Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sydney Anglicans on GAFCON


[Anglican Mainstream] 3 June 2008--GAFGON is a very good thing for international Anglican relations, and an opportunity for Sydney to make new friends and influence people for the evangelicalism for which we have previously stood firm. As an international event, it is sure to impress upon the participants that its agenda is important. Even if it is not officially an alternative to Lambeth, it is sure to be seen as making a statement in regard to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s failure to take a stand for true biblical Christianity by refusing to give problematic Bishops a guernsey at his conference. He had the opportunity. He has missed it.

GAFCON, however, is making the right kind of statement. But, as impressive as such big, all-encompassing, global – and even held in Jerusalem! – events are, the tower of Babel has to stand as a reminder that the real action is NOT in international church affairs at all. Sinful human beings love to make a name for ourselves, and to build towers whose tops are in heaven. But Jesus, and his movement, always operates at the other end: the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. True Christianity is a grass-roots movement, and what is happening in the local churches is the true test of the ‘success’ or the ‘failure’ of gospel work within the sad and withering denomination known as ‘Anglican’.

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