Monday, September 08, 2008

Anglican Province of America Diocese of the West Joins Reformed Episcopal Church

[Anglican Mainstream] 8 Sep 2008--For those who may not be aware, the Anglican Province of America is not part of Common Cause, while the REC (the Reformed Episcopal Church) is!

David’s final paragraph provides an important perspective here: "One observer told VOL that APA’s Diocese of the West’s decision to secede was to join Common Cause by way of the REC. It is believed that, in time, CCP will form the basis of a new North American Anglican Province, an orthodox alternative jurisdiction separate from The Episcopal Church and coming under the oversight of the newly formed Global Anglican Fellowship Conference (GAFCON.)

Given what conservatives of all stripes are up against in relation to TEC today, we pray for all involved and that an acceptable resolution will be reached quickly, graciously and honourably.

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