Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Episcopal Women’s Caucus recently announced plans to target at least 11 dioceses of The Episcopal Church for visits not at the invitation of the l


[The Living Church] 25 Mar 2008--The five primates who comprise the Global South Primates Steering Committee have agreed to disagree over the wisdom of attending this summer’s Lambeth Conference, and asserted that the Global South has a “prophetic and priestly vocation” to transform and renew the Anglican Communion.

“Enabled by the Holy Sprint, we were able to focus in unity on the original spirit, vision and vocation of the Global South in the Anglican Communion which had developed and deepened since the fateful event of November 2003,” the primates wrote in a communiqué issued at the meeting’s conclusion. “Through our conversations together and clarifications made, we are led to understand and appreciate the principled reasons for participation” in the June Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and the July Lambeth Conference. “Even if there are difference perspectives on these, they do not and should not be allowed to disrupt our common vision, unity and trust within the Global South.”

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