Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fret Not, Little Ones: ‘Tis Merely a Matter of Manners


[Stand Firm] 1 Apr 2008--It is indeed a rare thing for a scholar of my caliber to take note of anything written on what has come to be called "the internet". It is even rarer for someone of my station actually to write and disseminate an article for the benefit of those who regularly attend to internet "discussions". It is not that the learned do not value the internet as a means of communication. The internet serves an important role in our society, permitting the unlettered to vent their more violent feelings in a way that does no harm to institutions, such as the academy, that are so essential to civilized discourse. It is simply that the value of the internet is limited by the education, knowledge, and wisdom of those who regularly contribute to it. Little more need be said.

Nevertheless, the incessant presumptuous clamor emanating from certain so called "websites" has risen to such a cacophony that it has produced widespread distraction amongst those beyond these hallowed corridors who ought to and would otherwise be going about their business happily untroubled by the complexities of Communion affairs.

As a result, the reasoned calm to which my colleagues and I have become accustomed despite our exhaustive and sacrificial efforts to redress the slight rupture in Communion etiquette, efforts that have thus far succeeded, has been somewhat disturbed.

Various "bloggers" have presumed to express certain "thoughts" on important matters about which they remain entirely ignorant.

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