Washington Times] April 28, 2006--Southern folks seem to have a monopoly on that good old time religion.

Orthodox Easter services held in Yemen for the first time in history

[Interfax] April 28, 2006-- The first ever Orthodox services were celebrated during the Passion Week and Easter in Yemen.

Praying for others

[vertel Yord wat] April 28, 2006--In the first place, this passage is meant to encourage us to pray for others. The woman who came to our Lord, in the history now before us, must doubtless have been in deep affliction. She saw a beloved child possessed by an unclean spirit. She saw her in a condition in which no teaching could reach the mind, and no medicine could heal the body - a condition only one degree better than death itself. She hears of Jesus, and beseeches Him to „cast forth the devil out of her daughter.”

Lord Carey says ordaining a gay bishop verges on heresy

[ekklesia] April 27, 2006--Lord Carey, Dr Rowan Williams’ predecessor as Archbishop of Canterbury, has likened the ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson in New Hampshire to heresy – because Bishop Robinson is gay, and lives in a long-term relationship.

Lord Carey's remarks has the liberal ekklesia in the UK in a tizzy.

Islam stops at church door,2106,3650231a11,00.html

[stuff] April 28, 2006--A Kapiti Coast Anglican church has banned a choir group from performing the Muslim call to prayer, in a ruling that has divided choir members.

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Youth in Burundi Come Together for Peace

[Christianity Today UK] April 28, 2006--Youth from across the six dioceses of the Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi came together last week to take part in a special training programme on peace-building, justice, truth and reconciliation in a post-conflict context.

Legal battles erupt over rights to church real estate

[The Columbus Dispatch] April 28, 2006--When the Rev. Allen Kannapell and most of St. Andrew’s parish in Livonia, Mich., decided earlier this year that they could no longer remain Episcopalians, the conservative pastor knew he had a choice.

An ACN Interview with the Most Rev. Donald Mtetemela, Tanzania

[Anglican Communion Network] April 27, 2006--The Anglican Communion Network hosted Archbishop Donald Mtetemela of Tanzania the week of April 24-28. The Most Rev. Donald Mtetemela has been the Primate of Tanzania Province which encompasses 20 dioceses, representing 4 million Anglicans, since 1998. Mtetemela is one of the 14 primates who signed the original document from the Global South Primates praising the birth of the Network, and is serving out his second term which will conclude at the end of 2007.

The Resurgence of Christian Fiction

[VirtueOnline] April 28, 2006--After a long slump, Christian literature is finally experiencing a rebirth-and that's something to celebrate. The state of Christian fiction was so poor for a while that most Christians have forgotten what a rich heritage we actually have in fiction, from the likes of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Austen, O'Connor, and so many more. These writers understood that moral literature is one of the most important ways of transmitting Christian truth.

Why TEA...: Part II

[VirtueOnline] April 26, 2006--Dealing in turn with specific disadvantages associated with a third province, as Guildford calls this new or alternative province, one was the danger of "legislative schism" (GR, para.37, p.15). The FIF Legal Working Party comments that inbuilt schism resulting from the origin of the Church of England "would be compounded by those who seek to depart from the norms of the Church of England and the Church Catholic by ordaining women bishops" (LWP, 5th Apr., p.7). That this legislative schism could be a risk if the third province were made (as in Wales) a free province, is a possibility. But this has not been argued for by proponents of the new province. To anchor it within the existing Church of England so that its traditionalist integrity is preserved and that at the same time it remains recognisably part of the Church is surely not an impossible task for the reconvened Guildford Group to strive for.

A Difficult Week for the Diocese of Pennsylvania

[The Living Church] April 25, 2006--The week after Easter was a difficult one for the Diocese of Pennsylvania with staff reductions at Church House, a decision to close one of one of the oldest congregations and another call by the standing committee for the Rt. Rev. Charles E. Bennison, Jr., to retire or resign, this time in response to the revelation that a drawdown of $350,000 of unrestricted net assets took place prior to the March 25 special convention. The withdrawal was not reported to the special convention which had been called after the Nov. 5, 2005, annual diocesan convention failed to approve a budget.

Equitable Pension Benefits for Women Clergy Sought (among other things)

[The Living Church] April 25, 2006--Resolution A136 strongly encourages regular use of the liturgical resources in Enriching Our Worship on Sundays. “Enriching Our Worship uses expansive language and images of God that broaden our experience of the holy,” an explanation to the proposed resolution states. “More expansive language and images of God’s people allow more people to feel welcome and included in the worship life of the Church.”

Website Progress Report

[] April 28, 2006--For many churches, building an interactive website and maintaining it as a significant communication tool remain unconquered tasks. Churches rarely use their websites to their full potential. A new understanding of a website's purpose must be grasped.

A Good Preacher Is Hard to Find

[] April 27, 2006--Post-Rapture Radio calls for a revolution toward the old kind of Christianity.

Christian College Vandalized by Racist, Anti-Semitic Graffiti

[The Christian Post] April 27, 2006--Racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay graffiti appeared on the campus of a Christian college for the second time in about a month, a school official said.

Israel Reported to Recognize Ousted Greek Orthodox Leader in Jerusalem

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006-- Israeli Cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi has written Irineos I, the deposed leader of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, confirming Israel's recognition of him as the continuing head despite the church's appointment of Theofilos III as his successor, the daily Haaretz reported Monday.

Method of Ministering to Men Must Change, Ministry Leaders Say

[The Christian Post] April 27, 2006--"Where have all the young men gone?" – a question increasingly raised in the Christian community and the recent The Coming of Age book on the identity and spirituality of younger men. The issue was addressed at the National Coalition of Men's Ministries annual Spring Conference held this past weekend.

Norway Discuss Church-State Separation after 469 Years

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006--Norway opened hearings Monday on whether to separate church and state after 469 years of Lutheranism as its official religion.

Head of Church-State Seperation Group Objects to National Day of Prayer

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006--The Reverend Barry Lynn has launched a pre-emptive strike on next week's National Day of Prayer.

U.S. Senator Proposes Voluntary Prayer Amendment

[The Christian Post] April 28, 2006--U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd introduced a proposed constitutional amendment on Thursday to allow — but not require — voluntary prayer in public schools and extracurricular events.

Road to Perversion Is Paved With Porn

[LifeSite] April 12, 2006--"Regular guys" becoming sexual predators of children.

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“Day of Truth” Counters Gay-Sponsored Student “Day of Silence”

[LifeSite] April 27, 2006--Christian students at more than 700 high schools across the country observed a national Day of Truth today, offering a peaceful witness of Christian viewpoints on homosexual activity to their fellow students and school faculties.

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The Curious Rationale for a "Day of Silence" - VirtueOnline

Kraft Foods to go ahead with Gay Games Sponsorship

[LifeSite] April 27, 2006--Shareholders of Kraft Foods have voted overwhelmingly to carry on with company plans to be among the sponsors of the “Gay Games,” say company spokesmen. The Gay Games is an annual event intended to promote the “normalcy” of the active homosexual lifestyle.

Kentucky Governor Sued After Baptist College Expels Student for Gay Lifestyle

[LifeSite] April 27, 2006--A gay-rights group has launched a lawsuit against Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher for his decision to allow a Baptist university to receive state funding. The school expelled a student earlier this month for “engaging in and promoting” homosexuality.

Ten Commandments Displays Roll to Victory in the Courts and the Legislatures

[LifeSite] April 27, 2006--Public displays of the Ten Commandments have enjoyed unprecedented favor in both the courts and the legislatures since the two Ten Commandments cases were argued at the Supreme Court last year.

SPCK threatens to abandon all its 24 bookshops

[Church Times] April 28, 2006--The whole chain of 24 SPCK bookshops was facing possible closure this week, after the collapse of a merger deal with the Evangelical company Send the Light (STL).

Churches can generate

[Church Times] April 28, 2006--The days of the ancient monastery, powered by mill wheel, could be returning under new government proposals for community groups such as churches to generate their own energy.

Gasp, star signs are nonsense

[Sydney Morning Herald] April 28, 2006--Tear up the page of that newspaper or magazine and stop dialling that horoscope line. European researchers say there is no evidence that astrology works.

District resurrects 'Christmas' vacation

[WorldNetDaily] April 27, 2006--In a reversal of the current trend, a Colorado school district will return to calling its December vacation "Christmas Break" instead of "Winter Break."

Louisiana Senate passes abortion ban; bill would take effect if Roe is overturned

[Baptistn Press] April 27, 2006--The Louisiana Senate passed a bill April 26 that would ban nearly all abortions once Roe v. Wade is overturned or a human life amendment is added to the U.S. Constitution.

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Marriage amend. more likely than reporters think, Land says

[Baptist Press] April 27, 2006--Richard Land believes the likelihood of adopting a constitutional amendment to protect marriage is much greater than most journalists think, the Southern Baptist ethicist told reporters from some of the country’s major newspapers.

City revokes condemnation ruling against Filipino church

[Baptist Press] April 27, 2006--After a long stretch of intense negotiations, the members of Filipino Baptist Fellowship in Long Beach, Calif., are claiming a victory now that the city’s redevelopment agency has terminated its efforts to acquire their church building through eminent domain.

Fear factor slows the Gospel in Egypt

[Baptist Presas] April 27, 2006--Some time ago, the elder sister in an Egyptian Muslim family decided to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Instead of keeping her faith a secret, as many Muslim-background believers do, she told her younger sister – who also became a believer. One day, their mother overheard the sisters whispering about Jesus. Distraught, she slipped poison into the family’s food –- a little taste for everyone, a deadly dose for the older sister. The police later concluded it was an accident.Better for her own daughter to die, the mother reasoned, than to bring shame and dishonor on the family. Such is the reality that faces many new believers in Egypt, particularly in conservative Muslim families and communities.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Focus Action Launches Marriage Amendment Postcard Campaign

[U.S. Newswire] April 25, 2006--Focus on the Family Action today announced the launch of a postcard campaign in support of the federal Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA). By partnering with several faith-based organizations and churches, the organization intends to send one million cards to the U.S. Senate.

Why TEA will not satisfy traditionalists

[VirtueOnline] April 25, 2006--The chief proposal of the House of Bishops' Guildford Group in its recent report on Women Bishops was to recommend the adoption of a scheme in the Church of England called Transferred Episcopal Arrangements. This scheme, now universally known by its acronym, TEA, is intended to provide an ecclesial framework for all traditionalists who are unwilling to accept the introduction of women bishops into the C. of E.

Da Vinci Code shows 'spiritual thirst'

[The Scotsman] April 26, 2006--The head of the Scottish Episcopal Church believes the popularity of Dan Brown's bestselling book The Da Vinci Code is a symptom of a "spiritual thirst" among the public.

Solomon Needs The Help Of Christians

[Christianity Today Australian Edition] April 24, 2006--On the 21st April 2006, the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) in conjunction with Caritas Australia had called on Christians to not only recognise but address the underlying economic and social justice issues in the Solomon Island in order to achieve an ever lasting peace there.

The Forum: The Pagels Imposture

[Catholic World News] April 24, 2006--Two weeks ago, at the height of the Gospel of Judas mania, a Google News search of "Elaine Pagels" plus "expert" scored 157 hits; she was the media's prime go-to person for a scholarly read on the import of the Coptic manuscript. Pagels was most often cited in stories such as the following from the NYT:

Dean's advice merits doubt, not great texts

[VirtueOnline] April 26, 2006--Last Saturday, the Very Rev. Tracey Lind, dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, urged The Plain Dealer's Christian readers to approach the great texts of Holy Week with, in her well-turned phrase, "respectful suspicion." With due respect for Lind and the griefs that trouble her, it seems to this Christian preacher that our suspicion is properly directed not at the great texts but at the dean's advice on how to listen to them.

Lord Carey speaks out over letter accusing him of discourtesy

[VirtueOnline] April 26, 2006--We'll speak to the former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey. An open letter to Archbishop Carey appeared in The Sunday Times newspaper last week, accusing him of discourtesy and disloyalty towards his successor, Archbishop Rowan Williams. Archbishop Carey retired in 2002.

Anglican liberals pen rebuke to former head

[Sydney Morning Herald] April 27, 2006--A group of of Australian Anglicans, including two leading bishops, has intervened in the church's international row over gay bishops, accusing the previous archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, of disloyalty.

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Jack Estes: Times Up. Point of Decision for the Episcopal Church USA

[Global South Anglican] April 26, 2006--There are two visions competing for the heart and soul of the Episcopal Church. They are separate and distinct. They are irreconcilable. The two cannot be brought together in unity, because at the very heart of each reside fundamental assumptions and principles that are radically opposed to one another. In order to merge the Progressive vision with the Orthodox vision, a compromise would be required of such a serious nature that either vision would cease to exist. Since General Convention 2003, the proponents of each have played the waiting game, hoping to garner strength from within, from the ranks of the faithful, and acceptance from without, in the fellowship of the Anglican Communion. But now, time is up.

Nigeria Bishop "Survives" Assassination Attempt, One Killed

[BosNewsLife] April 25, 2006--Bishop of Wusasa in northern Nigeria survives asassination attempt.

The Foolishness of the Cross, Part Two

[The Christian Post] April 26, 2006--In 1 Corinthians chapter 1, Paul argues that God's purposes in the world are accomplished "through the foolishness of the message preached." The message that the cross of Jesus Christ saves those who believe--this is what is well-pleasing to God. There is no "gifted program" in heaven. There is no fast track. There is no special education class. When we get to heaven, we will have a perfected knowledge. We will no longer see though a glass darkly, but once glorified, we shall see him face to face. But until then, we have to recognize that God uses intelligence and wisdom, but only the intelligence that He has sanctified, and only the wisdom He himself gives. It is a counter-intuitive wisdom--a wisdom that runs entirely counter to the wisdom of the age.

Italy to Remove 'Da Vinci Code' Ad

[The Christian Post] April 25, 2006--The Interior Ministry said Tuesday it would remove a poster promoting "The Da Vinci Code" movie from the scaffolding of a Rome church undergoing renovation after its clergymen complained, officials said Tuesday.

Upcoming Movie Renews 'Da Vinci Code' Debate

[The Christian Post] April 26, 2006--A line from Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" tells you why it's easily the most disputed religious novel of all time: "Almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false."

Methodists Continue to See Consistent Drop in U.S. Church Membership

[The Christian Post] April 25, 2006--Worship attendance has been on a consistent decline for the United Methodist Church in the United States, according to a report from the denomination’s finance agency. But for conferences in Africa, Asia and Europe, numbers have shot up over the past several years.

Over 11,000 Displaced, Killed in Latest Burma Attacks

[The Christian Post] April 26, 2006--The latest attacks in Western and Northern Karen state by the Burma army has caused the displacement and deaths of more than 11,000 Burmese civilians in recent weeks.

Lambeth summit over Communion

[Church of England Newspaper] April 28, 2006--A ‘series of consultations’ to head off ‘schism’ in the Anglican Communion are taking place at Lambeth Palace, as the Archbishop of Canterbury considers potential fall-out from the American General Convention in June. On Monday the Archbishop met with senior bishops and representatives of mission agencies, Anglican Mainstream and the Anglican Consultative Council to discuss a range of scenarios for dealing with the crisis.

Atheism is on the run says Bishop

[Church of England Newspaper] April 28, 2006--Atheism is on the run, according to a senior bishop. But the same bishop also declares, in an up-beat message to his flock, that there is too much religion about.

Panel to review Canadian divisions

[Church of England Newspaper] April 28, 2006--The May 9 meeting of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference will review the divisions in the Canadian diocese of New Westminster, The Church of England Newspaper has learned. Cheryl Chang, Executive Director of the Anglican Network in Canada, stated they had been advised by the Panel staff “that our application has been sent to the Panel members and is currently under consideration.”

US Episcopalians fail on attendance

[The Church of England Newspaper] April 28, 2006--American Episcopalians have the lowest rate of worship attendance of any Christian denomination, a Gallup poll reports. Episcopalians come third from last on the table of weekly attendance with less than one in three attending services, beating only Jews and those who have no religion. The Episcopal Church “is prone to attract people with less sense of being full-blown Episcopalians than simply participants in a particular congregation that happens to be Episcopal” the Rev Dr William Sachs, Vice President for Learning and Leadership at the Episcopal Church Foundation in New York, told The Church of England Newspaper. “The good news is that we get people in the door; the challenge is to hold them and to form them,” Dr Sachs, the Church’s leading statistician, noted.

For more The Church of England Newspaper articles, go to

Why Some Men Don't Like Church

[] April 26, 2006--Promise Keepers held a Media Day in March where they discussed the problem of why men don't go to church as much as women.

Commentary: End of Language As We Know It

[Alliance Defense Fund] April 26, 2006--A popular children’s book once pondered the perils of giving a mouse a cookie.

If you give a mouse a cookie, it reasoned, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk—followed by a straw to drink it with, a mirror to check for a milk mustache, scissors to give himself a trim, and numerous other items that trap the generous giver in an endless stream of overwhelming cause and effect.

The demanding rodent seems sweet and innocent enough, but his desires become “needs,” and his “needs” soon become a long and absurd list.

The situation in American society isn’t much different, except the “mouse” has been replaced with minority fringe groups and individuals at best make up between 2 and 4 percent of the population,[1] and the “cookie” is an unending list of legislation, laws, special benefits, and demands that must be passed, granted, or met in the name of “tolerance.”

Witnessing Made Easier

[] April 26, 2006--When sharing Christ, it's important to earn the right to be heard.

Leader's Insight: Breaking Da Vinci

[] April 26, 2006--A pastor's response to The Da Vinci Code phenomenon and the doubts it raises.

Desperate Times

[] April 26, 2006--If only sex were as simple as "the birds and the bees." And perhaps it is. Like the creatures of nature, sex is a part of God's good creation. Yet, just as birds drop and bees sting, human sexuality can create sudden messes and unanticipated pain in many lives.

No Time. No Resources. No Leaders

[] April 26, 2006--Four tricks to launch something big with small resources.

A.G. beefs up fight against child porn; Supreme Court rules for religious expression in schools

[Baptist Press] April 26, 2006--U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is making the protection of children from exploitation over the Internet a top priority in the Justice Department, saying it’s time to “deliver a wakeup call about the true nature and scope of this criminal activity -- the depth of the depravity and the harm being inflicted upon innocent children.”

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' upheld by federal judge

[Baptist Press] April 26, 2006--A federal judge April 24 upheld the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on homosexuals, dismissing a lawsuit filed by 12 former members of the armed forces who argue the policy is unconstitutional.

Successful Female Author Says Working Mothers Short-Change Children

[LifeSite] April 26, 2006-- Author Caitlin Flanagan has shaken up the world of feminism by saying working mothers deprive their children of the ideal home situation—a stay-at-home mom.

Quebecer tells Massachusetts Legislators of Danger to Children in Homosexual “Marriage”

[LifeSite] April 26, 2006--Quebec resident, Louis DeSerres, added his testimony April 11, to that of Dawn Stefanowicz in hearings on homosexual “marriage” in Massachusetts. Stefanowicz had told legislators of her “traumatizing” upbringing in a homosexual household where her father introduced her to the gay subculture.

Supreme Court Allows Decision to Stand Protecting Religious Speech in Public Schools

[LifeSite] April 26, 2006--Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a ruling by a federal court of appeals to stand that declared public schools cannot censor the religious viewpoints of students in class assignments. The case, Baldwinsville School District v. Peck, involved a school district's censorship of a kindergartner's art poster that contained a picture of Jesus. Liberty Counsel represents Antonio Peck, the student whose poster was censored.

Lawsuit of Lesbian Denied Artificial Insemination Reaches California Supreme Court

[LifeSite] April 26, 2006-- A lawsuit filed by a California lesbian who lost an appeal against the doctors who refused to artificially inseminate her, charging that she was discriminated against because of the doctor’s religious beliefs, has reached the state’s Supreme Court.

Amnesty International Considers Pushing Enforcement of Abortion as Human Right

[LifeSite] April 25, 2006--Ominously proposes punishing "abuses of sexual and reproductive rights by private persons, organizations"

Christian Business Ordered to Duplicate Homosexual Activist Videos

[Concerned Women for America] April 25, 2006--In a case similar to a Canadian Christian printer’s punishment for declining a job for a homosexual activist group, an Arlington, Virginia, video duplicator has been ordered by the Arlington County Human Rights Commission to do a job for a lesbian activist.

Suit Filed after Kentucky College Boots Gay Man

[BREITBART.COM] April 25, 2006--A gay-rights group sued Gov. Ernie Fletcher on Tuesday for not vetoing $11 million in state funds earmarked for a Baptist college that expelled an openly gay student this month.

Modern Aftermath of the Crusades

[Zenit News Agency] March 11, 2006--The Crusades may be causing more devastation today than they ever did in the three centuries when most of them were fought, according to one expert.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bishop accused of cashing in on the 'Da Vinci heresy'

[The Telegraph] April 23, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury condemned it in his Easter address and its story undermines basic tenets of the Christian faith.

But The Da Vinci Code has now found sanctuary - glorification even - within the walls of one of England's oldest Anglican cathedrals and today Winchester Cathedral will shun the controversy surrounding the novel and begin a three-month programme of events taking advantage of its huge commercial success.

The Episcopate

[VirtueOnline] April 25, 2006--What sort of persons should be elected to the Episcopate? In the 36 years I was in the Episcopal Church (1969-2005), the typical career path for a bishop was to graduate from seminary, become an assistant at a large parish or cathedral, move on to their own parish, then to a corporate parish, and from there to the Episcopate.

'Sooner or Later’ – California Consents and General Convention 2006

[Anglican Communion Institute] April 24, 2006--What follows is not an effort at maximally accurate speculation, but is intended as a thought experiment on where ECUSA appears to be, in the light of its various reports and actions over the past months. General Convention 2006 is now but 50 days away....

Something Old, Something New

[] April 25, 2006--Archbishop wants Christians, left and right, to learn from church history.

Dan Brown's Gift to The Church

[] April 25, 2006--Rather than ignore or boycott The Da Vinci Code, Christians now have a great opportunity to share their faith—and to sharpen their own beliefs in the process.

'Da Vinci Code' Debunking to Hit National Television

[The Christian Post] April 24, 2006--There's a strong and definite interest in things related to Jesus Christ, according to a producer of a new documentary refuting The Da Vinci Code.

Top Religious Leaders Sign Joint Statement to Protect Marriage

[The Christian Post] April 24, 2006--Around 50 prominent religious leaders across the lines of theological division have signed an ''unprecedented'' petition in support of a constitutional amendment blocking same-sex ''marriage.''

Christian Minorities in Iran Seek Freedom to Proclaim Faith in Public

[The Christian Post] April 25, 2006--Christian minorities in Iran are confined to sharing their faith only within their communities, a Swiss Catholic Church delegation reported after a weeklong visit to the Islamic country.

Kentucky Gov. OKs Funds for Baptist College that Expelled Gay Student

[The Christian Post] April 25, 2006--Gov. Ernie Fletcher said Monday he would not veto $11 million in funding for a private Baptist college that expelled an openly gay student.

US Bishops Join Petition for Constitutional Change to Block Same-Sex Marriage

[LifeSite] April 24, 2006--A significant number of prominent leaders in the Roman Catholic Church have thrown their weight behind a petition supporting a constitutional amendment that would block same-sex marriage.

Court Tells Christian Club Its Mission Not Harmed by Non-Believing Leaders

[AgapePress] April 24, 2006--An attorney with the American Family Association says a Christian club at a university in California likely will appeal a federal judge's ruling that a state law school can discriminate against the club.

Second Time Around -- Massachusetts Elementary School Shows Its Rainbow Colors

[AgapePress] April 24, 2006-- Some parents in Massachusetts are fed up with Lexington school officials who are defending a second-grade teacher's decision to read students a book about homosexual romance and "marriage" in class.

Evaluating Our Converts

[] April 25, 2006--One of the great loves of my life is preaching the gospel in a variety of contexts whether it be from the pulpit, over the airwaves of Christian talk radio, or a through a multitude of other opportunities granted by God in personal evangelism. Weighty and eternal issues are at stake in this endeavor including the integrity of the message, method, and motive; the obligation placed upon us by God to evangelize and then disciple; the burning desire to see as many converted as possible; and the quality of our supposed converts.

Supreme Court Won't Rule on Kindergartener's Religious Discrimination Case

[] April 25, 2006--The Supreme Court Monday refused to hear the case of a New York kindergartner who sued his school after the Jesus poster he submitted for a class assignment on saving the environment was allegedly censored.

Related article:
Supreme Court Won't Hear Fight Over Jesus Poster - The Christian Post

Author Says Profs' Protest Propels Book Sales Skyward

[Agape Press] April 21, 2006--The author of a controversial, edgy, conservative book about what's happened to America is thanking liberal professors at Ohio State University's Mansfield campus for effectively publicizing the book.

Catholics, Protestants join to disprove claims of Da Vinci Code

[Catholic News Agency] April 24, 2006--Catholic and Protestant churches in Colorado are joining forces to rebut the claims made about Christianity in the The Da Vinci Code before it hits movie theaters May 19, reported the Denver Rocky Mountain News. They say they want to counter the story's fabrications, not boycott the book or movie.

Allo, Allo, Da Vinci expert attracts police interest

[] April 25, 2006- When apologetics expert Dr. Greg Clarke received a call from police detectives in Parramatta, he admits that Dan Brown's 'Da Vinic Code' was the last thing on his mind.

Ga. governor authorizes funding for Bible classes in public high schools

[Baptist Press] April 24, 2006--Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed legislation April 20 authorizing public high schools in the state to offer courses in the history and literature of the Bible, provided the courses are taught “in an objective and nondevotional manner with no attempt made to indoctrinate students.”

Da Vinci 'Fact or Fiction' DVD available through La. conv.

[Baptist Press] April 24, 2006--Did Jesus Christ have a wife? Is the Bible a mere compilation of ancient manuscripts? Will the upcoming Sony release of "The DaVinci Code" create a panic in the Christian community?

‘Da Vinci’ worldview called ‘irreconcilable’ with Christianity

[Baptist Press] April 24, 2006--It’s only fiction.

“Day Of Truth” confronts homosexual agenda

[Baptist Press] April 24, 2006--In the California Theater of America’s growing Culture War, the advocates of homosexual behavior have opened what the old World War II movies used to call a “second front.”

Monday, April 24, 2006

News and Articles from around the Web

The Anglican Communion:
"Anglican Primate announces retirement" - The Anglican Church of Canada
"Letter to the Church from Archbishop Andrew Hutchison" - The Anglican Church of Canada,,1759842,00.html
"Lord Carey hits back at critics' open letter" - Guardian Unlimited
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"Does the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem hate Israel?" - Arutz Sheva

The Episcopal Church:"Bishop Incites Fear and Loathing in Clergy" - VirtueOnline
"Two bishops. Two paths. One decision" - Stand Firm
"Toward Columbus: 'Restorative justice' at heart of proposed disciplinary change" -Episcopal News Service/ VirtueOnline
"Toward Columbus: Ministry canons revision process continues" - Episcopal News Service/VirtueOnline
"Standing Committee Again calls on Bennison to Resign" - VirtueOnline
"304-year-old church outside Philadelphia to close" - Associated Press/VirtueOnline

"Bin Laden Tries to Put Religious Spin on Darfur Conflict" -

The Persecuted Church:
"Pray For Christians In Egypt" Christianity Today (Australian Edition)

The Purpose-Driven Life"Rick Warren Launches Latest Purpose Driven Ministry" - Christianity Today (UK)

The Gospel of Judas: "A spectator's guide to the Gospel of Judas" -

The Da Vinci Code:
"'Da Vinci Code' rebuttals pop up" - USA Today,0,2805697.story?coll=orl-home-entlife
"Before film opens, Christians rally to decry 'Da Vinci Code'" - Orlando Sentinal
"Clerics challenge the ‘Code’" - Portsmouth Herald

New Age:
"But did they also influence Christianity?" - Columbian Missourian

Harry Potter:
"Harry Potter books attacked, defended" - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Culture Wars:
"Furrowed Brows Inc." - Christianity Today
"A Religious Push Against Gay Unions" - The New York Times

The Christian Life:,%20Odili%20tells%20Christians&qrColumn=FRONT%20PAGE
"Desist from unwholesome acts, Odili tells Christians" - The Tide Online

Can the Episcopal Church Recover?

[VirtueOnline] April 23, 2006--We are about to choose a new leader for our community. If we do not face the dysfunction in our present leadership, we can predict that we will continue to choose leadership that will perpetuate this denial.

Palestinian Christians: persecuted, betrayed, forced out of their homes and sacrificed

[VirtueOnline] April 22, 2006--The Palestinian Christian is an endangered species. When the modern state of Israel was established there were about 400,000 of us. Two years ago the number was down to 80,000. Now it's down to 60,000. At that rate, in a few years there will be none of us left. When this happens non Christian groups will move into our churches and claim them for ever. Palestinian Christians within Israel fare little better. On the face of it, their number has grown by 20,000 since 1991. But this is misleading, for the census classification "Christian" includes some 20,000 recent non-Arab migrants from the former Soviet Union.

Braver new world: Is Christianity in America a sun rising or setting?

[VirtueOnline] April 23, 2006--The pro-life movement, no thanks to me, scored a victory last month when Gov. Mike Rounds of South Dakota signed House bill 1215, which outlaws abortion except to save the mother's life. This is just the beginning, of course, but once the rudder of a ship is turned, the important thing is the direction, not the number of knots to go.

The Foolishness of the Cross, Part One

[The Christian Post] April 24, 2006--The foolishness of the cross underlines the scandalous nature of the Christian ministry. In 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, the apostle Paul reminds us of the fact that the Christian ministry is a scandalous business. It always has been and it always will be. If you are looking for a non-scandalous life, if you hope to preach a non-scandalous message, then the Christian ministry is the wrong place for you. You have heard the wrong call. In this particular passage, Paul's great theme is the foolishness of the word of the Cross. Paul's language is familiar to us because we have read and heard these words so many times. In fact, we have probably become too familiar with them, because what Paul says here, as the Corinthians would have heard it, is a revolutionary message, a counterintuitive message, a counter-cultural message, and in all probability, the Corinthians were not quite prepared to hear this. For what Paul says is that the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those of us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

A Believer's To-Be List

[] April 24, 2006--When I turned 50, I had a complete physical checkup. Doctors poked, prodded, x-rayed, and even cut open parts of my body to assess and repair the damage I had done. At the same time, I scheduled a spiritual checkup, too. I went on a silent retreat led by a wise spiritual director.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Expert damns Church response to Judas gospel

[swissinfo] April 22, 2006--Rodolphe Kasser, who translated the 1,700-year-old Gospel of Judas, tells swissinfo that the Church's rejection of the manuscript smacks of "intellectual laziness".

‘Gospel of Judas’ not seen as threat to Christian belief

[The Royal Gazette] April 22, 2006--“This document, apparently written some 100 years after the Gospels of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, poses the interesting idea that Jesus ‘put Judas up to the notion of betraying him.’

“A likely story! on at least two grounds; first, it was written a long time after the others and thus lacks their immediacy and authenticity. As someone has said, it is 100 years too late! And secondly, it seems hardly credible that Jesus would do such a thing, given his integrity, evident throughout his ministry. He was not given to the use of subterfuge in his dealings with others. The Church has withstood over the centuries many challenges and has survived and thrived. This particular challenge is hardly deserving of overmuch time being expended on it and should not disturb the faithful believer.”

Would-be ministers swamp Anglicans

[The Sydney Morning Herald] April 23, 2006--Moore Theological College, which trains clergy for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, is expanding so quickly it will soon outgrow its Newtown premises.

Opression: the new ECUSA mantra

[VirtueOnline] April 21, 2006--Oppression has become the new mantra and buzzword for liberals and revisionists in their attacks on the orthodox in The Episcopal Church.

Ekklesia leader blasts Griswold over sexuality statement

[VirtueOnline] April 21, 2006--In an April 21st article in The Guardian newspaper, ECUSA Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold is reported to have said: "I am very aware that issues of poverty, disease and civil war are life and death issues of the sort we should be concentrating on, not our preoccupation with a particular manifestation of sexuality. I think it is possibly the work of the Evil One, making us fixate on sexuality rather than the more urgent things of the world."

The quote is very revealing.

SCLM Proposes Rites of Passage

[The Living Church] April 21, 2006--In a Blue Report of nearly 42,000 words, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) has proposed prayers and rites for many of life’s major transitions, including birth, betrothal, and death. All of these prayers and rites are supplemental to what appears in the Book of Common Prayer. Deputies and bishops to General Convention will discuss, revise, and vote on the prayers at the 75th legislative session in June.

Bishops Give Notice on Property

[The Living Church] April 21, 2006--Bishops on both coasts have taken steps in advance of the 75th General Convention to clarify their ownership claim to parish property in the event of a split. Last month Executive Council authorized an expenditure of $100,000 from short-term reserves for the House of Bishops’ ad hoc task force on property disputes.

Gay Rights Group Stops By Wheaton College

The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--A gay activist group seeking equality for gay students held a public forum at Wheaton College on Thursday to discuss theological and biblical issues concerning homosexuality.

The Conservative Humanist

[] April 21, 2006--Those who are pro-life and pro-family should have no problem being pro-human.

Turning Point: The Crowning of Charlemagne

[] April 21, 2006--Few moments in world history proved to be of greater significance than what transpired in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome on Christmas Day in the year 800.

Answering the Call

[] April 21, 2006--Before taking a call as a pastor, ponder these three considerations.

A Personal Approach

[] March 31, 2006--Scripture offers assurance that kids can enter an authentic relationship with Jesus. You probably even know of examples that show children do commit their young lives to Jesus. So the question becomes how?

The Biblical Portrait of Women

[] April 21, 2006--The Bible is, and has always been, a revolutionary book. It stands like a coastal rock cliff to resist the surging, crashing waves of cultural change. And there may be no clearer demonstration of the Bible's immutable word than what it teaches about genuine femininity.

Dobson Urges Parents to "Rise Up" Against Homosexualization of Children in Schools

[LifeSite] April 21, 2006--Cites California Senate bill mandating homosexualization of all school curricula

Court Upholds School Ban on “Homosexuality is Shameful” T-Shirt

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006-- A US federal appeals court, the notorious 9th circuit court, has ruled in a 2-1 decision, that a t-shirt with the words, “Be Ashamed, Our School Embraced What God Has Condemned” on the front and “Homosexuality Is Shameful” on the back can be banned from public schools because it is “denigrating” to homosexuals and their lifestyle. The shirts, the ruling read, are “injurious to gay and lesbian students and interfered with their right to learn.”

Howard Dean to Churches: Give up Religion or Stay out of Politics to Keep Tax Exempt Status

[Life4Site] April 21, 2006--Fidelis, a national Catholic based advocacy group, called on Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee to explain himself after telling the Christian Science Monitor Wednesday that "The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics."

Help Fight Planned Parenthood's Graphic Teen Sex Tax Funded TV Commercial

[LifeSite] April 21, 2006--$265 million in federal, state and local tax funding pays "for this filth", says Jim Sedlak

New U.S. Internet Porn Law Introduced - Triples Fines for ISPs Failing to Report Child Porn

[LifeSite] April 21, 2006--Attorney General Announces Legislative Initiative to Combat Internet Child Porn and Obscenity

'Mainstream' Porn is More and More about Child Porn Says US Women’s Group

[LifeSite] April 21, 2006--"adult" porn industry cares nothing about who's wrecked and ruined along the way

Belgian Gays to Legally Adopt Children

[LifeSite] April 21, 2006--Belgium is rivalling the Netherlands for the title of European country most eager to throw off traditional Judeo/Christian morality. The Belgian Senators in Brussels today narrowly ruled that homosexual couples, long able to “marry” under the law, can now adopt children and complete their simulations of normal family life.

Massachusetts 2nd-grade teacher reads class 'gay marriage' book; administrator backs her

[Baptist Press] April 20, 2006--Massachusetts second-grade teacher is being criticized for reading a book about "gay marriage" to her students, and conservatives say it is an example of what happens when a state redefines one of society's most important institutions.

Al Gore affirms 'gay love,' now 'gay marriage'?; Canadian court sides with religious freedom

[Baptist Press] April 20, 2006--Former Vice President Al Gore delivered the keynote speech at a homosexual group's dinner in late March, and while he didn't directly mention "gay marriage," he implied that he supported its eventual legalization.

ERLC, Focus ask SBC pastors to promote marriage amend.

[Baptist Press] April 20, 2006--The Southern Baptist Convention’s public policy entity and the advocacy offshoot of a well-known pro-family organization have collaborated to urge pastors to promote support for a federal amendment to protect marriage.

Getting ready for a vote on marriage

[Baptist Press] April 20, 2006--A pre-Easter column in The Washington Post quotes an announcement from First Lady Laura Bush’s office: “Mrs. Bush wants to make sure all families are welcome to attend the Easter Egg Roll.” The event, complete with petting zoos, staff members dressed as bunnies, and 14,200 Easter eggs, is sometimes marked by a brief visit from the president and a story read by the first lady.

Friday, April 21, 2006

ACN Announces Children & Youth Initiative

[Anglican Communion Network] April 21, 2006--The Anglican Communion Network (ACN) is pleased to announce a new initiative focused on evangelizing and discipling children and youth in North America through orthodox Anglican churches. “Reaching children and youth of the 21st century is a top priority for the Network,” said the Rev. Canon Daryl Fenton, Chief Operating Officer for the ACN. “We have a biblical mandate to find relevant, meaningful ways of presenting the Gospel message to every generation, and I believe that as a Church we have failed to do this effectively over the past few decades.”

The constitutional crisis we face when the Queen is gone,,1758160,00.html

[Guardian Unlimited] April 21, 2006--Read the coronation service and it's clear this framework of monarchy and established church cannot outlive Elizabeth.

New York New York – Gay issue may split Church

[] April 21, 2006--A Bajan cleric in New York City didn't have a vision but his prediction turned out to be a hard bit of reality.

"It is not about the civil rights of gay priests and bishops but the selfishness of one man and his lover," he said on August 6, 2003, the day after the General Convention of the United States Episcopal Church approved the election of the Rt Rev Gene Robinson as the first openly gay bishop of the United States Church.

What the rector of a Brooklyn parish was warning against was that Robinson's pursuit of a bishopric split the Church, which was once the dominant Christian body in the United States, but is now a shell of its former self.

Carey rebuts open letter as ‘mischievous and damaging’

[Church Times] April 21, 2006--Lord Carey has described as "baseless and ill-informed" the concerns expressed in an open letter that rebukes him for apparently offering himself as "an alternative leader" to his successor as Archbishop of Canterbury.

US church leader edges away from gay bishops confrontation,,1758207,00.html

[Guardian Unlimited] April 21, 2006--The leader of the US Episcopal church, which is in danger of being expelled from the worldwide Anglican communion for its election of an openly homosexual bishop, has warned parishioners of the diocese of California that they would widen the confrontation it they chose another gay bishop. In a fortnight’s time the diocese, centred on San Francisco, will choose its next bishop from six candidates, three of whom are gay.

Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, Frank Griswold, presiding bishop of the US church, said: “The diocese needs to respect the sensibilities of the larger communion. It will note what is going on in the life of the church and make a careful and wise decision. It will then be up to the house of bishops to give or withhold their consent. Given what has happened over the last three years, I think there will be increased sensitivity.”

Bishop Griswold met Dr Rowan Williams in Canterbury to discuss the measures the church proposes to defuse the situation at its triennial general convention in Ohio in June.

Anglican Mainstream posted the following commentary on the points made by Presiding Bishop Griswold.

• If Bishop Griswold is asking the electors in San Francisco to step back and respect the sensibilities of the Communion, why could he not have done the same in New Hampshire?

• The common argument that poverty, disease and civil war are more important fails to recognize that it is precisely those most afflicted by these evils who are clearest that obedience to God’s provision for marriage is the best for human society. Do we further marginalize the poor by also telling them that we know better than them about God’s will in this matter, and on what basis?

• The issue of sexuality is one that pervades western society. The church cannot ignore it. To care for the good expression of God’s good gift is not the work of the Evil One but of the Lord himself.

• An appeal for unity from Bishop Griswold is ironic to say the least. Remember whose actions provoked this crisis and which people have walked apart from the teaching of the communion.

Leader's Insight: Stair-Step Evangelism

[] April 21, 2006--It's slow, and to some people it may look like failure, but evangelism is all about steps.

Preaching to Red Apples

[] April 21, 2006--An Interview about Evangelism with James MacDonald

How Do You Know You're Effective?

[] April 21, 2006--Experience in teaching doesn't tend to sharpen my abilities; rather it dulls them. Evaluated experience improves my skills.

The Heart of a Servant Leader

[] April 21, 2006--Most leadership books and seminars focus on leader behavior and try to improve leadership style and methods. The emphasis is on the hands of the leader. They attempt to change leadership from the outside. Yet in reaching people to lead like Jesus, we have found that effective leadership starts on the inside; it is a heart issue. We believe if we don’t get the heart right, then we simply won’t ever become servant leaders like Jesus.

Islamic States Press for Limits on Free Expression

[] April 21, 2006--Islamic groups and governments are pressing ahead with a campaign to have international organizations take steps, including legal ones, to provide protection for their religion in the wake of the Mohammed cartoon controversy.

Anticipating the Da Vinci 'Tsunami'

[The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--It's one of the hugest challenges to the church and to the Christian faith in this lifetime. Yet, it's also one of the greatest opportunities for Christians, according to a best-selling author and evangelical.

Malaysia's Top Court to Decide If Muslims Can Leave Islam without Shariah Approval

[The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--Malaysia's highest court has agreed to decide whether the country's Islamic court has the exclusive right to deal with Muslims who renounce their faith.

Georgia OKs Bible Classes, Ten Commandments

[The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--Georgia became what is believed to be the first state to offer government-sanctioned elective classes on the Bible, with Gov. Sonny Perdue signing a bill into law Thursday.

How to Get Your Community's Attention

[The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--As I drive the freeways of southern California, I often find myself praying, "Lord, how can I get all these people to slow down long enough to hear the Good News? How can I get their attention?"

The Pastor As Theologian, Part Three

[The Christian Post] April 21, 2006--As a theologian, the pastor must be known for what he teaches, as well as for what he knows, affirms, and believes. The health of the church depends upon pastors who infuse their congregations with deep biblical and theological conviction. The means of this transfer of conviction is the preaching of the Word of God.

Christian Group Denied Recognition By Law School

[] April 19, 2006-- At San Francisco's Hastings Law School, students belong to lots of clubs. There's Middle Eastern Law Students Association. There's a Poker Club. And there's the Christian Legal Society. They can all use classrooms for their meetings. Most get to use the seal of Hastings in their correspondence and get cash from the school to help run the group. The Christian Legal Society can not. So they took on Hastings. The fought the law school and the law school won.

Louisiana Abortion Ban Moves Closer to Passage

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006--A proposal to make almost all abortions illegal in the state of Louisiana moved forward through the Senate Health and Welfare committee yesterday, coming one step closer to law.

Librarian Persecuted for Conservative Book Recommendations Fires back with Lawsuit

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006--Officials at the Ohio State University Mansfield campus are facing a lawsuit from librarian Scott Savage whom they were investigating for “sexual harassment” after he suggested a number of politically conservative books for a freshman reading program.

Related article:
University rebuffs 'gay' profs, warns librarian not to retaliate - WorldNetDaily

Gay-Lesbian Bookstore Back at Supreme Court to Fight Canada Customs

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006--The Supreme Court of Canada has reserved judgement in a case launched by a homosexual bookstore in Vancouver that is seeking funding to pursue a charge against Canada Customs officials.

Homosexual Activists Demand Canadian Capital City Fund 'Gay Pride' Parade

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006--Ottawa’s 'gay pride' parade organizers can’t find sponsors to fund the event, and they want the city to step in and contribute at least $25,000 to the “effectively bankrupt” organization.

Russian Constitutional Court to Hear 'Gay Marriage' Case Next Year

[LifeSite] April 20, 2006--A deputy in the State Assembly of a Russian Republic has been granted an inquiry by the country’s constitutional court, to investigate the legality of same-sex “marriage.”

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nigerian Archbishop Demands Justice

[] April 20, 2006--Peter Akinola affirms warning to government and Muslims, fires back on the Western press.

Dave Hope Ordained in Destin

[Anglican Mission in America] April 15, 2006--The Anglican Mission in America has a new priest whose road to spiritual leadership took him through one of the top American musical acts of the 1970’s. Dave Hope, an original member and bass player of the band ‘Kansas’ was ordained on April 2nd at Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin, Florida, where he serves on staff. Although he was once a ‘rock star’, he has been serving in Christian ministry for many years.

Fulfilling God's Promises

[] April 20, 2006--The Message of the New Testament shows how Jesus carries out the Old Testament.

Bishop Sisk Praises Report by Special Commission

[The Living Church] April 19, 2006--The Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, Bishop of New York and co-chair of the special commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion said the report issued by the commission is indicative of the Church’s commitment to walk together with the rest of the Communion.

A church asunder

[The New Yorker] April 17, 2006--In the late summer of 1965, a high-school valedictorian named Gene Robinson anxiously set off from Lexington, Kentucky, for college. He was the first in his family to come so far, and the school he’d chosen, the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee, was not an obvious fit. Sewanee, as the school is known, was conceived, by an Episcopal bishop turned Confederate general, as an √©lite institution of learning for the sons of the landed class. A century later, when Gene Robinson arrived on campus, Sewanee remained an insular place, a mountaintop sanctuary known for its academic rigor, its cultivated airs, and a full measure of that particular Southern regard for tradition. A Sewanee man, dressed always in jacket and tie, was a gentleman of breeding, who had likely attended a preparatory school. Gene Robinson had grown up on a dirt farm, the son of tobacco sharecroppers, and had gone to Sewanee on a scholarship after graduating from public school.

Carey condemns suicide bombing in Tel Aviv

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2006--The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey has weighed in on the recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and sent a personal letter to Dr. Irene Lancaster, Research Fellow at the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester, condemning the attack.

Emerging orthodx group sets sights on heretical bishops

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2006--Barely weeks away from the 75th General Convention, and possibly the last for orthodox Episcopalians, a new group of laypersons calling themselves LEAC, Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion, has formed to address the present crisis in the American Episcopal Church, and, in the words of its founder, "to educate passive, faithful Episcopalians ("the silent middle 80%") to know and understand the gravity of radical Episcopal bishops' offenses against the Lord himself and His Scripture."

Can two walk together?

[VirtueOnline] April 20, 2006--The Living Church wishes that some of you people would calm down....

Growth - does only numerical growth count?

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2006--Evangelization is a certain duty, vocation and privilege of the local church and of each baptized member therein but it is not the first duty. Let us reflect upon this claim.

Putting the Gospel of Judas in perspective

[VirtueOnline] April 19, 2006--The newswires have been buzzing this week with racy headlines announcing the newly published Gospel of Judas.

Crash Goes The Da Vinci Code

[VirtueOnline] April 18, 2006--Since Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code, exploded on the scene, I have been asked numerous times by interested Christians to provide evidence against the claims in the book. I have generally responded to such requests via individual letters or emails. I had not originally intended to write a formal apologetic against the book. However, the requests continue to come in. I have therefore written this brief special report to provide an apologetic response to the more glaring errors in Brown's book.

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

[VirtueOnline] April 18, 2006--For centuries many of the world's distinguished philosophers have assaulted Christianity as being irrational, superstitious and absurd. Many have chosen simply to ignore the central issue of the resurrection. Others have tried to explain it away through various theories. But the historical evidence just can't be discounted.

Attorney: Churches don't violate IRS code when supporting marriage amendments

[Baptist Press] April 19, 2006--Churches can support proposed constitutional marriage amendments without any fear of losing their tax-exempt status, an attorney with a religious liberty organization says.

Networks sue FCC over indecency rulings; homosexual egg rollers get no time with Bush

[Baptist Press] April 19, 2006--Soulforce and other homosexual rights advocates had planned to make a statement in Washington this spring by lining up 1,000 “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender” families to participate in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. But they ended up with less than 200 such families and didn’t even get that coveted time mingling with President Bush on the South Lawn.

Poll: Majority of Americans don't believe in evolution

[Baptist Press] April 19, 2006--Once again, a nationwide poll shows that Americans are prone not to believe in evolution -- even if many academic leaders and media members do.

New anti conversion law

[The Church of England Newspaper] April 21, 2006--India’s reputation for religious tolerance took a severe blow this week as Rajasthan became the sixth state in the country to enact an anti-conversion law.

Egyptians appeal for end to persecution

[The Church of England Newspaper] April 21, 2006--Recent attacks on churches in Alexandria have led to Coptic Christians in Egypt calling on the government to end the persecution. Members of Egypt’s Christian community, who make up approximately 10 per cent of the population, continue to be targets of attacks and discrimination while the government actively consents and assist in their persecution.

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