Saturday, July 07, 2007

Three Continuing Branches Seek Organic Unity: ACC, APCK and UEC

[VirtueOnline] 7 July 2007--For the past twelve years, the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC) has had an official policy of seeking unity among Continuing Anglicans in general, but of seeking it first with the Anglican Province of Christ the King (APCK) and the United Episcopal Church of North America (UEC), which are the other two Churches that share our beginnings in the Congress of Saint Louis (1977), in the Affirmation of Saint Louis, and in the 'Chambers Succession' of consecrations of bishops in Denver (1978).

In part, this beginning point rested on a judgment of principle, namely that the unfulfilled hopes of 1977-1978 should be realized as soon as possible.

In part, this judgement rested in the practical expectation that Churches with so much in common might find it easier to unite than would bodies with less in common. In any case, it seems to us now desirable to state firmly and clearly the following points....

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