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Life is filled with transitions. Due to circumstances outside of my control I may not be publishing AnglicansAblaze as regularly as I have been for a yet undetermined period. Hurricane Katrina left many homeless. In my case I was spared the fury of the hurricane only to lose my apartment as the result of a housing shortage created by the storm. I am in the process of relocating. To exactly where I am not certain. To whatever part of God's vineyard I will serve Him best - of that I am certain.

I have published a number of articles from the main new sources that I have been using with links to those sources. I recommend that you bookmark those sources and check them every few days. Some sources publish new articles every two or threwe days; others every week. A few every month.

Coventry parish quits Episcopal diocese

[Kent Country Daily Times] May 23, 2006--The Rev. Mark Galloway was called to be the rector of St. Andrew and St. Philip in the fall of 2003. He became the rector in January 2004. He said discussions began almost immediately about what was going on in the church and what was the church's future. Galloway described the U.S. Episcopal Church as having two types of religion that exist within a single institution. "They have two views of reality and they aren't compatible anymore. While they are within a single institution, there's not enough common ground left about what the essentials of faith are anymore to keep those two sides within the same house," he said.

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'Unholy practice'

[The Nation] May 22, 2006--Anglican Bishop Dr John Holder has labelled some of his colleagues' behaviour as "unchristian".

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No Two Track Church to Heal Divisions

[VirtueOnline] May 23, 2006--The Deputy Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Canon Gregory Cameron says that a planned strategy to divide the Anglican Communion, put out by the Telegraph newspaper titled, "Archbishop backs two-track Church to heal divisions", is not true. "It is not the case," he wrote the newspaper.

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Opponents unite in support of women bishops

[The Church of England Newspaper] May 19, 2006--The prospect of creating second-class women bishops in the Church of England was rejected this week by campaigners who are urging the Church to go ahead with a single clause measure to consecrate women.

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Alexis II sacks his man in London

[Church Times] May 19, 2006--The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church in Britain has been dismissed from his post by the Moscow Patriarch seven years before he was due to retire, after a "crisis" in his diocese.

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Anglican Covenant Unlikely in Less than Five Years - Living Church reports

[Global South Anglican] May 19, 2006--The formulation and adoption of a covenant will not resolve the current division in the Anglican Communion, but could assist the process of reconciliation in the “post-Windsor” period, according to a report which has been adopted for discussion and reflection in the Communion. The report, titled “Towards an Anglican Covenant,” was accepted by the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) at a recent meeting in London.

More articles from the Global South Anglican website can be found at The site includes links to the following news sources:

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Scottish Schools to Instruct Children How to Engage in "Safe" Homosexual Sex

[LifeSite] May 23, 2006-- Scottish schoolchildren will soon be hearing about how to engage in "safe" homosexual activity, and getting advice on same-sex relationships, from their teachers.

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'Archbishop backs two-track Church to heal divisions'

[Telegraph] May 19, 2006--An audacious plan to save the worldwide Anglican Church by allowing it to divide into two tracks, one fast and the other slow, is being backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

Outrage over lesbian clergy in Ottawa

[Ottawa Citizen] May 20, 2006--Anglican Bishop Peter Coffin has allowed a married lesbian to work as a priest in Ottawa, incurring the wrath of a small but vociferous group of conservatives within the Anglican diocese.

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Apostasy trial wakes up the world

[The Anglican Planet] May 24, 2006--Most of the Western world was shocked when an Afghan Christian was threatened with execution for converting from Islam--and relieved when the charges against him were dropped and he was granted political asylum in Italy. But the case of Abdul Rahman sounded a wake-up call to the plight of Christian converts in Muslim countries. It is now being widely acknowledged, even in the secular press, that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today.

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Take Worship Outside

[] May 24, 2006--Sometimes things start out all wrong but somehow end up gloriously. Such was the case with an adult baptism service on the shores of Lake Michigan one August Sunday morning.

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Water Cooler Evangelism

[] May 24, 2006--Christians want to see the relevance of the gospel to their everyday lives and they want to demonstrate that relevance to their friends and co-workers. Primarily, they want to share their faith and do so smoothly and effectively. Many Christians are paralyzed with fear, or a failure to see the connection between the gospel and every day affairs, or an inability to segue smoothly into a conversation about Christ. Let us offer some practical help.

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A Christian response to "The Da Vinci Code"

[Baptist Press] May 23, 2006--Editor's note: This is part one of a two-part series by Mohler on "The Da Vinci Code." This is an edited version of an address given at a church in Maryland in early May.

More articles from the Baptist Press can be found at

Rajasthan Governor Refuses to Sign Anti-Conversion Bill

[The Christian Post] May 24, 2006--The governor of the northern India state of Rajasthan has refused to sign a controversial anti-conversion bill that was feared to intensify existing inter-communal tensions.

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Bishop is abandoned in deepest Africa,,3-2194565,00.html

[Times Online] May 24, 2006--Archbishop of Kenya withdraws support after taking exception to churchman's views on gays

Anglican Pope, Dual Magisterium - Anything to Save the Comm-Union

[LifeSite] May 23, 2006-- In desperation, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has developed a "covenant" to secure the fragile unity of the 77 million member Anglican Communion threatened by the liberal churches' embrace of homosexuality. The measure is an attempt to stave off a complete schism between the conservative, but more populous "global south" of the Communion, and the liberal, but wealthier developed nations. The "covenant" is Dr. Williams' measure to hold together a communion that has its African and Asian primates demanding that the American churches "repent" their 2003 ordination of the openly homosexual bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, and blessing of homosexual unions.

Towards an Anglican Covenant

[ACNS] May 22, 2006--At their meeting in March 2006, the Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council and of the Primates’ Meeting considered how the proposal in §117-120 of the Windsor Report for an Anglican Covenant could be carried forward.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Most Da Vinci Code readers believe Jesus fathered a child, poll finds

[Telegraph] May 17, 2006--The best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code has seriously damaged people's faith in the Christian Church, a survey has found.

Women Bishops - joint evangelical response

[EV News] May 17, 2006--Response to the Guildford Reportfrom a joint meeting of the Councils ofChurch Society, Fellowship of Word and Spirit, and Reform.

A dilemma rooted in the Bible,,2-2180939,00.html

[Times Online] May 15, 2006--The row over the sacking of Stephen Noon epitomises the impossible dilemma in which the Roman Catholic Church finds itself. It must either stand firmly by its traditional teaching, or set out down the path already trampled by the schism-wracked Anglican Communion.

Chuck Colson Whines about Critics of the Institute on Religion and Democracy

[PoliticalCortex] May 16, 2006--People have been getting wise to the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) -- that's the Washington, DC-based agency that has been waging a war of attrition, setting people against their pastors, their churches, denominational staff, and each other, for a generation. The aim has been to neutralize, divide and conquer the historic churches of mainline Protestantism -- apparently so that they could be displaced at the center of American political and cultural life by conservative forms of evangelical Protestantism and Catholicism. Unsurprisingly, people are writing and speaking out about all this -- and IRD doesn't like it. How can we tell? Well, the new president of IRD, Jim Tonkowich, who used to be the editor for Charles Colson's nationally syndicated radio commentary, BreakPoint, apparently got his old boss to denounce his critics, using the same shopworn smear tactics that have fueled its propadanda war for a generation.

Another attack on the Institute on Religion and Democracy from the radical left.

Bishop has a crack at Code,5936,19161569%255E2682,00.html

[The Adelaide Advertiser] May 17, 2006--The Da Vinci Code debate is heating up, with Anglican Archbishop Jeffrey Driver yesterday calling the story a "bolognese of myth, legend, speculation and fiction".

Church changes divisive, says controversial archbishop,2106,3667912a6530,00.html

[The Press] May 15, 2006--The controversial Anglican Archbishop of Sydney says Christians pushing for the ordination of women and gays as priests are divisive, and the Church would be served best by staying true to the Bible.

Scholarly Smackdown: Is 'The Da Vinci Code' Anti-Christian?

[beliefnet] May 17, 2006--One side: The story defames a faith. The other side: It launched a modern Reformation.

Sudanese priest arrested for kidnapping apostate

[Reuters] May 15, 2006--A Sudanese Anglican priest has been arrested on charges of kidnapping a Muslim woman who came to his church wanting to convert to Christianity, clergymen said on Monday.

Connecticut Six Statement in Response to the Panel of Reference Communiqué

[VirtueOnline] May 17, 2006--The Panel of Reference yesterday issued a communiqué outlining it progress to date on three references made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, including the request for intervention filed by six Connecticut Parishes. In response, the wardens representing the Parishes issued the following statement....

Anglican Communion Network Encourages Support for Priests' Petition

[VirtueOnline] May 16, 2006--The Anglican Communion Network encourages all Episcopal priests to sign an online petition that will be delivered to the presiding bishop and each member of the House of Bishops before General Convention 2006. The petition urges the Episcopal leadership "to refrain from approving any further consecrations of same sex partnered bishops; to stop all actions that allow or promote the blessing of same sex unions of any kind; to fully endorse the Windsor Report as the roadmap for maintaining full communion with the worldwide Anglican Church; and, to turn the attention of the church to the mission of reaching the lost for the sake of the Gospel."

Evangelical passion for 'Da Vinci'

[VirtueOnline] May 14, 2006--Months before director Martin Scorsese even could finish production on his 1988 film "The Last Temptation of Christ," a groundswell of evangelical Christians began protesting it.

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New Style of Worship Brings New Spirit to Mainline Church

[The Christian Post] May 15, 2006--Many mainline Protestant denominations with leveling or declining attendance are considering or experimenting with new ways of worship, following the lead of non-denominational megachurches that are growing quickly with contemporary services that appeal to young people and families.

Supreme Court Won't Rush Appeal on Same-Sex Ad

[The Christian Post] May 16, 2006--The Supreme Court refused Monday to speed up an appeal by a conservative organization seeking to air a radio ad on same sex marriage around election time.

Layman says real issue is the faith not sex

[VirtueOnline] May 15, 2006--We don't know what is going to happen at General Convention this year. The problem of two faiths within the church go back, in my memory, to Bishop Pike. The trouble is that this conflict of faith has continued to get worse and worse over the years as the percentage of ECUSA that keeps to orthodox Christianity has decreased.

When Anglicans got spirituality right

[VirtueOnline] May 14, 2006--I was reading the New York Times on Palm Sunday afternoon and was almost assaulted with articles on religion, or mention of books on religion. Of course Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life was there on the Paperback Best Seller list - where it's been for 107 consecutive weeks! But there was also Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the book that authors claimed was the inspiration for the Da Vinci Code - which was on the fiction Best Seller List where it's been for a mere 157 consecutive weeks. Along with it was The Secret Supper by Javier Sierra, an investigation into what really happened at the Last Supper.

The Christian Truth Claims

[VirtueOnline] May 16, 2006--Christianity lives or dies by the status that can be given to its central truth claims. The Christian faith at its core makes several truth claims that are both profound and for many hard to accept. While many contemporary people tend to think of the truth claims of Christianity only being difficult for modern and post-modern people, the fact is that the core truth claims of the Christian faith have always posed difficulties for some people right back to the beginning and some of the difficulties were also difficulties faced by Judaism out of which Christianity grew.

General Convention 2006: "Stepping Back" Toward Revisionist Victory?

[The Christian Challenge] May 16, 2006--The future of the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA) and its standing within the Anglican Communion now appears set to be determined chiefly by the June General Convention's decisions on compliant-sounding resolutions that, as presently written, would nonetheless leave ECUSA "pointing in the same direction."

Myths and Facts of General Convention

[VirtueOnline] May 13, 2006--Myth: General Convention Deputies are delegates representing the diocese.

18 Faculty Demand Changes to University of South Purpose Statement

[VirtueOnline] May 16, 2006--Eighteen liberal faculty at the University of the South, the Episcopal Church's only owned university, are proposing major changes to the university's purpose statement that would effectively destroy its Christian mission and Episcopal distinctiveness.

Panel of Reference to hear Canadian and US cases

[VirtueOnline] May 15, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference is considering an application from the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) on behalf of a number of orthodox parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster who are on the outs with their ultra-liberal bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster.

Parish's Slow Death Symptomatic of ECUSA's Moral Decline

[VirtueOnline] May 14, 2006--At one time, St. Mark's in Casper, Wyoming was a thriving orthodox parish of 1,100 souls. Its then rector was the Rev. Royce Brown, a moderate parish priest, and open to all sides of the theological spectrum. He was the much-loved parish priest there for 18 years. He retired in September 2004.

FiF responds to WATCH/Affirming Catholicism press release

[VirtueOnline] May 17, 2006--A press release released by WATCH & Affirming Catholicism yesterday set out their 'plans for women bishops'; you can read the text here.

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The Jesus Dynasty: How to Explain Away the New Testament

[] May 17, 2006--James Tabor's historical assumptions that reject God's activity on Earth force him into odd arguments to explain the birth of Christianity.

Back to the Garden

[] May 16, 2006--Digging in the dirt as spiritual formation.

Sex & the City of God

[] May 17, 2006--How do we respond to a corrupted culture? Two faulty examples and a better one.

Heard and Not Seen

[] May 17, 2006--Q: How do you address issues of stage presence without seeming as though you are more concerned about appearances than authentic worship?

Consider Summer Missions

[] May 17, 2006--A profitable way to spend your summer.

Plugging the Leadership Leak

[] May 17, 2006--Why leaders need to set an example of community.

Screen Selection

[] May 17, 2006--Making the right choice requires a careful consideration of these key factors.

Was Jesus' divinity an afterthought?

[Baptist Press] May 16, 2006--One of the more important claims in "The Da Vinci Code" is the position that Jesus was regarded by the early Christians as a mortal man who was a great prophet, but nothing more.

Ron Howard Accused of Anti-Catholic Bias in Refusing Da Vinci Disclaimer

[LifeSite] May 16, 2006--"Da Vinci Code" director Ron Howard has been quoted as saying there will be no disclaimer in the film. Catholic League President Bill Donohue notes that the refusal is disingenuous given the fact that many other controversial films touching religious or cultural groups had disclaimers.

Worldwide Network of Former Homosexuals Says to John Stossel: 'Give Us a Break'; Journalist's Book Says Change for Homosexuals is a Myth

[US Newswire] May 11, 2006--The largest network of former homosexuals in the world is challenging an ABC news correspondent's claim that change for homosexuals is a myth. Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, says John Stossel's new book, "Myths, Lies & Downright Stupidity" is an ignorant and callous dismissal of the lives of thousands of former homosexuals.

Barna Releases New Da Vinci Data; Warns of Movie Impact
[The Christian Post] May 15, 2006--The Barna Group released new findings Monday on the impact of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, and according to the study, the novel has not affected Americans in the way many Christians have imagined.

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"Da Vinci" unites Indian Muslims and Christians

[Reuters] May 15, 2006--A powerful organisation of Indian Islamic clerics promised on Monday to help Christian groups launch protests if the authorities did not ban the screening of the controversial film, "The Da Vinci Code".

ACLU Says the War on Christianity is a Myth

[CitizenLink] May 15, 2006--The group that is always first in line to rid the public square of any mention of Christianity now says religion has never enjoyed greater freedom and public discussion in America.

Justices Shy Away From Gay Parent's Case

[] May 15, 2006--The Supreme Court refused Monday to block a gay woman from seeking parental rights to a child she had helped raise with her partner.

Irish rejection of same-sex marriage may breach international rights law: report

[Jurist] May 12, 2006--A new report by the Irish Human Rights Commission [advocacy website] released [press release] Friday has found that Ireland may be in breach of international human rights laws because the country does not currently recognize same-sex marriages [JURIST news archive]. The Rights of De Facto Couples [PDF] report notes that Ireland gives more rights to married couples than to gay couples or unmarried heterosexual couples, and also said that the current laws may be breaching the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 [text], which requires equal human rights standards in both mostly-Protestant Northern Ireland and the mostly-Catholic south. Civil partnerships are presently recognized [JURIST report] only in Northern Ireland.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lay Pastors Ministry growing internationally in Korea, Australia and other countries

[Church Executive] May 12, 2006--"The international aspect of lay pastors ministry is flourishing," says Tom Corbell, who spent five days in May in Korea. "I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and conviction for the biblical concept for lay ministry."

Damien's second coming is a bad omen for Church,,2-2177879,00.html

[Times Online] May 13, 2006--First the Da Vinci Code and now this. The remake of a 1970s horror film presents another test of faith.

Priest charged with raping child gets bail

[Independent Online] May 13, 2006--A British priest charged with indecently assaulting a homeless 10-year-old South African boy has been given his passport back, and permission to return to the UK.

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Priest charged with raping child is given bail - The South African Star

Anger over Bible bans in hospital,5936,19124857%255E2765,00.html

[The Sunday Mail] May 14, 2006--Bibles have been banned from hospital bedsides in Queensland because health bosses fear they will offend non-Christians.

Gunmen attack religious radio station in Kenya, killing 1 person, wounding 2

[Calgary Sun] May 13, 2006--"Kenyans must know the culprits and their motive," Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi said after visiting the station in a show of solidarity with the Pentecostal church.

"The station is for spreading the good news, and faith comes by hearing the word of God," Nzimbi said. "It is not right to go at the source of the news and commit violent acts."

Bishop Turei to co-lead Anglican Church

[The Gisborne Herald] May 13, 2006--Tairawhiti-born and bred Bishop William Brown Turei has just been appointed to one of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa’s highest positions — the formal title of Primate in their new model of shared leadership.

Episcopalian 'crisis' is dragging on; Key moment coming this summer in Ohio

[The Conservative Voice] May 13, 2006--Once again, a ‘mainline’ protestant denomination will be revisiting the topic of homosexuality at a national meeting this summer. The Episcopal Church’s triennial general convention is to meet this summer in Ohio, and opponents and proponents of openly gay people serving as bishops expect the question of acceptance of homosexuality in the Episcopal Church to be a major topic at the convention. To add fuel to the fire, the California diocese is seriously considering electing a homosexual as their bishop prior to the convention, meaning that this would be the second gay bishop in the Episcopal Church.

Episcopal vote does not bring jubilation!living&s=1037645509005

[Winston-Salem Journal] May 13, 2006--The Episcopal Church sidestepped a potential crisis last Saturday when a married father of two was elected bishop of San Francisco over three gay candidates.

Election of bishop reopens debate on gays

[Stockton Record] May 13, 2006--Local Episcopal clergy are worried that a move toward more-liberal church politics within California could cause a schism between the U.S. Episcopal Church and its parent, the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Episcopal 'homophobia'?

[WorldNetDaily] May 13, 2006--Will the Episcopal Diocese of California be denounced as "homophobic"?

Anglican Women at it again: ‘War against Nakedness!’

[Church of Nigeria News] May 8, 2006--Anglican women from Asokoro Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of Abuja just recently staged a rally on ‘War against Nakedness’ at Church of Epiphany, Garki - Abuja.

APLM Says Baptism is Enough

[The Living Church] May 12, 2006--Baptism represents full initiation into the church and is the sole basis of Anglican unity, the council of the Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (APLM) said in a newly released statement.

The Doctrine of Baptism

[Church Society] May 13, 2006--In Anglican teaching baptism without repentance and faith is an empty sacrament devoid of grace. Repentence and faith may precede baptism or follow it but without it baptism has no effect.

Does baptism do anything?
In Anglican teaching the two sacraments (Baptism and the Lord's Supper) are more than just signs or symbols. Rather they are sure witnesses and effectual signs of God's grace and good will towards us. Through them he works invisibly within us, both bringing to life and also strengthening and confirming our faith in him. (Article 25).

Does it always do something?
However Anglicans do not teach an ex-opera ex-operato view of the Sacraments as the Church of Rome does. This latter view is that sacraments have power in an of themselves. Rather the sacraments are only effective in those that receive them worthily.

What is necessary for baptism to be effective?
Article 25 teaches that baptism must be received worthily. The Articles do not expand on this. However, the baptism service does in that the congregation are exhorted to pray that God will receive theise 'these present persons, truly repenting, and coming unto him by faith'.
The condition for baptism to be effective is that it is accompanied by repentance and faith.

Archbishop Challenges the Church

[The Washington Post] May 13, 2006--Twelve years ago, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu successfully fought for the end of legalized racism in apartheid South Africa. Now, his successor, Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, has turned his sights on his own church and says the time has come to abandon its "practices of discrimination."

Ever since the 2003 consecration of openly gay Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson, Ndungane has made himself an anomaly in Africa by raising a liberal voice on a continent where Robinson and the American church have been loudly condemned.

"Via Media, but Which One?"

[Global South Anglican] May 12, 2006--Bishop Duncan asks what "Via Media" means in the Episcopal Church today.

6 Million Muslims LEAVE Islam every year!!!

[VirtueOnline] May 6, 2006--The following is a partial translation of the AL-Jazeerah intervew between Maher Abdallah and Shiekh Ahmed Katani talking about the issue of 6 million muslims leaving Islam every year in Africa alone. This was a television interview that was transcribed and I translated it into English.

11 Million People Affected by East African Famine

[The Christian Post] May 12, 2006--An estimated 11 million people continue to be affected by the food crisis in East Africa that has brought together relief efforts from Christian humanitarian agencies and government bodies worldwide.

American Baptists Split Over Homosexuality, Theology

[The Christian Post] May 13, 2006--The American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest severed ties with the national denomination on Thursday, concluding a yearlong battle over the theological interpretation of homosexuality.

Indonesia Parliament Considers Imposing Islamic Law in Aceh

[The Christian Post] May 13, 2006--A bill proposed by lawmakers on the tsunami-ravaged Indonesian province of Aceh would impose Shariah, or Islamic law, on all non-Muslims, the military and police, a local law enforcement official said.

U.K. Assisted-Dying Bill Blocked Amid Protests

[The Christian Post] May 13, 2006--The Assisted-Dying Bill was dramatically blocked by the U.K. House of Lords on Friday after peers backed an amendment to delay the controversial bill for six months by 48 votes.

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Thousands of Youth Join Last BattleCry of the Year

[The Christian Post] May 13, 2006--The national BattleCry of over 60,000 teens has stretched across the states to the East coast and thousands more with faith-filled voices stood up Friday for a multi-site "reverse rebellion" rally.

You CAN Handle the Truth

[The Christian Post] May 12, 2006--A Barna Research Group survey on what Americans believe asked the question, "Is there absolute truth?" Sixty-six percent of adults responded that they believe "there is no such thing as absolute truth; different people can define truth in conflicting ways and still be correct."

Chinese Christians Defend Religious Freedom with Non-Violence, Law

[The Christian Post] May 12, 2006--Following in the footsteps of American clergyman, Nobel Prize winner, and paragon of nonviolent protest, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., three Chinese Christian activists hope to use non-violent approaches and China’s own constitution to defend religious freedom in the communist state.

One Family at a Time

[] May 13, 2006--What does today's family look like, and how can your church connect with it? Churches share what's working—and what's not—to reach the 21st-century home.

Compilation a Valuable Resource for Learning to Share the Gospel

[AgapePress] May 12, 2006--An Alabama-based evangelist is trying to help Christians become better equipped to carry out the Great Commission.

Movie Analyst: Christians Should Not Shrink From The Da Vinci Code

[AgapePress] May 12, 2006--Seated across the aisle from me on a small regional jet out of Houston, a young woman pulled out a brand new paperback copy of Dan Brown's bestseller, The Da Vinci Code. I had just purchased a copy, confident that Sony would not be providing screenings for Christian cultural analysts (I have since been proven wrong), so I asked her how she liked it. She said that she had picked it up at the airport bookstore: "I just wanted to see what all of the fuss was about."

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Short-term Missions: Who Decides What the Needs Are?

[] May 13, 2006--One of the things that drove me to write a book was my concern that short-term missions just might continue to operate on the same mistakes that have been true about our mission work in the past. The assumption that we know what is most needed by people in another place is the assumption that allowed Rome, England, and Spain to say their colonialist domination was not purely self-centered. Our financial wealth, and all the amenities that accompany that, easily inclines us to think we know what these people need.

Examine the Ministry Message

[] May 13, 2006--Few who seek to apply Scripture to developments in the evangelical world would argue that things are bad in many ways. It is certainly easy to point to cheap grace rampant in our churches, the merchandising of the gospel in our stores, the peddling of false gospels through much of televised religious programming, a lack of discernment in our ministries, and a woeful ignorance of the Scriptures and related issues on the part of the masses in evangelicalism today.

Calif. Senate passes 'gay history' textbook bill, sends to assembly; governor silent

[Baptist Press] May 12, 2006-- landmark bill that would require public school textbooks in California to include "gay history" passed the California Senate May 11 by a mostly party-line vote of 22-15, and now heads to the Assembly.

House OKs military prayers in Jesus’ name

[Baptist Press] May 12, 2006--The United States House of Representatives has approved a measure that would permit military chaplains to pray in Jesus’ name at public events.

Dean comments about platform upset homosexuals; Ill. signature drive appears successful

[Baptist Press] May 12, 2006--Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean generally has been embraced by liberals, but comments he made to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) have homosexual activists upset -- so much so that one group is returning a contribution the DNC made.

The love of a mother

[Baptist Press] May 15, 2006--Mothers. If Webster had given it more thought, surely he would have defined the word “mother” as, “The most dependable source of honesty known to man.”

Is mothering a threat to civilization?

[Baptist Press] May 12, 2006--I was born out of season. Although I am barely over 40, my parents apparently used Ward and June Cleaver as their prototype. Dad worked hard outside the home to provide for me and my three siblings. My mom stayed home and worked just as hard to manage the needs of a large and busy household. The possibility of “entering the workforce” just wasn’t on her radar screen.

Is stopping persecution always the right answer?

[Baptist Press] May 12, 2006--“I am not an apostate,” the convert boldly stated while in custody. “I am not an infidel or a fugitive. I am a Christian. If they want to sentence me to death, I accept that.”

Friday, May 12, 2006

Keeping the faith,2106,3665291a12935,00.html

[The Press] May 12, 2006--The great danger is that the biblical teaching about sin is being redefined through this issue of human sexuality. If we weaken on the biblical teaching on the nature of sin, we weaken on the identity of the Saviour from sin. Liberal attitudes towards human sexuality are endangering the Anglican Church, writes Peter Jensen.

Puritans bent on a takeover? Not us, say Sydney Anglicans”

[Anglican Church League] May 12, 2006--The Church Times in the UK has published three letters from Sydney Anglicans, responding to an earlier article by Muriel Porter, in connection with her book on Sydney Diocese. The letters are worth reading in their entirety…

You will need to scroll down to find the article.

Scratch the Da Vinci Code and reveal the truth

[Telegraph] May 12, 2006--Scratchcards, usually associated with National Lottery games offering "instant cash prizes", are to be put to a more elevated use - debunking The Da Vinci Code.

Sri Lankan Bishop Boycotts UK Over Visa Policy

[Christianity Today UK] May 12, 2006--A leading figure in the Anglican Church of Ceylon has come out to boycott the UK as a “mark of protest” after the British High Commission in Colombo began a new fingerprint policy for all Sri Lankans applying for British visas.

'It is unfair to shut the only Anglican church in the area'

[Richmond & Twickenham Times] May 12, 2006--Hampton Wick's only Anglican church is to be closed forever and its services transferred to a neighbouring parish in the same year it planned to celebrate its 175th anniversary.

Mayor, Christian Legal Group to Fight for San Diego Cross

[The Christian Post] May 10, 2006--A Washington-based Christian legal advocacy center is joining the battle to keep the historic 29-foot cross atop Mount Soledad in San Diego, Calif.

Calif. Senate Passes Gay Education Law

[The Christian Post] May 12, 2006--The California State Senate passed a law Thursday that would require public schools to teach homosexual, bisexual, and transgender history, prompting immediate criticism from pro-family groups across the nation.

Episcopal Church sidesteps crisis over gay bishop

[The Birmingham News] May 12, 2006--The Episcopal Church sidestepped a potential crisis last Saturday when a married father of two from Birmingham was elected bishop of San Francisco over three openly gay contenders.

Cultivating the Soul

[] May 12, 2006--Spiritual formation can happen, without saying a word.

Connecting with Non-Christians

[] May 12, 2006--Most evangelistic sermons I hear take some form of the four spiritual laws (from Campus Crusade), combine them with a few proof texts, sprinkle in an illustration or two, and then cap it all off with the "sinner's prayer." The sermon's theology is sound, but the sermon takes the same form regardless of the audience. The sermon feels like a suit off the rack. It doesn't take into account the audience's unique size and shape.

'Engaging' Heresy

[] May 12, 2006--Contrary to precedent, few plan to boycott The Da Vinci Code.

Episcopal lay group urges trial for gay bishop and his consecrating prelates

[Dakota Voice] May 11, 2006--A national organization of Episcopal laypersons has appealed to 37 bishops, who opposed entry of an openly partnered homosexual into their ranks, to file for church-law indictments against the gay priest and 42 bishops who consecrated him. The target defendant group includes the presiding bishop, who was chief consecrator, and key liberal leaders in the U.S. province of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

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Episcopalians want trial for homosexual bishop - WorldNetDaily

Hope Rwanda Changing Lives

[Anglican Mission in America] May 10, 2006--The nation of Rwanda continues to emerge from its nightmare of genocide twelve years ago. There has been a lot of progress, but much remains to be done as the spectre of one million deaths continues to hover over the memories of a whole generation. A current bright spot in the recovery is “Hope Rwanda”, a national crusade aimed at intervening in the lives of Rwandans for the sake of hope, progress, and healing.

Little Rock Network Deals with Conflict Resolution

[Anglican Mission in America] May 12, 2006--On April 26-28, the Little Rock Network of the Anglican Mission in America met in Little Rock at St. Andrew’s Church for one of their regular gatherings of fellowship, worship, prayer, training, and information sharing. Since the group is geographically scattered, coming from as far away as Florida and Colorado and as near as Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, the conferences are vital for building the cohesiveness and interdependence that priests, deacons, and lay leaders want to experience.

Educating Your Parish: One Church’s Story

[Anglican Communion Network] May 12, 2006--Christ Church of the Ascension is a Network parish in the Diocese of Arizona, overlooking the city of Phoenix. More than 500 parishioners worship on any given Sunday. Christ Church, founded in 1963 and a Network affiliate since September 2004, is a “Christ-centered, Bible-based parish worshipping in the Anglican tradition.” Since many perspectives are represented in the parish community, Christ Church has developed an aggressive education and communications program to keep members informed of challenges facing the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

More Churches Upgrading Technology to Reach Cyber-Savvy Masses

[AgapePress] May 11, 2006--A spokesman for a coalition of groups utilizing Internet evangelism says he's not surprised at a report that faith-based organizations are going after technology to reach the current generation in a way like never before.

Bay State Activist Blasts Governor's Promotion of Homosexual Youth Event

[AgapePress] May 11, 2006--A Massachusetts pro-family group is denouncing a large homosexual and transgender youth event in Boston this weekend -- an event that is being promoted by Governor Mitt Romney's office.

Should doctors help patients to die?

[Telegraph] May 12, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury will today deliver a powerful appeal to peers to throw out proposals which would allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally-ill patients.

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Ethical dilemma of the assisted dying Bill - Times Online

Lessons from The Da Vinci Code

[New College] May 12, 2006--CASE Director Dr Greg Clarke has spent the past two years lecturing on best selling murder mystery in over 25 locations across Australia to thousands of listeners. But The Da Vinci Code phenomenon just wouldn't go away.

Miss. law allows creationism talk in classrooms; school district reinstates ‘Christmas break’; ...

[Baptist Press] May 10, 2006--Mississippi students are free to discuss creationism in public schools now that Gov. Haley Barbour signed a new state law that says no limits may be placed on teachers and students when addressing the origin of life.

Czech Bishops’ Conference slams Da Vinci Code for dishonoring Christian symbols

{Catholic News Agency] May 8, 2006--The Czech Bishops’ Conference has joined the chorus of protests against the Da Vinci Code book and movie, saying that the work’s author, Dan Brown, has smeared basic Christian symbols in order to gain publicity.

Dean Statement on Marriage Sparks 'Gay' Backlash

[] May 12, 2006--Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is taking heat from one of his party's most loyal constituencies -- homosexuals -- following an attempt to smooth relations with some of the party's most determined foes -- religious conservatives.

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Dean Misstates Party Platform on Gays - ABC News

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Midweek Roundup

The Episcopal Church:,0,7419568.story?coll=orl-opinion-headlines
Postponing Armageddon - Orlando Sentinel
Gay bishop rejected in California - The Washington Times
New Bishop's Selection Reflects Anglican Church's 'Directive,' Say Observers - AgapePress
'Transparency' set Andrus apart on bishop slate - The Washington Times
Episcopalian ‘Crisis’ Continues to Drag - National Ledger
Election Reaction from California - The Living Church
Panel of Reference to Hear Florida Alliance Complaint - The Living Church
Network Deans Respond to Bishop Mathes’ Letter - Anglican Communion Network
Diocese reels from lost parishes, bishop's heavy hand, lawsuits and adultery - VirtueOnline rips Bishop Chane over "Gospel of Intolerance" remarks- VirtueOnline
LEXINGTON: Profiles in Discouragement - VirtueOnline
Yes or No? Bearing Faithful Witness to Jesus Christ - VirtueOnline
Anglican Caucus Hears Call to Uphold Biblical Faith - VirtueOnline,8816,1191826,00.html
My Problem with Christianism - Time

The Anglican Communion:
Californian crisis but not in San Francisco - The Church of England Newspaper
Archbishop to decide on Coekin - The Church of England Newspaper
New Zealand Bishop quits to become missionary - The Church of England Newspaper
Cowichan Anglican churches all given time to save themselves - News Leader,,1771215,00.html
Church of Ireland primate to retire at end of year - Guardian Unlimited
Clergy frowns at proliferation of churches in Nigeria - The Tide Online Head to Appoint Advisory Team for Gay Row Resolution - The Christian Post Anglicans split on gay issues -

The Persecuted Church:
Despite Severe Persecution, Nepal's Christian Church Growing Rapidly - AgapePress
Vatican, churches work on conversion plan - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Police: 7 Confess to Christian Beheadings - The Christian Post
Report: Religious Freedom Nonexistent in Saudi Arabia - The Christian Post

Bible Study:–.verse-by-verse/1.htm
Enhancing Your Bible Study – Verse-By-Verse - The Christian Post

The Da Vinci Code
The Secret Gospels -
Da Vinci Dialogue Heats Up -
Da Vinci Code: Bridge to the Culture - The Christian Post

The Gospel of Judas
A Faith Tailored Just for You -

Abortion, Euthensia and the Culture of Death:
Move Would Hurt Amnesty Donations Catholics and Evangelicals Warn -- VirtueOnline

The Culture Wars:
Banned in Boston - VirtueOnline
AP reports 'gay brain' study incorrectly - VirtueOnline
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force denounces DNC Chair Howard Dean's misrepresentation of party platform - National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Stalling Tactics Kill Alberta Private Bill Protecting Opposition to Homosexual Activity - LifeSite

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Episcopal Church Avoids a Larger Showdown at General Convention

[VirtueOnline] May 7, 2006--With the election of a heterosexual male as the next bishop of the Diocese of California, the Episcopal Church narrowly avoids what could have been a larger showdown at next month's General Convention in Columbus, Ohio, between orthodox Anglicans and liberal, revisionist Anglicans. Yet the problems in the Episcopal Church are far from resolved. Facts remain which mean the liberal, revisionist Anglicans are still in the ascendancy and orthodox Anglicans are on the run and are growing into what is a minority of a minority.

Tennessee Fails for Third Time to Elect a Bishop; Agrees to Start Over

[The Living Church] May 6, 2006--The Diocese of Tennessee failed for the third time to elect a bishop coadjutor from a field of four, and after a total of 36 ballots the special electing convention at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville voted May 6 to reconstitute a new search process from the beginning. Bishop Bertram N. Herlong, who intended to retire at the end of this year, will meet with his staff to decide how to proceed.

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Richard Kew: What On Earth Is Going On In Tennessee? - titusonenine

Jesus invites all to belong to Him

[The Washington Times] May 8, 2006--The following is an excerpt from a sermon preached yesterday at All Saints Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase by retired Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey....

Bishops to fight assisted dying,,2087-2168603,00.html

[Times Online] May 7, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury will lead the opposition in the House of Lords this week to a bill that aims to allow voluntary euthanasia.

Williams turns to 'wise men' in crisis over gays

[Telegraph] May 8, 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has quietly appointed four "wise men" to advise him on the crisis over homosexuals that is threatening to tear the worldwide Anglican Church apart.

Church seeks spirituality of youth . . . and doesn't like what it finds,,2-2169809.html

[Times Online] May 8, 2006--The Church of England has debunked the widely held view that young people are spiritual seekers on a journey to find transcendent truths to fill the “God-shaped hole” within them.

The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus elected Eighth Bishop of California

[Episcopal Diocese of California] May 6, 2006--Today the Diocese of California met in a special convention to elect its Eighth Bishop, and after three ballots the Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of Alabama, was elected to lead the Diocese into the future.

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Conservative Episcopalians Cautious of Calif. Election - The Christian Post
Bishop Mark Andrus elected as bishop of California - Episcopal Diocese of Alabama
California elects new Bishop - EV News
US election makes schism less likely - Times Online
A Statement by Bishop Duncan on the California Election - Anglican Communion Network
Diocese Elects Heterosexual Pro-Gay bishop - VirtueOnline

The AAC Comments on the Episcopal Election in the Diocese of California

[American Anglican Council] May 6, 2006--The Diocese of California gathered in convention today elected the Rt. Rev. Mark Andrus as bishop on the third ballot. Andrus currently serves as Suffragan Bishop of Alabama. This election has garnered international attention in light of the fact that three partnered homosexuals were nominated, two by the nominating committee and one by petition, demonstrating defiance of the mind of the Anglican Communion on human sexuality. None of the seven candidates has indicated intentions to declare and implement a moratorium on same-sex blessings or pledged to withhold consent for same-sex partnered individuals as bishop; none has committed to uphold Lambeth 1.10 within the diocese or as a member of the House of Bishops. Three of the episcopal candidates for bishop in California are living lives in open contradiction to Christian teaching on sexuality, and all of the individuals espouse contradictory teaching. The Diocese of California has demonstrated no intention to comply with Lambeth 1.10, the Windsor Report 2004, or the Primates’ 2005 Communiqué.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The New Puritans or the True Anglicans?

[anglican media melbourne] May 6, 2006--Writing books about Sydney Anglicanism would appear to be a growth industry. Just a few years ago Peter Carnley produced his Reflections in Glass: Trends and Tensions in the Contemporary Anglican Church, published by HarperCollins (2003). Though its title masked the fact, the book is essentially an extended and highly critical engagement with a brand of Anglicanism he has long despised: evangelical Anglicanism, especially as it is expressed in the Diocese of Sydney. Last year Chris McGillion's The Chosen Ones: The Politics of Salvation in the Anglican Church appeared, published by Allen & Unwin and replete with authorised comment from prominent figures in the events of the eighties and nineties. Here was a treatment of Anglicanism in Sydney with a strong emphasis on the inevitable political dimension of denominational life. Most recently, Muriel Porter's book, The New Puritans: The Rise of Fundamentalism in the Anglican Church has appeared, published by Melbourne University Press, the same people who brought us The Latham Diaries.

Sydney Anglicans are somewhat bemused by all the attention. After all, we have not pursued theological novelty or even a distinctive kind of Anglicanism. We rejoice in the rich fellowship we enjoy with Anglican evangelicals around the world. We treasure our links to contemporary leaders like John Stott, Dick Lucas and Jim Packer. Without for a moment being merely antiquarian, we embrace the rich theological contribution of leaders from the past, such as Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Charles Simeon, William Wilberforce and Bishop J. C. Ryle, amongst many others. Even a casual glance at the history of Anglicanism will render laughable any suggestion that a robust Anglican evangelicalism is simply a product of the last half a century in an isolated and eccentric part of the world. In fact this form of Anglicanism has a practically unassailable claim to be its classic form. This is no aberration, no product of personal belligerence or political manipulation, no 'fundamentalism' which can be justly equated with the religious fanaticism we all abhor; it is the Anglicanism of the Thirty-nine Articles, the Homilies and the Book of Common Prayer (including its prefaces!).

J.C. Ryle on the 39 Articles

[Church Society] May 6, 2006--The following article is taken from 'Knots Untied' by J.C. Ryle (first published in 1877) 'Knots Untied' (as well as some other Ryle titles) is available for purchase on the publications section of the website.

With today's election of a new bishop in California and the upcoming 2006 General Convention I am reposting this article. In "The Thirty-Nine Articles" 19th century Bishop of Liverpool J. C. Ryle and a leading Anglican Evangelical of his day addresses what is a "true churchman." Knots Untied - Being Plain Statements on Disputed Points From the Standpoint of an Evangelical Churchman can be ordered from the Episcopal Recorder. For more information, go to and click on "Books & Booklets"

Nigeria Animists Attack Churches and Priests

[BosNewsLife] May 5, 2006--Two Anglican priests were out of their comas Friday, May 5, after crowds of traditional animists reportedly beat them nearly to death and destroyed their properties for "making the gods angry" with church services.

New York Times gets ready to rumble!

[GetReligion] May 5, 2006--Let me jump in here with a quick follow-up on the Divine Ms. M’s post on those fightin’ Episcopalians.

After all, an authoritative source of doctrine almost on the level of the Book of Common Prayer has now offered its take on the upcoming election out in the Episcopal Diocese of California (the election site is here), a race that includes three candidates who are openly gay. I am referring, of course, to the New York Times.

Episcopalian vote carries high stakes

[] May 6, 2006--Local Episcopalians will try again today to select a new bishop in a process that some say mirrors deep national disagreements over the future direction of the U.S. church.

Ripping 'The Da Vinci Code'

[The Dallas Morning News] May 6, 2006--Experts agree: Dan Brown got most of his facts wrong.

Religion scholars have been whacking The Da Vinci Code like a low-hanging piñata. The swings have come from establishment Christianity – the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury – and from the fringes of the faith – a member of the liberal Jesus Seminar and the agnostic historian Bart Ehrman.

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Churches target Code - Herald Sun
The Da Vinci pitch - The Age

Bishop election threatens unity

[Washington Post] May 6, 2006--California Episcopalians to hold election today that could lead to schism if a gay candidate is elected

Related article:
Episcopal bishop's election today climaxes battle over gays - Los Angelos Times

Proposed Amendment Would Establish Provincial Leadership Council

[The Living Church] May 5, 2006--Bishops and deputies to the Province 2 synod were briefed on a proposed canonical amendment to be considered by the 75th General Convention which would make collective oversight of the provincial structure subject to a Provincial Leadership Conference. The synod met April 27-28 in Latham, N.Y.

Lesbian priest who could split the Anglican Church,,3-2167135,00.html

[Times Online] May 6, 2006--Schism fears revived as San Francisco church's election for a new bishop includes three candidates who live with gay partners

It's a Slippery Slope

[VirtueOnline] May 6, 2006--Early on in my matriculation at an Episcopal Seminary, during the Fall of 1980, I was accosted by a sneering Middler, who told me there was no such thing as the Devil. By virtue of hindsight I have come to conclude that this poor soul, jaded and embittered by his recent CPE experience, had, in the way of Middlers, taken some comfort in the torment of underclassmen via the undermining of their faith! At the same time it occurs to me that it was at that moment that my seminary education began.

Mobilising Christians to Oppose the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill

[EV News] May 6, 2006--Care not Killing have sent out the below information advising Christians how to oppose the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill....

Related article:
Pressure mounts as Euthanasia Bill looms - The Church of England Newspaper

Family trusts ‘fund ECUSA’s Right’

[Church Times] May 5, 2006--Millions of dollars contributed by a handful of donors have allowed a small network of theologically conservative individuals and organisations to mount a global campaign that has destabilised the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA) and may break up the Anglican Communion, an investigation in the diocese of Washington has concluded.

The Church Times is a liberal church newspaper so any articles it publishes must be read with this in mind.

Scott-Joynt hears Southwark appeal

[Church Times] May 5, 2006--Lawyers adjourned early on Tuesday to see whether agreement could be reached without the necessity of a hearing, but to no avail. It was revealed that the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, was prepared to fly over to the UK to be called to speak by Mr Coekin’s counsel. Dr Butler’s counsel indicated, however, that he wanted to hear only from Mr Coekin.

Archbishop defies court

[Church Times] May 5, 2006--The Archbishop of Central Africa, the Most Revd Bernard Malango, and the disputed Bishop of Lake Malawi, the Rt Revd James Mwenda, have been found in contempt of court, and were due to appear with others before a judge yesterday. If they failed to appear, a warrant would be issued for their arrest.

Buzz Conference Attracts 'Theater Church', Urges Creativity

[The Christian Post] May 5, 2006--Popcorn, a soda stand, soft drinks, and a corridor lined with movie posters greeted attendees of the first annual Buzz Conference on Thursday.

Concerned Parents Battle Gay Advocacy in Schools

[The Christian Post] May 6, 2006--Ever since her 5-year-old brought home a book from kindergarten that depicted a gay family, Tonia Parker has felt that her parenting has been under attack in the only state that allows same-sex marriage.

U.S. Appeals Court Sidesteps Gay 'Marriage'

[The Christian Post] May 5, 2006--A federal appeals court on Friday sidestepped a question of whether the Constitution lets federal and state governments deny gays and lesbians the right to marry.

Picking Potential Leaders

[The Christian Post] May 6, 2006--The Law of the Inner Circle: Those who are closest to me will determine the level of my success.

Catholic Scholars Brace for 'Da Vinci'

[The Christian Post] May 6, 2006--Roman Catholic scholars gathered Thursday to explore whether the soon-to-be-released film version of "The Da Vinci Code" will spread hostile sentiment against the church or provide an opportunity to draw people closer to religion.

Faith Like a Child

[] May 5, 2006--Children's spirituality has been getting increased academic attention, with implications for our churches.

7 Ways to Rate Your Church

[] May 6, 2006--How to measure your church's ministry.

How to Lead Someone to Christ

[] May 6, 2006--The Bible asks us to believe—to appropriate Christ's finished work on the cross by trusting Him alone to save us.

Repent America Questions Eastern University's Welcome of Homosexual Activists

[AgapePress] May 5, 2006--The leader of a Philadelphia-based Christian group says a private Christian university in Pennsylvania seems to be embracing homosexuality, and he believes the school is on the verge of abandoning the very biblical principles on which it was founded.

U.S. Navy and Chaplain Differ Over Basis for Charges

[AgapePress] May 5, 2006--An evangelical Navy chaplain says he is facing a possible court-martial for disobeying what he believes was an unlawful order. The Navy, however, is challenging Lieutenant Gordon Klingenshmitt's account of why he's facing the possibility of such a serious charge.

Charlotte Christians' Gospel Rally to Replace Annual 'Gay Pride' Event

[AgapePress] May 5, 2006--An annual "gay pride" rally that ordinarily takes place this weekend in a North Carolina city park has been replaced by a Christian event. The first "Not Ashamed Charlotte" rally is being held Saturday in Charlotte's Marshall Park and will feature Christians from various churches around the city.

Author: Americans Are Losing Their Critical Thinking Ability

[AgapePress] May 5, 2006--An author and editor for the National Post in Canada says Americans are losing the ability to think critically, a problem he relates to the lack of objective reporting in the media.

Leaders Network for Nurture and Accountability

[] May 6, 2006--God has an infinite variety of tools to shape our lives into what He wants them to be. He determines our genetic makeup. He sets us in a certain time and place. He appoints a mix of experiences, great and small, and punctuates our lives with pivotal events. But for the most part, second only to our relationship with Him, it is the people He brings into our lives that have the most profound influence upon us.

Be Patient with Your Evangelism

[] May 6, 2006--We ought to be mindful of the way Jesus spoke to individuals. We learn from His example in John 4 that He was, first of all, led by the Spirit to speak to this woman. Secondly, He humbled Himself and used this meeting as an opportunity to draw close to her, without giving off the impression that He was dealing with a spiritual inferior. Finally, and most importantly, He allowed the conversation to be empowered and directed by the Holy Spirit Who knew this woman’s heart.

Point People to the Truth of Who Christ Really Is

[] May 6, 2006--Just a few weeks ago, Christians around the world celebrated the most important moment in human history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.

Homosexual activists seek invalidation of Mass. amendment

[Baptist Press] May 5, 2006--An attorney representing homosexual activists asked Massachusetts’ highest court May 4 to invalidate a proposed constitutional marriage amendment, arguing that the state constitution prohibits citizens from reversing a court ruling.

Amnesty International UK Branch Approves Abortion Advocacy

[LifeSite] May 5, 2006--Contradicts organization's stated support for UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Friday, May 05, 2006

Episcopalians Divide Again Over Electing Gay Bishop

[New York Times] May 4, 2006--The Episcopal Church's diocese of California will elect a new bishop on Saturday, the first such vote here in 27 years.

The election would normally play out as a decidedly local event, but many from the broader Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion to which it belongs are focused on it because three of the seven candidates are openly gay or lesbian ministers in long-term relationships.

TESM president target of gay wrath

[VirtueOnline] May 5, 2006--The President and Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry became the target of lesbian Episcopal wrath when he spoke up and likened the election of a homosexual bishop in the Diocese of California to "a terrorist bomb, which is timed to destroy a peace process."

Montana bishop and AAC president face off over "division and schism"

[VirtueOnline] May 4, 2006--A war of words has erupted between the Bishop of Montana, C. Franklin Brookhart and Canon David C. Anderson President of the American Anglican Council, with the bishop accusing Anderson of spreading misinformation and fomenting division and schism in the Episcopal Church through a DVD called "Choose This Day".

Anglican Communion Network responds to San Diego bishop

[Anglican Communion Network] May 4, 2006--It is with dismay that we, the Deans of the Anglican Communion Network, have read the letter sent by the Right Reverend James Mathes, Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, to all his rectors. This letter is a clear and oppressive threat to faithful orthodox rectors and their people.