Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Men Standing: What Now from GAFCON?

[Stand Firm] 26 Jun 2008--Now, roughly 200 bishops, mainly from Africa, will not be present at Lambeth, because they are tired of the dithering, and unconvinced that the conference will accomplish anything meaningful. As one insider characterized it, they are "tired of winning on paper, only to lose later on the ground." But would it have been much different had Williams not invited them? I submit that the answer is ‘no.' Whether membership in the communion is technically defined as attending Lambeth, or receiving an invitation to attend, amounts to so many angels on the head of a pin. It really doesn't matter whether +Akinola, +Orombi, +Kolini or +Nzimbi received invitations to Lambeth. They're not going. It hardly makes a difference to the real-world meaning of an Anglican communion whether +Rowan actually wants them there. And frankly, he doesn't care whether they attend or not. And so, here we are. A fourth of a global church's bishops not attending its flagship gathering, and a host archbishop who couldn't give a damn.

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