Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bishop of Manchester to steer Women Bishops legislation

[EV News] 30 Sep 2006--It was announced this morning that Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, will chair the group charged with initial drafting of legislation regarding Women Bishops.

What is a Gospel Church?

[Reform Ireland] 30 Sep 2006--‘Always winter and never Christmas’, that line from C S Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe could be reasonably applied to much within the Church of Ireland today. The embracing of moral relativism (especially in the area of human sexuality), the liberal theological outlook of many of the clergy and the lack of confidence and conviction in the Bible as the Word of God has led to churches declining, both numerically and spiritually. Sadly there appears to be a blanket of complacency and apathy amongst many and a refusal to recognise the crisis facing the Church of Ireland today. So how can we bring spring into the winter of the Church of Ireland? When you examine churches that are growing, within Ireland and the rest of the world, it is clear that the majority are evangelical with an emphasis on expository preaching of the Word of God. For example if you look at the Anglican diocese of Sydney, you can see that it has experienced a 9% growth in church numbers which is at odds with the 7% decline of Anglican churches in Australia generally. Why? It is apparent that the difference is in focus on preaching the Word of God.

San Diego Diocese Sues for Church Property

[The Living Church] 30 Sep 2006--The Diocese of San Diego filed suit Sept. 28 against St. John’s Anglican Church, Fallbrook, Calif., the Rev. Donald Kroeger, and nine church volunteers, according to an online report. The dispute centers on the right of the congregation to continue worshiping at St. John’s.

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Anglicans merge with Lutheran parish

[Main Street Newspaper] 30 Sep 2006--The recently announced merger of a new conservative Anglican fellowship with a small Lutheran parish represents the best of two worlds, its supporters believe. The former Live Oaks Fellowship has become St. Peter's Anglican congregation. Live Oaks was an independent Anglican group formed three months ago by former Episcopalians who believe that denomination in America has drifted too far from the Bible.

Anglican bishop to visit Brewster

[] 30 Sep 2006--The Rt. Rev. James K.O. Ochiel, bishop of Southern Nyanzia of the Anglican Church of Kenya, is visiting The Anglican Church of the Resurrection, 1573 Main St., Brewster, at 5 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 1. Ochiel will also visit the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, 34 Quaker Meetinghouse Road in Forestdale the same day, at 9 a.m.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Ousted Anglicans find place to worship

[Democrat and Chronicle] 29 Sep 2006--All Saints Anglican Church on Thursday announced that the congregation had vacated its Irondequoit building and had started to meet in the chapel of Reformation Lutheran Church in Rochester.

Anglican ministry comes to Brewster

[] 29 Sep 2006--Assuming the responsibility of spiritual leader for a congregation can seem a daunting task for any minister, especially when it's your first job.

Split in Episcopal Church would lead to Chaos, says Griswold

[Christianity Today UK] 29 Sep 2006--The Presiding Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church has rejected the suggestion by Global South primates that the Church be split into two churches as a means to solve the dispute over gay issues.

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Bishop of London on Civil Partnerships

[EV News] 29 Sep 2006--Bishop Richard Chartres has written to a number of churches in London Diocese clarifying his position on Civil Partnerships in the wake of the continuing anger following the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Statement issued in September 2005.

Marge Christie - Moderate?

[The Episcopal Majority] 29 Sep 2006--Marge Christie is a member of a group that claims to represent the majority of Episcopalians. Her activism has helped shape the agenda of the Episcopal Church. Read on and see if you believe she represents the face of the majority in The Episcopal Church.

Why I'm Not Remotely Distressed Over the Camp Allen Statement

[Stand Firm] 29 Sep 2006--As a first meeting of this group, they are *light years* behind the Network bishops on community building, purpose statements, communication, trust, and action. They have a long ways to go before they have achieved any sort of community of purpose. And yet, it appears to me in reading the comments, that my Anglican-allies-in-theology desired that this group of bishops LEAPFROG over even the Network bishops and make statements and commitments far beyond those same Network bishops, which is a smaller and more cohesive group, and certainly far beyond the abilities of the "Windsor" bishops. I have to wonder what were people smoking that they expected that a larger group of bishops, hesitantly moving forward together, would make some bold pronouncement committing themselves to stating that they desire to leave ECUSA and be in a separate province, when a smaller group of bishops, the Network bishops, has not done so?

David Ould Interviews Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon of Nigeria

[Stand Firm] 29 Sep 2006--An extraordinary interview. Thanks to our Sydney, Australia-based friend David Ould for getting it. He's transcribed the whole thing, which is available at his web site. Bishop Josiah was a member of the Lambeth Commission that produced the Windsor Report.

Pennsylvania Standing Committee Rejects Bishop's Choice of Chancellor

[The Living Church] 29 Sep 2006--Citing a possible conflict of interest during its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Sept. 26, the standing committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania declined to give its consent to Mary Kohart, the person recently named chancellor by Bishop Charles E. Bennison, Jr.

Bishop of San Joaquin Cleared of Abandonment Charges

[The Living Church] 29 Sep 2006--The Title IV [disciplinary] Review Committee has exonerated the Bishop of San Joaquin on charges that he had abandoned The Episcopal Church.

Global South Primates Trade Accusations of Bad Faith

[The Living Church] 29 Sep 2006--The Anglican Province of Southern Africa did not endorse the communiqué issued at the conclusion of a Sept. 19-22 meeting of primates and leaders from the Global South coalition of Anglican provinces, according to the Most Rev. Njongonkulu Ndungane, primate, who was present for the first two days of the meeting in Kigali, Rwanda.

Finding Your Leadership Style

[] 29 Sep 2006--Ten different ways to lead God's people.

Axis Denied

[] 29 Sep 2006--Willow Creek ends "church-within-church" for 20-somethings.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Sad Day In Rochester, NY

[The Kew Continuum] 28 Sep 2006--In the last few days I learned that All Saints' Anglican Church, in the leafy Rochester, NY, suburb of Irondequoit was taken back into possession by the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester under court order. I was the Rector of All Saints' Church from the late seventies until early 1985, and although the years we spent in Rochester were very difficult for our family, I feel grieved for the people of that congregation -- some of whom were parishioners when I served there.

An interview with the Rev. Mark Lawrence

[Anglican Communion Network] 28 Sep 2006--Father Mark Lawrence was elected on September 16 to succeed the Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr. as the next bishop of the Network Diocese of South Carolina. Elected on the first ballot by a majority vote from among three candidates, Lawrence will likely move to South Carolina to assume fulltime duties in early 2007.

Global South Confirms Support of North American Anglicans

[Anglican Communion Network] 28 Sep 2006--The Anglican Communion Network welcomed a statement by the leaders of more than 70 percent of the Anglican Communion that confirmed their support for orthodox Anglicans in North America.

In the statement, the leaders of 20 Anglican provinces propose that orthodox Anglicans in the United States be represented by a bishop of their own choosing at the February 2007 primates meeting, commit to develop a proposal for granting Alternative Primatial Oversight to those American dioceses that have requested it, and call for the communion to take “initial steps” toward the formation of a distinct orthodox Anglican body in the U.S.

Episcopal Witness

[American Anglican Council] 28 Sep 2006--In January 2006, the American Anglican Council (AAC) adopted and began implementing a new lay outreach program called Episcopal Witness. The program complements existing tools and resources offered by the AAC for equipping and informing the laity; however, the program is unique in that it is exclusively lay-led and lay-implemented. It is particularly designed for addressing the gap in communication with congregations where relevant information and resources are being institutionally restricted or stifled.

The Sermon at the Consecration this past Saturday of the New Bishop of Albany

[titusonenine] 28 Sep 2006--Someone asked me: are you targeting anyone in your sermon? Yes: everyone!

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Resolutions from the Diocese of Rio Grande

[Stand Firm] 28 Sep 2006--DRAFT RESOLUTION SIX “For Those Departing The Episcopal Church”

Pennsylvania Bishop, Standing Committee Face Legal Challenges

[The Living CHurch] 28 Sep 2006--Legal and financial challenges continue to mount in the Diocese of Pennsylvania as the standing committee held its regularly scheduled meeting Sept. 26 with the Rt. Rev. Charles E. Bennison, Jr., bishop of the diocese. The meeting occurs before the Oct. 1 resignation of the diocesan chancellor becomes effective and shortly after the standing committee issued an appeal for donations to hire independent legal counsel.

Some points of clarification on the Kigali Meeting and Communique - Archbishop John Chew

[Global South Anglican] 28 Sep 2006--“Archbishop Ndungane left immediately after the 1st Session of the Meeting on “Update of the previous two Global South Primates Steering Committee Meetings” on Wednesday morning (20th September). He would have been very encouraged and his sentiments dispelled if he had stayed throughout the Meeting.”

Anglican Mainstream South Africa responds to Kigali and CPSA leadership

[Anglican Mainstream] 28 Sep 2006--“There are many Anglicans in Southern Africa who are a facing a crisis of conscience over the stand of their leadership who persist in building closer ties with those North American bishops who have declined to submit to the Windsor Report.”

How did you read it? (Editorial Comments, 27th September 2006)

[Global South Anglican] 28 Sep 2006--It is still less than a week since the Kigali Communiqué was released. The responses have been fast and furious.

I almost had a splitting headache reading those bent on reading schism into it. And a sense of deja vu from those who imagined another "I was not there but you put my name on it" scandal. It is interesting to note how fast some jumped on the ‘mistakes’ that ‘Global South’ leaders make, real or apparent. There is now an official explanation, which hopefully, can calm some nerves (and dash some hopes?). Some smell death, to further conversations or to the Communion. Some pronounced it ‘un-Anglican.’

Others however, have been reading it more carefully.

Episcopalians name five new bishop candidates

[] 28 Sep 2006--The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee has announced a new slate of five candidates for bishop and will try again later this month to elect a new overseer for its 51 Midstate congregations. The diocese released the names of five candidates nominated by a search committee to replace the retiring bishop, the Right Rev. Bertram Herlong, who has led the diocese since 1993. The election is scheduled to take place Oct. 28.

Ripe for schism – Episcopal Church closer after woman bishop elected

[Catholic Online] 28 Sep 2006--They are dropping out like flies. So far, eight U.S. Episcopal dioceses have rejected the authority of Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori of Nevada, who was elected presiding bishop of their American church in June.

S.C. Episcopal Bishop-Elect Sticks to Scripture

[The Christian Post] 28 Sep 2006--"Like an addictive or dysfunctional family, this exclusive pursuit of 'cultural sensitivity' has led to destructive behavior," he added. "Underneath all the discussions of human sexuality, our message is this: The Episcopal Church, in its obsession to be what it has termed inclusive, has excluded the absolute priority of Holy Scripture and the historic continuity of the catholic faith."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On The Sacraments

[Church Society] 27 Sep 2006--One of the most authoritative statements of the teaching of the Church of England respecting the Sacraments is contained in the following extract from the Apology of the Church of England, by Dr. Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This work was published with the consent of the Bishops, and was generally recognised at the time as the best explanation of the position of the English Church. It was ordered to be provided in all Churches in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I. and was chained up, like the Bible and one or two other books, for common reading, and it is expressly referred to in the Canons of 1603-4 (Canon 30.) as a recognised authority. In 1609, Archbishop Bancroft, in a letter to his suffragans, urged that every parish should buy a copy of the works of Bishop Jewel, "that the whole realm might be furnished with them." Jewel's works were edited about fifty years ago by Dr. Jelf, Principal of King's College, London, and one of the most trusted members of the Oxford School of that day; and a convenient edition of the Apology, also edited by him, is published by the S.P.C.K.

Alaska Bishop Reflects on Camp Allen Meeting

[The Living Church] 27 Sep 2006--If The Episcopal Church fails to acknowledge that the New Hampshire consecration has precipitated a crisis within the Anglican Communion, it will be ever harder to bridge the widening chasm that is threatening to divide the worldwide association of Anglican churches, according to Alaska Bishop Mark L. MacDonald.

Anglican Leaders Disagree on Global South Communiqué

[The Christian Post] 27 Sep 2006--An Anglican archbishop of South Africa clarified his position on a communiqué issued last week by the Global South, saying he is "deeply disturbed" by the approach of the leaders especially over homosexuality.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

AAC Statement on Kigali

[Stand Firm] 26 Sep 2006--“The Kigali Communiqué is an action plan attesting to the Global South’s visionary leadership in a time of chaos and crisis in our beloved Communion,” said the Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, American Anglican Council (AAC) President and CEO. “It is sure to inspire and encourage biblically faithful Anglicans in North America—this is what we have hoped and prayed for since 2003.”

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Kigali Communiqué, September 2006 (with updated links)

[Global South Anglican] 26 Sep 2006--We are convinced that the time has now come to take initial steps towards the formation of what will be recognized as a separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA. We have asked the Global South Steering Committee to develop such a proposal in consultation with the appropriate instruments of unity of the Communion. We understand the serious implications of this determination. We believe that we would be failing in our apostolic witness if we do not make this provision for those who hold firmly to a commitment to historic Anglican faith.

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Leader's Insight: Assessing Character

[] 26 Sep 2006--Part two of a series, The Three Legs of Trust.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gaza's Christian Arabs Living in Fear

[] 20 Sep 2006--A previously unknown Palestinian Muslim group has threatened to bring destruction and physical harm to the Gaza Strip's small Christian community if Pope Benedict XVI does not issue a detailed apology for remarks he cited linking Islam and violence.

Such threats only confirm the truth of the Pope's statement and the violent nature of Islam.

All Saints Anglican Church loses in court

[Democrat & Chronicle] 20 Sep 2006-- state judge has ordered All Saints Anglican Church in Irondequoit to turn over the property and records of the former All Saints Protestant Episcopal Church to the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

Anglican chief backs Pope on Islam remarks

[United Press International] 20 Sep 2006--The head of the Church of England Monday defended the pope over his comments on Islam and violence, saying they had been taken out of context by protesters.

Polygamous Bishops in Africa? "The Witness" Has Some Explaining To Do

[Stand Firm] 20 Sep 2006--Possibly this is so upsetting because it is a priest making these remarks. We sometimes forget that priests are human too and fall prey to the same temptations as we mere pew sitters. It is especially disappointing that he would use such a tired rumor for no apparent reason other than to cause harm and embarrassment to those with whom he disagrees. This is something we might expect to see from Daniel Webster on The Book of Daniel, the short-lived television show, but certainly not from a real ordained priest. Many would disagree with these tactics and some even believe it to be a form of race-baiting.

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No Decision Yet on Invitations to Lambeth

[The Living Church] 20 Sep 2006--Invitations to the 2008 Lambeth Conference of bishops are made solely at the discretion of the Archbishop of Canterbury and no decision has been made on who will, or will not, be invited, according to spokesmen for the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) and the Archbishop of Canterbury who responded to an inquiry from The Living Church.

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Archbishop's letter to Primate - prayers for the 'ordinary people of God' as covenant plans

[Global South Anglican] 20 Sep 2006--In our uncertainties and explorations in the Communion, my prayers are not only for those who, like ourselves, have the responsibility of leadership in our Provinces, but most especially for all those ordinary people of God, in the Episcopal Church and elsewhere, who are puzzled, wearied, or disoriented by our present controversies. So many say they simply do not want to take up an extreme or divisive position and want to be faithful to Scripture and the common life. They want to preserve an Anglican identity that they treasure and love passionately but face continuing uncertainty about its future.

Carey backs Pope and issues warning on 'violent' Islam,,2-2366419.html

[Times Online] 20 Sep 2006--The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has issued his own challenge to “violent” Islam in a lecture in which he defends the Pope’s “extraordinarily effective and lucid” speech.

For Shame?

[] 20 Sep 2006--Why Christians should welcome, rather than stigmatize, unwed mothers and their children.

Embrace Your Inner Pentecostal

[] 20 Sep 2006--"Holy Spirit religion" is quietly infiltrating the church, revitalizing us all.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Christ Church, Plano, Surveys Its Congregation

[Stand Firm] 14 Sep 2006--Shock!

I had heard from dozens of our Worthy-Opponents-on-blogs that Christ Church Plano congregants were all ex-Baptists. But, tellingly, I find that 44% attended an Episcopal congregation before coming to Plano, and 16% attended a Roman Catholic congregation. The next percentage level was 8% -- Baptist, 7% -- Methodist, 7% -- non-denominational, and 5% -- Lutheran.

Surely they could simply purge so small a number as 8% ex-Baptists, and all would go back to normal there at Christ Church, Plano.

Also interesting -- 21% of the congregants travel 21 to 30 minutes, or more than 30 minutes, in order to attend Christ Church.

More articles from Stand Firm can be found at

Sixth San Diego Church Votes to Leave Diocese

[The Living Church] 14 Sep 2006--Despite appearances to the contrary, God is creating a new and holy thing in our midst, according to the Rt. Rev. James R. Mathes. The Bishop of San Diego wrote to his clergy Sept. 8, following the defection of Holy Trinity Church in Ocean Beach. A majority of the voted Sept. 6 to withdraw from the diocese. Those who leave will receive episcopal oversight from the Most Rev. Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone and Bishop of Argentina.

Episcopal, Anglican Leaders Come to No Consensus on Homosexuality

[The Christian Post] 14 Sep 2006--Episcopal and Anglican leaders were unable to come to a common agreement on how to move forward with the controversy over homosexuality in the church. A group of leaders had convened at an undisclosed location in New York for a closed meeting this week to address the liberal and conservative divide.

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[] 14 Sep 2006--Welcome! Thank you for visiting the NewChurches web site! We have partnered with Church Plant Media to bring you the internet's best resource to assist and equip you in your quest to build a healthy church. We are available on the discussion forums to answer any questions that you may have. Keep planting; the harvest is coming! Ed Stetzer

Perimeters of Light: Biblical Boundaries for the Emerging Church

[Christian Book Clearinghouse] 14 Sep 2006--How far do we go to connect with our culture? Can we "sell" the Gospel like the world sells soft drinks? Where are the boundaries? The church today is walking a tightrope. On the one hand, we need to proclaim, and - perhaps, more importantly - live the Gospel in such a way that it connects with both seekers and younger people looking for community and authenticity. Yet at what point does this fall into "feel good" ministry at the expense of biblical truth? These are issues that God's people are now beginning to wrestle with. Elmer Towns and Ed Stetzer provide an intergenerational perspective that sheds biblical light on some tough challenges facing the church.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Parish founder takes issue with bishop

[Portsmouth Herald] 8 Sep 2006--This December will mark the fourth Christmas Wendy Stanley Jones and other Anglicans have been at their new parish since leaving local Episcopalian churches.

House Church Can Serve Small Congregation

[The Morning News] 8 Sep 2006--St. George's Anglican Church can continue holding Sunday and Wednesday services in a Bentonville residential neighborhood, the Planning Commission decided Tuesday.

Anglican Leaders: Conservatives, Liberals 'Cannot Go Together'

[The Christian Post] 8 Sep 2006--Talks should continue within the divided Anglican Communion over homosexuality, a conservative Anglican bishop said this week, but the dissenting groups "can't necessarily walk in the same direction."

Lee A. Buck -- R.I.P

[The Kew Continium] 8 Sep 2006--I learned this afternoon of the death of Lee Buck, one of the most committed of lay evangelists I have ever met.

San Marcos priest leaves Episcopal church

[North County Times] 8 Sep 2006--The Rev. Eric Menees surprised his congregants at Grace Episcopal Church on Sunday by announcing he was leaving to start a new church that will be aligned with a foreign diocese within the Anglican Community.

Archbishop of York to Represent England at Primates’ Meeting

[The Living Church] 8 Sep 2006--The Archbishop of York, the Most Rev. John Sentamu is to represent the Church of England at the primates’ meetings under a proposal put forward by the Primates’ Standing Committee.

Numbers Grow for Camp Allen Coonsultation

[The Living Church] 8 Sep 2006--Nearly two dozen diocesan bishops currently are scheduled to discuss the relationship of The Episcopal Church to the Archbishop of Canterbury and other primates within the Anglican Communion at a consultation to be held this month at Camp Allen in Texas. The number of bishops who support the objectives of the meeting is expected to grow rapidly after details become public, according to several people involved in planning.

Primate of Uganda Proposes Altering Constitution

[The Living Church] 8 Sep 2006--The Most Rev. Henry Orombi, Primate of the Church of Uganda, has proposed altering the provincial constitution to clarify its “biblical and evangelical character” within the Anglican Communion. If approved, the measure would become effective in 2008 and would formalize the 2003 declaration of “broken communion” with The Episcopal Church, extending the breach to encompass the entire progressive wing of the Communion.

Common Size, Uncommon Impact

[] 8 Sep 2006--Thousands of small churches across the United States are changing the spiritual landscape around them in extraordinary ways. Theyre thriving right where they're at, not with grandiose numbers, but with servant hearts. Hear frontline stories from pastors of small churches throughout the country and learn what it takes to thrive in a small church.

Creating Uncommon-Unity

[] 8 Sep 2006--Jesus' interaction with his disciples teaches us about true community.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Anglicans must split, says bishop

[BBC News] 2 Sep 2006--A split in the Anglican Church is inevitable with divisions between liberal and conservative factions "irreconcilable", a senior bishop says.

New Task Force Will Re-examine Title IV

[The Living Church] 2 Sep 2006--Bishops and deputies to the 75th General Convention rejected the proposed revision to the Title IV disciplinary canons. That same convention also called for the formation of a new task force without making provision to fund it. Money is just one of an array of variables which Bonnie Anderson, the new president of the House of Deputies, has factored into making nearly 150 appointments to the interim committees and commissions that help carry out the work of convention when it is not in session.

Contend for the faith

[Global Soutj Anglican] 2 Sep 2006--A sermon delivered by the Most Reverend Nicholas O. Okoh, Bishop of Asaba and Archbishop of Bendel Province at the Consecration service of four new Bishops of the Church of Nigeria in Abuja on Sunday 20th August, 2006.

Gay crisis weakens mission says CMS

[] 2 Sep 2006--Division among Anglicans over homosexuality is pulling churchgoers away from the critical task of world mission, say CMS world leaders.

Anglican Priest Says Legal Battle Against Liberal Conn Bishop Will Continue

[Agape Press] 2 Sep 2006--An orthodox Anglican priest says six Connecticut parishes that oppose the ordination of homosexuals are not giving up their legal fight against a liberal Episcopal bishop they have accused of abusing the power of his office.

Online Training for Your Church Planting Team!

[New Church Initiatives] 2 Sep 2006--Is your team ready? We can help you prepare your church planting team through our new online training program The Essentials for Starting a Missional Church . If you are just beginning or even 3 years old as a new church, this is for you!