Monday, October 30, 2006

The Future of Anglicanism

[Global South Anglican] 30 Oct 2006--This address was given by Bishop Robert Duncan on the occasion of his receipt of an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Nashotah House. A long but helpful read.

Sydney dreams of being a new Canterbury

[The Sydney Morning Herald] 30 Oct 2006--… and there's no denying it has attributes attractive to Anglicans disenchanted with their present leadership, writes Chris McGillion.

Episcopal 'U2-charist' uses songs in service

[USA Today] 30 Oct 2006--When Anglican Archbishop Thomas Cranmer compiled the Book of Common Prayer during the 16th century, he wanted to make the prayers accessible, so he wrote in English, not Latin, and made sure it was distributed to every church.

About 450 years later, there is another attempt to make prayers more accessible — by an Irish bard who wears wrap-around shades instead of a clerical collar.

Got Street Smarts?

[] 30 Oct 2006--Do you need to know culture to reach culture? Discover why and how you can relate to today's unchurched like Christ did—incarnationally.

Evangelism for the Ordinary Church

[] 30 Oct 2006--Just because your people don't like to evangelize doesn't mean they can't share their faith.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Via Media group asks bishops, standing committees to refuse consent to South Carolina bishop-elect

[Episcopal News Service] 26 Oct 2006--In letters sent October 19 to bishops with jurisdiction and all the Episcopal Church's diocesan standing committees, Via Media USA argues that the episcopacy of the bishop-elect of the Diocese of South Carolina "would represent a threat to the unity of our church and to the cohesion" of the diocese.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Peter Jensen gains support from Sydney diocese

[ABC AM] 25 Oct 2006--TONY EASTLEY: Conservative Anglican, Dr Peter Jensen has gained support for his views against homosexual clergymen and same sex unions. The Anglican Synod in Sydney last night formally voted against the more liberal sections of the Anglican Church in the United States.

Dr Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney wants Australia to take a lead role in dealing with what he calls the crisis over sexuality afflicting the Anglican Community.

But some believe he's going too far, as Lindy Kerin reports.

Ugandan consecrated bishop in Congo

[The New Vision] 25 Oct 2006--A Ugandan, Enock Kayeye, was on Sunday consecrated as the assistant bishop of North Kivu Diocese in the DR Congo.

Third N.Va. church renounces affiliation!news&s=1045855934842

[Richmond Times-Dispatch] 25 Oct 2006--A Woodbridge church has voted to pull out of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church USA in part over issues involving gay people.

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Sydney speaks on women's ordination

[] 25 Oct 2006--Sydney Synod has spoken decisively on ordaining women as priests, with a clear majority of members voting to move forward and not revisit the debate.

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Jesus supports gay rights, say S.African Anglicans

[Reuters] 25 Oct 2006--But not all Anglicans in Southern Africa subscribe to the liberal leanings of its leadership. Anglican Mainstream, a group that urges orthodox interpretation of scripture, says ties with the U.S. church are too strong and do not reflect the views of ordinary Anglicans in South Africa.

Head of US Episcopal Diocese Enflames Anglican Divisions by Granting Same-Sex Blessings

[Christianity Today UK] 25 Oct 2006--The controversial head of the Diocese of Connecticut has enflamed the divisions within the Anglican Communion this week, after he announced that Episcopal Church priests in the diocese may give pastoral blessings to same-sex unions in church ceremonies.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cuckoo Theology

[The Kew Continuum] 24 Oct 2006--It has seemed to me for a while now that as you look at the history of the church, and its efforts to make known the apostolic faith down through the centuries, there have been major episodes when what I will describe as a Cuckoo Theology has, somehow, landed in the nest and caused great difficulties. Gnosticism, Arianism, the aridity of Rationalism, and various other -isms, have played a significant role in elbowing their way to center stage and intimidating or even seeking to destroy the legitimate offspring.

Network Makes Mission Connections in Asia

[Anglican Communion Network] 24 Oct 2006--Network Director for Mission, the Rev. John Cruikshank recently returned from a mission trip sponsored by the Diocese of Singapore, September 18–28. During the trip, Cruikshank was able to meet with three of the six missionary deans, priests that have been appointed by Archbishop John Chew, Province of Southeast Asia, to coordinate efforts to reach people in the difficult-to-evangelize countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, and Laos.

The Episcopal Church (USA) allies with IEAB Bishop of Recife before Archbishop of Canterbury issues his report

[Episcopal News Service] 24 Oct 2006--The Archbishop of Canterbury sent two bishops to investigate the situation in Recife and Brazil over the summer. He has yet to issue his report on the situation. Meanwhile TEC (USA) has by the presence of bishops and its report fully endorsed the IEAB Bishop at his investiture attended by 400 people including his 14 clergy. The Diocese of Recife with Bishop Cavalcanti has 32 clergy and one congregation alone 1000 people. There is a clear division and overlap here between a self-styled “liberation theology” diocese and a charismatic and evangelical diocese who hosted an international SOMA conference in 2005. Anglican Mainstream

Fitness for Choirs

[The Living Church] 24 Oct 2006--Singing is an athletic activity that requires stamina of body, mind and spirit. Yet volunteer choir members may not tap into this reality until they say, “I don’t have an ounce of breath left,” or “That anthem was so long I couldn’t stand on my feet any longer.” If this sounds familiar, let’s explore how incorporating a basic fitness strategy can empower you and your voice.

Virginia Mission Dissolves Without Notifying Diocese

{The Living Church] 24 Oct 2006--The Diocese of Virginia said Oct. 20 that it may interpret its canons to hold All Saints’, Woodbridge, financially liable after the congregation at a parochial mission All Saints’ founded voted to dissolve and reincorporate under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of North Kigezi in the Church of the Anglican Province of Uganda.

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We are biased, admit the stars of BBC News

[Daily Mail] 24 Oct 2006--It was the day that a host of BBC executives and star presenters admitted what critics have been telling them for years: the BBC is dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism.

Archbishop Jensen: Sydney in the Anglican Communion

[Global South Anglican] 24 Oct 2006--With what seems like immense power the cultural situation continues in many ways to be unfavourable to the faith. This is so in the general community. It has also impacted the church community. Mr Peter Young sent me an account of his recent visit to a famous Chapel in Britain: ‘A female layperson conducted a brief prayer service. She was doing this in an Anglican Church. She commenced by ringing a Buddhist bell three times. She concluded with a prayer, “May the god who is God in your judgment, according to whatever faith you hold, give you peace.”’ He continues, ‘I immediately thought “How often has Peter or his brother (Phillip, the Dean of Sydney) expressed this very prayer in his cathedral?” I’m sure I know the answer!’

The Archbishops of Nigeria and South East Asia report on a recent (July 2006) visit to China

[Church of Nigeria News] 24 Oct 2006--The Nigeria Primate and his South East Asia counterpart the Most Rev. John Chew decided to jointly visit the vast country in July 2006. As usual with Abp. Akinola, he went along with a serving bishop of the Church of Nigeria. This time, he was accompanied by the archbishop of Ibadan ecclesiastical province, the Most Rev. Joseph Akinfenwa.

Synod supports Gobal South

[] 24 Oct 2006--Sydney Synod has overwhelmingly endorsed Archbishop Peter Jensen's support of Global South Primates who are holding the line against liberal trends in the American and Canadian churches.

Moves to make Aust global centre for Anglican churches

[ABC Lateline] 24 Oct 2006--The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, has moved to position Australia as a global centre for conservative Anglican churches throughout the world.

Archbishop urges global push for conservative values

[ABC News Online] 24 Oct 2006--Sydney's Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, says other countries should look to his diocese as an example of strong conservative values.

Synod rejects same-sex unions

[The Age] 24 Oct 2006--Sydney Anglicans have formally opposed homosexual clergy practising in the US and the blessing of same-sex relationships in the US and Canada.

Anglican rift leads dissenters to Jensen

[The Sydney Morning Herald] 24 Oct 2006--At least two overseas churches in rebellion over gay clergy have applied to join the conservative Sydney Anglican diocese as the global rift in the Anglican Communion reaches Australia.

Episcopal bishop OKs same-sex blessings

[Houston Chronicle] 24 Oct 2006--Episcopal parishes in Connecticut may bless same-sex couples, the state's bishop announced over the weekend.

Save the E-Word

[Christianity Today] 24 Oct 2006--This past spring, John Buckeridge, editor of the U.K. magazine Christianity, struck a nerve among many evangelicals when he wrote, "I worry that the tide has gone out on the E-word."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Church Plant Increases Southern Cone Presence in Liberal ECUSA Diocese

[VirtueOnline] 19 Oct 2006--The Rev. Chris Waters, 50, had been vicar of the small but thriving biblically conservative Holy Cross Episcopal Church for more than 10 years, on the outskirts of Tulsa, when GC2003 hit and V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, was consecrated bishop.

Missio: Creating Church Where It Doesn't Exist

[Church Resource Ministries] 19 Oct 2006--Apprenticing a global network of missional leaders and their communities to transform the world’s culture, inform the greater church, & empower a new era of spiritual leaders who are culturally savvy, deep in character, & clear in calling.

Purgatory and Penance

[Churchman] 19 Oct 2006--The nineteenth century champion of conservative Calvinistic theology at Princeton Seminary, New Jersey, reminds us, when speaking of the Church of
Rome’s understanding of the sacraments and the means of grace, that ‘she says that the power of a priest is above that even of angels and archangels’. ...Whilst discussing his ordination on 18 October, 1951 as a priest of the Church of Rome, after four years of painstaking, incisive work in dogmatic and moral theology, the Mexican Cipriano Valdes Jaimes says that, on that day, through the laying on of hands by the bishop, I was given...the ability to forgive men’s sins, both inside and outside the...confessional box. On that day I received the power to sacrifice Christ
over again on an altar...I could now release souls from purgatory.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Amicable Separation?

[Stand Firm] 18 Oct 2006--The words, “amicable separation,” have been used quite frequently in these latter/last days of the Episcopal Church. Bishop Duncan used them in his address to the Network Conference in Pittsburgh in late July of this year. The concept of amicable separation is implicit in the combined Alternative Primatial Oversight requests that seek both “disassociation” from the current leadership of the Episcopal Church and a “cease-fire” with them. The possibility of amicable separation was apparently entertained at the September summit meeting in New York. And an amicable separation of “ecclesiastical structures” seems to be the desired outcome of the Kigali proposals found in section 10 of the Communique.

Archbishop Yong Ping Chung answers Dean Colin Slee’s critique of Kigali

[Anglican Mainstream] 18 Oct 2006--Archbishop Yong Ping Chung, the retired Archbishop of South East Asia, and a former Chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council, responds to the arcticle by Dean Colin Slee in the Church Times: Why the Kigali Declaration is wrong:

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Episcopal church in Edwardsville asks for new leader

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch] 14 Oct 2006--In the end, the Edwardsville church and its bishop just couldn't get along.

Archbishops Gomez and Venables Respond to POR Report

[Stand Firm] 14 Oct 2006--While one appreciates the legal logic displayed by the Panel, one cannot help but conclude that the Panel has failed to understand the political and theological reality of the situation in which the applicants find themselves. Consequently, in my opinion, the recommendations of the Panel do not respond adequately to the real situation. In addition the Panel seems to have ignored the present situation in the Communion as described by the Archbishop of Canterbury in his 14th of September, 2006, letter....

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Church of England Faces Opposition after Approving Cohabitation Rights

[Christianity Today UK] 13 Oct 2006--The Church of England stirred up criticism earlier in the week when it voiced support for legal rights for cohabiting couples. The Catholic Church has responded by reaffirming its clear opposition to such measures, warning that it could further erode the status of marriage in society.

'Curia' Model Would Be Disastrous, Welsh Primate Says

[The Living Church] 13 Oct 2006--The Most Rev. Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales, has endorsed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for an Anglican Covenant, but said any attempt to impose a “curia” on the Communion would be “disastrous.”

Bishop Beisner: Dialogue Needed on Open Communion

[The LIving Church] 13 Oct 2006--The Rev. Canon Barry Beisner was consecrated Sept. 30 in Sacramento as Bishop Coadjutor of Northern California after undergoing extensive confirmation hearings during the 75th General Convention in June, particularly over the fact that he was divorced twice before his current marriage. He will assume the office of diocesan upon the retirement of Bishop Jerry Lamb in January. Bishop Beisner responded to questions put to him by a reporter for The Living Church during his first week in his new role.

Anglican church must be 'reimagined,' primate says

[The London Free Press] 13 Oct 2006--The Anglican Church of Canada must come out of the 19th century and be "reimagined" for the 21st, says Archbishop Andrew Hutchison.

Illinois Episcopal parish asks for new bishop

[The Boston Globe] 13 Oct 2006--An Episcopal parish in Edwardsville is asking for a temporary change in leadership because church officials think the overseeing bishop is too conservative.

Elementary Disciplines

[] 13 Oct 2006--Enacting spiritual disciplines before our children models the Christian life in ways they can imitate.

What's Next: Evangelism

[] 13 Oct 2006--Urgent still: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities and challenges for the next 50 years.

Only 60 Percent of Churches 'Functioning' in New Orleans

[] 13 Oct 2006--An ongoing study by Bill Day at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary revealed that only 60 percent of all the greater New Orleans-area churches are open and functioning one year after Hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Arizona Couple Resigns as Heads of Pot Church

[Stand Firm] 10 Oct 2006--Honestly now, people... when there's schism even in the pot church, what hope is there for the rest of us?

More articles from Stand Firm can be found at

Massachusetts Parish Joins the AMiA

[The Living Church] 10 Oct 2006--The rector and vestry at All Saints Church in Attleboro, Mass., voted unanimously on Sept. 18 to leave The Episcopal Church and affiliate with the Anglican Mission in America. The Rev. Lance Guiffrida told parishioners in an Oct. 1 letter that the leadership is seeking negotiations with the Bishop of Massachusetts, the Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, III SSJE.

Former South Carolina Bishop Candidate Joins AMiA

[The Living Church] 10 Oct 2006--The Rev. Canon Ellis Brust, chief operating officer of the American Anglican Council (AAC) and one of three candidates in the episcopal election in the Diocese of South Carolina last month, has accepted a call to be president of the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA).

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A Pastoral Letter from the Moderator of the Anglican Communion Network

[Global South Anglican] 10 Oct 2006--The Network has been ten dioceses standing together, and we will continue to stand as we have done. Nevertheless, having twenty or, God-willing, thirty dioceses standing together as Windsor dioceses, committed to live within Anglican Communion boundaries and under an emerging Anglican Communion Covenant, should be a great sign of hopefulness for us all.

More articles from the Global South Anglican website can be found at

Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

[The New York Times] 10 Oct 2006--Despite their packed megachurches, their political clout and their increasing visibility on the national stage, evangelical Christian leaders are warning one another that their teenagers are abandoning the faith in droves.

Pure & Simple

[] 10 Oct 2006--Ever wonder what the plain people's churches look and feel like? Here's an insider account.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Church Society welcomes Primates’ proposals

[Church Society] 4 October 2006--We welcome their clear signal that the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Anglican Church of Canada have effectively put themselves out of the Anglican Communion and that steps should now be taken to encourage and formally recognise those groups and Dioceses which have taken their stand against the errors which ECUSA and ACIC have espoused.

Stand Firm is back

[Stand Firm] 4 Oct 2006--Here is a list of the more recent articles on the Stand Firm website:

Dr. Mabuse on Abortion, Heaven and Episcoporn
Webmaster Narrowly Avoids Rampage
Stephen Bates: Harvesting Intolerance
The Church Times: Taking the Road from Kigali
Bishop Ed Little: The Camp Allen Statement
Bishop Michael Smith: Statement by Windsor Bishops
Proposed Resolutions from the Diocese of Rio Grande (Recommending APO)
Resolutions to the Convention of the Diocese of Dallas
Resolutions to the Convention of the Diocese of California
Anglican Report: Episode 3 and an Interview of Bishop Martyn Minns
Fr. Tony Clavier...prayers needed
Church Times Article on the Kigali Statement: "ALL EXCEPT ONE of the Primates. . . endorsed"
Martyn Minns and Bishop Peter Lee work out an agreement

Packer Stomp

[] 4 Oct 2006--Beeson Divinity School hosts a tribute to J. I. Packer.

What's Next: Youth

[] 4 Oct 2006--Church Reconnect: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities for the next 50 years in youth ministry.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Intentional Congregation

[The Alban Institute] 3 Oct 2006--A tale of two churches - Diane Butler Bass considers how we can foster vitality in mainline congregations.

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Latest articles on The Living Church website

[The Living Church] 3 Oct 2006--These articles have been posted at The Living Church website:

Complaints Mount Against Panel of Reference
Archbishop of Canterbury Clarifies Role in Camp Allen Meeting
Seminarians Explore Communion Relationships
San Joaquin to Consider Leaving The Episcopal Church

New articles on the Global South Anglican website

[Global South Anglican] 3 Oct 2006--The following articles have been posted on the Global South Anglican website:

Global South Primates Meeting at Kigali: Some different points of view
Brazilian Anglican Leaders Create Pro-Unity Movement
One Church, Two Minds; or Two Churches, Two Minds? - Bishop Mouneer Anis
A Statement from Bishop Mouneer Anis, Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt
More reports related to Kigali and Camp Allen
Quo Vadis? – Questions along the Road from Lambeth - A response to CAPA\'s Invitation
Bishop Lee and Truro Vestry agree - Bishop Minns remains at Truro in rector role (till 1 Jan 2007)

Lausanne Leaders Emphasize Christian Unity, Evangelism-Centered Church

[The Christian Post] 3 Oct 2006--Unity within the body of Christ and the common mission of evangelism were emphasized Thursday at a six-day Lausanne gathering in Malaysia.

Mission Expert: Evangelicalism Fastest Growing Religious Movement

[The Christian Post] 3 Oct 2006--Young Christian leaders from around the world listened to a mission expert present about the rapid growth of evangelicalism, especially in the global South, at a Lausanne gathering in Malaysia this week.

Survey: Faith a Minor Impact on Children

[The Christian Post] 3 Oct 2006--A new Barna survey measured what works for kids and what doesn't and found family experiences outweigh the influence of the Church.

What's Next: Local Church

[] 3 Oct 2006--We asked 114 leaders from 11 ministry spheres about evangelical priorities for the next 50 years. First up: Fresh basics for the local church.

The Local Church in Mission

[Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization] 3 Oct 2006--The full title of this Lausanne Occasional Paper is THE LOCAL CHURCH IN MISSION: BECOMING A MISSIONAL CONGREGATION IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GLOBAL CONTEXT
It is a definite must read for those interested in making their congregation more missional.

Note: This paper would have benefited from careful proof-reading before it was posted on the Internet. Some words and phrases from the original text have been omitted.