Monday, December 10, 2007

The Simple Meaning of San Joaquin’s Departure

[Stand Firm] 10 Dec 2007--Whatever Katharine Schori, Jim Naughton, Tobias Haller and the like can conjure up in the way of commentary about the Diocese of San Joaquin's vote yesterday to leave the Episcopal Church, they cannot say that is a development with precedent. They will say that the diocese's departure is numerically insignificant. They will say that what is happening is in fact not happening - that San Joaquin is not leaving because San Joaquin's leaving is by definition not possible.

Make no mistake: While those of us who congregate here regularly may leave for church this morning with San Joaquin's departure figuring heavily in our thoughts about the wider church, life in every diocese other than San Joaquin will not have changed since last Sunday. Indeed, life in even many San Joaquin parishes will not have changed. Sure, there will be a lot of talk during the Sunday School hour, and probably some mention during announcements and even some homilies, but the Eucharist will be celebrated as it always has. The service will be about the same length it was last week. The coffee will taste the same as it always has.

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