Monday, July 07, 2008

An Old Church in an Aging Society

[Christianity Today] 7 Jul 2008--In 1900, 4 percent—or one out of every 25 Americans—were 65 or older. That amounted to three million in total number. One hundred years later, in 2000, 13 percent—or one out of every eight—were 65 or older. The total number was 37 million; more than the total population of Canada.

In 2040, there will be 20–25 percent, or one out of every five Americans, who will be 65 or older. That’s 80 million if you’re keeping score! This aging population continues to live longer and have opportunity for more productive living than was ever anticipated 100 years ago.

The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) recently took a serious look at the graying of the church from their perch in God’s Kingdom. They discovered that 67 percent of PCUSA is over the age of 45; 57 percent is over 50; and 35 percent is over 65. (That last percentage figure represents one-third of the PCUSA community in case you glossed over it).

The median age of PCUSA is 54; the median age in America is 36. Unless you are part of a “Gen X or Y” worship community, your church is probably not that much different in its “aging” process than PCUSA. And while the church as a whole may be ahead of the median age in America, the nation is also creeping up the age ladder. If that isn’t enough to think about, here’s some more....

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