Friday, August 01, 2008

Press Conference with +Ackerman and +Mathias coming soon on ATV and Baby blue

[Stand Firm] 1 Aug 2008--Bishop Ackerman of Quincy and Bishop Mathias of the Diocese of Ho in West Africa just gave a press conference. I attempted to live blog but Bishop Ackerman speaks so fast I couldn't keep up. Thankfully both ATV and Baby Blue were there to video the entire thing.

Bishop Ackerman spoke about GAFCON, broken ecumenical relationships and the "Anglican Diaspora". Bishop Mathias spoke about the differences between Lambeth and Gafcon, the difficulties involved in ministering in Africa as the "gay church".Both bishops expressed frustration at the unending process. Bishop Mathias said that in Africa indaba is used to come to a community decision. At Lambeth indaba has become a method of avoiding decisions. He said that many bishops refer to the indaba groups jokingly as "in da bar" groups.

Bishop Matthias also said that this morning someone distributed information in the form of a fact sheet to the bishops revealing the truth about same sex blessings in the United States. He said many were surprised by what they read.

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