Friday, November 02, 2007

Lessons from Children's Church

[Christianity Today] 2 Nov 2007--When I began volunteering in children's church many years ago, I did it out of a sense of duty. I figured by giving up one Sunday a month to tend to everyone else's kids, I would gain three Sundays in church without my own. I envisioned myself soaking up biblical knowledge on those Sundays, unhampered by continuous whining and numerous trips to the bathroom. Not a bad deal.

Over the years I've come to realize, however, that for all I planned to learn in "adult" church, every important lesson I've gleaned has come as I sat on the tiny plastic chairs among a throng of sometimes jittery but always enlightening children. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like little children, and I can see why. They've got it all figured out. Here are just a few of the universal truths I learned in children's church.

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