Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brilliant Blunder


[The American Spectator] 19 Feb 2008--Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is floundering over his suggestion early this month in Britain that a "constructive relationship between Islamic law and the statutory law of the United Kingdom" not only merits consideration but is perhaps "unavoidable." Even his predecessor as chief prelate of the Church of England has criticized Williams.

"His erudite and nuanced acceptance of some Muslim laws within British law would be disastrous for the nation and, to some degree, a direct challenge to the values of the Christian/ Jewish ethic on which our laws have been constructed," pronounced Lord George Carey. The former archbishop may not be the towering intellect that Williams is reputed to be. But Carey's low-church simplicity helped him to avoid his successor's proclivity for intellectual and verbal diarrhea.

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