Monday, August 04, 2008

Lambeth told of church 'ridicule'

[] 4 Aug 2008--The Lambeth Conference has been told of the negative effects of the consecration of a practising homosexual bishop and the open blessing of same-sex relationships, including the Anglican church being ridiculed as “the gay church”.

The final document emerging from the Lambeth discussion groups says as a result, partnership in mission has been lost and damaged, and some provinces have experienced a “betrayal of the teaching of the missionaries who brought the faith, and it is experienced as a new form of Colonisation”.

Some groups reported what were described as “positive effects”, but the fourth draft of the final document lists 10 negatives, including the loss of membership because of ridicule.

In what appears to be a contradictory section of the document, some call for decisive action – others for more ‘listening’.

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