Saturday, June 28, 2008

Archbishop Jensen - "A Sleeping Giant Awakes"

[GAFCON] 28.06.08--The sleeping giant of evangelical Anglicans has been awakened to challenge the revisionists of the United States and the Anglican Communion.

Archbishop Peter Jensen (Australia), one of the leaders of the Global Anglican Future Conference meeting in Jerusalem, told international media at a news conference Friday that, “American revisionists committed an extraordinary strategic blunder in 2003 (when they consecrated an openly gay bishop). They did not think that there would be any consequences.”

Now if they did not believe that there would be consequences, that are an arrogant thing, I have to say. But I don’t know them, so I really cannot say. The consequences have been unfolding over the last five years, now their church is divided; it looks as though there will be permanent division, one way or the other."

“All around the world the sleeping giant that is evangelical Anglicanism and orthodox Anglicanism has been aroused by what happened in Canada and the United States of America. It was an act of folly.”

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