Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lambeth 2008: To Go or Not To Go


[Anglican Mainstream] 3 Mar 2008--Each bishop must decide before Almighty God what to do. I am aware of the immense spectrum of views and voices speaking into and upon this issue, each from her/his own vantage, each with the best of intentions, no doubt. For many conservatives it is imperative that orthodox bishops attend Lambeth, for otherwise the traditional Christian sexual ethic - lifelong heterosexual marriage between a man and woman, with a positive celibacy for all others - well may be lost.

I believe it is too late - Lambeth has already been lost. The very air of Lambeth 2008 will be mandatory gay-friendly and gay-affirmative, which is one reason Changing Attitude (CA) et al is so insistent that all come, all be present. And it is this issue I wish to explore in a moment.

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