Friday, June 29, 2007

Rwanda: Bishops to Boycott Anglican Conference

[] 29 June 2007--In a letter sent to Rwanda Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini on June 18 2007, the Archbishop of Canterbury wrote, "you should know that I have not invited the bishops of AMiA and CANA".

Mr. Williams added: "This is not a question of asking anyone to disassociate themselves at this stage from what have been described as the missionary initiatives of your Provinces.. I appreciate that you may not be happy with these decisions, but I feel that as we approach a critical juncture of the life of the Communion, I must act in accordance to the clear guidance of the instruments of the Communion.."

Another reason the Rwandan bishops say has influenced their decision not to attend Lambeth 2008 is the fact that Mr. Williams has invited the Episcopal Church of America (TEC), the Anglican Church of Canada, and "other like-minded Provinces.

The Rwandan clergy say all the above are now "violating holy orders" by making the decision to "ordain and to consecrate practicing homosexuals".

"From his actions and decision to invite TEC, a province which is violating holy orders, biblical teaching and the tradition of the church, and his decision not to invite the bishops of AMiA and CANA, the Archbishop of Canterbury has shown that he has now taken sides because the Primates have asked TEC for repentance in order to be in communion with them.", reads the communiqué by the Rwandan bishops dated June 26.

The Rwandan bishops also add: "We would like to know if there are instruments in the Communion more important than the Primates and Provinces themselves".

"The Archbishop of Canterbury also refers to the consecration of the AMiA and CANA bishops as irregular. We would like to know why their consecrations are considered irregular when the actions of TEC are not considered irregular."

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