Friday, May 23, 2008

Bishop Warns Clergy Not to talk to Media about St. Christopher's in Spartanburg

[VirtueOnline] 23 May 2008--The situation at St. Christopher's is finding a place in the media (I am aware of coverage by at least one newspaper in Spartanburg), and, of course, in the "blogosphere." In this situation, it is crucially important that we keep our eyes on the prize: We are an Easter people whose mission it is to equip the saints for ministry, build up the Body, and invite a broken world (including the Church) to new life.

The "Safe Church Training" materials, with which we are all familiar, say it well: to keep a discipline among us, it is essential that we speak "with one, clear, honest, and compelling voice."

I ask, therefore, that if you are contacted by members of the media, you refer them to me....

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