Thursday, February 14, 2008

Synod Report Wednesday 13th

[EV News] 13 Feb 2008--After the morning communion service the Archbishop spoke about a recent visit to Kenya.

Anglican Covenant.
This was a peculiar debate. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York were mandated by the General Synod in July to produce a submission to the Covenant Design Group. That submission was made by the end of the year and taken into account by the Group when they produced a revised draft last week. Most of the submissions to the CDG came from liberal dominated provinces, as do most of the Group.

The majority of speakers argued that the Covenant should not be used to exclude anyone. What is needed, they claimed, is for everyone to keep together, which appears to be the attitude of the Archbishop of Canterbury as well. The last thing they want is any notion of disciplines. Paradoxically some of the speakers did appear content that people who do want discipline should leave the Communion.

Being a take note motion with no substance it was approved without much issue.

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