Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Secular Media Response to GAFCON Ranges from Ridiculous to Shameful


[VirtueOnline] 24 Jun 2008--Secular media covering the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) are seriously distorting both the content and message of the 1200 mostly Global South Anglican leaders, which includes 300 bishops from 38 countries, gathered here in Jerusalem.

Stories range from two London "Telegraph" stories saying that the GAFCON conference is a "shambles" to a follow up editorial, by eight of their writers, that said that GAFCON leaders have effectively declared the end of the worldwide Anglican Communion by saying that they could no longer be associated with liberals who tolerate actively homosexual clergy.

Not true, said GAFCON leaders. Archbishops Peter Jensen (Sydney) and Peter Akinola (Nigeria) said that GAFCON is not a rival communion. Jensen said he had been in touch with the Archbishop of Canterbury to assure him of his prayers for Lambeth and for a successful outcome. In turn, the Archbishop has assured him of his prayers for a successful outcome for this conference, as well.

"The Telegraph" simply got it wrong and worse, never retracted their accusations and allegations.

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