Thursday, October 19, 2006

Purgatory and Penance

[Churchman] 19 Oct 2006--The nineteenth century champion of conservative Calvinistic theology at Princeton Seminary, New Jersey, reminds us, when speaking of the Church of
Rome’s understanding of the sacraments and the means of grace, that ‘she says that the power of a priest is above that even of angels and archangels’. ...Whilst discussing his ordination on 18 October, 1951 as a priest of the Church of Rome, after four years of painstaking, incisive work in dogmatic and moral theology, the Mexican Cipriano Valdes Jaimes says that, on that day, through the laying on of hands by the bishop, I was given...the ability to forgive men’s sins, both inside and outside the...confessional box. On that day I received the power to sacrifice Christ
over again on an altar...I could now release souls from purgatory.

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