Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Episcopalians find new place to worship


[The Herald Bulletin] 8 May 2007--For Jewel Morgan’s entire life, she has attended Trinity Episcopal Church in Anderson.

My family is the largest family at Trinity,” said Morgan, 47, Anderson.

So when she and her husband chose to leave the church last year, along with several other family members, she said it was a very “painful and thought-out decision.”

“For the last several years, the leadership of the Episcopal Church in the United States has been changing its theological philosophy from what I was raised to believe,” said Morgan. “I felt they were moving further and further from a Bible-based church. This didn’t sit too well with us.”

Now, though, after struggling with the decision to leave, Morgan and her family have found a new church home at St. Michael The Archangel Anglican Church.

This new church was started by the Rev. Tom Tirman, former rector of Trinity Episcopal Church.

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