Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OHIO: CANA Holds First Convocation. Expands Districts, Affirms New NA Province

[VirtueOnline] 27 Aug 2008--The Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), an orthodox Anglican missionary outreach in the US sponsored by the Anglican Church of Nigeria, held its first convocation at St. Luke's Anglican, a suburban mega church, drawing more than 400 multi-ethnic, multi-racial delegates deep inside a liberal Episcopal Diocese that is watching its numbers decline as orthodox Anglicanism grows.

"This was an exciting occasion for us," said CANA Bishop David Bena. "Delegates passed three resolutions by overwhelming majorities which included affirming the 'GAFCON Process,' pledging CANA to the Common Cause Partnership supporting Common Cause leading eventually to becoming an orthodox Anglican Province in North America, and thirdly welcoming a number of new churches in the Ohio/Michigan/Indiana area as the "Anglican District of the Great Lakes," the second "District" of CANA."

"The first, the Anglican District of Virginia, was officially welcomed into CANA last December. More Districts will follow as gatherings of churches mobilize together for mission and outreach," Bena told VOL.

"CANA is definitely gaining momentum. When we met last December, there were about sixty parishes in CANA. Now we have over seventy, with ten more working toward mission church status. We expect 100 CANA congregations by the end of the year. Over 150 people - parish clergy, church planters, and non-parochial - have become CANA clergy."

CANA's members comprise a broad range of races and ethnicities, representing a balance of catholic, evangelical, and charismatic streams of Anglican Christianity.

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