Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Diocese of Virginia releases terse statement

[BabyBlueOnline] 21 Aug 2008--Again, this statement is another opportunity to go find a bucket of water for these pants-on-fire statements. At Truro, no one - repeat - no one has been "forced to worship elsewhere." In fact, many of the minority who initially voted to remain in the structures of the Episcopal Church, also voted that the property should go with the majority. Those who voted to remain in the Episcopal Church are valuable and treasured members of the Truro family and so far they remain with us as a community, thanks be to the Lord. They continue to serve on committees (including the Search Committee for our new rector) and in the life and worship of our community. The ones that have told me how they voted (which is the only way we know how individuals voted, as in a Presidential Election) I love dearly and respect very much and am very glad they remain and have told them so - I need them in my life.

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