Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Uganda: Time to Apologise to Victims of Homosexuality


[allAfrica.com] 5 Aug 2008--The Pope's visit to Australia has been eclipsed by a public outcry from victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to an article published in Reuters of July 19. The victims seem to point to the major avenue of homosexual practice and how it was propagated the world over.

The Pope's public apology on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church to victims of sexual abuse in Australia comes hot on the heels of another similar apology made in the US. According to The New Vision of July 17 2007, compensation claims by victims of Roman Catholic homosexual priests dating back to the 1940's rendered some dioceses financially bankrupt.

Years to come, the current Pope's legacy might be one of a repentant religious leader since he is on record of having recently apologised to the Muslim community when he quoted from a western scholar who denigrated Prophet Mohammed.

The greatest lesson for the world from the Pope's apology is that homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church, as is the case perhaps in other churches and institutions, seems to have started with a few paedophiles in very powerful and influential positions, be it religious, educational, civil or public.

The vulnerable groups like the youth, school children, orphans, young prisoners and other groups have provided a fertile ground for introducing, propagating and establishing homosexuality as an acceptable life-style.

The current outcry against homosexuality in Uganda's secondary schools is mainly a result of sexual bullying by male 'adults' in higher classes, many of who were introduced to the practice by 'senior citizens,' now enjoying privileged positions in society and some even married.

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