Saturday, December 01, 2007

Will the Communion crumble?

[] 1 Dec 2007--The 2008 Lambeth Conference is fast approaching. The first Lambeth was held in September 1867 at Lambeth Palace, London, traditional home of Archbishops of Canterbury. Anglican bishops receive a personal invitation to attend from the Archbishop of Canterbury, but because of the present numbers of bishops Lambeth is held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England.

It’s rather wonderful to be near that town, rich as it is in British and Anglican history. From the university campus, high above the town you look down in the evening to see the floodlit Cathedral, and in their spare time Lambeth attendees are able to go down to the Cathedral to view a performance of TS Eliot’s play Murder in the Cathedral. It is moving to be in that same place where Thomas a Beckett was assassinated in 1170AD. Anselm’s tomb is in the Cathedral, and so also is that of William Grant Broughton, first Bishop of Australia.

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