Monday, September 24, 2007

Andrew Goddard on New Orleans and the Anglican Communion

[Fulcrum] 24 Sep 2007--When we headed this correspondence 'Waiting for Goddards' I never imagined I would leave you waiting six months for a reply and I am really sorry that only now are you getting a response to your letter of 25th March. As you know from personal conversations we've had this is not because of any offence taken or because I thought our correspondence had ended but simply due to other major pressures I've been under. I jotted down notes on your piece almost immediately but never got round to putting them together in a letter. Then I lost them and so I did the exercise again in early summer. I then found the originals but again lacked necessary time and energy to draw things together. I was delighted when you were in touch in early August to ask about starting up the conversation again but sadly I could not get a letter written to you in the few days before going on holiday. A further attempt to get going at the end of August also ran aground as other things took over and so I've decided to start again from scratch.

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