Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's connection to GLSEN

[OneNewsNow] 24 Oct 2008--Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has had relationships with some questionable characters. Bill Ayers, unrepentant former domestic terrorist, is one. Despite evidence to the contrary -- and with the mainstream media turning a blind eye -- Obama has succeeded in dismissing his association as minimal and meaningless. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is another. While there's no denying the fact that Wright was Obama's pastor, and that Wright married the Obamas and baptized their children, Obama managed to distance himself from Wright after the fact, claiming he was no longer the man he'd once known.

But there is another questionable character associated with Obama, and there's no denying the relationship this time. This questionable character is Kevin Jennings. Jennings is the founder of GLSEN -- the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. Jennings is now a fundraising co-chair for the Obama campaign.

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