Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Anglican Formularies Are Not Enough

[VirtueOnline] 1 May 2008--The Anglican Formularies are not enough to meet the crisis that now afflicts the Anglican Communion.

Let me explain. What is the nature of the problem that faces us? The problem is theological, a powerful false teaching that undermines the church. There is nothing new about this. The church has always been assaulted by heresy. When false doctrine became powerful, as it is at the present moment, the response of the church has been to counter heresy with orthodox truth. That truth was a double-edged sword, both sides equally important -- to affirm true doctrine and to deny the false doctrines of the heretics. This is the tradition, starting in the New Testament and continuing throughout the history of the church. Let me give a few examples, chosen from a multitude.

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