Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is it Time to do the Bold Thing?

[Stand Firm] 25 Apr 2007--I keep hearing from several quarters that we in TEC have waited long enough. The primates haven't done enough to protect the orthodox, and it is now time to force their hand, in essence, to do the bold thing, make them deal with a diocese that breaks away from TEC. I want to offer an alternate view, and I invite comments.

This is the scenario as I see it. Let's say that a diocese or several declare their disassociation from TEC and seek recognition (adoption?) from a primate or a collection of primates similar to the Diocese of Recife. In my view this would be a terrible mistake—not for theological reasons (although I have some problems with it theologically, but there are so many different theological opinions, for me to argue theologically would be a waste of breath) but for strategic reasons. Here's why.

The primates have put together a plan for the oversight of orthodox dioceses and congregations in TEC. Some will say, 'Yeah, and it is dead on arrival.'

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