Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leftwards Christian soldiers


[Guardian] 28 Oct 2008--In 2004, John Kerry ran a fairly straightforward secularist election campaign, in effect ceding the so-called "values voters" to George Bush. Bill Clinton, among others, had counseled Kerry to moderate this strategy. Clinton even suggested to Kerry that he loudly oppose gay marriage in toss-up states like socially conservative Ohio, but Kerry begged off, explaining that he didn't want to appear intolerant.

After Kerry's defeat, Democrats resolved not to commit the same mistake again. They quickly formed committees and groups dedicated to casting Democratic party policies in a religious light.

Barack Obama, in particular, embraced this strategy. He shrewdly sensed the possibilities of poaching some values voters from the Republican party by adopting a tone of religious uplift and giving a religious patina to his policies, particularly his anti-war one.

Obama will do just about anything to get himself elected President of the United States.

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