Monday, December 31, 2007

GAFCON and Global South

[Thinking Anglicans] 31 De3c 2007--The following appeared earlier on the Global South Anglican website as a comment to this article, but has now been removed. I have added some typographical emphases.

7. I just received the following confidential letter by e-mail from an esteemed Primate. I am overwhelmed that my remarks on GAFCON – posted as a mere comment in the Global South Anglican web blog, would attract such swift rebuke from an Anglican Primate. I am not sure whether he himself would be so out of character to use such harsh words to a priest begging for clarifications from the authorities. After all what will take place in GAFCON affects my future. The metadata of his Word-document reveals that it was in fact drafted by another person – by an equally esteemed new bishop in America. The issues he raised are public in nature, and are decisive to the future of the Global South Anglican movement. They call for considered response.

First, I enclose his comments...

Is this another story started to promote the idea that conservative American Anglicans are writing the statements of global South Anglican primates?

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