Saturday, September 06, 2008

September 7th - Day of Prayer support for Suffering Christians in Orissa

[Anglican Mainstream] 6 Sep 2008--The India Missions Association announces a
NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER & FASTING on Sunday, the 7th September 2008
for ‘The Suffering Christians in Orissa’.

· Pray for the rebuilding of houses, churches and mission centers burnt in the violence
· Pray for the bereaved families who have lost their near & dear ones
· Pray for the thousands of Christians who live either in the jungle or relief camps
· Pray that God would minister, console and encourage all and remove their fears
· Pray for a movement of God in withdrawing the ‘Hate Campaigns’ against Christians
· Pray for the peace to be restored immediately in all places and levels
· Pray for the 51 different IMA member missions that are working in Orissa. Some of the most affected missions are HVM, IEA, IEHC, IGOSA, ICCC, AGSM, RHS, OFU, C&SM, AJI, FMPB, NMS, IMS, IEM, NPMI, NLFI, NF and many oth­ers. The churches of all denominations and levels have been affected greatly by this violence.

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