Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Response from Church of Nigeria to article in Atlantic Monthly by Eliza Griswold

[Anglican Mainstream] 4 Mar 2008--Eliza Griswold’s recent attempt to demonise the Archbishop of the Church of Nigeria by publishing an article raising issues of religious violence is most unhelpful. As CAN president, one of the challenges the Archbishop faced was that of persuading youthful Christians to stop revenge attacks.While the very sad ethnic/religious Yelwa incident took place in 2004, the statement about no religion having a monopoly of violence was made in 2006 when Nigerian Christians were being slaughtered because of some cartoons published in Denmark.

In February 2007 however, Abp. Akinola (along with many Anglican bishops) was in the palace of the Sultan of Sokoto, Nigeria’s overall Islamic leader on a friendly visit. Archbishop Akinola has not and does not encourage violence but continues to maintain peaceful cordial relationship with every peace loving Nigerian irrespective of tribe, creed or gender. The Western press should learn from the Danish cartoons saga that articles they publish whatever the motive might be, can be responsible for the death of many innocent lives hundred of miles away.

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