Friday, November 23, 2007

Giles Fraser: “I believe the new puritans will fail”

[Stand Firm] 23.11.07--Beyond the catastrophizing, conspiracy theories, and invective -- "conspiracy," "dangerous," "new puritans," "hostile takeover," -- there is also rank falsehood -- "whom [the Presiding Bishop] Bishop Duncan has ordered his clergy not to pray for" -- and hopeful fantasizing -- "They will fail" -- in this short, meandering reflection in the Church Times by Giles Fraser, a liberal in the Church of England.

It's fascinating to see what sort of person is a leading light over in liberal COE circles -- this essay is, frankly, nothing more than a collection of feelings strewn on a page, a man emoting in public, and is somewhat embarrassing to post here.

But it's probably good for us to occasionally look in and just see what they take for coherence and reasonable reflection. Reminds me of one of the younger Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice writing to her diary.

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