Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is Rowan Williams a prisoner of the evangelical right?


[ekklesia] 17 July 2007--In the battle to capture the soul of Anglicanism, the great loser - after the Anglican Communion itself - would seem to be the Archbishop of Canterbury, who in a desperate attempt to preserve the unity of the Communion has submitted to the machinations of an anachronistic form of evangelicalism that pretends to "complete" the English Reformation by imposing a monolithic uniformity on the manner in which we interpret Scripture and carry on the contextual ministry that our culture requires.

When he was appointed by the Crown to the See of Canterbury, the gentle Rowan Williams tried to ingratiate himself with the hard-line type of evangelicals [there are many other kinds] in the Church of England, who did not find him congenial to their subversive plans to take over the soul of the Anglican Communion.

The Archbishop was acting in good faith and desirous to extend the hand of friendship to all factions, since he did not have to please anybody, much less those who had nothing to do with his appointment.

Once enthroned, Rowan Williams found himself caught in the web of a plot of international dimensions in which hard-line British evangelicals, ultraconservative American schismatics and an ambitious African Primate, with his band of assenting minions, had joined forces to capture the soul of Anglicanism, at the same time that they advanced their own particular agendas....

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